Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The 10-kg cat vs. 6-months preggy mommy

On the 3rd raya we went to visit another MrComot's auntie in Puchong. She has a daughter who loves cat very much. There is a story MrComot told me that she used to call a firefighter to bring down the stucked cat from the roof haha. She has a very BIG and HEAVY cat named Chan-soo (not sure how the spelling is, but it is pronounced as "cen-su") and I get to see the cat that day!

Chan-Soo from behind. Not so big eh? (Now come to think I already forgot it is a she or he)

Look at it compared to me! Already covered my BUMP! I can barely lift it up (it is about 10kgs!)

The belly compared to my hand

The fur is soo fluffy and schooofffftttttt!!! Since Chan-soo is a bit on the heavy side, there is no much movement and it has to do brief stop within the walking. Haha I find it funny and cute at the same time.

So far, all the aunties and uncles have lotsa cats. Seems like MrComot's family is a real cat-lover. Me on the other hand biasa-biasa saja. How about you guys?

PS: Today is 10 Syawal and it marks my 1st wedding anniversary. I was in the kitchen this morning when suddenly MrComot hugs me tightly

MrComot: Happy anniversary sayang!!
Me: Ehhhh? Why today? It is 10/10 right?
MrComot: Today is 10 Syawal
Me: Is itttttttttt? Oh nooo me forgot!! Sorryyyyy

I totally forgot that our wedding last year was on 10 October and also 10 Syawal! (Btw, don't you think it such a nice combo? :D)

Talking about this, now I am having a headache, what to do with 10/10? A special dinner? I don't feel like cooking though. Thinking of buying gifts, but I really dunno what should I buy. I don't think he needs anything new as per now. If you have any idea, please pour it here ok? Thanks darlings!! :-*

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Silverish Raya

I had my second raya at one of MrComot's aunties place in Damansara Utama.

I've been there few times on luncheon invitations and stuff and always amazed with the way the decorate the house. It's a simple house with extended details and old-fashioned decorations especially the silverware. This raya, thing has been spectacular as the silverware is polished and arranged to perfection. First thing that caught my eyes when I arrived there was the table setting. Even though they only invite family members, they took the hassle to prepare the presentation.

#1st table setting. The place-mat is made from mother of pearl okkk

Butterfly napkin holder

#2nd table setting

Love love love the porcelain plate

Silver napkin holder

Since we arrived quite early (the aunties haven't finish cooking), we wandered around snapping pictures :D

The rare china

Reban kucing!

One of the cats

Part of the silverware

I only snapped a few because my camera went flat and we are using handphone's cam after that. The picture quality is quite dark :(. So please charge your camera before going out :(.

Last pic I managed to snap using the cam

Anyway the meal was very satisfying because after so much of lemang and rendang, we got plain nasik with normal lauk pauk, yeay!

All is home-made including the fish ball!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First raya as Selangorian's wifey

Hi babesss!!! How's your raya??? I knowww mesti ramai yang cuti lagi. So am I!! Actually I am on leave until end of this week yippie!!!

This year is my first raya as a wifey. And my first raya in KL!!!! Every year without fail I'll go back to Terengganu with my family, and normally first raya after married will be on girl's side as well right? (ahem!) Unfortunately, I'm not fit enough to be in long journey. So I decided to spend my raya with hubby's side.

Since I'm not really in a good shape, I don't really care about raya. No baju raya for me and MrComot. No special plan or whatever, just visiting the new relatives and surprisingly, no adegan air mata with my family hahaha. Maybe I'm so used to be away from them, so not spending raya together for the first time ain't a big deal.

Talking about baju raya, I remember that when we were at Jalan TAR for wedding shopping, we saw a lot of nice baju melayu at Omar Ali and said that we will make sedondon outfit for the next raya (which is this raya!) and we even have theme color! It was something green like turqoise. But since the bump is already there, I don't have the mood for all this! Luckily I have few maxis, and it matches MrComot's old baju melayu. So jadi laaaaaaa. I'll make it up with the little one next year, insyaAllah :)

As for kuih raya, we make none! Oh ya, we made the cornflakes something, but it was burnt! Cehhh. I only made some puding lychee in case people drop by and there is few types of ready-made cookies like pineapple tarts, almond london and whatnots. After all I know this raya is going to be very busy for both of us, visiting the aunts and uncles (all his family is here). So I said, make sure we eat for lunches and dinners as well as there is no food at home :P

Our neighbourhood also a bit silence as most of the neighbour went back to their kampung. This made me thinking how lucky am I to have kampung as well, so that my kids will feel excited everytime going back there for raya, just the way I am. InsyaAllah next year's raya will be in Terengganu yippie!!!

Self-timer pic for 1st day of raya, in our home.
See the so-called matching outfit (jeans theme la konon hehe) :P

Ok darlings, have a great raya and enjoy yourselves to the max ok. Last but not least, Salam Eidulfitri, maaf zahir batin from MrComot and me :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mood raya = CUTI

Ohhhh sangatttt lahhh takde moood nak update blog padahal banyak menda kena tulis sebab mood raya dah kuat sangat kat ofis ni (everywhere!) and rasa macam tak perlu nak update menda-menda lain *sigh*

Anyway I have few Iftar stories and burnt cookies! Later lah..tengah kumpul aura.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Iftar @ Sime Darby Convention Centre

If you are my frequent reader, you will notice that my food entries subsided after I'm married. It is because we rarely eat out since then. Not that I cook pun. Normally drive through or tapau, sebab tak sabar nak balik berkepit makan sambil tengok tv :P

Anyway, throughout this Ramadhan, we break the fast at my parents in law. MrComot's mom cooks everyday and I don't have appetite for outside food. The only time we had something not homemade is last weekend where we went to pasar ramadhan, but after two days of having it, my throat already say NO to the food.

The tradition as usual one of those days we will be invited for buffet ramadhan by the vendors. I remember that the first time I got the invitation (about 3 years ago, at Sun&Surf Sunway) I was very excited. Almaklumlah budak-budak and dapat makan free at so-called 'posh' place. After the invitation, I even planned to go at least one buffet every Ramadhan even if I have to pay for it! Kannn jakun sangat.

This year I am not so excited with all the buffet spread, mainly because I can't eat that much. I bloat easily and my digestion is at the slowest rate. I do go to some invitations, depends on the situation and gonna keep track about it.

I had my iftar at Sime's Halia yesterday and it's quite good. This is my first time having Ramadhan buffet this year and the jakun-ness return back :P I piled up everything I feel like having and can't finish the lamb.

My first round of grilled stuff - catfish, terubuk, squid, lamb, beef and chicken.

The scrumptious crab meat with daun ketumbar soup. The crab meat is abundant and very tasty that I finished a whole bowl of this.

The main dish. They got arrays of lauk but I only took ONE udang can? Dunno why so not into prawns now, instead I had a plate of kerabu (got kerabu kerang, kerabu sotong, kerabu mangga) and daun selom (I loveeeeeeee daun selom). In the bowl is fish head curry. Best sebab boleh pilih2 bahagian lemak pipi ikan :P

I had 3 rounds of this!!! The last round agak melampau, I had a lot of choc cake slices (it's flour-less and combined with dark choc, sooooo yummmyyy!) and fruits with choc fondue. I noticed that I'm more into sweet desserts than savoury stuff. So anyone want to guess, it's going to be a boy or girl? :P Because I also can't tell! Have to wait for the scan next week.

Overall I will say this place is decent enough for you to have the buffet spread. But mind you, this is my first time, I have yet to compare with other places.

1. Food is ok. Main dish is Malay type, grilled whole lamb, grilled fish, common food like mee kari, sate, roti canai and lohbak. No oyster, sushi or tempura if you are looking for that kind of food. Dessert is fabulous.
2. Surau is very near and convenient like, few seconds away.
3. They got live music performance (traditional type, using gambus, arcodian etc etc) throughout the iftar and it is very near to your table (in front of ours!). Not too loud though and quite soothing as I like the songs selection. Traditional2 type mcm zapin tu hehehe.
4. The staff is very polite. One of the guy even point out a gap between the steps while I'm walking and said "careful ya.."

Oh ya talking about the performance, I am so into this kind of music that I even planned to get bands like this playing for my wedding, only to know that they are very expensive! That's why we settled down for CD only :P

Me: Eeeii bestnyaaa.. Dulu-dulu me plan nak ada band macam ni la main lagu time wedding kita. Not that me regret with our wedding tau, me know it's so expensive. Our wedding still great without it (haha sempat cover ok takut MrComot kecik hati)
MrComot: It's ok...we'll have it later ok. We can have them on our second wedding
Me: Tanak la second wedding! Anniversary la
MrComot: Ok, nanti our 10 years anniversary ke? You can ask namecard from them now
Me: Helooooooooo..10 years pakcik2 ni ntah ada ntah tidak, band ni pun dah ke mana haha

Motipp 10 tahun lagi okkk!!! Anyway aminnn..if ada rezeki and panjang umur, apa salahnya kan? Having a grand 10 years anniversary :D

Anyway due to the carca-marba food, I had a bad heart burn at 337 AM. Sangat pedih! This is my first time having heart burn in Ramadhan so can you imagine how 'not healthy' the food was? It's soo pedih that I cried while having my sahur and patting the belly:

"Baby...sorry mommy eat macam-macam. Mesti baby tak suka"

And then air mata laju je..dunno why so sensitive that time. Will try to be more careful for the next buffet spread.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Makeover

Our house is empty (except kitchen and master bedroom) since 11 months ago. Empty as in ZERO ok. We only have a pair of rattan chair given by MrComot's parent. Hehe we couldn't care less by the way. Because we rarely (almost none) been downstairs and if somebody comes, we just open the tikar plastik (so classic ok) for them to sit.

After so long, finally we bought the sofa and dining set for the house. First because it's raya of course, kalau tak, tak beli lagi la. I mean, sampai bila nak suruh orang duduk kat lantai kan? Second, I think it's about time pun. After the baby pop-out, we won't have time to think about furniture anymore. So many things to buy and settle for the little one. So better buy now.

See how kosong our house is:

Half of the hall

Another half.

Oh ya, both of us so fussy when it comes to buy things (I find it's charming though, at least we are sharing the same thinking) Even the curtain pun we were hesitated to buy it. Luckily the akad nikah was done in this house, so by hook or crook we have to settle for the curtain. MrComot picked the colour and material all by himself as I wasn't in town that time. If there is no akad nikah in here, we planned to stick the windows with kertas kajang okkk! Until we found curtain we wanted. Ish ish ish...

Anyway now it fills with sofa, dining set, sideboard table, coffee table and even carpet! Hahaha our house looks totally different. Like a proper family house.

And MrComot is over okkk. Everytime he goes downstairs, he will scream calling me

MrComot: Sayangggggg!!!! *gasping tone*
Me: What is it??
MrComot: Rumah sapa ni??? Me ingat kita salah rumah!!

Kannnnnnnnnnnnn. Boleh tak?

Anyway there is no accessory yet. I plan to do my own painting (yakin boleh sangat). Will use water color and acrylic. Will see how my rustic form 3 skill will be :P Hopefully won't be another angan-angan mat jenin hehehe.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First menantu's tepung pelita

Hi loveliessss! How was ur holiday? Hopefully u guys had fun like us did! It's nothing really but laaamaaaa sangat tak balik rumah, so the feeling is different. And to make it more lively, all my siblings are back! So the 7 of us had to squeeze each other's butts in a small house. And none of us like to be in the room, semua nak cramp at the hall. And talk at the same time, updating each other. So can u imagine how chaotic it is? Hahaha. I love love love my home for this. Anyway, kalau 2-3 hari ok la kan, if forever mesti gaduh-gaduh :P

By the way, this is MrComot's first time spending Ramadhan in my parents' house. The way my in laws breaking the fast is a bit different. We break fast with light food like kueh and fruits, then we go pray and rest a bit. Around 830pm we start eating the heavy meal like dinner.

My home on the other hand is very typical Malay ways to break up the fast where everybody take the heavy dishes (rice and lauk-pauk). So my mom prepare the both dishes at the same time, light and heavy and it's up to us to eat which one first.

At first MrComot and I eat the fruits and stuff la, but half the way tak tahan okkkk. Semua org berebut makan nasi, so we want nasik as well! Hahaha. But our stomach not use to this way yet, so we take little portion first and eat another round later around 11PM.

Since everybody is around, we also made the kueh ourselves! PARAM in Manjung is so overrated with steep price and bland taste, so we didn't go to any PARAM the whole holiday.

1st day my mom made buah melaka, 2nd day cek-mek molek, 3rd day tepung pelita and puteri mandi. All is MrComot's favourite can? How about the daughter's fav??!?! Sabar je la. Excited sangat with their menantu tau my parents ni hehehe.

Since we do nothing most of the days (tidur je) and the 3G connection is sucks, MrComot involved himself in the making of tepung pelita. It is his first time also doing such thing and he's kinda excited. Below is just some random pictures:-

My father 'layur' the daun pisang. This step is needed to soften the leaf so it won't crack/split when doing the base. Another way is u can dry it under the sun, this will take few hours.

Making the base ('sampan'). Messy messy messy

MrComot doing the sampan. His sampan is very neat and that explains how my father can do 6 sampan while he's finishing 1 only :P

Semua tak sama size! Ish ish ish

Sugar and the mixture. See ada yang besar ada yang kecik and senget-benget ok.

Ohhh I forgot to snap the end product but it's yummilicious! No over-floury taste. So lemak berkrim with the right sweetness.

My father also taught MrComot how to make home-made soya milk and gave him special 'kain kasa' to bring home (as a tool to filter the extracts).

I said this to MrComot:

"Enjoy your status as favourite menantu as long as you can, since you don't have any competitor right now, maybe up til for the next 4 years"

Hehe so how about you/your hubby being the first menantu? Mesti banyak funny stories too :D

PS: Oh ya, just for the record, MrComot didn't take rice for sahur. My mom made him bihun goreng and cucur udang. Over kannnnnn. Merasa lepas balik KD makan roti je. Ahhhh how I wish I can open my eyes earlier and wider so that I can cook something decent, not for him only but for me!