Friday, October 31, 2008

Udang Ketak

Have you ever eaten udang ketak?

Or have you ever seen one? --> ayat belagak sket

So behooooldddd my friends~~ Introducing you all to this del-ici-ous shell creature;

Udang Ketak!


According to my mom, I used to eat a lot of it when I was small but poor me, I can recall any scene involving this face. She told me that it's hard to find this type prawn nowadays. Those days you can easily get it from wet market especially in northern and southeast area.

The famous or easiest I would say to eat this prawn is boil it!

A pot of HOT babes

This is its shit bag. So don't eat this ok. It's safer for you to pull it out before proceed to eat the whole thing.

Crack the head, as in totally. No meat at all in the head so you can throw it away.

Pull the prawn out of the body carefully and you will get a whole fresh succulent white-orangish meat!

Seriously sedappppp!! It was MrComot's first time having this and surprisingly he said it is tasty. MrComot has a weird tastebud where he couldn't take too 'original' taste, hmm how to explain? this, he can't take squid if it taste too squidy, and fish if it is too fishy, prawn if too prawny hahaha you get it?

Since udang ketak already falls into extinct animal, please beep me if you see any ok? I wannnt to get themmm before they totally gone, from the earth.

I hope it won't. So to all udang ketak, please hang on, don't die yet, at least until next generation so that my future kids can taste you :D

ps: On the other note, I am in a nervous state now. I'm going to drive a Wira in any minutes from now as I have to fetch my sis from Pudu and go to MidV to get something. I never drive any other car than cutie Kelisa okkk (oh ya, and Viva rena, but it is the same size kan). My kelisa is being used by my bro. Tak tahu nak agak baper panjang kereta ni! Mati laaaa~~~

Pray for my safety T_T

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sugary sweeeeet

One thing that added the joy to the wedding is the custom.

I was told by my mom that they are two common types of wedding in Terengganu (or my village per say),

1) Mengeylang (pronounced as me-nge-le) where all the invitees has to give angpow to the bride and it's according to the current currency state. Last time RM5 is enough but this year is about RM10 minima. RM10 is big to villagers ok.

2) Kenduri doa selamat, where all the invitees can eat for free, literally.

Any wedding ceremony will be defaulted to mengeylang unless u stated it as kenduri doa selamat. So my mom had to tell them like this:

"Mari laa 25hb ni, takde mengele gapo, doa selamat jah" --> tolong translate sendiri ok.

And of course we expect nothing but happy faces. The thing is with this old folks, they feel weird not to bring anything (I bet all of us like that eh?), so instead of money they gave us SUGAR!!

Some of them brought one packet each, some brought two. I still get other presents like tea-set, bedsheet, and angpows but sugar wins all.

Sugar, biscuits, condensed milk and lotsss sugar. Roti pun ada okkk!!

The stack

And that's not the final. I arranged the sugar during the night and tomorrow morning after the wedding my mom showed me another box full of sugar (consist of about 20-30 packets more), so it will be over 100 packets in total!

My house turned into gudang-penyimpanan-gula-secara-haram that nite hahaha.

The sugar is distributed to the families and the helpers. I also took 5 packets by the way. Can start whipping out cookies or muffin any day I guess ;)

Oh ya, the funniest part is, they even wrapped the sugar ok! Some in wrapping paper and some in newspapers. I was giggling with excitement when received the parcel, but buka2, sugar! Hahahaha

Another interesting gift that we received that day is kain batik and kain pelikat.

Part of them

MrComot: Me dari ada sehelai je kain, now dah ada stock utk setahun *grinning*

Both of us not a 'kain person' so we'll wash and keep it in the cupboard, for the guest. So you guys, kalau dtg tidur rumah I, no need to bring any kain ok, got so many already ;)

Oh ya, old folks are cute, don't you think so? =D

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wedding in Terengganu

Hi babes!! How are you? Hope everybody is doing well.

So I guess it's the time for me to update about the wedding in Terengganu ;)

As I said before, I have ZERO idea on how it's going to be for the wedding. Anyhow, it turned out simple and nice and easy exactly like what I want (oh ya, minus the basuh pinggan of course).

They are soooo many interesting things I want to share with you all, but one by one ok. So this entry will be very general one.

Let pictures do the talking hehe

On 24th. Preparing the seats, canopy etc.

All the food self-cooked. Haha not by me all the relatives. They refused to take caterer, so suka hati la..janji sedap :P

Part of the menu - ikan percik (without the percik yet). MrComot cakap sedapppp!! My auntie (CheDa) made this.

Food food food

Menu of the day was ayam masak merah, gulai daging, ikan percik, udang harimau goreng kunyit with tomato, sayur campur goreng, sambal belacan. Over okkk. Anyway later of the day I was informed that the food is not enough. They have to cook once again for the evening session. Gahhhhhh~~~

The village crowd

Families, before food is served.

The ladies. All from MrComot's side.

Eating time. Sempoi kannn. Semua duduk bersila je including in-laws :P

From MrComot's mom side. Very multi-cultural. Baru lepas satu generasi, how the 2nd generation will looks like eh? Mesti comeiiii --> my Toksu said that okkk. Whatever :P


The backbone of the wedding

Another kitchen master

Us, being cheeeezyyy :P

Cheeky kids! They are my cousins :D

MrComot replying emails! Boleh tak? Cuti macam tak cuti ish ish ish.

Overall, it was a satisfying event, thanks to my mom. Oh ya, lupa nak say thanks to her (baddd daughter). Anyway the reason why I didn't update with all the stories because we were sooo tired and sleep like a baby once we hit the bed.

The only thing that I don't like about masak-sendiri punya kenduri is, the dishes!! All left to me okkkk. Ok, not to me literally, but to my family lah. But of course the end I'll do it because everybody has done lots and wayyy tired than me, so it's a bit unfair to leave everything to them.

This what will u get if you don't use catering services.

Part of the cleaned dishes. I think about 10 trips of these.

Thanks to my younger sisters who helped me with the cleaning without any complaint, tak sangka you guys have grown up and be a gooooood girl. Haha if you know what I mean.

That will be an overal story of the reception. Will entertain you guys later ok? Mwahhhhhhhh

Me and MrComot, under the rambutan's tree ;)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Na na na na Ganu Kite

I'm going off to Terengganu earliest of tomorrow. Another reception will be held at my mom's house. It is for relatives and you know lah orang kampung kan, everything in 10km radius is relatives hahahaha.

I leave everything in my mom's hand and it is up to her how she wants to live up the ceremony. But of course still under my ultimate rules, simple and no sanding. So it will be a big makan-makan I think.

When I say I put it in my mom's means, I don't think/prepare a single thing about it. I don't even know what is the menu! Haha whatever. Hopefully everything will go well.

So, tomorrow we'll be MrComot's first time be in Terengganu too! Can't wait to see a city boy having fun in my kampung. If fun is going to happen. I hope he can cope and will enjoy every bit of it :D

And we'll be driving!!! I ammm soooo exciteddddd! I don't know why but I really love love love having long journey with him. I like to see the road, trees, sky, etc etc. Maybe awal-awal je excited driving together, sooner or later naik flight or bus je la kut haha.

Btw, pray for our safety and will be updating (InsyAllah) as we already subscribed to 3G! Well, that's what happen when a nerd (read:MrComot :P) has to be out of civilization ;)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bibik Yang Berjaya

Last Sunday night, for the first time I do things that a wife should do - ironing hubby's shirt.

I was ironing my cloth while he was busy cleaning the toilet;

Me: Sayang, let me iron your shirts for work tomorrow
--> offer tipu2 je, I am soo malas that time, let alone to iron his cloth which is doubled my size, like helooo? But, ehem, a good wifey no whining, have to senangkan hati hubby.

MrComot: No need la. Me will iron kejap lagi.
Me: Mehhhh laaaaaa. Bukan banyak pun, for 3 days only
--> dah start ikhlas that time, in about 40%

: It's okkk. Me do nanti.
Me: Ishhh..wifey nak ironkan baju for hubby ni. Meh cepat!
--> This time I am about 70% ikhlas haha

: Ok ok u nak pakai baju kaler apa esok?

Then here we go, I ironed 6 pairs in total *bravo bravo*. I am soo proud of myself ok. It is not that easy for me to do things that I don't feel like doing. You know what I mean? Like I will cook whenever I want to cook, I will iron whenever I feel to do so. Kalau tak, jangan harap la. MrComot always said I'm spoilt a bit (ahh this another story :P)

By the way, we went to office like usual yesterday and later of the day I have to take out everything in my handbag as it is wet due to leaked bottle of mineral water that I kept.

And it was when I found this,

I was thinking, siapa pulakkk yg left this note to me. Never occured to my mind that it is from him. At first I thot bee left that during the solemnization day, boleh?

So I quickly open it and almost fainted okkk to see this. Ok I know I'm being a drama queen, but seriously, hmm I don't know how should I describe my feeling that time.

I-am-surprised. He-is-unpredictable.

I mean, we are sooo busy with the house, reception thingy etc etc and yet, he still don't forget to surprise me *sobs*

Apparently, he stuffed it in my handbag that night while I washing my face in the bathroom. Haippphhhh.

So it will be my first paycheck from the hubby I guess :P

Am going to keep this in my piggybank!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Wedding Card ;)

Before the wedding preparation punya flame is about to go off, I decided to write about our wedding card.

Facts of the day, do you know that we made our own invitation cards? Eh..or should it be, we made the cards ourselves? Haa..the later la, ayat first tu mcm over kan? :P

And we made it from scratch okkkkk!!! Not as in designing only (BIG NAHHH hands to you haha).

It was a spontaneous idea came from both of us. We've surveyed some shops and couldn't find THE card so we said, 'Jom lah buat sendiri'.

Since we have no other critical preparation to bother with such as hantaran, bunga telur, pelamin, etc etc so we see it as a possible adventure ;)

We planned the design, bought papers, ribbons, envelope (at 1st I planned to do the envelope by myself, gila ok, mcm lah sempat kalau banyak2), map, etc etc all together. It was an interesting experience and tiresome! This is our very first cards project so we have no idea on how much we need the paper, the ribbon bla bla. And tiba2 the envelope tak cukup as only one place sells that kind of paper (that explain why some of you got baby blue, dark blue or pink envelope haha).

We use Canon Selphy to print all the pictures. I bought the printer about 3 years ago and once I had intention to sell it on ebay as I don't see the potential of continuing using this printer but hah, berguna jugak akhirnya :P

Printing the solemn invitation card

Then we have to do the template to print the wording at the back of the photo. The laser printer can't print postcard size as the paper wont go out after printing, so we have to paste it on an A4 paper, cheating the printer.

Doing the template

Done for the cover. Then we do the map. Ohhh kawan-kawan, cantik kan map tu? I use Microsoft Word only okkk (cepat tabik spring). But most of the friends said the map is useless hahaha. Sorryyyyyyy, I thot it is good enough. Takpe..janji dah jumpa the jalan kan :P

The map printed on A4 tracing paper, then I have to cut it into the card's size. Then paste it onto the card, then punch holes, then...

Tie ribbon!!!

Haaa..done pun. Penat okkk!

The tri-color envelopes :P
I wanted one color only but can't be helped la, no stock ;(

This is the final outcome. It is exactly with my last entry on 10/10.

We like the card very much but making about 300 of them is really a HUGE responsibility. I mean, masa buat 20 keping tu mmg la excited but half of the way, dah sakit pinggang and all, almost give-up ok.

And it is no fun anymore hehe.

So what do you think? Is it andes-being-rajin or andes-being-stupid? :P

Btw, we also do the reception card, exactly the same idea only with different picture for the front and different wording at the back.

The card yet to be revealed. I'll post it up on 1/11 ;)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Toothy Teethy

Among the first thing we bought once we live together is, toothbrush holder!!!

Beras pun belum beli ok, sibuk beli menda lain hahaha.

Anyway, we were so excited to get this toothbrush holder and spent hoursss (sampai I bad mood ok) to find the right one.

Honestly, it's not that right as I've seen one in bright orange rubber ducky and want it soooo baaaddd but unfortunately I couldn't remember where I saw that ;(

We went to Parkson, Jusco, Living Quarters, Metrojaya, etc etc and still failed to find the ducky, so we settled for this one, from Living Quarters. Anyway, Jusco pun got the very same, penat je cari sana-sini tsk tsk.

So introducing to the world, Tiger and Girrafe!!! (no name for them yet, any idea?)

Guess which one is mine? :P

It is an automatic open and close holder. Oh ya, I have my very own reason ok why I use kiddies toothbrush. It is my travel toothbrush. During the pindah-pindah I coudn't find my normal brush, so I subs to it for a while :D

The whole view of the holder
Both animals hanging calling for help hahaha

Another side of the table top

Mind the messiness. We still don't buy appropriate storage for the soap, shaver, tootpaste, facial wash, etc etc.

Anyway, notice the big end-to-end mirror? It is given by the in-laws. Nice is it? I like it soooo muchhh. Feels like in hotel bathroom wannabe hehe.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wedding Plans

I am tagged by Khairiah spilling about my wedding plans though the wedding already selamat dalam sampul surat (kenapa sampul surat?).

Anyway for the sake of records, I am SLEEEEEPPPPPYYYYYYY okkkk. Don't connect it with tak-cukup-tido-entertain-laki. It's not like that. It's just, we don't have enough time to settle our things yet *nanges*. And to be truth, dah tahu tak tak cukup masa, last night soo gedik pegi tengok wayang okkkk. Watched Fury (Thai) at 915pm and arrived home around 12pm. Kemas rumah, etc etc and both of us knocked down flat.

Ok, ok back to the tag. Since my simple wedding is done (and I am so grateful with it) I will answer the tag with angan-angan wedding mode. Btw, it's honest as it can be, I'll try my best to remember what my dream was :D

Switch to single 22 years old Andes in blue and reality in red :P

1) How old are you?
22 yo
26 yo

2) Are you single?
yes, and no boyfriend

3) At what age do you think you’ll get married?
Hmm..28. I like the number.
Lalink, u tag me lambat la. Anyway I thank God for giving me this gift at 26.

4) Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now??
Still looking for the one
Of course, over a thousand times :D

5) If not, who do you want to marry?
Err..Matt Damon?
Robert Downey Jr. please lalala

6) Do you want a garden/beach wedding, or the traditional wedding?
Garden, insyaAllah..on the 1/11. Mini garden though, not the mat salleh type.

7) Your ideal motif?
Ivory white
Off-white and pink

8) Where do you plan to go on a honeymoon?
No idea
Hehehe yet to be revealed

9) How many guests do you think you’ll invite?
The whole clan of families and friends
Very intimate one, I think around 350 only, combination of close families and friends.

10) Do you want an extravagant wedding or a simple wedding?
Simple but details
Simple but details, but I think the details part is not relevant anymore, due to budget uwaaaaa

11) Do you want the traditional vows or something you’d make up on your own??
Err..I don't know mine is traditional or unusual. Just a normal solemnization I guess.

12) How many layers of cake do you want to have?
5 layers
No cake cutting! Ish ish ish

13) Do you prefer having your reception at a hotel or at a simple place?
House. I like it to be very personal and housey..hmm u get what I mean?
Simple place - talking about reality man!

14) When do you want to get married, evening or morning?
Morning, I like the idea of a very fresh start of day and new life
Morning, Alhamdulillah

15) You’d rather have your reception outdoors or indoors?
Indoors. At home
Outdoor it seems

16) Do you like a grand entrance for your groom?
Of course! With 100% fresh flowers (including bunga manggar made of jasmine, pretty isn't it?)
Hmm back to reality andes! Just a normal entrance I think hehe.

18) Name the song/tune you’d like played at your wedding??
All the classic song with harmonica based. You know, mcm lagu for Zapin, Endang, etc etc. Something like that.
MrComot don't really fancy Malay classic, so we will use classic english song like LOVE from Nat King Cole.

19) Are you a morning person or a night person?
I always thought (or want to be) a morning person, but seems like I am the later
Have to be morning person as MrComot wakes up earlier than me!!! So far everyday siap kejutkan and pujuk me to bangun. Baddddd wife!

Off topic: Talking about kejutkan I bangun, u have no idea how I am sooo malas to bangun okkk. He will come to me and wipe2 my face and say "sayang...bangun lah.." sampailah I bangun hehehe. So most of the days, I woke up because I am sooo malu and kesian with him. Ikut hati, nak je titon sampai betul2 nak bangun :P

20) Do you want a solemn ceremony or a light one?
Light kan, Shani? :D

21) What age do you want to get married?
As above

22) Describe your ideal husband/wife.
Taller than me, kulit Melayu, can do men's work (not lembik2 type)
Semua pass except kulit tak Melayu, how come eh? I used to despise 'white' boys :p

23) Do you prefer fine dining or just the normal spoon & fork/knife?
Normal and very tradisional one
Normal :D

24) Champagne or red wine?
Not related ish ish ish

25) Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
Right after the wedding
Daysss (or should I say months?) after the wedding *sob sob*

26) Money or household item?
So far so good. Somebody even dropped us a good cash of 1000k as the wedding gift. Erk...

27) Who will pay for the bills?
Of course la hubby. But depending on occasions, I don't mind helping.

28) Are you ready for married life?
Not yet.
Before married - YES, after married - not sure anymore, because I am so scared. Leh?

29) Do u think you will still be a virgin until u get married?
Of course la

30) Will u always be true to your wife/husband?
InsyaAllah, I will.
Yes, up till now ;)

31) How many kids do u like?
4 - 2 girls, 2 guys.
3 or 4. Jika diizinkan Tuhan.

32) A new house for a newly wed or an old one?
Doesn't matter, as long as have a shelter.
A new one, and thank God for all the rahmat.

33) Will u celebrate silver wedding, gold wedding, or diamond wedding?
Diamond please.
Hiks, diamond from Brilliant Rose.

34) What kind of cuisine would u like for ur wedding?
Nasik putih with all lauk kampung (sama mcm u lah lalink)
Hmm not decided yet. Menu will be confirmed this weekend.

35) Will u record ur honeymoon in a cd or dvd?
I wish so, hoepfully we can buy a camcorder before our honeymoon.

36) Whose wedding plans would you like to know next???
Hmmm..I would like to know my girlies punyaa!! Just wondering what you guys have in mind :D
1) Rena
2) Cik Suka Kopi
3) Mielia
4) Bee
5) Yan

Ok guys, now my mengantuk seriously gone. Hahaha.


We were busy get ready to the office this morning when we had this little conversation

Me: Sayang, nak makan apa for dinner today?
MrComot: Me don't know lah. You nak makan apa?
Me: Hmm..kita beli roti je nak? And maybe we can fry eggs and lagipun ada your mom punya serunding tu
MrComot: Ok gak. Kita go pick dry cleaning tu, pastu we buy butter. And we buy salad too.
Me: Okay
MrComot: And we need to buy mayonaise also
Me: Haaaaaa?? Me ok je makan simple2, just roti with egg and ketchup (dalam hati, ewahhhh over okkkk nak lengkap2 mcm tu)
MrComot: Kita ada satu problem, butter and mayonaise takde kat kedai kota damansara ni
Me: Hmm it's ok, we can go to mall and buy

He paused a while thinking,

MrComot: Hmmm..kita beli nasi goreng je lah
Me: OK!

Hahahahaha gila ok. I mean, kitaorg dah la penat. Yesterday dah masuk kerja, kitchen still tunggang langgang, gas tak pasang lagi, tiba2 balik office today nak buat sandwich sedap2 mcm tu. Nak kena singgah kedai lagi --> this is the most time consuming. I have this habit to take my own sweet time and spend hours doing the groceries hehehe

So, nasi goreng kedai it is! :P

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Meal

As I stated before, I still can't believe that we are married. However, marriage life seems like no much different with my normal life. I still don't cook as we don't have the gas yet. We already bought few stuffs but so far, Alhamdulillah most of the things handed free from relatives and free gifts from things we bought, like cutlery, dishes, microwave, pot, etc etc.

Anyway, this is our first meal after declared husband and wife :D

Our Saturday lunchie. Large Hawaiian Chicken + Mushroom Soup + 6 pieces of Deli Wings (nyam! I looooveeee deli wing!!)

We just ordered in due to rain and lazy bum to go outside. I hope this won't be a habit and I'll try to cook as soon as I can :D

PS: Breakfast today is 3-in-1 milo with muesli for MrComot and honey shredded wheat with milk for me. Hahaha so instant!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Solemnization Ceremony

Hye peeps!!! How are youuuu???!!

I'm fineee, thank youuuu. Hahaha gila jap.

Hmmm how should I start eh? Oh ya, the akad nikah thingy kan. The solemnization went well, alhamdulillah.

Here is some pictures taken using from my camera (thanks to Fiena!). The proper pictures still in progress and I will share with you guys later ;)

The tempat makan, a day before. Sponsored by one of the family, thanks Auntie Lala!

The bride walking down the aisle (ewahhhhh). Eh, me la kan? :P

Anxiously waiting for the event. Me sitting on over 100 years gold-threaded 'seater'.

Close up of the old lady.

The akad nikah at 1030 am. Tok kadi siap bawak laptop okkkkkk, feeding us with the loooonnnggg ceramah. Sakit pinggang tunggu ish ish ish. Oh ya, MrComot did it with one lafaz only okk *bravo clap clap clap*

The crowd eagerly waiting for the lafadz.

Handing over the mas kahwin (dowry). In a lime green envelope, no gubah-gubah in frame whatsoever. Sempoi tak? :D

Ring exhanging. Nasib baik still muat :P

Me salam-ing with all the ladies after the akad nikah.

The groom looking for who ni? Hmmm while holding my flowers!

The guests.

Us with the colleagues ;)

Right after the ceremony, I received a SMS from Khairiah lalink asking me did I get THE feeling? Honestly, the only thing I remember was, I am soo happy and glad. I am not missing anything am I? Hehehe

And the another truth is, I still can't believe I am a wifey now! Like, seriously? I keep saying to MrComot, "Me am you wifey, and you are my hubby. Betul ke ni?".

I don't know if this feeling is normal. To all wifeys outside, can you please tell me how do you feel during the first few days after the marriage?

And I knowwww mesti semua org tanya where will we be going for honeymoon right? Actually no honeymoon for us this year *sob sob*. We don't really plan for it as it is kinda rushing. There will be another ceremony in Besut, Terengganu on this 25th, then reception in KL on the 1st Nov. God's will, the honeymoon will be in April 2009.

We're still on leave though, lazying around like cats! :D

ps: Thanks to all who coming and sorry to anybody yang kecik hati if I didn't hand the invitation as this ceremony is a small and intimate one, for close families and friends. I admit that we loosely manage this thing and InsyAllah, things will be better for the reception.