Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Handsome Walker

My handsome boy has claimed his two legs!

He starts the walking when MrComot went to Canada and has been walking ever since! No crawling at all. It is so funny to watch, he will carefully take a few steps, then after a meter or so, he feels unsure about the steps, he will sit down, then rest for a while and up and walk, repeat until he reached his destination.

Sangat different dengan Zahra. I am not comparing, it is just interesting to watch how they grow up differently and yes, kids development will never be the same. Every kids have their own pace and style.

Zahra was a bit intimidated and very careful, she still crawls even after she can walk, while Emir walk like a pro, like crawling is never exist in his life.

Anyway he is yet to reach 1year old! He starts walking at 11month 2weeks, quite early I'll say. Another funny thing is, he likes walking while holding pots and the sweeper. If I let him play with the sweeper, he can entertain himself for quite a fair time.

Busy with pots and pans

Busy with the sweeper

Ke hulur ke hilir with penyapu haha

He also has 2 pairs of teeth, two upper incisors and two lower incisors. His lower incisors are small and close while the upper incisors are very big with wide gap.

Can you see the teeth?

At 11 months, he's a very active and 'lasak'! Seriously, now I can say that anak lelaki memang buas hahaha. The situation is so different than when we with Zahra. He loves to climb everywhere including the coffee table, sofas, staircase and soo fast! Just imagine, he cut his gum and lips twice, broke my Corelle cup, tersepit jari kat peti ais, jatuh menjunam ke lantai few times while Zahra, none of this happen. Paling kuat pun jatuh tersembam and jatuh ke belakang, itu pun because of my negligence (like I let her walk on the wet floor, didn't close the bathroom door, etc). Emir ni I dah berjaga-jaga tapi tetapppp incident happen.

Still on breastfeeding and loves the feeding time so much. If I am so tired supervising him, I just pull off my shirt and said "Emirrrrr jom! Ahak hak hak hak" (code sound for milk time) then he'll be happy running towards me to the room. And masa minum will tertonggeng-tonggeng and berpeluh-peluh, the hair will be all wet and he is sooo high macam ambil dadah! hahaha.

I stop making puree for him anymore because he starts to eat whatever babysitter cooks. So far he doesn't have any allergy so, Alhamdulillah...

Still adores his sister so much. Current phase is like to fight for toys. Whatever Zahra choose to hold, he will grab it and both will cry for attention.

Easy to put to sleep and soooo manja, but independent at the same time. Whenever he wakes up and didn't see me next to him, he will slowly go to the door, pull the door (I always open the door a little bit) and will go to the kitchen/hall/toilet to find me. Compared to Zahra, she will just wail on top of her lung, that little diva.

Had few cough and cold...other than that, he is one strong and healthy baby. Mommy loves u sooo much handsome boy!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tingginya anak mommy

This picture is poorly taken last night, at the parking lot, under very dim light and late at night. We were also in rush, so the picture mcm gegar-gegar. Initially I wanted to take this picture because we are wearing the coordinate clothing - blue blouse with white mini polkadot but it can't be seen in this picture.

Anyway this is our first picture together standing side by side and I am so surprised that Zahra is already half of me! I went "OMG tingginya anak mommyyyy!!". I still breathing in denial, can't accept it that my little baby is not a baby anymore *sniffles*. Time sure flies so fast.

Even if she gets taller than me, she will always be my baby.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Dramas

MrComot is coming back in few hours, yeay! I miss him soooooooo much! Currently he's in HK for a short transit.

Seems like I survived the 10 days without him, of course with hiccups but it's manageable. My parents are kind souls came down all the way from Besut just to accompany me and the kids. My boss also another kind soul that let me work from home (if I got no meeting) due to my driving fear.

Anyway, things are easier when I work in the office. I worked from home for 2 days and tell you what, it is almost impossible! Even though my mom is in the house, the kids are super clingy whenever I am around. They want to bathe, eat, sleep, play with me. Every little thing. Kids.

Ok, just want to recap on the dramas during his absent.

The Cry
Emir has been crying during the first night until 2 AM! That's so not him. He even refuse the normal comfort - breastfeeding and keep on looking at one spot and cry cry cry, up to a point I think he saw a ghost is making faces. Yeah, he cries that bad. I think he miss his daddy so much. I have to carry and console him and around 2AM I think he's so tired already and fell asleep on his own. Zahra on the other hand slept throughout the night.

The Vomit
Zahra's appetite was a bit low these few days and she refused to eat. So this one day she didn't eat much and she still awake at 1AM even after few bottles of milk and I even BF her. I fell asleep before and when I accidentally woke at 1AM, she was still awake watching youtube on the iPad, so of course I got so mad. I siap marah and said "Zahra nak tengok iPad sangat tengok kat luar". It was pitch dark at the hall and guess what, she went out and watch the iPad in the dark, Jiwa kental betul. So after a while I drag her in and scold her and ask what she wants, lapar ke apa ke and suddenly she vomits out. Aduhhhhh... Again, Zahra is not the type yg muntah, so kalau muntah tu means mmg she unwell. Kalau tak salah I dia pernah muntah 3 or 4 kali within her 2y8m life.

The Blood
Emir cuts his lip, not once but twice! The first one, he is playing with Zahra and I think they are sleepy that time (around 11PM plus) and tup-tup Emir falls to the front, and Zahra falls to the back and bang her head on the floor. I quickly attend Zahra then Emir is wailing semacam, and tengok2 blood gushing over. The cut is quite deep and I can't really press the cut to stop the bleeding, because he keeps on tepis my hand. All he wanted was to BF so I just bagi so dia minum la dengan darah2 tu. Thank God it stops after a while. Anyway, I didn't really panic because that is the 2nd time it happens, the first time was in Awana Kijal during our raya vacation, itu I story later. The 2nd drama was last night, he accidentally fell while holding a plastic cup and the cup graze his lips. Blood gushed all over again. Haihhh anak mommy ni...

The Blonde moment
Whenever I go to work, I'll drive Emir to babysitter and leave Zahra at home, because my mom wants to play with Zahra and Emir is so lasak, she can't really handle him. So the first day I drive, I use the smart tag lane like usual but this is my first time handle it (the smart tag thingy doesn't stuck at the mirror, I have to hold it upright) and I don't know what went wrong, it doesn't work. Just imagine..I have to reverse, and go front, reverse again, go front again..for few times..ugghhh!! Then the tolgate girl came and help me to scan the smart tag. Well, apparently I hold it the wrong way (I think so, because I didn't really check it, dah berpeluh satu badan malu okkk, ada kereta kat belakang), so in the end, I pull it out from the tag and use the normal touch n go after that.

The Cough
Very funny, the moment MrComot out from Malaysia, I got cough bug and keep on coughing badly. You know how annoying it is right? batuk batuk batuk siang malam. Soooo uncomfortable. And a few days after that, the bug spread to the kids. But as of today, all of us getting better. I took the ubat batuk canp ibu dah anak and the kids baik sendiri.

The Gastric
Another funny thing, I got my first gastric ever (after being married) today. I don't know what went wrong..I mean, I didn't skip my meal and everything is fine, except that I took out the ubat batuk cap ibu & anak from the fridge last night, plan to eat it before I sleep, then after I put all the kids to bed, I fell asleep while BF-ing Emir and only got up at 4AM because of bad cough. So I quickly go to the kitchen and eat the medicine, without eating anything else, and at 6AM I was woken up by a painful cramp and feels like vomiting, etc. The stomach feels so 'bisa', you know, macam orang toreh2. My head is spinning around and all I want to do is just lie down and sleep, but of course I can't, dua-dua orang tu melompat-lompat.

Overall, it's a challenging week but I survived! Well, WE survived! Hehe. Things only got harder during the night because both of them are fighting to sleep at the same time. My parents has been very wonderful, even though my mom is a bit unwell, so that's why she can't really handle the kids, but they have been very helpful. Because Emir just got another skill - walking and climbing! Yes people, Emir can walk already! (MrComot missed the moment and he cried watching Emir walking during the skype session! Such a softie :P).

So even though the days are not perfect, at least I managed to stay insane SANE (thanks cik kopi for the correction..was a bit insane waiting haha) and keep my temper within. If they are not around, I think I'm going to yell and punch the door every minutes hahaha.

Can't wait for my big baby to come back. Please kids, stay well and behave ok, we got few more hours to go.

We survived!
Zahra giving her signature smile and Emir biasala - cool boy pose.

Rumah atuk dengan barbie

Mommy: Zahra buat apa tu
Zahra: Rumah atuk dengan barbie (referring to barbie the mermaid tales, where they have a house next to the beach)
Mommy: Wowww cantiknya
Zahra: Tingggiiii

Emir: *crying because he unable to match on the blocks*
Zahra: Emir..susaaahhh. It's ok...

It's okkkk la sangat. A few moment after that dah bergaduh

"Emirrrrrr!!!! Uwaaaaaaa mommy Emir ambikkkk"

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Simple carbonara for kids

Just want to share a simple recipe for your toddler. Zahra is a very fussy eater. I thought it is just my imagination but even the babysitter told me "zahra makan memilih". So it always a troublesome for us to feed her. We are up to our sleeves and let her eat whatever she wants including junk food, maggi mee, etc..itu pun tanak! We even bought the pediasure to make sure she gets all the nutrient and boost up her appetite. Maybe it's just a phase..that I hope it will pass soon.

So today I was thinking to whip up something different for her (instead of the normal soups, nasi goreng, bolognese, etc) and she likes it! Preference might be different but you can try it out since it is soo easy and I made it less than 10mins.

Simple Carbonara

Onion, garlic, sausage (or if u r concern about the sodium and junkiness can replace it with chicken), butter, olive oil, crushed blackpepper, milk (any milk will do, I used dutch lady full cream), cheddar cheese, salt to taste.

Heat up the butter + olive oil, fry the diced garlic + onion, sauteed the sliced sausaged, stir in milk, dump a little bit grated cheddar cheese, add the pepper and salt, let it simmer for a while and it's done!

Ps: you can omit the salt because sausage and cheese make it salty enough.

Feel free to use any kind of pasta but I used farfalle (the ribbon shape pasta) because it looks fun and Zahra is excited with the cute shape. It's also the right size for her, I just slice the ribbon into two (half a ribbon per feed) and it fits the spoon nicely when she scoops it - no over fill, less mess. But the downside, it takes longer to cook because the thick wheat at the centre, around 10mins to make it al dente, but I cook for 15mins because I like it to be super soft for easier digestion.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My 2y8m Barbie

Dah lama tak update about Zahra.

She is a big girl really big. She understand statements, and responds well. Sometimes I just couldn't believe what I heard..macam OMG, she can say that/she understands that?

Her current fav story is Barbie and Toy Story 3. As for Barbie, she loves the Barbie A Fashion Fairytale. She call it "barbie dog" because barbie has a cute poodle in that movie.

I was doing some work just now and she wanted to watch barbie dog on my laptop. I search on youtube and see another new barbie stories and she's been watching the barbie dog for thousands time that I'm thinking to switch it to another story.

Mommy: Zahra, kita tengok barbie lain ok?
Zahra: Tanakkkk..nak barbie dog
Mommy: Tapi barbie ni best..barbie baru
Zahra: Zahya nak tengok barbie dog
Mommy: Zahra tengok barbie baru dulu..kalau Zahra tak suka bagitau mommy..mommy tukar barbie dog
Zahra: Ok

Playing new barbie movie (hoping she will forget about barbie dog). After a few seconds

Zahra: Mommy..tak suka. Tukar..

I was like...seriously? You remember that? I thought she will forget about it because she agrees to watch the other one. Tak sangka she takes it seriously. And she is such a good girl..listen to what mommy says. In a way it shows that I have to be very careful after this. She understands and she believes me. I can't promise suka suki hati after this. If I says A, I have to deliver A even though I mean B. This is not the first incident..there were a few times I was so surprised with her words and responds. And I also feels very happy that she has her own opinion (to choose which movie she wants) and express it in good manner. Takde throwing tantrum or such to get what she wants. Such a big and clever girl. Mommy loves you so much!

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Far Away

My favourite man is away, he is in a course in a 24-hours time different country - Canada for10 days. 8AM here means 8PM there.

This is our first time to be apart so far, and so long after we've been married. He's been in training and courses before but the most is only 1 night. So I was kinda freaking out. Not because I'm gonna miss him *haha keji* but how on earth I going to drive the 2 kiddos to babysitter and it's going to be a real pressure for me to take care both of kids. He's been such a helping hand and it's a big loss to me. 

Now I have to wash all the milk bottles and teats and breastpump and throw the rubbish into the dustbin. Yeah..apparently it's a big deal to me because I haven't do that in this 4 years marriage. Kontrak basuh botol susu and buang sampah awarded to him since day 1 haha.

Another thing is, driving to work with kids! Well, that one sounds normal but actually a bit impossible for me. Since the kids were born, I haven't drive straight from KD to KL. I still doing the driving, but for shorter distance, like picking MrComot up from meeting or going to MidValley, it's like 15mins away from the office, but from home - babysitter's place - office, will take me an average of 1 hour with very good traffic, up to 1h 45mins during bad day. And driving the big car with 2 kids, it's kinda intimidating.

Currency changed 

 I made him wolfie luggage tag, I'll story about this later.

 Emir was crying on the first night.

Zahra relaks je

Surprisingly, Zahra taking it so well. She didn't ask for her daddy or cry about it. We already told her a week earlier, everyday about daddy is going to work somewhere far away and it's going to be for few days (I said..lamaaaaaaa) and she macam faham. And the morning when the cab was here (I didn't even send MrComot to airport) around 6AM, I woke her up and told her again and she bye bye and fly a kiss for MrComot with half-close eyes.

So I guess it works. I did ask her, "Mana daddy" and she said "Daddy work, jauh..lameee".

My princess is such a big girl *sniffles*

Anyway, I didn't miss MrComot that much because the power of internet. We've been whatssapping each other like usual and occasionally on skype when time permits. After all, I've been very busy with the kids on hands.

But I can't wait for him to come back home! Ooooohhhh I really need him to take care of the house and the kids! Haha kidding! I can manage..well, I'll try :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Manja King

I still haven't share about Raya stories but I don't have the mood yet. Too many pictures to sort out. Anyway couldn't help it not to share this one, it is toooo funny!

Little Emir was crying because umm..ok I forgot. Maybe because he didn't get his toys and I scold him. The funny thing is, he was crying asking for my attention, but then he refused to move towards me and sit still, a sign asking me to pick him up. Instead of picking him up, I stand in front of him, take out my phone to snap pictures and watch him cry, then he cries louder and louder but still refused to crawl to me even and inch and I couldn't help it but laugh. So drama!

Was crying, mommy please pick me up!

Started to cry very loud.

Louder. Still looking at me.

Loudest!!! Mommmyyyyy!!!

Hahaha. The moment I picked him up, he stop crying and sedu-sedu je. Alahai manjanya anak mommy ni :)