Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My 2y8m Barbie

Dah lama tak update about Zahra.

She is a big girl really big. She understand statements, and responds well. Sometimes I just couldn't believe what I heard..macam OMG, she can say that/she understands that?

Her current fav story is Barbie and Toy Story 3. As for Barbie, she loves the Barbie A Fashion Fairytale. She call it "barbie dog" because barbie has a cute poodle in that movie.

I was doing some work just now and she wanted to watch barbie dog on my laptop. I search on youtube and see another new barbie stories and she's been watching the barbie dog for thousands time that I'm thinking to switch it to another story.

Mommy: Zahra, kita tengok barbie lain ok?
Zahra: Tanakkkk..nak barbie dog
Mommy: Tapi barbie ni best..barbie baru
Zahra: Zahya nak tengok barbie dog
Mommy: Zahra tengok barbie baru dulu..kalau Zahra tak suka bagitau mommy..mommy tukar barbie dog
Zahra: Ok

Playing new barbie movie (hoping she will forget about barbie dog). After a few seconds

Zahra: Mommy..tak suka. Tukar..

I was like...seriously? You remember that? I thought she will forget about it because she agrees to watch the other one. Tak sangka she takes it seriously. And she is such a good girl..listen to what mommy says. In a way it shows that I have to be very careful after this. She understands and she believes me. I can't promise suka suki hati after this. If I says A, I have to deliver A even though I mean B. This is not the first incident..there were a few times I was so surprised with her words and responds. And I also feels very happy that she has her own opinion (to choose which movie she wants) and express it in good manner. Takde throwing tantrum or such to get what she wants. Such a big and clever girl. Mommy loves you so much!

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