Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas in MidV

Christmas decoration in MidV is pretty good this year. They have this warm orange theme and I kinda like it. But, it make me feel so cozy and don't want to shop. Well, good for me lah kan hehe. The bushes form a fairy tale like garden, with lots of fake maple leaves and bright lights in the big leaves. If we can have it one in the house, it will be soooo romantic! It's already 10PM when I snapped these pics and most of the shops already closing down but there are still lots of people posing here and there with the trees.

The trees from Level 3

The tree lamp. Romantic is it?

Anyway, what do you eat when you are in MidV? The fastfood restaurant will be almost the same regardless where you are. If you are tired with the posh restaurant, you may want to try the Char Koay Teow or Koay Teow Basah at their food court (Level 3, next to California Fitness).

I don't remember the exact name, but it is from Penang food section, where they serve Asam Laksa, Wantan soup, etc. You will find the place easily as there is only one shop titled 'Penang'.

This Koay Teow Basah is a real shot I tell ya. For a food court, and for my taste bud. I tried one in KLCC, still can't beat this one. Mr Comot even like this version more than the famous Penang Char Koay Teow in Bukit Mertajam. But, I prefer the BM version as it is spicier and hmm.. more Malay ;)

And this one can easily beat the Char Koay Teow in Sany Cafe (Bayan Baru) and the kedai makan depan USM. Anyone from Penang wanna bet? :D

The watery version

If you simply order Koay Teow Basah, it won't be this 'banjir', but enough 'basah' for normal consumption. I purposely order this version as I like to 'drink' the kuah.

"Koay Teow basah satu, kuah lebih, letak dalam mangkuk"

So tasty and slurrpppyyy!

The generous amount of medium prawn and cockles

The best part is, it's only RM5 per bowl! (or is it 5.50, more or less). Without tax. This is my definite order whenever I don't have any idea what to eat for the dinner or when I simply craving for it.

I plan to try their Asam Laksa, but I have this feeling it will turn out normal.

Ok peeps! happy working.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas wish

I wish I have more time to write and to sleep. Yawn. Life is fairly hectic nowdays. The rest, the mood is not there.

Anyway, have you seen the Christmas decoration in KLCC? OMG! They are georgous! Big snowman and huge reindeers. The snowman is really good and smooth that make me feel like to wrap my hands round the neck, but they put a small gate so we couldn't be near and hug it ;(

I will go to KLCC again for the pictures, hmm..maybe end of this week. And will paste them here :D

Just a short update, I hope Santa (somebody) will hear my wishlist for end of this year.

I waaaaaaaannntttt thisss sooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaddddd.

It is an old flame coming in DVD!!!

A very, very, old series, in 1995 (I was in form 3 ok!).

I already bought this series (about 2 years ago) in Kotaraya (they got this one shop selling original Japanese, Chinese, Koreans stuffs) but in VCD and the quality mcm cilake ok. Felt cheated for RM50. Tried to find the DVD but never found it. Thot it will never be in DVD since it's already thaaat old (and not that famous).

Never mind. If Santa not giving me, I'll rob somebody else.

Aishiteru To Itte Kure / Tell Me That You Love Me / Say Love Me

Anyone ever seen this series?

Ahh..gotta go. Another thing comes up. Da!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Intoxicated MCR

This is the promised entry. Even the heat is already not there, I'll try to write everything that I could remember.

This is the 1st time I went to a concert, a rock concert. I'm not their big fan, but I know few songs okaayy. Like the Black Parade, Teenagers, and I Don't Love You. This is their Black Parade tour concert anyway.

Since MCR is quite a new name, and they only have three albums, I didn't expect much from them, but still, they are sucker than I thought. Maybe I'm just too old for this. Ahh..continue to the story...

We arrived around 5.00pm and people already gathering, mostly high school teenagers with black outfit and thick makeup. They were lots of booths selling MCR tag (the one that make u look like one of the crew), T-shirt, finger foods and drinks. Since I'm not their kipas-susah-mati, no purchase made.

There were Rela in camouflage suit and Hitz.fm crew as well. People was already getting excited. Oh ya, the parking is RM6 ok. Since we already in, malas nak be fussy and turn back. But nevermind lah, once in a lifetime gitu.

The main entrance. Full of RELAs.

Even though it's still early, people already waiting at all entrances. Even the main entrance for VIP is closed for public usage. We have to do Asar prayer at surau Balai Polis Dang Wangi.

We started queuing at 530pm and people already swarming like flies over garbage. Plus it was drizzling! Luckily, we have our Powerpuff umbrella.

See how big the crowd was? And it's only at gate 4! All other gates is just as bad. And we had to stand like 1 hour flat!! The show started at 6.30pm and they just opened the entrance at 6.30! Giler vavis bodoh ke apa? I just don't understand why they don't just let us in and secure our seat rather than let us standing like fools in the drizzles? We have our tickets, just check and in lah.

And why I said they are giler vavis bodoh, just imagine, they open the gate at 6.30pm and people were rushing and pushing (of course la, after standing outside for 1 hour) and show started when we are still busy pushing each other outside of the stadium. Bodoh kan? Even though it is only opening by local, we already waiting. So why wait? I don't know what's their reason, but I think it is stupid.

Part of the audience at 6.45pm. Opening by Pop Shuvit and One Buck Short. So-so je lah.

The show already started but people still queuing to enter. And lots more outside!

Chemical Romance rocking on stage.

I think they cheat a lot! At 8.00pm, the DJ already presenting MCR and crowd was cheering like mad. But tiba2 nothing appear. And they feast us with MP3 boleh? And it's not even frm MCR album. Kot yer lah pun nak delay, buat lah betul2. We were listening to Greenday, Smashing Pumpkins, etc and 8.15pm baru they start it.

It was drizzling and they gave us free ponco.

The show was a dissapointment. The audio is louder than the vocal that I don't know what he's singing and the crowd even sang louder ok. I felt like I was in big karaoke session instead of a good concert. And what's wrong with the kids? They are banging their heads like no one else business. Even MCR wasn't that high. Ahh..maybe again, I'm too old for this.

On top of that lousy performance, they did another what's-wrong-with-you act. Towards the end, Gerard says something like this in his thank you note, 'I think, My Chemical Romance is the best group in the world!'. And the crowd cheering like crazy.

What tha ...........

What the hell are they thinking? They are the best group in the world? They are not even the best rock group okay. Asshole.

Show finished at 10.30pm. It only last for 1 hour 15 mins.

People walking out.

Bad performance, bad management, bad organizer. Or maybe bad group? Not bad, just not good enough.

Thank God that we bought the cheapest ticket for it. Or maybe because the cheapest so tak best? Hehe..

1 hour and 15 mins for a so-so show. And missing RARE cute yellow Powerpuff umbrella. Sigh. Just not my luck I guess.

Saper yg curik payung tu, memang lah! You deal with God okay!

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Toxic MCR

This was my weekend.

Gonna update about this later. Too busy now.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Fantabulous Penang

Penang is fantastic and fabulous, as ever. 2 things that I can always brag about Penang is the food and the cheap bargain. When I said cheap, it's really, really cheap.

The last trip to Penang was a short one, as it's on work purpose. However, I managed to tour as many places as I can. I went to the butterfly farm (it's cheesy right? :P). Well, the last time I visit the park is like 10 years ago, and I still find it's fascinating for this 2nd trip. Overall, it's only full of many types butterfly. But it's really exciting when u try to find different types of butterflies. We were like 'ehhh..yg ni dah amik gambar?', 'hey, have u seen this? the blue one', 'aaaa...comeynyaa.. it got batik design on the wing', etc.

Ain't it gorgeous?

Sharing the lunch

The most memorable part is when suddenly a butterfly volunteering park at your hands. It's soooo sweet, I tell ya. From what we read in the gallery, sometimes the butterflies stop on the sand to get the mineral, so I guess the one that parked at my hands was trying to get the salt from my sweat. It's so humid inside that I went sweating like a morning jog.

Searching for minerals

Hunting for food is quite plain for this trip. We only go trial and error. Some is satisfying, some is frustrating. Anyhow, if you are in Penang, don't forget to try USM cafeteria, the Keow Teow Th'eng at Fajar Harapan. The clear soup is really mouth-watering.

I had full bowl of koay teow with chicken sausage, fish cake, chicken shred, and fish ball at only RM 3.++

There are another places I would like to recommend, Char Koay Teow at Bukit Mertajam. Location is hard to map out here but if you are there, maybe you can ask the local or your Penangites friends. No picture taken as the lights went off at that time and we were having the famous dish in small light of candle, plus the roadside lights.

What made me quite frustrated is I missed the chance to taste the Mee Udang, Laksa Penang and Nasi Lemak Bukit Jambul --> Lauk ikan sambal gila vavis sedap oke. Kecewa tau. Nanges. But I hope I can eat all of them when I go back to Penang.

Ok, let's brag about the cheapo bargain.

DVDs is UNBELIEVEABLE cheap okkkkk!! I almost faint at the DVD stall after knowing the price. You can get RM4 per peace without having to haggle like mad auntie. Remember the CSI box set I bought before? That was in KL (well, I thot KL is already cheap lor) and after bought 6 boxes that I only given RM50 per box. Per box is like 5 DVDs. So RM10 per piece. In Batu Ferringhi Night Market, the box set is only RM20! Nanges! Some more, if u buy 10 pieces (RM40) get one free. Nanges again! But of course la without the nice box, but of course you don't mind right.
I always download the series because it's free kan, but since it's only RM20, why not. I grabbed 2 seasons of NipTuck and few movies and audio CD. The Modern Talking is giler rare ok!! I searched down and low to download but couldn't find the whole album. Of course la u can buy it in music store but it's RM40 okk.

I will come back to Penang in the future for the collectible DVD of series. Wishlist; Ally McBeal, Desperate Housewives, Prison Break, Veronica Mars, Le Femme Nikita, and Boston Legal (The list is increasing). BTW, do anyone of you know where can I get The Nanny? I've been drooling for this since dulu2 lagi but couldn't find it.

Annnndd another bargain that we need to cheer real loud is the BOOKS! I know you can get 2nd hand books at decent price easily here. But how about you can get totally new book with 2nd hand's price? Chowrasta Bazaar never stop to amuse me. Last time I went there to get my Tintin collection. They sell it at RM20 per piece, compared to market price, RM29.90. I once asked about Asterix, but they don't have it.

And during this trip, I just asked my luck and guess what, they have it!

It's priced at RM44.90/piece at normal bookstore (Kino, MPH) and I got this for RM25 per piece okkk!! And still in plastic wrapper. Since my Tintin collection is completed, I plan to collect Asterix next, but it got about 100++ (or more? not sure sbb dah byk sgt).

Annnnd I also bought this, new title from Jodi Picault at RM20 (pitam!). 2 pieces from Ramlee Awang Mursheed. The towkey gave me RM10 per piece. Giler saiko okeh. Normal price is RM19.90/piece. The best deal I ever get for Malay novels pun during sale, like 15-20% less. But never at flat ten.

I was almost out of the shop (it was already 8PM and it's on the way to close), that I saw two pieces of this Beano Books, and I grabbed both. The other one titled Robbers and Cops. He gave me RM5 per piece! It's hard cover tau, and 100% colored. Suitable for kids or light reading.

If you wish to go to Chowrasta, it is next to Komtar. You have to climb up the jenjantas and it's in front of a big police station. It is on the 1st level. Walk until the end of the floor and you will see the shops, selling books. The ground floor is the pickle fruits heaven. I also bought jeruk Salak and Kedondong but no pic, dah abes makan, terlupa nak snap :P

There are more places I wish I have the time to go, especially the small antique shops selling rare jeweleries and accessories.

Worry not, Penang, see u sooner or later ;)