Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Bus-Riding Malacca Trip

This entry is pic heavy! :)

Melaka by bus! It is a family day trip organized by MrComot's side and about 40 people joined this event. It was one night, two days trip only. This is my first time to ride bus with Zahra Elena and I'm quite nervous about it. Not to mention my last time riding bus was 4 years ago, before I bought my car.

We gathered at Nusa Putra Puchong, park at one of the family there, and start the journey around 930 AM.

Me in front of the bus, very excited so this is the first pose that morning. Zahra still clad in her pajama and since we move early from the house (around 745AM) I skip her shower. Plan to bathe her at auntie Jot's house but the moment we arrived, joined them eating roti canai and alamak, tak sempat, everybody is ready to move haha. So tak mandi pun ok lah.

Since this is her first time with bus, I kinda force her to walk by herself and climb the stairs but it's so weird with a lot of people and she cried instead. Siap bagi hold her favourite stuff (hand lotion) pun tanak naik :P

Us on the bus. We picked among the front seats, don't want it to be bumpy.

The journey was very fun. We were given a singalong list and guess what? The song are too oldies that I don't even know about them! I only know 2 of them, You Are My Sunshine and Que Sera Sera haha. These are some of the songs...Bengawan Solo, Autumn Leaves, Darling you can't love one, Enjoy Yourself, etc. Anyway because it is too 'old', it become hard for the young2 one to follow so we didn't finish all the singalong hehe. But there is one song that I find it bery funny:-

You can't love one.

Darlin' you can't love one (2x)
You can't love one and still have fun

Darlin' you can't love two (2x)
You can't love two and still be true

Darlin' you can't love three (2x)
You can't love three and still love me

Darlin' you can't love four (2x)
You can't love four and still love more

Darlin' you can't love five (2x)
You can't love five and still survive

Darlin' you can't love six (2x)
You can't love six and still play tricks

Darlin' you can't love seven (2x)
You can't love seven and still go to heaven

Darlin' you can't love eight (2x)
You can't love eight and still play straight

Darlin' you can't love nine (2x)
You can't love nine and still be mine

Darlin' you can't love ten (2x)
You can't love ten and that's the end

We reached Melaka by noon at had lunch at one of the Peranakan restaurant. I'll post about it in different entry because the restaurant is so pretty and I took a lot of pics of it.

Free smoking city. But Melaka is smoking hot! I was drenching in sweat and MrComot even had asthma attack (he has this allergy towards extreme heat). My poor baby :(

At Tun Tan Cheng Lock

One of the antiques shop. We wandered to the shops nearby while waiting for our lunch ready.

And guess how much this old trishaw priced? RM8500 ok! the beach and pool. Zahra with her new pinwheel :D

She afraid of the water. Kejap je tu lepas tu menanges2 nak dukung.

We had small games: fox with chickens, needle threading, candy in flour, lari ikat kaki, musical chair, etc..

Zahra at dinner with her new hairclip and all time favorite food - broccoli

Karaoke session

Lucky draw session. The prizes was..unbelievable. I mean tak sangka ok..I thought biasa2 je..but ada cash 1k ok! Unfortunately I'm not the lucky one :)

We had half day tour after checked out from the hotel. First stop at Telaga Hang Tuah.

Zahra in JumpSacBaby SSC - exchanged with my friend. Wanted to try back-carry but she wasn't in the mood. There are also souvenir shops around this place selling t-shirts, local food (dodol, berteh, sagon, keropok Melaka, cencalok) and other local stuff like hand-made slippers, woven tudung saji and keychain.

Melaka River Cruise. The boat can fit 40 plus or so and for about 45 mins (9km) from Quayside Heritage Centre to Taman Rempah, Pangkalan Rama.

Some view from the boat. We get to see the famous Kampung Mortem which has been residing there for more than 300 years, legendary murals, bridge, some bridges (Old Market Bridge in the pic above), replica of pirate ship, replica of a royal windmill and a fort, complete with cannons, abandoned old Cathay Cinema, iguanas (they are like everywhere, especially among the paya bakau trees), etc etc etc.

Stop by the famous Jam Besar Cendol (next to the red town area)

MrComot slurping the cendol.

The Red Town. All the tourist attraction cluttered here, like A Famosa and Porta de Santiago. Anyway we didn't manage to stop by here because everybody was super hungry and the tourist guide had to bring us to any restaurant in that area.

Zahra all flat when we hit the bus again and doze off in a blink. We supposed to go down and have lunch in kedai makan (and all of them serve asam pedas melaka!) but kesian Zahra keep on bangun when she just fell asleep (she won't sleep back in the carrier or when we carry her) so we decided not to go down and MrComot just tapau-ed any food he can find for us and eat in the bus.

MrComot with her rice + bull's eye egg + vege and me with my asam pedas yg tak sedap :( Uwaaaaa I want asam pedas Melaka!!!!

After everybody get back from lunch, we supposed to re-stop at the Red Town but everyone is so tired and request to go back (most of them are pakcik makcik over 60 years old, the eldest one is 85 yo) so yeah, we stop at the nearest shopping area (forgot the place name, but I've there before) for souvenirs. On the way to the place, we can see array of shops selling YUMMY authentic kebaya nyonya and I was like..uwaaaa I want to stop there. Haha.. but this is family day, not shopping trip. Not that I mind, we can go again to Melaka, it't not that far :)

Our trip ended with this swarm of bees. The bus parked at the roadside and everything was calm and normal til half an hour after that (when everyone was having their lunch). Suddenly the town is filled with bees and flying around like an attack. The firearm siap datang tengok the situation. Luckily none of the bees get into the bus even though the door was open that time.

Overall, it was a satisfying and enjoyable trip. We get to sit and relax together, one big family. We rarely see each other so family day is a good event to gather all of us.

About us and Zahra, we survived the bus riding! Haha.. She's all fine only that restless sometimes because she can't roam around like usual. It's hard to keep her still and I'm a bit worn as well because all she wants for comfort is my boobs. And she didn't eat well during the trip. I notice that it's harder to feed her when we are on travel because maybe the food doesn't suit her or she isn't in the mood. And the time makan pun lari2 kan..I didn't bring any of her food, just feed her whatever we can find on the way.

And one thing that I find amusing is, Zahra didn't vomit at all. Not that I want her to vomit but you know..those days, me and all my sibling never fail to vomit when we travel by bus..up to certain age. I stop vomiting when I was in primary school I think. And MrComot also had this weakness haha. Dia lagi la..until awal2 kerja pun still feel nauseated when on the LRT!

Kids these days, sure tough one. When I was a kid, my best friend will be A FEW of plastic bag if traveling by bus. Sure muntah punya hehe. And I still remember there is one accident when I fell asleep after vomit and was holding the plastic bag full of you know what..and then the bus did this emengency break and splash! Ok ewww ewww ewwww.. u know it and stop imagining ok :P

Well, that's the recap of our Melaka trip! Now I remember that I still owe this blog the Langkawi trip..soon ok..sooon :P


  1. ahhh...i miss melaka when reading this entry...

    btw,ade one road tu kan time we pass by(if im not mistaken,near Jonker Road),rijal cried like hell,shut his eyes.until we reached town...bulu roma pon tetibe meremang...heh..

    tp asam pedas melaka best ann!hahaha...saje je teased u ;)

  2. WAAA..diam-diam u dah joint trip ek aan?nice one..Melaka is sure super hot now days.Last trip bila i datang melawat negeri hang tuah ni is last year while pregnantkan azril.
    Oh i tak sure nak bawak azril travel by bus as dia sangat super aktif kid.kalu tempat yang ramai and agak stuffy dia cepat rimas.huuhu.

    Pergi supermarket bleh la plak kan.ehem..ehem...hehehe

  3. wah, seronoknye! nak bt gak la trip mcm nie...

    tapikan, nape muke zahra tu asik ketat je eh? hehehehe....

  4. ohhh sgt best..sgt best..

  5. salam,

    family sewa bus? giler well organised y'ol!
    my family nak arrive on time for makan pun tak bleh...

    saspek la kat y'ol!

    OTOH, malu seh me dok melaka tapi tak naik lagi river cruise tu...

  6. pigi hang tuah itu hanya 5 minit saja dari rumah saya! wawawa..! kalau tak dah boleh jumpa mommy dan itu muchkin 0_o

  7. Ummi,
    Haa jonker road tu? Nasib baik me tak bawak Zahra pegi..dah la malam2 havoc kan. Kalau drive sendiri mmg nak bawak dia pegi malam. Hehe I knoww..asam pedas melaka..dang!

    Supermarket mommy dia pun happy kan? kan? hehehe

    Mommy Fara,
    A'ah most of the time ketat je muka dia haha. Dia rimas, naik bas lagi tak leh gerak sana sini, pastu Melaka punya panas..ouch..menyengat ok.

  8. Fitri,
    Best..different experience travel with big group hehe

    Me pun saspek haha. Giler komited derang2 ni. pun duduk Terengganu, tapi Pulau Kapas pun tak pegi lagi. Tourist je yg nak pegi ni :P

    YE KE??! tak thot u in KL? Takpe time insyaAllah..gamba byk ni, mesti cam..kalau terjumpa pun tepuk je ok hehe