Monday, August 24, 2009

First Ramadhan

This year is my first year spending Ramadhan as a wifey. But nothing much different. I still don't cook as MrComot doesn't take heavy meal for Sahur and we breaking the fast at parents in law. Hahaha. Part of me is relieved as I don't like the hassle of cooking and it's tiring ok. But another part of me is worrying a bit as bila lahhh I nak jadi pro chef ni, no practice! Hehe

Since I'm always away (boarding school, university, working life) from family, my Sahur time always gone hay wired. Sometimes I take, sometimes I don't. Sometimes eat rice, sometimes just drink water. So Sahur is not a big deal to me. I think I am lucky to get MrComot because even he's living with the family all the time, he never take nasi with lauk pauk for Sahur. He told me that his favourite food for Sahur is bread with butter and jam, having it while landing on the sofa with his eyes closed! Hahaha can you imagine that?

So on the first day of Sahur, I only had Materna milk with bread and MrComot had bread with Nutella and Goober. Only the difference this time is, he didn't close his eyes. The reason is, because we don't have sofa yet and where to landing? Hahaha. So he had to eat with eyes wide open, on the hard chair.

Saturday went smoothly and I didn't feel hungry at all so I had one day full puasa! Yeayyy to me! I planned to puasa as many days I can. My gynea said it's ok as long as I eat properly during the night and take my Sahur. So it should be ok then.

For fast breaking, we went to PIL at 7PM and everything is ready! Ishhh bad bad daughter in law! I planned to go earlier so I can lend a hand chopping ke washing ke whatever, but what to do, terlambat jugak. So pegi makan je la :D

Anyway, I didn't fast yesterday because we missed the Sahur! Both of us woke up at 550AM and rushingly get the glass to pour water when suddenly we heard the azan!! Waaaaaaaaaa. After solat, we went back to sleep and when I woke up around 11AM, I was worrying about my baby. I don't think I'm fit enough to fast. I can hold the hunger, only I'm worried baby won't get sufficient nutrition. So there goes my puasa day 2 ;)

I'm fasting today because I had my sahur. Ahhh my puasa entry will be very boring because I don't have any recipe or delicious pic to post.

Anyway we'll going back to my hometown next week and I can't wait to see MrComot's reaction when he faces my family's way of having Sahur. Mesti dia termuntah overeating! :P

Ok darlingssss, enjoy your Ramadhan ok. And to all mommies, don't skip your sahur ok. It's important for you and baby.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Ramadhan!

Ahlan wa sahlan ya ramadhan!

I wish all my friends and readers a hearty and filling Ramadhan. Hope you guys enjoy puasa days and fill it with lotsa kebajikan.

Don't forget to sahur and mengaji banyak-banyak ok?


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Little One's Progress

I had my monthly checkup yesterday. I am about 18 or 19 weeks now.

As usual, we do the scanning thing and this time we get to see more details. I can already spot the spine (you can even count the vertebrata!), the eye socket, etc. And my baby keep on moving or should I say fighting? because he/she keeps on kicking the air when gynea pressing the cold scanner to get the leg's length. It took her about 20mins to get the perfect angel for the calculation and said:

"Activenya your baby. Lenguh tangan I nak scan. Ni baru kecik2 ni belum besar"

Haha..I wonder what are you thinking/doing little one? Do you feel cold? Or you feel like somebody is intruding your small solitude space?

The gynea gave me new supplement, obimin and calcium pills because my milk intake is not enough.

The calcium is humongous! Ok, I maybe exaggerating here but I can't really swallow big pills. I used to vomit right after I consume it and the size is slightly smaller than obimin. For calcium pills, I cut it into two and take piece by piece.

This is a few tips that I learnt during my consumption, to avoid vomiting:

1) Hold long breath before consume. This is to avoid you get the smell of the pills (if any)
2) If you feel like to throw up after swallowing, breath in and out through mouth until you feel better

I asked my gynea if I need to take extra supplement like Fish Oil and she said it's not necessary as she doesn't want to burden my kidney for extra work.

My weight also gaining at normal pace now. I add on 1kg every month and by end of the pregnancy it should be around 10kgs. More than that will be considered as obese. We'll see how. I'm not afraid of having extra kilos, I'm more afraid of not gaining it. Nanti kesian my baby tak cukup nutrisi.

The gynea also drew some blood from me for some standard checking and I am excited! I always amazed on how you can tell things from blood. Like, A LOT of thing! blood type, sugar level, some weird disease, etc etc hehehe. Btw, hopefully everything is normal.

This is me, taken on last Saturday. MrComot candid this while we are at Macy. Haha we haven't finish shopping for the living room. Tak larat dah..asyik survey je. Anyway we going to get the sofa and dining set before raya, yeay! So come come guys, raya kat rumah. You won't be seated on the floor :P

I look so preggy kan? But it's not actually! I mean, my belly not that round yet if you see me upfront. Maybe the blouse and the position makes me look like that. Ahhh it doesn't really matter. Since MrComot loves this pic so much, I just post it here hehe..

Oh ya, on my body update. Alhamdulillah no more bleeding for about a month and half (yeay!) I still feel the heartburn sensation, but no more nauseousness, and develop new sickness last few days - headache!!! I HATE HATE HATE headache, because I rarely get them, so I can't really tolerate it. I will feel extra uneasiness and pain. I think I can take stomachache better. Also, I notice that I can't stand or walk to long (ie: one hour), I will feel cramping down below. So still no going out jalan-jalan for me.

Since H1N1 also climbing the peak, it's good for me to stay put pun. So to all mother's outside, becareful ya..limit yourself from public. We are the high risk people :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sambal Udang

Sambal udang Makcik Som's has been lingering in my mind for the past few days. It is something I used to eat during my study in USM. Makcik tu pun dah meninggal dunia now..the business is taken over by the children I heard.

I don't want to call it mengidam because if mengidam macam tak best pulak if I don't get it kan? It's just that I can't get it out of my mind. And I remember how my girlfriends and I enjoyed eating it during lunch.

And guess what? I have the sambal udang pic okkkk!! was in 2004 and tak sangka I dah start capture food pics. It's not like a discovery or whatever, it is just I tak sangka I snapped this picture hehehehe. It's labelled under 'An Evening in Aman Damai', got some pictures with my girlfriends, Shani and Mielia, and of course the scrumptious sambal udang.

My all time fav: nasi with fresh salad + fiery sambal belacan, sambal udang and telur masin. Kesedapannya masih terasa! Hahaha

And it was taken on 17th Feb 2004! I don't remember I had any camera back then. I think I borrowed my pet bro punya camera, abg Namiri. Thanks dear!

Oh nooo..suddenly I THINK I want sambal udang hahaha. Luckily my MIL going to cook nasi lemak with sambal udang this friday for Ramadhan eve, yeay!!!

Can't waaaaiiitttt

Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't mess with LHDN

This year is my first year opening my account with LHDN. Not that my salary need to pay the tax already, only that MrComot set me as the spouse. While calculating here and there, MrComot came to conclusion that LHDN owe me around RM10.

MrComot: Me going to complaint and ask for refund
Me: Are u sure they owing us?
MrComot: If your form all correct, yes
Me: Confirm ehh..kalau salah nnt mesti they cari pasal and dig unnecessary thing. Lagipun sepuluh ringgit saja bukan ratus2. No need laa..
MrComot: It's ok, me confident! Bukan sebab money, me tak puas hati saja hehe

Kannnnnnn. Confident la sangat. So he filed the complaint asking for the ten bucks haha (I think about a month ago).

We received the first later a week after stating LHDN does not owe me anything. Ok fine.

Then we received second later on the next week, stating that ME owing LHDN RM800++ in 2007!! Both of us so surprised with the figure. I mean, as I said before, I don't have to pay anything yet with my current salary, so let alone in 2007!! Dah la tak open any file with them yet at that time kan. So I dig my EA form and I saw a column stating that I received allowance for phone for 4800 which I never use!!! I mean, I don't know when the hell my company gave me that. Maybe we can use and claim, and I never claim it. So LHDN is charging me on that. Ok fine, it's my mistake. I overlook and naive and foolish to think nobody will care about it.

2 weeks later which is last Sunday, MrComot pulak received a letter from LHDN saying he's owing them a freaking 5k++ in 2007!!

Melampau OKKKK!! I mean, it is obvious ok suddenly they are digging us, after the TEN RINGGIT complaint.

MrComot is an honest payer, so he's a bit clueless why he's being charged. So malam tu gigih la mencari all the old papers and form. Luckily he's organized so he keeps everything. Kalau me la, mmg once bayar, habis evidence or whatever.

The thing is, some of the document is missing, because he lost his laptop last year and his family just moved to Kota Damansara in 2007. So not sure the other docs in which house now. After throughout calculation, he knows where the 5k comes from! It's actually the rebate for his parents medical bills and they totally drop it like he never submit it!! He still have the resits but only half of it. The other half of stack kena cari balik.

It's weird don't u think? In 2007 they already approved the rebate and suddenly now in 2009 they say we didn't pay them. And there is different calculation on the statement, in the previous form saying MrComot has to pay 6% out of the balance of the salary and in the latest 'saman' statement saying he's charged 24%. FREAKING RIDICULOUS! So which one?!!

Me: Me told you!! They saja cari pasal sebab tak puas hati u complaint about the ten ringgit okk
MrComot: *senyap*
Me: So are you going to pay?
MrComot: No wayy!! 5K baik me beli LCD saja! Nevermind, me going to meet them and ask personally. Susah nak kira mcm ni.

Kannn..scary ok LHDN ni. So my advice is, if you think LHDN is owing you like few bucks only, don't bother to ask for rebate. They will go after the whole family okkkk. Hahaha..this my theory only btw. But if it's a lot, calculate carefully first and then complaint. And don't forget to keep all the evidence. Photocopy all the related documents after filing (if you are doing e-filing now, don't forget to print a copy for yourself) and keep all the bills that you had asked for rebate.

On a happier note, I'm gonna update about my Japan trip soon. Hehe dah basi pun citer tu... Ok darlings, take care and don't mess with government :P

Friday, August 14, 2009

Chilis Mushroom Jack Chicken

I was a bit disoriented these few days and that explains the silence in this blog. My life still running as usual, only I don't have passion to write anything about it. I think it's about time for me to break the shell, I need to start writing! Because I know, one day I will read and giggling over my posts :D

I rarely cook since my pregnancy because I don't have the heart to do so. Luckily MrComot is not a fussy eater either, so we eat out almost every weekend.

Last few weeks, we were too lazy to go out for lunch. I remember that I have few shrinking button mushroom in the fridge and thinking of having my fav Chilis's Mushroom Jack, so I decided to google up in case I can make something similar to it instead of eating out, and guess what? There is a TOTAL match!!

I follow exactly what the recipe said except I don't marinate my chicken with cumin because I think cumin is weird (don't you think so?) And of course, I was so lazy to do the condiments for tortillas, so I substitute it with pita bread.

The main ingredient:
fresh button mushroom (I use combination of white and brown), 1 medium capsicum (if you like bell pepper, you can put more), 1 big onion (I think it's better for you to use yellow onion. I use red because it's all I have in hands)

Slice 'em all. Oh ya, while you are at it, marinate your chicken strips

I marinate mine with seasoned sea salt and blackpepper. Normal salt will do.

After finish slicing the vege, fry you chicken with flaring hot fire. This to make the outer meat brown but yet, not to overcook your chicken.

Then throw in the onions and capsicum. It will be prettier if you add green and yellow capsicum as well.

Lastly, throw in the sliced mushroom. I add a pinch of salt by this time, and some coarse blackpepper.

Ok, now I don't know why it turned out so brownnn like you dash in soy sauce. But believe me, I add nothing! Maybe the color comes from the mushroom. The one in Chilis also this color right?

If you are a cheese lover, top it with lotsa cheese and bake it for another 10mins. The original recipe suggest for us to use Jack cheese. I just grabbed what I had in hands, mozarella I think. But believe me, it tastes wonderful even without the cheese.

Since I was so lazy to make the tortilla stuff, I just use pita bread. Pan fry it a bit (without oil) instead of bake it because I think it's faster. And it is! I just left the bread few seconds longer and it burnt!

Our lunch that day. Additional of sweet cherry tomatoes and cold lychee *drool*

The bread is a bit dry, so you can add on mayonnaise or butter. Yum!

And it is double yum to be eaten on its own! See how this dish caramelized? I think it's from the mushroom as I didn't add any water at all.

Btw, I was so surprised to see how well it turned out. I mean, it really tastes like Chilis Mushroom Jack! Ok, minus the sizzling plate. But still, comparing how simple the ingredient and the way to prepare, it is a gem! Oh not to forget that MrComot lovesssss it so much :">

This recipe is a must keep. Maybe I'll do it again properly, with tortilla, cream cheese, tomato salsa, etc etc :D

Happy weekend darlings mwahhhhhhh

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Mix-up Mind

I was craving for Fatty Crab since last weekend that we planned to get it on Saturday's dinner. Thinking it won't be fun to hammer the crabs with only two of us, we invited MIL as well. Unfortunately she's taken for romantic dinner with another son hehe. So I asked Shani to join us but she's also taken, and she's not even in KL!!

We had late lunch and were quite full til late of the evening, so we gave the crabs a pass. On Sunday we had to cancel it again as we met an acquaintance at The Curve and I don't feel like having crab that time. So we decided to eat that fat crab today.

We had lunch at Pusat Islam today and I was thinking of having laksa.

MrComot: Sayang nak makan apa?
Me: nak laksa la
MrComot: Tapi laksa pedas. Tak boleh!
Me: Tak pedas tak makan la cili padi tu
MrComot: Ada nenas!
Me: Me boleh buang nenas tu. It's condiment only kan..
MrComot: Nanti u heartburn, kesian baby me..
Me: Tapi me teringinnn *sad face*
MrComot: Ok u pilih. Kalau nak makan laksa, no crab tonight. Kalau nak makan crab, no laksa for lunch. Me tanak u makan pedas twice a day
Me: Hmmmmm *thinking hard*

I was tempted to get laksa but I know the laksa there is not the best. So better get the crab. But I want the laksa at the moment, and crab pun ntah-ntah jadi ntah-ntah tidak. And I know I can't have both because if I do, I will get the worst heartburn ever. I guess my baby don't like chili. I have a very weak tolerance with chili right now.

Me: Hmmm ok lah!! You win! Me eat nasik. Tapi tak confirm tau nak makan crab tonite. We'll see how my mood goes nanti. Eeeiiii siap la you dah pandai threaten me now!
MrComot: *sengih-sengih*

Hahhhh seems like I can't win all.

Talking about food, there is a story on Sunday. We planned to eat the meatballs and Daim cake at Ikea and drive all the way to the mall under the scorching hot sun, and MrComot pretty excited with the Daim's idea only to find out that I changed my mind when we walked past through Ikano's underground, on the way to Ikea.

Me: Ehhh..macam sedap la pulak Teppanyaki. Jom jommm

So we had teppanyaki for lunch. Then I decided to have the Pulau Ketam steamboat in Ikano for dinner. We are going to meet another friend there and when they call saying they already there, suddenly I said:

Me: Alamak..tiba-tiba me tak lalu la the steamboat, jom pegi Coffee Bean?

Haha crazy okk..Nasib baik dekat-dekat je. The friends had to turn back to The Curve and met us at CB. After the meet-up, MrComot asked me what I'm going to have for dinner since we already in Curve, he even gave some ideas that then I said:

Me: Dah lambat nak makan kopitiam je la. Jom pegi Papparich?

So I had Papparich's nasi lemak, fried foo chuk and soya+cincau. As if I can't get the same food in Curve right? Ish ish ish...

Anyway don't you think being pregnant is wonderful? You get to choose any food you want at anytime. Depends on your situation lah. But no one's going to complaint if you change your mind in a blink of second! Hehehe..

Should I or shouldn't I?

Hmmm.. this is not something important..just a crap but I need it to be out of my system.

I've been wanting a big shoulder bag since last year, but still teragak-agak to buy it. Because it is soo not me to buy something not necessary. I mean, I have bags right, so why need to add on? It's hard being practical and woman *sigh*. Ohh weeee..woman can be practical, but need strong will.

Anyway, since my pregnancy, the urge to get the bag that I'm eyeing is rising at the peak. What holding me from buying it is, I have to get it from Parkson KLCC as I've seen that bag there, and don't know where else to get. And I still tak larat nak jalan. Jalan2 for 2 hours pun dah sakit bontot and rasa cramp.

Talking about urge, the first thing I do today is browsing Jane Shilton's website to check on the price because I already forgot (it was more than a year ok, haha).

This is exactly what I want -->

Anyway, the price made me startled a bit because now I remember that it was priced around 700 at Parkson.

So I'm torn between decisions. Should I get it? Or not?

I mean, we are expecting baby, so we going to spend a lot. And it's a bit unfair right? My hubby is working hard and managing the money whilst I'm here splurging on wanted stuff, not needed.

What made me more feel guilty is, he just bought me the Clark's Freckle Face that I wanted, and getting me Somerset dress. So, should I just go on wanting that bag? And he's on the other hand wearing ASADI's slipper to everywhere.


I know the answer is easy. Hold that thought for a while, maybe another year. But..I want it soo bad and it's been for ages. But it seems a bit unfair..being a needy and selfish wife.

But it is tempted to be selfish now :(

Should I or shouldn't I?