Friday, April 29, 2011

Gadgety Friday

People queing for ipad2@machines

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sleepy Monkeys

Totti Elena and daddy having a good time bergolek on the floor before bedtime. MrComot was trying to amuse her with twinkle twinkle song but she's too busy with her balloon hehe.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cheesy Breakfast

Monday blues, so this what I'm having for breakfast. Sangat lah JUNK!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Strawberry Shortcake

Below is a couple of pictures Zahra Elena with her straw hat.

We bought the straw hat during the short trip to Melaka and she refused to wear it that time and the hat is in the car boot ever since.

We had family lunch last Sunday (the day she had her food allergy) and it was scorching hot and we have to walk few meters from parking to the restaurant, so I told Zahra, "Zahra...panas tauuuu..Zahra pakai topi ni ok?" and guess what? She wants to wear it!!! Ok maybe she doesn't really understand what is panas (but I think she does! because if I said the food is hot she will wait and try to touch the base of the bowl to check if it is hot or not and blow the food! :D) but dia nak pakai topi tu, itu yg penting hehe. In Melaka she will throw tantrum the moment the hat touching her head :P

This is when we finished our lunch and I said, "Ok Zahra, kita nak balik..panas, pakai topi ok"

And Zahra with mummy!

Ok, maybe I'm being delusional here, I think she was just being hyper and sleepy, that's why she looks happy with the hat. Whatever it is, you are my strawberry shortcake of the day!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Food Allergy

Most of you already knew what happen last night, via facebook.

For the first time in life, Zahra had to take the nebulizer, takde ribut, takde angin, takde batuk takde demam, but because of food allergy!

Oh my..when am I going to learn about this :(

Zahra had her first food allergy attack when she was 1 year old, and her mummy never learnt, decide to give her another shot of yogurt, thinking she is ok now with yogurt. You know, kids and allergy, they develop. Either doing worse or better and I belive in latter so yeah, we decided to try to give her another yogurt, but different brand. On the other note, I desperately need her to consume something 'calciumy' since she's refusing the milk.

Last incident was with adult yogurt, so MrComot bought this new specially for kids 1 year+ from Yoplait, strawberry flavor.

I tried to give Zahra during lunch, about 2 teaspoon, then we off for family dinner in Muhibbah, no reaction shows only 1 small red dot on her upper lips, so I assumed it's just a tiny reaction, and brush off the sign, and gave Zahra the remaining yogurt (about 2oz I think) during the evening, before her dinner.

About half an hour after that Zahra started showing discomforts, keep on scratching her diaper area and crying. I thought it's a normal diaper rash and just calm her by rubbing her skin softly. But she didn't stop crying and then I saw a few more dots appear on her lip, her eyelids, under her neck and big dots on her private area, and dang! I knew it! Zahra is allergic to that yogurt *sigh*

I quickly put her into diaper-less, pat the itchy area with bedak sejuk gamat but she keep on crying and half an hour after that, her chest is moving faster with deep and heavy wheezing! I keep on patting her back to loosen the phlegm but the wheezing is getting heavier and heavier. It was around 730PM that time, after we did our Maghrib both of us said, that's it, we have to go to the clinic, this is severe allergy.

Our favourite doctor is closed so we had to find any nearby clinic and found one next to Palm Spring - Klinik Idzham and thank God it is 24 hours. On the way to the clinic, Zahra was crying non-stop (I think because she finds it hard to breathe) and refuse to latch. Of course she can't I think. I carry her with upright position and keep on patting her back telling her "Zahra hang on, you are strong baby, hang on ok, hang on, keep on breathing..Zahra strong baby, mummy know you can do it!". OMG such a drama. I was about to cry but I know I can't, else I won't be able to be calm and push her to stay strong. So yeah..I'm quite surprised with myself. I was like cheering my daughter to win a competition in sports-day or something.

The moment we arrived the clinic, the doc check on the wheezing, it was so bad that you didn't need a stethoscope to hear it and quickly prepare the nebulizer.

Zahra on neb. Yeah, don't mention my akar pokok hand :(

Zahra such a good baby, she didn't cry at all for the whole neb session, instead she sit still and sometimes move the face to right and left because she's curious with that thing stuffed to her face. Or maybe she finds it such a relieve to finally can breathe like normal when the phlegm started to clear.

Her breathing back to normal with lighter wheezing after the nebulizer. The phlegm still didn't go away 100% but she's back to her usual self, trying to play with the doctor's blood pressure machine and being cheeky. The doc gave Ventolin for her breathing allergy and Zyrtec for the rashes/dots reaction.

But when we arrived home, the dots was totally gone..and she was okay until bed time, her breathing is back to normal, and using my mummy instinct without stethoscope, I know she is ok, so I decided to skip both medicine. Alhamdulillah she slept well through the night, only a bit clingy (want to latch on me, like most of the time, that's normal of her after every incident), and looks ok to this morning. Syukur sangat..

Just to share a few thing that I learned about allergy and nebulizer:

1) nebulizer is a a treatment, which will be given if needed. So don't worry about being dependency. It's not a drug.

2) Ventolin is used to clear the lung..but if your anak kerap sangat kena..and the medicine doesn't work anymore, most probably you have to take the one with steroid to surpress the reaction. Steroid will have a lot of effect, first, dependencies which means, other than steroid won't work anymore, so you have to use it over and over again, which then will lead to kidney problem, obesity, diabetic, soft bones, and many more problem.

3) when there is a foreign object that you have allergy to, your body will go to the extreme to protect from the invasion, thus will cause the inflammation of the airways (this is when you feel hard to breathe) and produce a lot of mucus/phlegm in order to suppress the foreign object (this is when the lung is full with phlegm)

4) If you are trying new food, don't give in big batch. Just try it little by little

5) DON'T try new food during evening!! This on ultimate advice which I keep on forgetting to practice. No matter how confident you are, try it early in the morning because not all clinics open during the night. It might take you longer than usual to reach the nearest open clinics/hospital if anything happen. And morning ada byk masa utk monitor her behavior. If malam, she's about to sleep dah, so takut you miss any sign.

This incident is a bit unexpected because she's all fine with formula milk (I tried the Anmum without added sugar) and Dutch Lady Kids. Maybe she's allergy to the live culture in yogurt, or this particular brand, or this particular flavour, or maybe this type of cow's milk protein. It has many possibilities, but Zahra will stay away from yogurt..until..I don't know..maybe 5 years?

Hopefully this will be the first and last nebulizer for Zahra. Little one, you stay strong and healthy ok? Ameen.....

Antibiotic Overdose

Just to share with you all one article that I found. Lately memang macam trend sangat doctor likes to prescribe antibiotic. Demam sikit antibiotic, batuk sikit antibiotic, even for babies/kids! Alhamdulillah so far Zahra takde ambil antibiotic even though pernah prescribed twice (for cough and fever) because since I was a little girl, my mom very sceptic with antibiotics. It's like last resort for us if the sakit didn't go away. So I practice the same, I just wait and observe Zahra..kalau bagi ubat biasa tak jalan baru la nak bagi the antibotic.

I understand that some doctors give the antibiotic because they want to kill the bacteria once for all, but on the other hand, you won't develop your own antibody to fight the bacteria. Sampai bila nak makan antibiotic right?

I noticed this when Zahra got her fever dulu, the doc gave her antibiotic then I asked what type, for what etc..he said try dulu this one sbb tak sure demam Zahra x surut kenapa, if the antibiotic doesn't work, we'll try another type. Like whatttt? So macam try and error kan? Alhamdulillah the fever went away a few days after that without the antibiotic.

Anyway, if there's a need, you still have to take it. It's just that it's too common now and seems fishy to me. Macam nak senang, ok lah...u makan ni, then lega, done. In the future we'll think later apa jadi. Don't you think prevention is better than cure? Below is the full article:-

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Movie of the night : Max Payne

Slow + predictable = boring

Buang masa je..but hey, at least I've watched it hehe

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Gluttony Pwincess

My little pwincess is 1 year 3 months now!!

I still have this amazed-very-much-feeling on how a little tot grows to be such clever and pretty baby. I'm sure every mommy feels the same, I mean from how they know nothing, and can do this and that, and how they figure out how to tiptoe when the thing is higher than them? It's amazing right? Something we never taught them to do but they develop the skill bits by bits..all by themselves. Human is very interesting.

My baby is not a baby anymore. She knows when I get angry at her (but never scared of me! Instead she will keep quiet and sit still, up to few minutes then try to talk to me like usual. Just like me! I find it awkward and guilty when people get angry at me, so I just stay quiet until everything I find the strength to apologize hehe). She imitates a lot of thing, like sweeping the floor, puff her face with the compact powder sponge, wipe the table if she sees water droplets, etc etc. Don't you think babies are clever?

Talking about imitation, this reminds me that we have to start talk nice thing only (no cursing on bad traffic), and do nice thing all the time, like saying thank you whenever we get something, and never throw tantrums no matter how tired we are. I don't wantto raise Zahra in angry environment or she becomes an angry person. Such a hard thing to we always forget about ethics when emotion taken over and yeah, even adult is actually a baby inside.

Zahra has 8 teeth, 5 teeth for upper and 3 teeth for lower, both central incisor. Yang upper tu funny a bit..she has 4 betul-betul tengah..then selang satu..and ada seketul kat tepi haha. It's hard for me to explain, jap I draw for my keeps :D
Haa...macam tu la..funny ok..tiba2 ada tepi with gap hehe

She eats a lot I can't believe it..but kids growing up like that lah. So every weekend I'll still cook for her, if not for me hehe. Porridge is wajib. Talking about food, Zahra dah buat balik perangai lama. She refuses milk! Via bottle or sippy cup or cup with straw. I don't know what to do with this kid anymore. She rejects my EBM, I even bought the formula milk and she drinks like a few days, then pangg...smash the bottle. I also bought the the Dutch Lady Kid in strawberry (which is super sweet taste like Sirap Bandung to me!) but still tanak. Just a few sips and that's it. She eats normally at the babysitter, drinks water but no milk. She will wait for me every evening, and the moment I pick her she will pull my cloth and say 'NAK!'. I have no problem actually she doesn't drink at the babysitter, and only wait for me, but somehow I have to wean her sooner or later. And sayang my EBM still in the fridge. MrComot siap cakap nak buat siram pokok bunga *sob sob*

Her current favourite fruits are mango and strawberry. Below is Zahra's latest pic, this morning ;)

Zahra with sweet strawberry.
Abaikan the hairclip yg nak jatuh tu ok. She saw the hairclip this morning and point it to me sambil sengih2, meanign she wants me to pakaikan her the clip, which I did, and after a while dia mengamuk pulak, tarik2 nak tercabut hehe.

Hmm sedapnya mummy

I want more!

I'm not a fan of strawberry and in fact stop buying them long time ago because every strawberry I bought is sour! Tak kisah la from US ke Cameran Highland ke, mesti masam sakit hati punya. I started to buy back when I saw this attractive advertisement about Korean Strawberry on Rapid Bus KL with their tagline fresh and sweet. Ada gambar one Korean girl with the juicy strawberry, seriously the advertisement got me haha. So I bought 2 packet and guess what? Ok la..takde la manis, but tak masam! And sedap! So I gave to Zahra and she likes it and keep on asking for more, 'nak! nak! nak!'. Haha..

Talking about strawberry, Zahra ni cheeky monkey betul. She always greedy when comes to her favourite food. Whenever I gave her strawberry, she will eat few bites, then quickly wallop the last big chunk into her mouth and munch it with ballooning cheek. Sooo gluttony!

And mango, she can finish a whole mango by herself! I always had to stop her 'slow down Zahra, slow dowwnn..'.

I don't know her height now but she can't stand under the dining table anymore, her weight is about 9-10kg, and weight a ton if she mengamuk - lembikkan badan. There was this one incident I was holding her and she's throwing tantrum and I didn't expect her to push her body out that strong and thump!! terus jatuh kepala belakang terantuk kat simen. Nasib baik tak tinggi sangat..haish..little one, stop making mommy feel bad ok.

She still pretty much fascinates with birds that I plan to bring her to bird park soon. Her vocab expand to few more things, will say choos whenever see any shoes, and say ayaaaa (as in hello I think?) when she take my phone and put it next to her ear, like having a conversation with somebody.

She also behaving very well, she will put back stuff she took from the cupboard, and close the door. Then she won't simply throw things like camera, handphone, she will gently put it on the table or any surface or give it to me.

One thing I like about her or kids this age is I can squeeze and kiss and snuggle with her without afraid of hurting her, physically... Sebab rasa geramm kannn..sometimes I squeeze her too hard when hugging her hehe.

Overall, other than a little tantrum, she's a good baby, and a healthy one. Mummy hope you stay strong and grow up be a good, clever, pretty girl ok?

Happy 1y3m my cotton candy! Mwahhhhh!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Creamy Red Velvet

I'm not a big fan of cupcake, as I always prefer icecream, but I do indulge in them once in a while if that particular cupcake trigger my interest. For example, this Red Velvet from Ilot. I've been reading her blog and she's keen in whipping out delicious output, instead of pretty and just-acceptable-boleh-dimakan commercial product. And the moment she said she's using Wilton coloring for her RV, I quickly place an order with her.

The box comes with 16 medium cupcakes (or is it large? Not sure but not the petite one)

The cream-cheese is soooo creamy and thick that I had to scrap half of it, the first time I ate. I siap nak sms Ilot cakap, tak payah letak byk2..bazir je, boleh half je haha but I was thinking it could be me yg tak suka cream-cheese that much. Then when I brought the RV to the office, everyone is saying 'Yummynya cream-cheese dia' and surprisingly I also find it so delicious and finish the whole topping together with the cake. It tastes better and better after a few days in the fridge.

The cupcake itself is not too sweet that I didn't mind when Zahra walloping a big chunk of it. Tapi cream-cheese I tak bagi sebab takut dia allergy hehe. I tried bagi sikit and no reaction, but still tak berani.

Zahra goyang2 when I tried to snap her comot with crumbs face. She was walking towards me trying to get the Red Velvet on my other hand hehe..

And yang penting takde bitter after taste. So yummy!

You can check out this RV here: -

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Laying Tiles

Renovation day 6

They finished hacking the old cement and some tiles, now laying the new one. We were on leave today as the wireman need to be inside the house to tap the power for the electric gate.

When the tiles came, I was like, 'how come masa kat kedai nampak lain? I imagined it will be something more grey and darker'.

MrComot: A'ah pun imagine mcm sayang. That's why we need ID. Kita x biasa so x boleh imagine. Macam paint, kat katalog nampak lain but when on bigger wall lain.

Haha..since we can't afford any ID now, hopefully the paint will turn out nice. The tiles pun okay lah..but it's more pretty in my head! :p

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Thing has been pretty hectic lately, since we started our house renovation. Nothing big, just to extend the end roof and lay tiles for the porch.

But never underestimate simple job. It still needs a lot of resources from us. We had to decide what we want to do, tiles shopping (which took us almost 2 hours last weekend), plan the design, choose the paint, choose the gate design, etc etc.. sigh.

We are indecisive people. We can't even decide whether we want gutter for our roof or not. Well, if money is not a concern, of course everything is easy like a snap, OK I want all of that haha. But since every little thing is under the budget, we have to think, do we really need a gutter? Or not really..just some extra thing which will consume big sum of money. But it will be nice to have, ain't it? Sigh...

Renovation day 3 - extending the roof

And not to mention we have to choose the paint. So hard to decide! We love this color and afraid it will look weird with the roof and the porch, and this color is too brown la, etc etc. Spoiled by choices! And the gate also! We had to scout the neighbourhood for few times to look out for ideas as both of us hate the design in the catalog can? Hmm...

And also the dust! We reached home around 7PM yesterday welcomed with a pile of dust, not only outside of the house, but it's spreading into the whole hall and dining area even though door is closed. It's due to the porch hacking and electric wiring for the gate. I hope this will end asap. Tak larat nak mengemop.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Bus-Riding Malacca Trip

This entry is pic heavy! :)

Melaka by bus! It is a family day trip organized by MrComot's side and about 40 people joined this event. It was one night, two days trip only. This is my first time to ride bus with Zahra Elena and I'm quite nervous about it. Not to mention my last time riding bus was 4 years ago, before I bought my car.

We gathered at Nusa Putra Puchong, park at one of the family there, and start the journey around 930 AM.

Me in front of the bus, very excited so this is the first pose that morning. Zahra still clad in her pajama and since we move early from the house (around 745AM) I skip her shower. Plan to bathe her at auntie Jot's house but the moment we arrived, joined them eating roti canai and alamak, tak sempat, everybody is ready to move haha. So tak mandi pun ok lah.

Since this is her first time with bus, I kinda force her to walk by herself and climb the stairs but it's so weird with a lot of people and she cried instead. Siap bagi hold her favourite stuff (hand lotion) pun tanak naik :P

Us on the bus. We picked among the front seats, don't want it to be bumpy.

The journey was very fun. We were given a singalong list and guess what? The song are too oldies that I don't even know about them! I only know 2 of them, You Are My Sunshine and Que Sera Sera haha. These are some of the songs...Bengawan Solo, Autumn Leaves, Darling you can't love one, Enjoy Yourself, etc. Anyway because it is too 'old', it become hard for the young2 one to follow so we didn't finish all the singalong hehe. But there is one song that I find it bery funny:-

You can't love one.

Darlin' you can't love one (2x)
You can't love one and still have fun

Darlin' you can't love two (2x)
You can't love two and still be true

Darlin' you can't love three (2x)
You can't love three and still love me

Darlin' you can't love four (2x)
You can't love four and still love more

Darlin' you can't love five (2x)
You can't love five and still survive

Darlin' you can't love six (2x)
You can't love six and still play tricks

Darlin' you can't love seven (2x)
You can't love seven and still go to heaven

Darlin' you can't love eight (2x)
You can't love eight and still play straight

Darlin' you can't love nine (2x)
You can't love nine and still be mine

Darlin' you can't love ten (2x)
You can't love ten and that's the end

We reached Melaka by noon at had lunch at one of the Peranakan restaurant. I'll post about it in different entry because the restaurant is so pretty and I took a lot of pics of it.

Free smoking city. But Melaka is smoking hot! I was drenching in sweat and MrComot even had asthma attack (he has this allergy towards extreme heat). My poor baby :(

At Tun Tan Cheng Lock

One of the antiques shop. We wandered to the shops nearby while waiting for our lunch ready.

And guess how much this old trishaw priced? RM8500 ok! the beach and pool. Zahra with her new pinwheel :D

She afraid of the water. Kejap je tu lepas tu menanges2 nak dukung.

We had small games: fox with chickens, needle threading, candy in flour, lari ikat kaki, musical chair, etc..

Zahra at dinner with her new hairclip and all time favorite food - broccoli

Karaoke session

Lucky draw session. The prizes was..unbelievable. I mean tak sangka ok..I thought biasa2 je..but ada cash 1k ok! Unfortunately I'm not the lucky one :)

We had half day tour after checked out from the hotel. First stop at Telaga Hang Tuah.

Zahra in JumpSacBaby SSC - exchanged with my friend. Wanted to try back-carry but she wasn't in the mood. There are also souvenir shops around this place selling t-shirts, local food (dodol, berteh, sagon, keropok Melaka, cencalok) and other local stuff like hand-made slippers, woven tudung saji and keychain.

Melaka River Cruise. The boat can fit 40 plus or so and for about 45 mins (9km) from Quayside Heritage Centre to Taman Rempah, Pangkalan Rama.

Some view from the boat. We get to see the famous Kampung Mortem which has been residing there for more than 300 years, legendary murals, bridge, some bridges (Old Market Bridge in the pic above), replica of pirate ship, replica of a royal windmill and a fort, complete with cannons, abandoned old Cathay Cinema, iguanas (they are like everywhere, especially among the paya bakau trees), etc etc etc.

Stop by the famous Jam Besar Cendol (next to the red town area)

MrComot slurping the cendol.

The Red Town. All the tourist attraction cluttered here, like A Famosa and Porta de Santiago. Anyway we didn't manage to stop by here because everybody was super hungry and the tourist guide had to bring us to any restaurant in that area.

Zahra all flat when we hit the bus again and doze off in a blink. We supposed to go down and have lunch in kedai makan (and all of them serve asam pedas melaka!) but kesian Zahra keep on bangun when she just fell asleep (she won't sleep back in the carrier or when we carry her) so we decided not to go down and MrComot just tapau-ed any food he can find for us and eat in the bus.

MrComot with her rice + bull's eye egg + vege and me with my asam pedas yg tak sedap :( Uwaaaaa I want asam pedas Melaka!!!!

After everybody get back from lunch, we supposed to re-stop at the Red Town but everyone is so tired and request to go back (most of them are pakcik makcik over 60 years old, the eldest one is 85 yo) so yeah, we stop at the nearest shopping area (forgot the place name, but I've there before) for souvenirs. On the way to the place, we can see array of shops selling YUMMY authentic kebaya nyonya and I was like..uwaaaa I want to stop there. Haha.. but this is family day, not shopping trip. Not that I mind, we can go again to Melaka, it't not that far :)

Our trip ended with this swarm of bees. The bus parked at the roadside and everything was calm and normal til half an hour after that (when everyone was having their lunch). Suddenly the town is filled with bees and flying around like an attack. The firearm siap datang tengok the situation. Luckily none of the bees get into the bus even though the door was open that time.

Overall, it was a satisfying and enjoyable trip. We get to sit and relax together, one big family. We rarely see each other so family day is a good event to gather all of us.

About us and Zahra, we survived the bus riding! Haha.. She's all fine only that restless sometimes because she can't roam around like usual. It's hard to keep her still and I'm a bit worn as well because all she wants for comfort is my boobs. And she didn't eat well during the trip. I notice that it's harder to feed her when we are on travel because maybe the food doesn't suit her or she isn't in the mood. And the time makan pun lari2 kan..I didn't bring any of her food, just feed her whatever we can find on the way.

And one thing that I find amusing is, Zahra didn't vomit at all. Not that I want her to vomit but you know..those days, me and all my sibling never fail to vomit when we travel by bus..up to certain age. I stop vomiting when I was in primary school I think. And MrComot also had this weakness haha. Dia lagi la..until awal2 kerja pun still feel nauseated when on the LRT!

Kids these days, sure tough one. When I was a kid, my best friend will be A FEW of plastic bag if traveling by bus. Sure muntah punya hehe. And I still remember there is one accident when I fell asleep after vomit and was holding the plastic bag full of you know what..and then the bus did this emengency break and splash! Ok ewww ewww ewwww.. u know it and stop imagining ok :P

Well, that's the recap of our Melaka trip! Now I remember that I still owe this blog the Langkawi trip..soon ok..sooon :P

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sup Hangit

MrComot was under the weather, so I took charge to cook Zahra's soup today. Semangat ni bangun awal masak, tapi sebab lama tak buat, so ala-ala tak cekap hehe. When I thought it is ready, I check the carrot but still hard, so I naikkan the fire and leave it covered and naik mandi. Like 10mins jugak la, then MrComot turun tutup api and jerit:

"Sayang! Sup hangit!"

I was like, yeeee keeeeeeeeeeeee..

Then I go down and check...uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Kesiannya Zahra :(

So I didn't bring the soup to her babysitter today. Takpela..the babysitter will cook her soup, but but but...kesiannya my Zahra..and kesian mommy, penat oke bgn awal. And MrComot must be pissed with me, because I insisted to cook and I spoiled it, and because of all that, her daughter takde homemade soup today. You don't know him with Zahra's food, more obsess than me ok!

i had this conversation with cik kopi on how come soup can hangit right? I mean it is water kannnnnn. I was so confident telling her that maybe the fire was too high n i cover it, so it just burnt the bottom without drying the water. She siap cakap my pot is no good and just throw it away and i said helooo, it's tefal ok haha. And u know what, actually the soup mmg dah dry habis n burnt, MrComot quickly pour some water when he saw the burnt. That's why when i went down and took the pic it's watery like that. I just found out when we discussed about this, this evening. Haha silly me! And no wonder he keep on saying 'the pot might be rosak too'. I thought he simply exaggerating!

So cik kopi, terjawab lah persoalan kita ye hehehe.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

What My Man Wants

No, it's not MrComot's birthday. His birthday is in January. I received this email out of blue this afternoon, so he must be tengah gedik2 suka menda ni.

Anyway, the last time I gave something for his birthday was 2 years ago! Itu pun I bagi pagoda shirt (you know, the one you wear inside your working shirt) not the real Pagoda, but something like that, because the current shirt was worn and stretched, also boxers and socks. Because of the same reason..dah buruk haha.

The next year, I was in confinement, didn't manage to find/think what to give, so the birthday passed like that. And this year pun tak bagi apa2! Simply because I am busy hehe. It's nothing much really, MrComot pun tak bagi I anything (yet! he promised nak bagi a lot! ish ish tapi mana ni..) and we don't really care pun because semua yg kitaorg nak tu kehendak, not our priority yet. Macam tak best nak spend like that.

But yeah, bila tengok org tukar2 hadiah, macam best la pulak. Masa bercinta pandai pulak bagi2 hadiah..buat surprise, now..macam malas haha.

Anyway for your easy view, this is what he wants for his birthday:


Boys will always be boys :)

Sale on Mama Patch!

Guys, Mama Patch tengah buat sale!!! I am eyeing this delicious raw silk ring sling nyum nyum and some cloth pad. Haha CD Zahra pun tak on lagi..but that's a different story. I'm tired of washing the disposable pad especially on heavy yeah, trying on cloth pad!

Anyway cantik kann ring sling ni? But Zahra dah besar and we already have the SSC. Hmmhmm..uwaaaa nakkkkkk

Go check it out:

Leisure Friday and hope you have a leaisure weekend too! ;)

Ps: We are going to Melaka this weekend for MrComot's family day, BUS! Haha..we'll see how it's going to be.. Hopefully everything is fun fun fun!