Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tips malas mandi

Hi all,
I'm on medical leave for three days since yesterday, and having this symptom --> malas mandi okkk!! It's not that I tak mandi langsung, but will have it very late, like 1PM? Hahaha

The thing is, kalau tak mandi, panasss okkkk and dah start sakit kepala.

But since I am so malas, I have another trick now, COLD PACK!!! All I have to do it take it out from freezer (I always keep one cold pack for emergency) and wrap it with thin towel and put it on top of the forehead and voila! It will absorb the heat and you will feel light headed and comfortable. The best thing is, you can do this while watching TV, online or reading books. Think about saving time babes, and water! Hahaha alasan sangat.

I wanted to snap the cold pack but takde cable at home, but mine exactly mcm ni

From google image

Oklah darlings, see u later :D


  1. mmg ade sindrom penyakit ni..husband sll bising..hehe..

  2. saya doakn awak cepat sembuh yea. take care...

  3. Pegi mandi pegi mandi!

    Jangan asyik nak naik turun tangga amik cold pack, duduk kat atas diam-diam~

    p/s: Jangan lupa sediakan bekalan makanan yang secukupnya. Get well soon :*

  4. Maria, tu la..perangai anak dara sangat haha

    Ain, thanks, insyaAllah dgn izinNya, cepat sembuh. Now stress sket2 je.. :p

    Shani lalink, ok ok me turun naik skali je k. And me nak gi mandi la ni hehehe. Makanan semua dah siap sedia since pagi, MrComot buatkan. Kesian dia