Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What's my feet going to wear?

Do you know that out of everything, what thing that I don't have for this coming solemnization ceremony?

Shoes okkkk!!


I've been very busy doing this and that up to a point that I totally forgot about it. When yesterday bee brought up about outdoor photography then ting ting ting, I don't have shoes! *sigh*

Now I'm really freaking out!

Oh ya, honestly about shoes ni, I PLANNED to do it myself. Talking about being ambitious. Ehh do you know that I also PLANNED to sew my own wedding dress whilst I have no very idea how to operate a needle and a thread? In fact I already bought 6mtrs of cheapo kain from Kamdar to do the prototype. I did the skirt though and stopped half way as I don't know how to do the body hahaha

Ahhh will blog about that later.

Now I gotta run to find the shoes!

Daaaaaaa :-*


  1. Goodness...shoes means good luck in chinese sign.

    You have to have new shoes for those occasion! (Pesan a granma)

    Luckily you have kaki yg comel, hopefully, as you found Mr. Comot :), you'll be able to find the right fit :)

  2. sib baik ingat!
    kalau tak kaki ayam je la..

    aan me pun ada benda yg lupa masa kawen dulu, me lupa nak sediakan tudung sendiri, last2 pakai yg butik bagi skali dgn baju, x cantik!

  3. like yb said the other nite.. pakai mak dia punye sneakers aje. baru rawkkk! :P

    gedikk la tu nak beli2 kasut baru *boleh tak tetiba dengki*

  4. ish ish ish...ni mesti sbb tak sempat cek list la ni????????

  5. Haha Shani, comel la sangat. My kaki dah hitam now (mcm la before this putih pun kan :P) sbb burn balik kg uwaaaa. Ps: Best la pesan org2 tua mcm tu, ada reason to buy lots thing hehe

    Aleeya, kalau takde outdoor mmg me nak kaki ayam je. Mcm la pakai sgt pun kan. Aaaaa ntah2 me pakai slipper jepun je nnt hehe

    Bee, dengki sangat okkkk. You lgi over ok. With the batik and everytghin. Me malas nak cakap satu2 je haha. Btw, welcome to the club :D

    Zul, a'ah sbb byk sangat checklist. Hampar carpet pun kitaorg buat, mop lantai pun kitaorg, pitam.