Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ramadhan 2013 / 1434H

Read this on my friend's FB and tickle my laughing nerve. That will be a fresh one for this Ramadhan!

Hope you guys are doing well. It's the time for us to reflect ourselves, stay put to the ground, be humble and kind.

And may the positive attitude last us throughout the year, not only in this Holy month. May Allah bless us too and I thank Him for giving me this opportunity, to meet Ramadhan again. Syukran ya Allah.

To all my fellow readers and Muslims, happy Ramadhan. Celebrate it the way of Rasulullah SAW.. don't eat too much when break the fast, sahur at end of the time, break the fast with dates, pray a lot, read Quran, etc.. just simple thing but insyAllah will bring baroqah in your life. Ameeen...

Monday, July 8, 2013

Zahra and Barbie the Pink Shoes

Ini cerita lama sangat. Anybody who follows me on the instagram will get up-to-date news. So follow me @aanandes! Haha poyo je. Not that I update that frequent but IG is more like impromptu update, so there will be more bits of my life there

Metrojaya the Curve organized some barbie event for a few weeks. We went there on the 3rd weekend I think, and saw the pretty setups. Actually I tak tahu pun ada barbie ni, so memang saja jalan2 that week. Zahra was soooo excited to see it. 

Ballet pose

Bought her a pair of barbie shoes and cheap cardboard puzzle and saw this poster. There going to have Meet & Greet session the next weekend...

Which brought us here again...gigih waiting in the line for 45mins! Things I'll do for my baby..

The queue was insane! The parents are like pushing each other and we are very suffocated.

We were instructed to step asides and let the kids queue by themselves (for smoother meet and greet session) but Zahra refused to let me go. I already told her that if she doesn't want to queue by herself, she won't get to meet Barbie but she refused to do it and was crying and pulling me to carry her and queue together. I had to talk to the organizer and thank God they let me walk with my daughter. Again, things I'll do for my baby *sigh*. I am the first mom that walk on the stage together with her kid okkkkk. Other kids selamba je jalan sendiri, relaks fact they are smaller than Zahra! Sangat berani.

But different kids have different character and exposure. This going to be Zahra's first exposure to this public thingy so I gotta support her right?

So I put my face straight and carry my BIG baby (who supposed to walk by her self haha) and say HI to Barbie, stand closely to her and get a picture taken!

After that ramai mom buat macam I, so I wasn't alone hehehehe.

Anyway, Zahra was a bit intimidated by the crowd and all the lights. I mean, she never been to all this glamour thing so she was very stiff on the stage. But thing turn up side down totally hen we got down. She cried and shouted and wailed so hard, because she wants to get up on the stage and meet Barbie again.


Tadi punya la tanak, now mengamuk-ngamuk nak. The thing is, she never throw tantrum like that and I am so surprised with her reaction. I can't queue up again because the session is near to end (it's an hour session) and they got games competition after that. I had to carry her as close as to the stage and explain to her carefully that there are other kids that are queuing and we can't just skip the line. It' so not barbie ok? ;)

They got a ballet dance performance after the games, performed by Danceology Ballet Academy.

Zahra loves watching recorded Barbie show on the youtube so here it is, I painstakingly record it for you guys!! It's half way by the way, my hands refused to cooperate and gave me the shakiness haha.

Hope you enjoy it!