Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Balloon-blower Spirit

Zahra loves balloon. Who doesn't right? There's something with that air-filled rubber that incites fun.

She's been trying to blow her own balloon since couple of weeks ago, but she will never get it right because she still don't get the 'pinch the opening after you blew, and blow again after u catch up the breath' concept. I showed her once but she couldn't do it, so I just let it go, no big deal.

But a few nights ago, she did it right!!! I was sooo surprised because she's been doing it all alone in the toys room.  My first reaction was, screaming with excitement:

"Wahhhhh clevernya Zahra!!!!"

I consider it as a big achievement and am so proud of her. Well, typical mom isn't it. Hahaha. 

Her first blowing balloon right!!

Look at her face, so excited as the balloon getting bigger.

And she couldn't get enough! She blows balloon every night after.

And coincidentally somebody gave us a bag of balloons last week, so here she goes.

Of course it won't go to waste, those precious carbon dioxide - having fun with them.

She has been swimming with the balloon every single night now, and of course hensem boy loving it too! Too bad I didn't get to snap his pic with the balloon, he moves too fast /:)

The house looks like we are having a party as balloons are everywhere. But it's kinda cute, so I can live with it ;)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fun @ KL Bird Park

*This entry was in my draft since last the actual event happens last two weekend hehe*

Hiyaaa everyone!! How was your last weekend? We had loooong holiday due to deepavali and the maal hijrah on Tuesday, so my company set the replacement day on Monday, so we have 4 days weekend! Sweet!

Anyway I planned to have short gateway to PD and stay in Thistle, but it is fully booked! Hmmppphhh! I guess all the KLians need the same break. So since we don't feel like going anywhere else, we decided to go to KL bird park. We've been in town like forever but never set foot there. 

The entry fee is RM25 for adults (with MyKad) and RM12 for kids of 3yo and above. So Emir got in for free.

The moment you get in at the entrance, you'll be welcomed with free-roaming few species of birds. I'm not sure what their name is, but I do spot a big stork! The funny thing is, they look so friendly but somehow untouchable. We tried to chase and pat a few and they run in jiffy. Very nimble and quick!

You can feed them food but have to buy it from the feeder machine. It's 50cents if I'm not mistaken. We didn't get any because was busy with the two kiddos and thought it will be too tedious for us to handle. Oh come to think about it, it will be more fun if we get the food =(

Couples of pics for you:

Emir with some species of bird that freely roaming around. I didn't get the chance to learn their names because our hands are quite full. Emir loves to walk hence I have to really take care of him, whilst Zahra on the other hand, nak dukungggggg je. She said her feet is hurt. Such a princess. So MrComot had to carry her most of the time.

The bird show. Quite entertaining....for kids haha. Because we adult knows all the trick right? Luckily we sat right at the back so Zahra can stand without blocking others and she's so excited with the show, give a big clap to the birds and said "Good job!". I was like..woaaa...dah pandai praise org haha...must be from the youtube shows she watched.

Another random shot


And that's it! No more birdies picture because both of them need mommy's full attention and I was sweating like craaaazy!'s Malaysia, what do I expect? Hahaha..

Anyway we had sooo much fun! Minus the hot weather of course. We spent about solid 3 hours and I was freaking exhausted. I think I am old already and unfit, but hey, it is world's largest free-flight walk-in aviary, so I'm here not to be blamed right? =D

On the other notes, if you go to any attraction places like this, don't skimp on the family photo because you won't know how it will turn out. As for us, it is pretty funny:

Emir was happily stretching his hand

 And trying to touch the hornbill

And that's when the bird bites his finger! He screamed and wailed to MrComot, telling him that the bird ate his hand hahaha. But it was a short scream and he didn't cry after that. Tough boy!

We had lunch at Hornbill restaurant and not too shabby. It has the variety and the food quite nice.

My chicken chop. More like grilled chicken to me but it's ok as it's yummy!

Mrcomot and hensem boy had char keowteow. Mind his long hair, I already chopped it off hehe.

Zahra as usual the fussy eater, I brought from home her prawn aglio olio but she had few bites only and just drink her lychee and ribena.

Overall I will say it was a good trip! But seriously, both of us was exhausted and the moment we reached home, we fell asleep on the floor, because the kids refused to sleep, so I takut la nak tido betul2. I was too sleepy that I couldn't wait for them. About an hour later when I woke up, the kiddos still playing with their toys. I was like...heyyy where the energy came from? Kids. Wish I have the same energy. Maybe I should start exercising, seriously.