Friday, April 1, 2011

Sale on Mama Patch!

Guys, Mama Patch tengah buat sale!!! I am eyeing this delicious raw silk ring sling nyum nyum and some cloth pad. Haha CD Zahra pun tak on lagi..but that's a different story. I'm tired of washing the disposable pad especially on heavy yeah, trying on cloth pad!

Anyway cantik kann ring sling ni? But Zahra dah besar and we already have the SSC. Hmmhmm..uwaaaa nakkkkkk

Go check it out:

Leisure Friday and hope you have a leaisure weekend too! ;)

Ps: We are going to Melaka this weekend for MrComot's family day, BUS! Haha..we'll see how it's going to be.. Hopefully everything is fun fun fun!


  1. Oh! Selamat bercuti ke Melaka!

    ...dengan bas!

  2. Tenkiu Mommy Fara! With bus! I pun saspen ni hehe..

  3. Me pon feeling2 nak beli cloth pantiliner jugak sebab taknak membazir asik beli je tiap2 bulan.

  4. ala maria br je beli RS utk next baby..rugi je..huhu..klu tak leh rembat yg ni..i like the colour..;)

  5. Ilot, hehe tu la feeling2 green earth uols. And color dia comel2.

    m@ri@, semangat nak sling second baby eh ;)