Monday, May 25, 2009

Err sorry I beg your pardon sir

I had a long sleep this weekend that putting me in owl state now, so I open my laptop and busy clicking blogs while chit-chatting with my beloved hubby. After few minutes reading blogs, I am too engrossed that I totally dropped what my hubby saying:

MrComot: bla bla bla bla bla
Me: Oh ok
MrComot: Sayang dengar tak apa me cakap ni? (while cekak pinggang in front of the bed)
Me: Dengar!
MrComot: OK repeat!
Me: Errr... (with startled face)
MrComot: Repeat!
Me: Errr....hahahahaha
MrComot: Sayang tipu meeeee tak dengar apa me cakap!!
Me: Hahaha sorryyyyy. Cepat ulanngggg apa u cakap tadi? Sorry2 meh me mwahhh
MrComot: Hah now me know sayang tak pernah dengar apa me cakap (muka masam haha)
Me: Hehehehe

I can't help it but laugh my ass off. Seriously I didn't hear a word what he's saying and I'm pretty amazed with myself, I think I listen but I wasn't! Ish ish I have to check my multitasking level back.

Anyway this is the first time he asking me to repeat, normally he just let me drowned with my own world when I don't response or response irrelevantly. Mesti tak puas hati sgt tu hehe.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pictures I like

I was tagged by Tatty about picture(s) I like. They are thousands of pictures in my collection that I can't decide which one I like most but I stumble upon these two and I decided that I like them best, as per now :P


Upload gambar yang anda gemari dan jawab soalan di bawah:

Kenapa anda suka dengan gambar ni? Apa yang best dengan gambar ni?

Ni gambar time wedding our friend. We just got married that time. I like this pic because both of us look cute, boleh? (or I perasan cute la haha) Vain sangat ok. It was a candid though, sebab tu ada tanduk, but sempat lagi sengih hehe. Just look at my hand in the plate! Tak sempat nak pose ok.

My other fav. This is also candid, by MrComot's friends. I was startled at that time. I like this picture because it shows the other side of me - gluttony and so BULAT!! I was like, omg...macam ni kah my real face hahaha. I was busy munching something that time and it's also during a friend's wedding.

Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?
Hmmm...eonssss ago, that I can't remember when was the last time.

Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
Dead and Gone don't know by who (Tatty's song in her blog page)
Anyway, my fav song right now is Takin' back my love (Enrique Inglesias). The song is soooo catchy and cool, "I've given you too much, I'm takin back my love, my love, my love"

Apa yang anda buat selain selesaikan tag ini?
Borak with Bee at YM. Everybody is out for Friday's prayer

Selain nama sendiri, anda suka dipanggil dengan panggilan apa?
Aandes, Andes

Soalan seterusnya ada kaitan dengan orang yang anda tag! Tag 6 orang.
Hmm going to tag:
1. Cik Kopi
2. Cool (eh Cool, I think Cool mcm ada tag me, tapi tak jumpa la mana satu :( )
3. Rena
4. Bee
5. Ain Alida
6. m@ri@

Siapa no 1 pada anda?
My coffee mate :D

Orang no 3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
Encik Matahari! Hahaha suka2 je kan. Have to ask her the name but rainbow crossed my mind because she looks happy with this guy, like a rainbow after the rain gitu.

Kata sesuatu berkenaan orang no5
Sweet little girl. Always come with soothing words

Bagaimana dengan orang no 4?
Twisted her spine! Haha sorry babe, not gelakkan u ok. She's a fine lady, and cool too. At one point I pernah rasa dia macam my twin and we even said that we willing to share our hubby (provided he is filthy rich and busy man hahaha)

Siapa orang no 2?
Know her through blog and become my swimming sifu later. A very caring and thoughtful person.

Bagi pesanan pada orang no 6
Jawab this tag ok and how's married life? *wink wink*

Ok done. I'm going to continue my update about Japan trip later ok. See ya!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tips malas mandi

Hi all,
I'm on medical leave for three days since yesterday, and having this symptom --> malas mandi okkk!! It's not that I tak mandi langsung, but will have it very late, like 1PM? Hahaha

The thing is, kalau tak mandi, panasss okkkk and dah start sakit kepala.

But since I am so malas, I have another trick now, COLD PACK!!! All I have to do it take it out from freezer (I always keep one cold pack for emergency) and wrap it with thin towel and put it on top of the forehead and voila! It will absorb the heat and you will feel light headed and comfortable. The best thing is, you can do this while watching TV, online or reading books. Think about saving time babes, and water! Hahaha alasan sangat.

I wanted to snap the cold pack but takde cable at home, but mine exactly mcm ni

From google image

Oklah darlings, see u later :D

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stress is word of the day

Hi all,

I know I've been missing quite sometimes and haven't finished my entries on Japan trip yet. The truth is, I am in the middle of battling with some issues and it's making me stressed out.

Seriously I'm stressed out! I've never been this stress and siap cried teresak2 last night. Anyway I'll share everything when I'm composed enough to write ok.

I've missed my blog and writing this short entry does lift some stress off me.

I'll write more when I'm ready ok. Love you all. Take care and big mwah from me :*

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 7: Imperial Palace, Narzen-ji Temple & Path of Philosophy (Kyoto)

Hi darlings,

We back to our jalan-jalan mode ok :P


1st April 2009

If you notice, most of the entries are about temples, temples and temples. This is because Kyoto is famous for their temples and parks. You may get tired of it but their temples and park is a worth visit to pay. It's very different and serene.

Since we didn't get proper food for few days, we ordered breakfast set from Kawashima Inn and it costs us 1000 yen each.

They gave us rice, miso soup, salmon slice, sunny side eggs, blanched soybean, seaweed and japanese tea.

They also gave us a whole pot of extra rice (look at this container, cute isn't it?)

And we finished all of them! Nampak sangat makan byk ok. And it's japanese rice, a bit sticky like our pulut.

MrComot in yukata (Japanese traditional summer garment)

Since we were so full, we fall asleep straight after breakfast boleh? And woke up later at 1130am! We quickly get ready and move our ass to Imperial Palace Kyoto.

A thing about Imperial Palace is, they only open twice a day for English session, one in the morning and one at the noon. We planned to be there for morning session but since we dozing off, we have to move it to noon.

The route: Shijo - Karasuma Imagedawa - walk down from here Admission: Free but you have to apply the admission to enter in advance

This palace is empty now, last Emperor to reside here is during the Meiji time in 1869 (now everybody moves to Tokyo Imperial Palace). The building is preserved as part of Japan historical and only the ground is opened to public.

We arrived just in time and was the last couple to gain the permission for the tour. Right after we took the form, they put this 'fully booked' notice. We had to go to their office (warning: 10mins walking. So kalau boleh be as early as you can as they are pretty strict with timing. We reached there at 1.45PM *pheww*), fill in forms, and show our passports to get the permission slip.

In front of Imperial Palace. They open the tour at sharp 2PM and it lasts for 1 hour

The big compound. Everybody is free to wander around, only can't go into the building

The bright orange gate to cast away the ghosts

Their royal pond

The bridge where royalties melepak hehe

Tour guide haeling some information

One of the trees inside the imperial palace area

It's blooming

Me among the tourist

MrComot recording macam-macam and I haven't see yet any of it, takde masa :(

After tour around palace, we ventured to Imperial Park, next to Imperial Palace. It is a big park with lotsa sakura tress and the path is tarred with small stones.

Different type of sakura

At bright pink sakura

Hogging one of the tree

Snowy sakura

The big sakura

We went to Nanzen-ji Temple after that for another sight-viewing and their famous path of philosophy!

The route: Karasuma Marutamachi - Karasuma Oike - Keage - Walking distance
Admission: Free

On the way to the temple, it looks hot right?

But it's 12 degrees ok!!! I had to hide my hands inside the pocket all the time.

Monk walking out of the temple

Nanzen-ji is a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto and since I already tired of temples (and my feet hurt!), we didn't go inside, just admiring the scenic garden outside. From Nanzen-ji temple we walked around helplessly (with maps in our hand) trying to find Path of Philosophy. We even sampai at one small police station and asked the inspector but as expected, he doesn't understand a word even the name of path of philosophy. Fortunately, in our map also printed the name in kanji saying ("tetsugaku no michi") and he gave some directions that we also don't understand, but his hand showing back to Nanzen-ji temple. So we tried our best while chanting tetsugaku no michi tetsugaku no michi, went back to Nanzen-ji and found a signage written "tetsugaku no michi" and the signage gone after a few meters that we blindly walking, following our hunch.

Until we reached a road among houses, and still yakin boleh!

And finally! Berkat the yakin boleh (haha) and sakit kaki, we reached path of philosophy.

Actually it's a path full with hundreds of cherry blossom trees along the canal and behind residential houses. The path is very nice indeed but not as expected. It supposed to be very scenic but not all trees bloom, so it turned out so-so only.

We reached end of the path with "where are we now" question. The map seriously not helping and since it's evening, the road is very quiet. Shops are closed and nobody wandering around. We kept on walking until we saw a bus stop and with few people there. So we just gambled waiting for the bus too thinking, if there is bus, the bus will take us to bus station, so we can continue our journey from there, no matter where we are.

After few moments waiting for the bus, one of the girl smile at us and asked where we came from. I was like, Thank God, finally got somebody speak English! Apparently, she is a Taiwanese and not that she can read Japs, but at least it's kanji so she can guess where the bus going and the schedule. We talk a bit (very broken english hahaha) and ride the bus together. She even alerted us to stop at which station. Thank you Miss Taiwan! :D

We stopped at Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae station and again, no idea where are we hahaha. But it's a station so the 'lost' game is not that bad. We took subway to Kyoto station for dinner.

The route: Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae - Karasuma Oike - Kyoto Station

As I told before, Kyoto station is vey big and has arrays of food shops. We ate at Porta (a foodcourt full with restaurants) and had this:-

Donbori with ebi and cold soba

This restaurant also doesn't have english menu, we just depend on their food display and try our best to avoid the unnecessary food.

Example of the food display. All shops have this setting.

And since we can't read, we just look at the sample one by one. This is the example of the shop selling pork (thank to the food blogs that I browse hari-hari before, that I can recognize it is a pork meat - the fat is their signature). So we always avoid shops with sample like this. But ada jugak a few yg terlepas, not in display but when we go in, they do serve it.

On the way back, we saw one bakery selling cakes and desserts and bought this:-

Grape fruit jerry (I guess it's hard for them to spell 'L' as I see quite many words with R replacing L)

And it's M-A-S-A-M :))
But it's cute isn't it? They use real grapefruit skin as the holder and real grapefruit as the topping.

There will be one more entry on Kyoto, then everything will about Tokyo! :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Go go go Tomok!

Seems like everybody still in OIAM mood and I want to join!

I just want to say, CONGRATULATIONS TOMOK!!!!

OMG, I'm glad he won, seriously. To tell you the truth, I never follow OIAM 3rd season (because I don't feel like to watch it) especially when I know Tomok is one of the contestant. I have this sceptical impression over him (and I believe ramai org macam ni hehe), you know lame boyband singer, etc etc.

And since I am in my hometown and everybody watching it (and it's grand finale) I joined the hype and actually stunned by Tomok's performance.

Never occured to my mind that he will be this different. He can sing (of course) with CREATIVE music arrangement he made, neat, determined (which you can see clearly from him face), interesting and very dynamic!

I love love love this version of Tomok and I'm glad Malaysian chose him :)

Hope he will continue making changes in our music industry after this. Go go go Tomok!