Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Little Gardener

MrComot went to Giant to do groceries, leaving me with Emir and Zahra. Emir is sleeping so I only have to keep my eyes on Zahra. She asked to go outside and it is scorching hot afternoon, so I have to put her hat on.

And here she is, busy plucking the ixora flower. Tengah hari buta! Haishhh panas okkk. The hot weather doesn't stop her there, she's busy pushing her cart pulak. Kids, they can play anywhere they feel like to.

Mommy on the other hand, waiting anxiously under the roof. Sorry! Mommy puteri lilin :D

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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Sleeping War

I would like to share one story, about our sleepless night, having sleep war with Zahra, after Emir popped out.

The first night I was admitted (gave birth to Emir), my PIL helped to tuck Zahra in, and kira gamble habis. Because, Zahra never sleep without me. Not even 1 year 10 months. So it was a disaster, as storied by my MIL. Zahra keep on waking up every hour and crying 'mamaaaa...dadddyyyy' and keep on pointing to my stuff and crying 'maaamaaa' again and again until morning.

Well that's not about it.

After I returned home, we decided to sleep separately, Zahra upstairs with MrComot and I'm downstairs in the confinement room with Emir. Big part of it because I don't want both babies wake up at the same time and I can't breatstfeed both of them yet. Emir has the priority. We gone cold turkey for 11 days and guess what? It almost drive us crazy!

Zahra keep on waking up every 2-3 hours and crying looking for me. Daddy pun dia tanak. The biggest reason is because she is so used to latch on me and she still wants it. I know it's partly my fault as I didn't wean her earlier but the thing is dia bukan minum sangat, she just want the comfort chest for her to hug. I read around and they said to wean a toddler at 2yrs old (zahra is 1y10m) is tough because they are emotionally attached.

And separating the sleep give huge impact to her. MrComot had to carry her downstairs upstairs repeat until she fell back to sleep, and do it again couple of hours later, again and again until morning. The impact not only affecting Zahra, but also MrComot. What happen to a human that doesn't have enough rest and sleep, and have to deal with a cranky toddler the next morning? A cranky monster! Hehe I'm exaggerating, takdela monster but kesian my hubby, penat sgt and that made him cranky as well. Dengan siang nya nak kena jaga Zahra, bath her, make her food, put her to nap (without me again), feed her, etc etc. It's an endless job..luckily he was on paternity leave for a he can live with scarce sleep.

After 11 days of crying nights, I don't see our way working and coincidentally I spill my frustration over this situation to my makcik urut and she said;

'laaaa.....tido pisah ke. Patutla dia menanges..budak yg biasa susu memang mcm tu. Tido la skali..mesti tak apa-apa. Kesian dia'

And I gave it a hard thought, to sleep together with Zahra. Because once I do it, I can't fall back right? And it will ruined our hard 11-days of no-mummy-at-night training. If we want to fall back, it will start like zero days and might be tougher as she knows somehow she can get her mummy. But if it succeed, both of us can have our sleep.

Since MrComot is going back to work, I said jomlah we try Zahra sleeping with me and Emir. It was on Monday night, and guess what? It works!

Zahra sleep through out the night and so MrComot - get to get his sleep. Finally! If I know it will be this easy, I will do this from day 1 haha.

Anyway she woke up one or two times checking on me and I just say 'Zahra pegi bam balik, mummy ada' and she will fall back to sleep. Ocasionally she will want to latch, so I just give it like a minute or so and soothe her back to sleep and she's all alright. Phewwww...

Since it's not good for me to climb stairs during confinement, we squeeze everybody in the confinement room. Took out the baby cot and lay down cotton mattress and tripple up with 2 toto (cheap polyester mattress). It's not as comfortable as my bed, but it's good enough! Btw, it's queen sized so only 3 of us using the space. MrComot sleep outside at the hall on the ABC playmat. I asked him to sleep upstairs in the bedroom since I can manage both babies but he refused and said he can't hear me if he is upstairs, so whateverlah, as long as he can sleep peacefully :)

Our 'bed' with my two babies. Sleeping soundly as long as mommy is there.

The first thing that Zahra will do after wakes up, is to kacau her adik. Nak kiss la..nak sayang la.. She loves to rub Emir's head and face and when Emir open his mouth she will tell me Emir nak mamam haha. So comel.

The breastfeeding jealousy already toned down. She's fine now if I BF Emir, only sometimes she wants it too, so I have to give one side for her, one side for Emir. Susah jugak because sometimes dia macam compete with Emir. The faster Emir sucks, the faster she sucking too and drink all the milk. So I have to BF Emir longer for the refill and very tired as well. We are slowly weaning her and I'll share the story if we succeed!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sleeping Style

One thing I noticed about Emir, pandai betul tido mengiring. Siap kaki silang panggung and tangan bawah muka. Hehe..

Ps: Abaikan baju bunga2, semua baju Zahra punya! :p

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Confinement's Nom Nom

I miss blogging but I'm busy reading! It has been such a long time I didn't hold any book in my hands and confinement period give me the chance to indulge into it. Nanti I share my current reading.

Anyway, my confinement is a bit boring as I'm all alone, only me and Emir. But I get to sleep a lot, which is good. Plus my favourite tukang urut, K.Ain still couldn't come, and I had my berurut session with another tukang urut I found through agency. Ok la makcik tu, but still tak seterror K.Ain. I had 5 sessions with her and have another 3 pending sessions, that will be on the 20th, 30th and 40th day. After that I still want to see K.Ain for urut. If she can't come, I have to go to her house la :(

Despite the urut thing, I just wear long girdle and it helps! I feel more comfortable walking around compared to not wearing at all. Of course bengkung will be better but tak boleh la, since I have to move a lot, kalau pakai bengkung pun halfway je few hours. I have to cook my lunch, have my bath, then bathe Emir, change his diaper, bf him, etc etc. So ladies, wear ur bengkung or at least girdle. It helps to support your womb, not to look cantik kurus ke apa. The womb still wobbly and soft, that is what K.Ain told me last time.

I skipped all the param pilis thingy because it is too hassle for me. I just make sure I eat right and don't move a lot. Hopefully ok la. Well, I do feel ok hehehe. Just to share with you all my confinement meals!

Steamed cod + ikan bilis w onions, pepper, ginger, goreng without minyak. This one prepared by MrComot. Anyway the ikan bilis is a trial recipe from my tukang urut and I don't quite like it. Maybe MrComot x pandai buat kut sebab the way makcik urut citer mcm sedap giler.

Grilled chicken thigh (salt n pepper only but yummehhh) with celery soup.

Grilled beef steak with salt pepper and choy sam soup. I grilled it in a slab, but the potong pakai gunting hehehe. Senang nak makan.

Chicken fillet fried with tumeric, onions, ginger, tomato, peas and garlic. Kannnnn.. Ayam goreng kunyit je nama sebenar.

Beef soup with leftover ayam goreng kunyit.

Overall it's a good food, takde la boring ke apa. I'm all ok as long as it's not ikan masin only hehehe, and as long as I get my soups. I'm a soupy girl, tak reti makab kering2. But the confinement food is a bit different between Chinese and Malay. As Malay, we can eat beef but not eggs and for Chinese, they eat eggs almost everyday but not meat. That's what my MIL told me lah. Anyway I already started to eat egg on my 18th day, telur dadar yg yummy because got lotsa onions and cili padi! Ooppss, makan sikit je cili padi..buat ubat hehe. Thank God Emir is ok, no sakit perut or whatever.

Oh not to forget, I loveeee plain grilled fish, meaning grill without salt then dip with soy sauce and onion cut. Tapi tu takde gambar pulak. But I can only eat selar. No kembung (mackarel) as they said can make the wound itchy. Basically you can only white meat fish, like cod, selar, white bawal, gelama, etc.

Talking about white bawal, I never know it's expensive! MrComot brought home 2 pieces at about my palm's size and it's RM20!

In between, I take hot milo with biscuits for snacks. You tend to be very hungry most of the time due to breastfeeding and I have at least 3 milo time in a day - morning, evening, and supper. Itu pun I budget2 because too much chocolate not good my digestion too. So I top up with milk, soy milk, and cheese. But nothing more satisfying than a mug of hot milo hmmmm....

As for supplement, I only take phytonatal (nona roguy), calcium and fish oil.

What else can I eat? If you guys have any idea, let me know! And recipes are welcomed! Tapi simple2 je please because I'm not that rajin to cook and wash up the dishes :)

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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Prince

We have decided the name!

Welcome to the world, Emir Qalef!

Actually we already agreed with Emir, only the second name tak decide. And I'm fine with one word name only, Emir bin Elias, simple kan? But MrComot insists to have two words sebab Zahra two words kan. And it will be nice if we can find name started with Z but semua tak berkenan. In the end, Qalef it is!

Anyway, Emir is derivation from Amir and it brings the meaning of Prince and Qalef (pronounce as Khalif, Caliph) means successor (in Islam, it has narrow meaning to successor of Muhammad SAW).

It has been 12 days and Emir is such an angel. He sleeps most of the time and is a healthy baby. In fact, he doesn't have jaundice like Zahra's last time, only the minor jaundice that incur in breastfed baby.

On the feeding, Alhamdulillah, he is on breastmilk all the time. I'm practicing tandem nursing now, and the milk is not that much yet, thus Emir has to latch longer for refill when Zahra drank his portion, but he's getting what he needs, that is what important. And Zahra don't fancy my milk anymore, she just wants to latch together with Emir. It's more to attachment/bonding and rivalry. If I initiate plays or activities, she will forget about the boobies. But the diversion is harder than I thought, have to be very patience about it.

One thing I notice about Emir, he is the 'penggeli' type. He will squirm and squirm and refuse any feeding when he poops! Even it's only a squirt. I guess because he can feel it with his crotch. And he will only sleep tight and latch after I cleaned him. While Zahra pulak tak kisah berak ke apa, kalau bagi latch je tak tolak! Haha. I just finished a whole pack 52 pieces of diaper within 8 days! Pitam mak macam ni.

The stool already changed from green moss to yellowish mustard and very loose. It's the common form for breastfed Alhamdulillah, he's doing well. His umbilical cord falls off on the 9th day, the belly button not totally dried, but doctor said it's fine as long as we keep it clean and dry. We don't use the alcohol swab anymore, just clean it with damped cotton ball and wipe it dry.

His sleeping pattern also tuning to ours. He sleeps through the night, and even he wakes up, I just breastfeed him and he will back to sleep. This time it's easier and calmer for me as I don't stress myself anymore and listen to the baby without thinking too much. It helps! It's not literally listen to them but it's like you observe them and feel it with your mother instinct, sure you will know what he wants and voila, tak banyak ragam, senang je nak handle. Maybe because it's my 2nd experience too. And a tip not to tire yourself out, breastfeed while baring! It is a bit uncomfortable for early few times but you'll get it somehow and breastfeeding and sleeping will be a breeze! I don't have to wake up to feed Emir anymore, just BF him while mengiring and check his diaper if he still uncomfortable or refuse the feeding.

I can't tell yet he has whose face, but he has my fingers, neat with nice fingernails *ahem* unlike Zahra, she got MrComot's, the type terkeluar kulit2 kat cuticle. Kesian ok hehehe. Tak kisah, janji it's not painful.

Below is few pics of Emir Qalef..tak ikut susunan, uploaded via my phone.

Emir day #1

Emir day #11

Emir day #6

My confinement also a bit chaotic this time as I'm all alone. My mom is unwell so she has to go back home since she can't really take care of me, and I don't hire any confinement lady, just have normal tukang urut to massage me. We send Zahra to babysitter so ok la..I can manage it. MrComot also get back to work today, but I'm doing ok, only that the house memang sarang kucing la. And coincidently all the part time maids we used to hire ada problem, we deal with 2 agencies before and one senyap je no response, the other one has no worker, haishhh. But I managed to get another contact and she's coming tomorrow. We'll see how.

Anyway I'm ok as I don't have to do anything, except taking care of Emir and cook my own lunch. It's simple and easy, I just pop beef steak with salt and pepper into the oven and made some choy sam soup. Cewahhhh choy sam's sawi btw hehehe.

Have a good Monday everyone!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Zahra and Nephrotic Syndrome: Almost Free!

My baby had her checkup at SDMC with Dr Indon after a month tapering the steroid (4 tabs, alternate day) and we are pretty nervous with the result. Even though the urine dip test we do everyday showing a good result, trace and negative, it still depends on the protein reading in the blood. Plus, it is the first time she going to SDMC without her mommy, and they going to withdraw the blood :(

Luckily my MIL was around and Zahra is pretty close to her, so she accompany MrComot for the checkup.

Alhamdulillah..the result came clean - we can say that Zahra is almost Nephrotic free!

Her protein is 67 and her cholesterol is 3.8! That is a significant drop from before - 10.3 then 6.8. Syukur sangat2 ya Allah almighty.

Anyway she still need to be on steroid as we have to taper it slowly. So it's gonna be for another 2 months. Last month was 4 tabs, now reduced to 3 tabs for 2 weeks, then 2 tabs for the next 2 weeks, then 1 1/2 tabs for the next 2 weeks and 1 tab for final 2 weeks, all on alternate days, and she will be steroid free! InsyaAllah...

But Dr Indon already warned us that we have to be very careful during the tapering period as the leakage might triggered back if she has any sickness or infection, so we have to monitor the urine test closely. If it goes back to 3+ immediately give her antibiotic to treat any infection and if it maintained at 3+ for 3 days, we have to see her immediately.

Hopefully it won't shoot at all, maintained at trace/negative..amin amin ya rabbal 'alamin...

Other than that she still taking probiotic every night to help her digestion problem.

Get well soon sayang. Mommy so happy with this news and how well you are dealing with it. You stay strong to chase this disorder ok.

Zahra yesterday evening, doze off after back from the checkup. Tired with the blood withdrew because she's fighting it like usual.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Third 10.10

Today is our 3rd anniversary!

The first year, we were busy scouting for hospitals for me to deliver Zahra. I was about 6 months back then.

Second year we were busy doing..hmm i don't remember. But I remember we had lunch at papparich. No celeberation.

This year, we are busy handling a toddler and newborn baby. We only had a few moment this evening wishing each other happy anniversary with teary eyes haha! Teary because so tired and sad, no time to celeberate, also the tears of happiness, it has been 3 years ups and downs together! And the touching we are so grateful to complete each other and sail the life hands in hands.

Anyway, another thing that I'm sedih, I have to missed big bad wolf event! Benci benci benci! Last year I siap imagine I'm going to bbw and leave Zahra at babysitter so I can succumb myself with piles of cheap books. But not complaining here, a baby is better kan hehe. Hopefully I can go next year.

Oh ya, talking about 10.10, we are kinda hoping babyG pop out on this date. But terawal 5 hari hehe.

To hubby, I love you so much!

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Milk Jealousy

Hi all,

Thanks for all the wishes and prayers. Sorry I can't reply each comment as I only manage to read them from my phone. Both mommy and baby are doing well, but still having a hard time coping with the changes.

Wanted to upload babyG's pic but we still don't give him any name yet! So macam x best nak introduce without the name hehe.

Zahra is very gentle to her little brother. She cheerfully will shout 'babyyyy' whenever she sees babyG and pat him gently while saying 'yanggggg' for sayangggg. She even point out all the features, taa (mata), dung (hidung), wambut (rambut), ka..kii..(kaki), etc.

Overall she looks fine with babyG in the house, BUT she went berserk when she saw babyG latch on me and screaming 'babbbbyyyyyy...mamaaaaa...bakkkkk... No no no no...' Bak is for my boobs fyi and she even tried to hit her brother during the breastfeeding session. We had to keep her far or better out of sight when I want to bf babyG but somehow she notice it when babyG making sounds or crying for milk. Automatically dia pun sibuk cry nak milk.

I can't stop her immediately as she will feel babyG is stealing the 'bak' from her and we let babyG wins. So I just play along and let her latch when time permits. The thing is, she always wants it when babyG needs it. And she purposely taking long time and refused to let go even though the milk is finished and keep on saying 'Za..ya' for Zahra while tapping my 'bak', telling me the bak is hers. Adoi...

But things getting better today as I slowly know how to tackle this, and also my milk start pouring I get to drunk Zahra and babyG, hence both babies are satisfied now. BabyG sleeps longer and Zahra stop faster.

We also managed to wean her during the night, as I sleep downstairs and she will sleep with MrComot upstairs. I still can hear she's crying for me last night a couple of time asking for 'bak' but MrComot just carry her and after some times she will back to sleep.

Seems like it's gonna a sleepless night for 3 of us but I hope she's getting better soon. So much of milk jealousy and drama.

Zahra and babyG this morning

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Baby Boy

Both mommy and baby Alhamdulillah sihat. It was via normal delivery and totally different from Zahra's. Thanks for all the doa. Mwahhhhhh

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tough Day

Had a tough day yesterday...maybe one of the toughest.

Everybody is not happy yesterday, since morning.. Me, MrComot and my little pwincess Zahra. It's medicine day and Zahra still rolling with 'I don't want to eat anything for breakfast!'. In fact she didn't want to eat anything the whole day.

I gave her lotsa thing this morning, toast, bread with jam, butter biscuits..I even made her chicken nugget, from scratch! And it is yummy kid you not. Tapi tanakkkk tanakkkk tanakkkk. Kalau tanak makan but drink milk pun ok..but she has been on milk boycott since last week where she only takes her milk before sleep. I even tried to change different milk, tanakkk jugak. In the end she had some brocolli soup at almost 11am and we managed to force feed her the medicine without her throwing up.

Then MrComot made her usual soup today. It's fish soup day and we faced another challenge. She refused her lunch. I was very tired to pujuk her makan and change the role with MrComot. He tried to feed Zahra while I had my hot bath and when I went down, MrComot was mopping and cleaning the floor while lecturing Zahra. Apparently she made a fuss with her daddy and the food was flying everywhere.

We had to go out for lunch and find booster seat for Zahra, so I said ok la..tanak makan sudah. Maybe she wants her lunch later. While dukung Zahra, hubby keep on lecturing her, about how other kids are unlucky not getting enough food, about how he spent the whole morning making her food and yet she doesn't want to eat, etc etc. Of course Zahra won't understand it, but I just kept quiet. What worry me is, it's so not MrComot to nag. It shows that he is very stress and frustrated with what is happening. Thus, it makes me sad to see him like this :(

We had yummilicious lunch at Village Park and thank God Zahra was all ok. Not really ok, but we managed to eat so it's a good thing. She threw a short tantrum when a family with kids wearing angry birds shirt sitting next to our table and Zahra keep on screaming wanting the angry bird. Haiyohhhhh...first time ok dia mcm tu. Normally she will be alright when I say, ok...nnt we see angry bird ok..say bye bye to angry bird. I even ON the angry bird video in my handphone and she still mad. Apparently she was angry at the little girl, telling me that the little girl 'can't wear' angry bird. Luckily the family found bigger table for them and moved and Zahra back ok when the shirt is out of her sight.

The drama didn't end there. She pooped after we back home and refused to be washed, instead want to play with the water. It's 3pm and I'm almost worn out and couldn't help it but pukul her kaki and dragged her to wash the poop. Sorry baby, mommy dah penat sangat tunggu. Haihh...I was really at the edge of my patience. She keep on crying because that's the first time I punish her and it doesn't end there, she refused to drink milk and all she wanted to do is breastfeed. It doesn't help that I'm so tired with my condition lagi and MrComot is mad as well. He keep on saying don't give in, let her learn, we are spoiling her, etc etc. Just imagine we are having a war on the bed...Zahra keep on crying sampai tersedak2 while pulling my shirt want to latch, while I keep on quiet prentending to be sleeping and MrComot keep on pujuk her to drink the formula milk. It was a heartbreaking situation. In the end I couldn't take it and my mother instinct saying 'bagi je la..she just want a comfort' so I gave in and MrComot marah la... I know he is frustrated, he is worried about me not getting enough rest. Siap apa analogy ntah apa2 ok, I'm going to deliver if I'm tired breastfeeding Zahra. I'm draining myself la apa la, nanti how to nurse Zahra and babyG la.. He knows about tandem nursing, but he's more worried about my health. It's hard ok, to cold turkey wean Zahra..and it's a bit too late to me. Kalau nak wean, have to do it earlier. So I advise mommies semua, wean few months earlier.

Ok, enough about that..we thought we will have a nice night, when suddenly somebody rang the door bell looking for me, during Maghrib! Betul2 time Maghrib..tengah azan ok kat masjid. I have this pet peeves org datang rumah time Maghrib, unless it is unavoidable, like you are from somewhere far a way or just happen to come here ke apa ke.

And guess what siapa yg looking for me? MLM PEOPLE OKKKKKK!!!

What the ....

Definitely not a good day to mess with me. After what I've been through during the day.

And she's not even my friend!!!!

Actually she came to the house once, as part timer cleaner. Now she quit the cleaning job and doing MLM. Ok, I already know that she's involved with this MLM but it's quite daring of her to come promote MLM and bring TWO OTHER speakers to preach me right? I think it's a bit too much...

At first I don't know their intention, I thought they just want to visit me, so I just invite them in and siap apologize to the akak (cleaner) that I was so busy to re-hire her..busy with lotsa thing and plus Zahra not so well. Then she ask Zahra sakit apa, so I just briefed a bit and then they said..wahhh good for me, there is a cure for Zahra's condition.

I was like, what the hell... They ni bomoh ke apa.. Because I haven't finish explaining Zahra's condition and they are clueless like a blonde when I mentioned 'Nephrotic Syndrom' and just drop the topic as they don't know what the hell is that.

But ok la..I pun malas nak bagitahu banyak buat air and invite them for a drink and ask them directly what they want - despite of visiting me.

Haaa ni kebetulan, anak adik sakit ni..kesian dia kecik2..adik kena beli tilam panas dengan penapis air ni, memang boleh sembuh penyakit anak adik

Whhaaaatttttt the .#$#%$^^%^

Do you even understand Zahra punya sakit? How dare of she to diagnose and tell me the solution like that. And just by drinking filtered water? And tido atas tilam panas?


Not I underestimate the product. Actually I've listened to this MLM group few years back, so I know what are they selling. It's nothing, a normal water filter and a chargeable mattress that can keep u warm.

And ada hati tu nak compare with other company when I said, oh nevermind, ada org already offered saya Hai-O water filter.

Ehhh tak sama adik..water filter Hai-O is reverse osmosis and ours are treatment water.

Ok now you tell me, am I that stupid? Treatment apanya?

I don't want either water filter okkkkkkkk. Hai-O ke, urs ke..dua-dua tipu overpriced. I want to buy Philips, baru berapa ringgit.

That's not the point.

Then they stayed up with their preaches (that up to a point I want to cry!) because I hate it. I hate MLM. I have nothing against MLM people, it's just MLM is not my thing ok. And dah la timing tak kena.

Oh oh oh..they said, if I can buy toys for Zahra thousands (siap pointing to Zahra's toys on the ABC mat) but why I'm not willing to spend for her health?

Like WTF kan?

Macam dia kenal I macam mana. I nak beli barney kat Zahra tu pun fikir seribu kali ok. But I never compromised about her health. I'm not being defensive, it's just, as a high ranking leader in MLM group, how can you approach people like that? When you don't even know them. It's like you are picking any point you can think of, hoping it is a jackpot! Yeah..kakak yg cakap mcm tu is about to get a BMW or Merc next month..she is CDM or DDM something I'm not sure, tak hafal lah!

Then the other kakak pulak have different approach, keep on saying about the money we spent buying things from the MLM will go to anak yatim and they will read Al-Quran for us 1000 times.

Double WTF kan?

Ingat derang takde keja lain ke nak baca 1000 kali? Kot yer pun nak propah..agak-agak la kan?

And bla bla bla bla...

At least the cleaner is being honest with me. She said please support her, as she needs people under her. I get her intention. She needs to move up. But bringing over the two other akak, unexpectedly to my home sweet home is too much la.

Anyway I memang dah tak I just sign up for membership where I can buy stuff at member's price. It's less than RM100 per life, so I'm thinking, what the heck kan.. hahh sign cepat2 and that's it, I don't want to get in touch with them anymore.

Hopefully they won't kacau me again after this. I'm not interested in finding downline even I don't have to do the work.

Oh ya..they don't even ask if we are going to have our dinner ke apa ke. I mean, you are barging in people's house during Maghrib, it's dinner time la kan. Dah la I kelam kabut nak suap Zahra time tu, and as usual Zahra doesn't want to eat and want me to hold her all the time. They don't even care ok!!

As long as they can sell the thing to me. Sucker!

We had our dinner around 9PM with burger Ramly tepi jalan. I was so tensed and wanted to get some air, so MrComot drove me and Zahra there to tapau it. While waiting for the burger, I keep on whining about the MLM thing and told him that I want to weep about the MLM thing because I am so sad...and tired, after what we have been through during the day kan.

MrComot was tired as well but he pushed it aside and tried to entertain me

'Sayang jangan la know dulu masa me student pun me kena pow by strangers..bla bla bla...'

Kesian dia..I'm so touched. He looks worn out as well, tapi tetap utamakan my happiness, and be chatty with happy face.

And again, Zahra refused her dinner. I even changed the menu, turned the fish into sweet sour fish. I even gave her rice with kicap!!! She can't take heavy salted food yet but I was thinking, what the hell, it's better than her not eating at all. But kicappppp pun tanak. In the end she ate a a hard-boiled egg. Phew...better than nothing.

What a day!

Anyway, I read that toddler refusing food because of control. It's something the figured out and they know they can have control over it. What I need to do is show NO frustration and let her. But keep on offering her food. Somehow she will take it when she's hungry. Tapi ya lah..risau la kan tanak makan. Furthermore, it'll be harder on medicine day. She has to eat something before the medicine.

So I'm going to change my tactic now. Kalau tanak makan sudah....I won't be mad, I won't force her. I'll wait until her lunch, somehow she will eat a bit for lunch, and then baru I give her the medicine.

Oklah..gotta update with happy entry before babyG pop out :D

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sweet Thing

This is not a show off entry, just something that made me went awwwwwww hehehe.

Well, it's already 2nd oct and I have no sign going into labor yet. My EDD is 6th by the way.

As usual I'm browsing blogs, reading lotsa things after Zahra goes to sleep (she dozed off at 12 midnight today! Phewww tough night) and MrComot was downstairs with his works. Suddenly he came up with a jar of water,

Hey sayang tak tido lagi?
Hmmm hmmmm(busy browsing, so tak menjawab sgt haha)
Me made you air yassin. Minum nanti.
Hahhhh? (paused a few seconds to absorb)
Awwww should me cryyyyyy?
No need (walked out from the room)


I know it's nothing biggie air yassin or stuff like that, but knowing my husband..he's not the 'alim' side. Memang biasa habis hehehe, so this is a bit unexpected of him, and I find it's sweet for him to do this. I mean it needs some effort and the thought is count right? And I went awwwwwww for few minutes, that I decided to write about this. So next time when I'm mad at him, I'll read this entry and remember how kind he was to me.

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