Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sup Hangit

MrComot was under the weather, so I took charge to cook Zahra's soup today. Semangat ni bangun awal masak, tapi sebab lama tak buat, so ala-ala tak cekap hehe. When I thought it is ready, I check the carrot but still hard, so I naikkan the fire and leave it covered and naik mandi. Like 10mins jugak la, then MrComot turun tutup api and jerit:

"Sayang! Sup hangit!"

I was like, yeeee keeeeeeeeeeeee..

Then I go down and check...uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Kesiannya Zahra :(

So I didn't bring the soup to her babysitter today. Takpela..the babysitter will cook her soup, but but but...kesiannya my Zahra..and kesian mommy, penat oke bgn awal. And MrComot must be pissed with me, because I insisted to cook and I spoiled it, and because of all that, her daughter takde homemade soup today. You don't know him with Zahra's food, more obsess than me ok!

i had this conversation with cik kopi on how come soup can hangit right? I mean it is water kannnnnn. I was so confident telling her that maybe the fire was too high n i cover it, so it just burnt the bottom without drying the water. She siap cakap my pot is no good and just throw it away and i said helooo, it's tefal ok haha. And u know what, actually the soup mmg dah dry habis n burnt, MrComot quickly pour some water when he saw the burnt. That's why when i went down and took the pic it's watery like that. I just found out when we discussed about this, this evening. Haha silly me! And no wonder he keep on saying 'the pot might be rosak too'. I thought he simply exaggerating!

So cik kopi, terjawab lah persoalan kita ye hehehe.

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  1. salam,
    beli 1 slow cooker le...

  2. ini akan masuk dalam buku sejarah sama dengan orang yg goreng ikan masin letak garam kunyit tu hehehe...

  3. alahai kesian zahra. me pun pernah beberapa kali jd mcm tu. tp haru sbb masak bubur jd hangit. lepas tu jenuh nk basuh. :(

  4. Tatty,
    Ahaha..slow cooker nnt jadi tukun pulak. And me nak buat sup je :P

    Cik Kopi,
    Memang! Ish ish ish

    Mommy Fara,
    That's whyyyy haha..me no comment

    Kesian mommy ke kesian Zahra, or kesian daddy :P

    Tu la pasal..sup pun boleh hangit. Ter..nak buat mcm mana :P