Monday, November 1, 2010

I don't like mustard!

Zahra Elena is allergic to mustard!

I just found about it last night. We had Subway for dinner and I just pinch a bit of cheese (there is a bit of mustard stuck to it) and half an hour later, her face is swollen (the eyes and mouth area) and blotching with red patches! Ok, maybe she is allergic to cheese, but I don't think so because I've fed her swiss cheese before and she's all okay. My hunch strongly says it is the mustard!

The freaky part is, she barely eat it, I mean, it is like 5milimeter cheese and like, a dab of mustard? and still! causing this frightening allergy.

Not only on the face, the blotches also appeared on the belly and inner thigh, and the ear is redden and she keep on rubbing her face. I guess it's real itchy. Her respiratory also sounds differently, she's having this weird wheezing sound like being asthmatic and some mucus coming out from the nose, like a sudden cold.

It's freaky that I wanted to snap some pictures, but it's late already (around 10pm) and I want her to sleep to avoid the scratching so I was busy forcing her breastfeeding and falling asleep. Anyway we didn't go to any clinic because I know nothing much the doctor can do except waiting for the allergy reaction gone (or give some injection which I want to avoid if possible), unless it's pretty bad that affecting her breathing, then we'll go to the hospital. We did some online search and it's said the reaction will goes off within 12-24 hours.

Finally my poor baby slept with her puffy eyes and mouth, around 11pm. I checked this morning and thank God the swollen skin went down and leaves only few red patches.

Hopefully this is only temporary for her stage, I want her to be able to eat almost everything hehehe.

Below is her video laughing when being tickled. We were in Houz Depot last Saturday, buying some stuff and she got bored and refused to sit still in the stroller or while being carried. She wanted to climb and reach all over the display stuff, so I do this trick to distract her for a while. It works and fun at the same time! :D

Oh ya, talking about stroller, it's hard nowadays to go shopping with her, because she can't keep quiet and she just found out that she can climb out of the stroller while being tucked. Yes, she loosen herself and climb it over even though I already buckle her up. And refused to be wore as well! She will twist her body left and right in the carrier. Dear baby, I know you can't wait to run and move on your own, but wait till you can, you will miss the stroller hehe..


  1. chese dah blh bg mkn ke aan?em sukanya die kena usik dgn mummy die..em aqil pn skrg dah tak mau dicarry..stroller jauh sekali la..aish..

  2. Hard cheese dah boleh bagi, macam cheddar (jangan bagi soft cheese, ada byk bacteria). Tu la..dah tanak kita carry pun, derang tgh excited nak explore sendiri hehe.