Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dim Sum @ Spring Garden, Tropicana Golf Club

We had a yummilicious dim sum feast with MrComot's family last Sunday at Spring Garden, Tropicana Golf Club. To make it double yummilicious, this is our first eat out after Tony Romas incident, about 2 months ago I think, where both of us serik dah nak makan luar. Tak tahan melayan kelasakan hensem boy, lembik sangat mommy ni haha. So, when my MIL invite us for this lunch, I was so happy sebab dah lama tak makan luar and it will be easier for us since we have extra hands, where we can take turns to entertain the kids, which also means I get to enjoy the food, itu yg penting mwahahaha. Kalau tak, makan mcm orang kebulur je, kunyah pun tak, nak cepat punya pasal.

I had few dim sums before this but at normal shop which is more like instant dim sum with limited choice. So when the baskets arrive, I gobbled every type of the dim sums and they are so yummy! My most favorite will be the yam ball. The yam is mashed so creamily, melt in my mouth, with cheesy prawn filling. The ball is fried and has a light crispy coating. Nyum!! Highly recommended!

They also had chicken feet dim sum, braised in soy sauce and I love this one too! The chicken feet is the gemuk2 type, so puas hati makan, ada byk isi. By the way, I always love chicken feet so u can skip this opinion haha.

The first round. We had another round of baskets after that but my hands are full, and so my mouth LOL!

Had it with Pu Er tea and it's an excellent combo! So refreshing. It's refillable and I think I drank more than 4 cups.

The kids as usual, being the fussy eater, refused everything. EVERYTHING. Even the fish porridge that we specifically ordered for them *sigh*. Zahra ate a small portion of fishball and Emir just had my milk haha. Ok that young man I don't know what's up with him last weekend. He doesn't want to eat anything instead of direct feeding. So I've been a full time cow last week, and a dried one.

MrComot with his girlfriend 

Mommy with the munchkins!

The basket price ranging from RM5 - RM8, but but but if you go during the weekdays, all basket is at RM3.90 nett! That's very cheap! I'll grab all the prawn filling, and the yam ball of course!

Monday, April 29, 2013

My Sleeping Child

I have so many stories to share, tengah kumpul mood untuk tulis semua. Anyway dah lama tak update pasal the kids.

The kids are sooo cute these days. They have grown up and  it's easier to manage them nowadays. Easier but still tiring. We still avoid eating outside though because handsome boy still in the 'lasak' phase and can't sit still in the baby chair. But it's small matter only as I love being home with them :)

Anyway want to share about their current sleeping style. Zahra refused to sit in the baby chair these few weeks. She will sleep in the chair when we going to work but during the evening, she wants to sit on normal seat so MrComot had to take it out and plugged it back the next morning, like everyday. So we decided to take it off permanently and change her sleeping position.

We folded the third row and cleared the boot, put all the bags on the second row and set a nice thick kekabu mattress for Zahra to sleep in and she snores off to Disneyland!

 Tengok mcm mana dia tido, when we reached the babysitter's. Lentok habis.

I still have this fear that the bunk will open up during the journey and she fall off but technically it's impossible right? Unless something is wrong with this car. Hope not!

And look how my handsome boy rocks his car seat?

This is his current fav pose, whenever we put him on the seat. 

It always ticklish to see him like this,  macam alahaiii pose macho sangat! Ohh my sweethearts!

By the way. have you guys ganti puasa? Today is my first day ganti puasa and I am so hungryy!! I knowww I knoww not good. If you haven't, ganti cepat...Ramadhan is like 2 months away! Gambattenne!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Penyapu Overwhelmed

I missed writing about Emir's development like I did for Zahra those time..will try to catch up that soon. Anyway, a short note, he is 1 1/2y now, very active toddler, but still can't utter a single word! Even mommy or daddy. That's pretty weird. I'm kinda worried, but not much. I'll let him has his pace..maybe until he's two. Is it too late?

Anyway, while he still at 'penyapu phase', lets talk about it :)

My little guy, seriously I don't know what's twirling in his mind or his imagination, he loves sweeper very much. Like very very very much. The sweeper is like his second hand or something. He will hold the sweeper everywhere and all the time, even when he's playing with something else. Macam tongkat sakti dah pulak.

Since he likes sweeper so much, we decided to buy a new one for him, so that he can keep it to himself and of course will be cleaner as I won't use it for house chores. We bought at Daiso, where everything is at RM5. They have lots of small broom which is perfect for my handsome boy.

 Zahra choosing the sweeper

Emir was super excited when he saws the arrays of sweeper and I had to buy two pieces because Zahra also wants it (she's currently in jealousy phase where she wants everything that Emir has. She even request us to call her "baby Zahra" instead of "kakak Zahra").

The moment I picked up the broom, Emir was restless and struggling to get himself off the stroller that I had to let him hold the sweeper, then baru duduk diam and happily sweeping the floor or more like dragging it in the stroller hehehe.

The moment he got the sweeper

The "sweeping" doesn't only happens in Daiso, he's holding it tight everywhere, in fact the whole Curve. I tried to get it off but the moment I did that, he wails top of his lung and bang himself in the stroller as a protest.

Sweeping The Curve

We stop at kids playground in front of Mothercare, level 2 to take turn for Maghrib prayer. That place is Emir's fav place. Normally I will let them loose there while waiting for MrComot, but that day since he refused to let go the sweeper, I had to strap him in ther stroller and only Zahra plays in the playground. Guess what? He doesn't mind a bit ok!! I tried once get him off the stroller and off the sweeper and bawak main the slides, etc..dia mengamuk jatuhkan badan on the floor, bang his head, refused to let go the sweeper. Mana boleh bawak penyapu kan..kang tak pasal-pasal kena anak org. So in the end he stays in the stroller alone, sambil pegang  penyapu. Adohaii...

Had dinner at Tony Romas and it was a disaster sebab again he refused to sit in the baby chair sebab nak menyapu sampah satu restaurant! Adoyaii.. it was cute at first but after a while not nice la kan..because the place is not that spacious and he will go to other's table and sweep the floor. We had to eat in rush, feed Zahra lagi..take turn bring him out, depan Tony Romas tu ada space kosong besar, where he can sweep whatever he wants. So I let him loose there where I stood quite far jugak from him about 3-4 meters mcm tu. He was happily doing his job. The passerby was amused by his action and ada la yg senyum2. Pekerja TR tu siap buat sign Emir menyapu + thumbs up, bolehhh?? Sabar je la..tak sure, nak gelak ke nak malu hahaha.

Bangun pagi je cari penyapu. Initially, the pink was for Zahra and the orange one is his, but in the end he conquers both.

 Throw himself on the floor when I asked for the sweeper.

Zahra playing with bubbles, he doesn't care a bit. 

Naik moto pun nak pegang penyapu. Macam tongkat sakti kan? Remind me of Gandalf lol.

Last but not least, this will be my most favourite pics of all. The moment when he can't decide which one to hold.

Penyapu overwhelmed!

Haha it was very funny! He wanted to have them all! This is the weirdest obsession I've come across with my kids. How about your kids? What't their obsession?