Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bibik Yang Berjaya

Last Sunday night, for the first time I do things that a wife should do - ironing hubby's shirt.

I was ironing my cloth while he was busy cleaning the toilet;

Me: Sayang, let me iron your shirts for work tomorrow
--> offer tipu2 je, I am soo malas that time, let alone to iron his cloth which is doubled my size, like helooo? But, ehem, a good wifey no whining, have to senangkan hati hubby.

MrComot: No need la. Me will iron kejap lagi.
Me: Mehhhh laaaaaa. Bukan banyak pun, for 3 days only
--> dah start ikhlas that time, in about 40%

: It's okkk. Me do nanti.
Me: Ishhh..wifey nak ironkan baju for hubby ni. Meh cepat!
--> This time I am about 70% ikhlas haha

: Ok ok u nak pakai baju kaler apa esok?

Then here we go, I ironed 6 pairs in total *bravo bravo*. I am soo proud of myself ok. It is not that easy for me to do things that I don't feel like doing. You know what I mean? Like I will cook whenever I want to cook, I will iron whenever I feel to do so. Kalau tak, jangan harap la. MrComot always said I'm spoilt a bit (ahh this another story :P)

By the way, we went to office like usual yesterday and later of the day I have to take out everything in my handbag as it is wet due to leaked bottle of mineral water that I kept.

And it was when I found this,

I was thinking, siapa pulakkk yg left this note to me. Never occured to my mind that it is from him. At first I thot bee left that during the solemnization day, boleh?

So I quickly open it and almost fainted okkk to see this. Ok I know I'm being a drama queen, but seriously, hmm I don't know how should I describe my feeling that time.

I-am-surprised. He-is-unpredictable.

I mean, we are sooo busy with the house, reception thingy etc etc and yet, he still don't forget to surprise me *sobs*

Apparently, he stuffed it in my handbag that night while I washing my face in the bathroom. Haippphhhh.

So it will be my first paycheck from the hubby I guess :P

Am going to keep this in my piggybank!


  1. soooooooo sweett occayy!!
    eee..suke la.
    hmm..me rase me spesies mrcomot. suke selit2 note2 chenta kat tempat2 yg tak dijangka oleh mrlampard.
    beliau hanya akan menjumpainya 2-3 hari atau seminggu slps itu ok. and at that time, me pun dah lupe me letak note2 gitu. huhuhu~

    keep up ur good work! lalalala..

  2. waaaaaaaa..so sweet...sesweet orgnya...cam gegula..heheh..

    semoga sentiasa kekal begitu yer aan...aminn..

  3. ahhhhhhhhhh rindu nye zaman baru2 kawen, lovely notes everywhere..
    lama giler tak buat..

    wah, dia dpt "ganjaran" tu..

  4. ala, seriously sweet gile korang neh.
    tersentuh abes neh.
    sweetnye laaaaa korang duaaa!

    mr.comot takde abangkah?
    hahaha, kidding!

    may this sweetness kekal sampai akhir hayat!!

  5. wah..im envy u two..always me yang buat mcm tue..i wish my mrbaran would do the same thing..penah ask him to do tapi die cakap.....

    im not creative enuf!


  6. Khairiah lalink, u too keep up the good work. Little2 thing ni la yg buat the partner sayang kat kita kan. Abes la me kena usaha lagi gigih ni ish ish

    Cool, aminn..hehe sweet la sangat. Time dia angin tu, abes jadi mcm gula basi

    Aleeya, pas ni buat balik hehehe, jgn awal2 kawen ja, cewahhh me cakap mcm me dah lama kawen. Ntah2..sebulan je ni haha

    Along, hehe aminn.. Dia ada adik. But still older than us I think. Nnt dtg boleh kenal2 :p

    Kebuntuan, most guys mmg mcm tu, maybe dia belum sampai angin rajin to do loveydovey stuff. Guys kan ala2 macho sket, kena la control hehe. But, it's cool that you always do things mcm ni to him, he will fall more and more in love with you ;)

  7. me nak kasi rm50 kat u??? mimpi tak bangun2 pun belum tentu tau..hahaha :P
    n'way, me nak jadi madu u la mcm ni. iron baju pun blh dapat 50, tu belum buat benda2 lain lagi. boleh jd millionaire woooooo :D

  8. iron 6 baju = RM50...

    masak = ?
    kemas rumah = ?
    angkat seluar katok dan cuci = ?
    cuci toilet = ?

    Wuhaaaa.... by right me dah jadi jutawan sekarang ni...

    mana Azwan?! Azwan!!!!!!

  9. Haha Bee and Tatty, sekali je okkk. Awal2 ni nak bodek je tu :p