Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ramadhan Mubarak 1431 Hijrah

Oh my...

I have a lot of pending entries, too many stories to pour but the busy-ness is killing me. Not really hehe but really really busy. Ramadhan time supposed to be relaxing to me but seems like everything need to be done in time.

Anyway MrComot is ok already yeay! Alhamdulillah....

And it's already half of the fasting month but I still didn't write anything about it!

Well, Ramadhan this year is pretty much the same only that this is my first time celebrating it as mother. Nothing change, still break the fast at parents in law, still didn't cook anything ha ha ha. I don't know I should be happy or sad because MrComot just want to eat bread with butter and jam for iftar. Happy because I don't have to wake up early and prepare the food and sad because I don't get the chance to show off my skill, maybe? Hahaha.

So that's what we are having for now, bread-butter-jam-dates-boxed drinks. But I think one of the days I want to break the normality, I want to eat spicy sambal sardines with fluffly telur dadar and nasi putih PANAS PANAS! Hmm..maybe next week.

Actually deep down I think both of us want to eat nasi (because MrComot do eat nasi when we were at my hometown last year) but basically both of us just to lazy to face the hassle to prepare the dish. Yes I know I'm the wife and I should do it by myself. Excuseeeee meeeee! Takde masa ok. Nuff said.

And what else about Ramadhan? Oh ya..didn't manage to do terawikh yet :( Partly because we reach home around 10PM already and partly I'm quite lazy and tired. All I want to do after reach home is lie on the bed and sleep :(

My milk production is maintained at 10oz. Sometimes I get 8oz..depends but I pump 1 time only nowadays, lunch time. I wanted to write a single entry about breastfeeding during Ramadhan but since I don't really have the time, I will just summarize it here lah k. Another thing you need to consider is the quality of the milk (since we don't eat during the day). I browse around and found few tips of how to enrich your breast milk. Like usual, drink plenty of water, milk and don't miss sahur. But one tip I really like to try is blend almond with grapes (some kind like nut milk grape flavoured). It's said full of nutrients and protein and at the same time to power up the volume. I already bought the almond and grapes but have yet to blend it.

So how's your Ramadhan so far? I hope it brings all the good vibes to your life and will carry on even after it ends.

By the way, below is an array of Zahra Elena's pictures. She's all jolly and playful last night that I have to force her to sleep at 12AM! Geram betul. We off all the lights and stay quietly pretending to be sleeping but she still tossing her body here and there, doing her pumping action and some slide stunts. Sabar je lah.

Wondering what mommy's doing

Ohhhh taking picture. Already aiming at my camera (she wants to grab it)

Salivating over the camera


Chakkkkkkk!!! Mommy cepat2 lari takut dia amik haha

Okla..hopefully not too late to wish you guys Happy Ramadhan and wish all of us will be blessed in this holy month ;)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Budak Tak Puasa

Still on leave today. Just want to upload a pic of my totilla :)

ps: Will reply comments later. Selamat berbuka puasa semua!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Feverish Daddy

My big baby is down with fever, a nasty one that I have to take emergency leave today. I never seen him in this situation, feverish and lie flat on the bed, closing his eyes for more than 24hours with minimal food. The only food he takes is the kurma, cincau, some shredded chicken and bread. Itu pun I have to suap him. Other than that he just drink some water and sleep.

He said no headache or throbbing-ness, only he feels so weak, hot and bone-pain.

This is my first time taking care of a sick man and I'm pretty clueless what to do as I always see him active and strong. I just keep on sponging him and try to feed as much as he can.

Hopefully nothing serious. Will go to the hospital if the fever still there tomorrow.

On the other note, taking care of a sick person with a clingy infant is very challenging. Zahra cries everytime I'm out her sight - when I want to check on MrComot in the room. I don't want to bring her in, takut jangkit x pasal2. Hmmmm how to be a housewife like this. Seriously it' s tough.

Anyway get well soon sayang :(

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Just another Monday blues

I miss my blog so much but I couldn't allocate few more minutes to write a decent update. Toooo busy bee since the Ramadhan started :(

Anyway below is my princess this morning, in her slumberland before I woke her up, in full bed-time suit hehehe. This is her all-time favourite sleeping pose - arms wide open.

She was soooo good last weekend, all giggling and entertaining. She learnt a few tricks on crawling and was excited all day long trying the moves. Kids, they grow up so fast. I so want to be full time hwife so that I can be with her all the time. Not possible for now..so wait up little one, save few acts for mommy tonight ok.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Sweet Escape

Parenthood definitely taking a toll on us. Up till now when people ask maybe we can start planning for the second one I am like, oh pleasee...I'm still tired and not settled yet. I''m not complaining, but that's how I feel - tired and not ready.

After half a year, we decided to give both of us a break and went out berpoya-poya without little one yesterday! I already planned the leave and all and coincidentally she had fever but fortunately it's totally gone on Sunday. Else this plan will be canceled. Thank you Zahra for giving mummy and daddy this chance :D

I am so excited that I already plan what to wear, what to eat, etc etc. Feels like when we were courting those days.

So first thing we did, something that we are unable to do for quite sometimes, breakfast at kopitiam! I mean, it's impossible right, to lug budak kecik tu early in the morning. I rather be in bed with her and golek2 :D

After send Zahra to her babysitter we stopped at Chawan Kopitiam in Bangsar and had this:

Toasted bread with butter and kaya + half-boiled omega eggs + kopi kemamam (my first official coffee after gave birth!)

And nasik lemak bungkus with soto ayam.

Unfortunately we arrived quite late (almost 11am), because it was hard for me to leave little one at the bbsitter's house :( . So lepak-lepak, pegang2 tangan, surf internet (Chawan has free WIFI and it's fast!) and then shoot to Midvalley for movie time!

Despicable Me in 3D :D

This is our first movie together!! After like, a year? Haha exaggerating. Our last movie is G-Force and that was when I am 5 months pregnant I think, and that's it, no more movie for us up til now! Oh I had one in between with my girlfriend, Shani but MrComot none! Poor him.

We were so excited that we even self timer this pic in GSC hehehe..

I bought this new skirt purposely for this outing! But it looks so dull :( Better stick to jeans next time.

In 3D glasses

Browse some shops......

Stopped by Gelatossimo for 3 scoops of gelatos

And it's already almost 5PM!!! How fast time flies. We barely do anything! *sigh*

It's a relieved somehow get to do something together without have to worry about Zahra but I miss her at the same time, especially while watching the movie, ada scene budak kecik comel, mesti teringat my little tottila! :D

So that goes our first break. MrComot said we should do this every month! Haha I don't know..maybe once in a 3 months is enough for me. But maybe because I get to go out every Friday (lunch break *ahem* *ahem*) whilst he's in the office all the time.

I rather take a day off and cuddle the whole day :D

The Multiple Personality Phase

Zahra Elena is 7 months today! Yippie yeay! We passed her critical 6 months. Another 6 months to go before the a-bit relax 1 year old. Relax ke? Hmmm I wonder..

I don't know how heavy or long she is now as no vaccination for this month. Anyway want to share some interesting fact from babiesonline with you:

What might concern you at 28 weeks

Your baby's behavior changes for each person he is left with. He may be a perfect angel for his daycare provider or babysitter, and laugh or coo for grandma and grandpa, while pitching fits and fighting meal time and nap time with you. That can get very frustrating for both mom and baby.

In actuality, you should be happy that your baby feels secure and content enough with you that he can act up a bit. He knows with you, no matter what he does, at the end of the day you will still be holding him, feeding him and loving him. While this doesn't help in the times of fits, it is nice at the end of the day to know that you are trusted by your baby.

Now explains the tantrums she throws most of the time, especially in the car! Few seconds want to feed, another seconds want to stand lah..then want to sit. Pening ok! And with the traffic jam, not helping at all! And just imagine, the moment I stepped out from the car and my MIL greeted us, I complained "Zahra cranky sikit.." but she giggles happily instead when her grandma make baby-sounds that MIL said "no lahhh..nampak ok je ni". Ohoooooo main-main yer. Mummy not complaining here but mummy just pening haha. And during last weekend, susah betul nak bagi makan. And clingy!

But I love you baby!!!! Happy 7 months sweetheart!!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Panic Parents

Alhamdulillah, Zahra is all well and bouncy now. The fever went away after sticking at her like a leech for 3 days. Thank you so much for all your prayers *hugs*

Anyway just to some interesting infos.

The fever was quite bad because after doses and doses of fever syrup, the heat never go down! That made we so gelabah, but thank God for the internet. We learnt a lot of thing from there haha. Maybe it's old news to you but just to recap few thing what I read online (sources multiple, forgot to bookmark).

Fever in babies is a sign that they are fighting bacteria or infections. So it is perfectly normal that you DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING except wait and monitor. Boleh? I was like seriously? hard to believe it. In fact, it's recommended NOT TO GIVE any fever medicine, unless the baby is cranky or irritable, you can try a dose of paracetamol to ease it.

The articles also said it's common for babies to have fit/seizures for few seconds if they are too hot (touch wood!) but you only have to be alert if the fit lasts for more than like 4mins (or 2mins don't remember). This is scary shit!

By the way, there are a few thing that you can do when your baby have fever.
1) Nurse him a lot - to avoid dehydration
2) Wear minimal clothes (babies at 6mos don't know how to regulate their body temperature)
3) Be in cool/comfortable environment (aircond/cooled room will help)
4) Sponge him with warm water
5) If he is too stress, give paracetamol or ibuprofen (2ml for infants)

And last but not least, DO NOT PANIC! Hahaha that one reminder for us only. MrComot lagilah..siap insist to give the antibiotic okkkk! Heloooo! Nasib baik I tak bagi.

I guess it's true btw. Previously when we asked her doctor about the fever, he said as long as she drinks well and looks ok, nothing else we can do. Just let her.

So little one, have as many fever as you want, you need it to be strong and healthy when you grow up. Mommy will help you on the way ;)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Another Fever :(

I am on emergency leave again. Zahra Elena had a sudden fever yesterday morning but she seems active like usual so I still send her to babysitter after one shot of paracetamol. But this time is a nasty one. The temperature maintained at 38 and above (and sometimes 39! giving me this scare shit) even though we doing the cold press and keep on sponging her. My poor baby! I gave last dose around 11pm and at 1am, the temp still shooting the roof! This is definitely not the common fever used to visit her last time.

Since sponging her is not enough, I tried this egg white natural remedy where knead flour with egg white and dab the body throughly, it is said can absorb the heat faster. I even wrapped the egg white under her feet with cloths, it's said to make the heat will go down through the feet haha. Anyway, I don't know if it works or not because we rushed to the clinic straightway after my experiments - red rashes was everywhere after that! I'm not sure if it is because the egg white or the fever is very bad.

Luckily there is 24-hours clinic in Dataran Sunway (Clinic Vaneshya, next to Watsons) and I explained the details, when what how much etc etc..and the first thing doc asked me was "are u a nurse?" Hahaha I don't know what's supposed to mean, maybe I'm too medical? Haha..

Anyway, Zahra already started to recognize people and she CRIED HER LUNG OUT the moment the doctor touch her. Haha..kesian but I feel like laughing too. Doc gave her the anal-medicine (forgot the name) and gave some other medicine for her to continue (some steroid cream for the rashes, Ibuprofin (this one a bit tougher than the paracetamol) and antibiotic). According to the doctor, there is 2 types of fever for infants, one because of throat infection, another on is because of stomach infection (which we can guess if one has diarrhea). Zahra's throat is ok so the doctor afraid if this is not the common fever - it could be viral or denggue!

Hopefully it's nothing serious. I'm still holding the antibiotic, rasa mcm tak best nak bagi at this early stage.Anyway the rashes is due to white egg protein allergy!

Oppss gotta go, Zahra already woke up. Below is a couple of pic for today.

The pot already bloomed with flowers. My MIL also don't know the name, she said the nursery just tell her "LAM MING GO". No idea what it means.

Zahra Elena few mins ago.Pray for her well being ya? Kesian dia :(

Ok really gotta go. Have a nice weekend everybody!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The First Bloom

My MIL gave me a big pot of plant that I don't know what type is it and always forgot to ask. I thought it is curry leaves so I just water it like usual and don't expect anything else to come out until yesterday morning, it caught my attention.

It's a flower plant!

A blue-purplish flower

And this morning more buds blossoming that the whole pot is covered by this delicate petals. Still I don't what's the name. Gotta ask my MIL tonite.

Monday, August 2, 2010

MrComot's Twist

Hyeeee..how are you guys? Any Monday blues? Hehehe

Last weekend was a fruitful one. My house is super cleaned, including the bathrooms, windows and fans! Hahhh no pat at my back, all is because weekend maid! Haha. Not that I'm lazy okay.. We just can't finish cleaning the whole house on the weekend. Maybe not cekap enough :(

Anyway this is my first time taking part time maid. It is RM75 for 2 person for 3 hours, and they managed to clean everything, including wash the porch! Not too bad eh? They arrived at 8AM when I'm just woken up and still in my pajamas, dengan semangat berkobar-kobar "Ok kak! Kita start atas atau bawah dulu?" Seriously, such enthusiasm caught me in the act and I was so gelabah ok, OMG mana nak bagi penyapu nak bagi vacuum, berus..and what to do..seriously my brain can't start that early. But fret not, they know their thing, I don't have to instruct anything.

Anyway since the house is sparkling clean, I refused to cook because afraid of staining the kitchen can? Haha..so end up ordered in pizza. Even though I said no eating out doesn't mean we can't have outside food but inside the house eh? We even ordered the pizza online! Ahh the wonders of living in technology era :D

But outside food will always be outside food. Too much sodium, not healthy, and not satisfying. So we decided to have home-cooked meal for dinner and at the same time minimize the risk of messing our kitchen as much as we can. Bake chicken, Jamie's style it is! :P

Zahra was a bit cranky and I need to attend her til her sleep time, so MrComot cook everything from scratch. Including cleaning the chicken! Oh my..I'm so proud of him (and geram at the same time, because bila ni I nak tunjuk skill ni!!! skill yang tak ada gagagaga).

So this is what we had for last Saturday's dinner, readied just nice right after I put Zahra to bed.

Lemon Rosemary Chicken Thigh

We were so full with pizza on the day, so just have it with lotsa greens. Don't be fooled by the dark brown skin. The skin is crunchy with a little bit chewiness and the meat is sooooo juicy and tender!

Here is the exact recipe for 2 :D
2 chicken thigh - cleaned
1 stalk of rosemary - chopped
1 lemon - squeezed
Salt and pepper to taste
Condiments (onions, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes - anything you like)

Marinate everything, the longer the better, we marinate just about 45mins, lined your oven tray with aluminium foil, placed everything inside, we used onions and tomatoes only, bake (up and down) at 250 degrees for 45 mins and voila!

It's indeed a very simple meal but fulfilling. And no mess! Just an oven, 2 plates and 2 pairs of fork and knife. Ohh and chopping board, strainer, of course but still! No extra wok or smokey house after that.

And the best thing is, the cost is like RM10 only!!

Chicken - RM5
Rosemary - RM2
Lemon - 50sen
Baby tomatoes - Rm2
Salad - leftover frm last weekend but if you buy the new one is like RM2-4 I think..

The most important is, it's healthy.

I'm starting to watch what I eat and learn to love healthy diet because I want to live longer healthily! But right now still can't get rid of the sugar crave. I take chocs and boxed fruit juice everyday (they are spoiled sweet!). Have to do it bits by bits ;)