Friday, April 15, 2011

My Gluttony Pwincess

My little pwincess is 1 year 3 months now!!

I still have this amazed-very-much-feeling on how a little tot grows to be such clever and pretty baby. I'm sure every mommy feels the same, I mean from how they know nothing, and can do this and that, and how they figure out how to tiptoe when the thing is higher than them? It's amazing right? Something we never taught them to do but they develop the skill bits by bits..all by themselves. Human is very interesting.

My baby is not a baby anymore. She knows when I get angry at her (but never scared of me! Instead she will keep quiet and sit still, up to few minutes then try to talk to me like usual. Just like me! I find it awkward and guilty when people get angry at me, so I just stay quiet until everything I find the strength to apologize hehe). She imitates a lot of thing, like sweeping the floor, puff her face with the compact powder sponge, wipe the table if she sees water droplets, etc etc. Don't you think babies are clever?

Talking about imitation, this reminds me that we have to start talk nice thing only (no cursing on bad traffic), and do nice thing all the time, like saying thank you whenever we get something, and never throw tantrums no matter how tired we are. I don't wantto raise Zahra in angry environment or she becomes an angry person. Such a hard thing to we always forget about ethics when emotion taken over and yeah, even adult is actually a baby inside.

Zahra has 8 teeth, 5 teeth for upper and 3 teeth for lower, both central incisor. Yang upper tu funny a bit..she has 4 betul-betul tengah..then selang satu..and ada seketul kat tepi haha. It's hard for me to explain, jap I draw for my keeps :D
Haa...macam tu la..funny ok..tiba2 ada tepi with gap hehe

She eats a lot I can't believe it..but kids growing up like that lah. So every weekend I'll still cook for her, if not for me hehe. Porridge is wajib. Talking about food, Zahra dah buat balik perangai lama. She refuses milk! Via bottle or sippy cup or cup with straw. I don't know what to do with this kid anymore. She rejects my EBM, I even bought the formula milk and she drinks like a few days, then pangg...smash the bottle. I also bought the the Dutch Lady Kid in strawberry (which is super sweet taste like Sirap Bandung to me!) but still tanak. Just a few sips and that's it. She eats normally at the babysitter, drinks water but no milk. She will wait for me every evening, and the moment I pick her she will pull my cloth and say 'NAK!'. I have no problem actually she doesn't drink at the babysitter, and only wait for me, but somehow I have to wean her sooner or later. And sayang my EBM still in the fridge. MrComot siap cakap nak buat siram pokok bunga *sob sob*

Her current favourite fruits are mango and strawberry. Below is Zahra's latest pic, this morning ;)

Zahra with sweet strawberry.
Abaikan the hairclip yg nak jatuh tu ok. She saw the hairclip this morning and point it to me sambil sengih2, meanign she wants me to pakaikan her the clip, which I did, and after a while dia mengamuk pulak, tarik2 nak tercabut hehe.

Hmm sedapnya mummy

I want more!

I'm not a fan of strawberry and in fact stop buying them long time ago because every strawberry I bought is sour! Tak kisah la from US ke Cameran Highland ke, mesti masam sakit hati punya. I started to buy back when I saw this attractive advertisement about Korean Strawberry on Rapid Bus KL with their tagline fresh and sweet. Ada gambar one Korean girl with the juicy strawberry, seriously the advertisement got me haha. So I bought 2 packet and guess what? Ok la..takde la manis, but tak masam! And sedap! So I gave to Zahra and she likes it and keep on asking for more, 'nak! nak! nak!'. Haha..

Talking about strawberry, Zahra ni cheeky monkey betul. She always greedy when comes to her favourite food. Whenever I gave her strawberry, she will eat few bites, then quickly wallop the last big chunk into her mouth and munch it with ballooning cheek. Sooo gluttony!

And mango, she can finish a whole mango by herself! I always had to stop her 'slow down Zahra, slow dowwnn..'.

I don't know her height now but she can't stand under the dining table anymore, her weight is about 9-10kg, and weight a ton if she mengamuk - lembikkan badan. There was this one incident I was holding her and she's throwing tantrum and I didn't expect her to push her body out that strong and thump!! terus jatuh kepala belakang terantuk kat simen. Nasib baik tak tinggi sangat..haish..little one, stop making mommy feel bad ok.

She still pretty much fascinates with birds that I plan to bring her to bird park soon. Her vocab expand to few more things, will say choos whenever see any shoes, and say ayaaaa (as in hello I think?) when she take my phone and put it next to her ear, like having a conversation with somebody.

She also behaving very well, she will put back stuff she took from the cupboard, and close the door. Then she won't simply throw things like camera, handphone, she will gently put it on the table or any surface or give it to me.

One thing I like about her or kids this age is I can squeeze and kiss and snuggle with her without afraid of hurting her, physically... Sebab rasa geramm kannn..sometimes I squeeze her too hard when hugging her hehe.

Overall, other than a little tantrum, she's a good baby, and a healthy one. Mummy hope you stay strong and grow up be a good, clever, pretty girl ok?

Happy 1y3m my cotton candy! Mwahhhhh!!!!


  1. Cotton candy ;) yummy hehehehe..

    hi zara lama tak tengok u in action.hehehe..

    Aan i dun have problem with my son..kalu bab minum susu..thank god dia suke minum susu lagi.kalu tak pening me macam mana nak kasi susu.Lagi satu dia tak suke daging!!

    hoho....mesti keluarkan balik punye..hmmmmm.....

  2. mcm member maria pn anak dia lebih suka direct..ebm yg byk2 kat rumah tu dia kata buat mandi susu..heheh..aqil baru ada 6 gigi..bila mau tumbuh lg entah..hehe

  3. :) comel, behave je.
    maryam suka throw things (handphone lah particularly) ishh geram!

  4. zahra yg selalu mis cite tentang zahra.....

  5. Lin,
    Tu rasa kids this age better suka susu than makanan lain..sbb at least mcm dah ada all the vitamins kan hehe. Zahra pun tak suka beef now! Dia buang balik. Lupa nak update

    Serious mandi susu? Err mcm tak berani haha. Nanti me kena wean jugak Zahra ni, tu yg risau dia tak minum bottle.

    Kalau time dia mengamuk, buang jugak..tak kira apa kat tangan. Me kena bitau slowly. Lagi me marah, lagi dia buat. Kadang2 terbab jugak tgn tu hehe. Now dia mcm dah tak baling

    Mommy Fara,
    Haha budak kecik makan strawberry pun rasa comel kan.. They are such a joy n bless from God