Saturday, May 2, 2009

Go go go Tomok!

Seems like everybody still in OIAM mood and I want to join!

I just want to say, CONGRATULATIONS TOMOK!!!!

OMG, I'm glad he won, seriously. To tell you the truth, I never follow OIAM 3rd season (because I don't feel like to watch it) especially when I know Tomok is one of the contestant. I have this sceptical impression over him (and I believe ramai org macam ni hehe), you know lame boyband singer, etc etc.

And since I am in my hometown and everybody watching it (and it's grand finale) I joined the hype and actually stunned by Tomok's performance.

Never occured to my mind that he will be this different. He can sing (of course) with CREATIVE music arrangement he made, neat, determined (which you can see clearly from him face), interesting and very dynamic!

I love love love this version of Tomok and I'm glad Malaysian chose him :)

Hope he will continue making changes in our music industry after this. Go go go Tomok!


  1. Aan..I voted for tomok!hahaha mmg tak sangka betul dia boleh nyanyi camtu, padahal dulu2 pandang dia pun tak..but anyway..people change, kan?

  2. Aan,

    Kiter pun voted tomok. hihi tk penah2 vote b4 this... tp sbb nakkn the one yg deserved menang... kukorbankan sms ku... ngeh ngeh

  3. hehe, aan peminat tomokkk...


    me tak penah tgk OIAM pun.. so xtau.. heard he was doing well during the show..

  4. harap dia maintain imej baru... kalo kembali ke imej pop tangkap leleh... sejarah mungkin berulang... keskeskesk....

  5. Meen, haha tak sangka u pun vote. Yup ppl change and nasib baik he changed to better :D

    Huda, gigih ok sms hahaha. Nasib baik dia menang kan, berbaloi ur sms :P

    Maria, you can catch it at youtube! Mesti u nanges :P

    Azleena, kalau sejarah berulang, mmg la..aku nak mintak balik 1mil tu bagi kat Esther hehe