Friday, December 30, 2011

Missing my Pwincess

It's almost new year and I was looking back my life 2011, wanted to recap about it but couldn't.. when I found Zahra's pic during her peak with Nephrotic Syndrome. It's too saddening and heartbreaking. I'll write about it..but later, not today.

And looking at the pictures also make me miss my princess so much. I miss Emir too, but I miss Zahra more, at this moment.

Zahra playing masak-masak

Wearing mummy's house-slipper at the porch

Zahra-daddy-iPad time

Happy Friday everyone, and happy new year in advanced! What's ur resolution? It doesn't matter if it's recycled from many past years, mine too! At least we have one right? ;)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Obi Wan Andes

I was feeling a bit princessy last week and decided to wear my jeweltone poplook dress which I bought right before gave birth to Emir. I haven't wear it, and it was my first time. After giving some thought, I decided to pair it with a runched long darker tone cardigan.

And being excited with the new dress, I keep on parading it in front of MrComot while we are dressing up and asked:

Me: Cantik tak? Cantik kannnnnnnnnn
MrComot: Hmmm...macam obi wan kenobi
Me: Haaaa? Yeee keeee *tapi still tersengih-sengih sebab feeling cantik jugak*
MrComot: *tak puas hati with my expression* Sayang tahu tak siapa Obi Wan Kenobi?
Me: Tahu la! Star Wars!
MrComot: Wahhhhhhhh terernya sayang!
Me: *senyum-senyum..still feeling princessy*
MrComot: *still tak puas hati* Kalau sayang tahu, siapa dia dalam Star Wars?
Me: Hmmm..ntah? Anak darth vader?
MrComot: Ish ish ishhhh sayang ni.. cikgu Luke Skywalker la
Me: Ye ke? Mana la me bukan fan Star Wars. Whatever la siapa dia.. Tapi..cantik kan this dress?
MrComot: Hmm.. cantik, tapi macam Obi Wan Kenobi la
Me: Hah?
MrComot: A'ah sebijik. Minus the saber light and belt. *and terus googling the image via his phone and show me sambil tersengih-sengih*

Apparently, this is how Obi Wan Kenobi looks like T__T.

Well, I know that he's wearing a cape or whatever it is, and some sort of man-dress underneath, but I totally forgot the color, and my combination is exactly like his, dang!

And he keeps on calling me Obi Wan Kenobi after that. When I show no interest with the tease, he changed it to Jar Jar Binks, boleh?

And this is how Jar Jar Binks looks like. Grrrrr...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winky Wednesday

As promised, want to show the other day-romper - Winky Wednesday.

Happy Winky Wednesday everyone! From Emir ;)

Click here to see Emir in Toad Tuesday :D

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Happy Tuesday everyone! I had a great weekend as my parent is in town! Yeay! I missed them soo much and when my parent is around, means everybody will be around too! My brother, my uncles, will come at my place :D

We had few celebrations, first up, my FIL birthday where we celebrated at Ayers Rock and then when my parents came down, we had big dinner at Muhibbah Sg Penchala.

Happy events aside, I have two problems with my babies now

1) Zahra - TANAK MAKAN!!! Eeeeiiii I don't know la she's going through a phase or simply hate eating? She's been busy playing and distracted by a lot of thing and refused to eat whatever I gave her. I even give real adult food, tanak ok!! Dia makan a few spoon then don't want to eat and continue playing. I think dia makan pun just to alas perut because of hunger. And she's basically living on milk now. That day when we went to Muhibbah, I tried to feed her with all our food and in the end tahu dia makan apa je? Peanuts!! All the way through dinner. Sigh.

2) Emir - TANAK MINUM BOTTLE!!! Eeeiii ni lagi sorang pitam! Before going to babysitter dia memang refused, tapi minum la jugak. And after back from there, terus tanak. I think it's just a matter of preference, macam dia tahu, after balik babysitter can direct feed and he prefers that. But during the long holiday, I still tried to give the milk via bottle to avoid a total refusal, and guess what, memang tanak habis2, sampai sanggup tidur without minum susu, boleh???!?! Memang tak cukup minum la Emir last few days..I keep on giving him bottle and he will tolak2 with his tongue and cry his lung out. Then I let him calm a bit, and offer the bottle again, reject jugak and last2..nak tidur. I tried to change the teats, the milk temperature, the environment, I sang to him, etc..but semua tanak. I don't know lah today macam mana with babysitter, hopefully dia minum la :(

Anyway, to treat my Tuesday blues (and maybe yours ;) ), below is Zahra's video taken by my brother, when we were at Muhibbah. I think dia kenyang makan imaginary food dia kut.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Movie of the Night: The Sorcerer and The White Snake

#1 comment: Jet Li dah tua!
#2 comment: Senangnya role Jet Li this time, tak penat

I thought it is action + mystic movie but it's a love story actually. But not enough to shed my tears.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bawang Girl

One of Zahra's current hobbies is kopek bawang! I'll give the one without skin, and she will peel each layer to the core.

Yang peliknya, tak pedih mata pulak. Mummy dia yg pedihhh

This can keep her occupied for quite sometimes! She won't stop until her hand is sore.

Gigih ok

The max shallot she peeled was three at a time and lepas tu kuku dia pedih and came to me while showing me her hands

Zahra: Mummmyyy...sakett...
Me: Sakit? Sape buat?
Zahra: Bawammm bwat
Me: Ye ke? Mummy babbbb bawang

And I have to make action like babab the bawang with my hand. Selagi I tak babab bawang tu, selagi tu la mengadu tu me. Totti..tottii.. sayang yg pegi kupas bawang, tapi bawang yg buat sayang ish ish ish

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Funny Man

I already started working and I miss my babies so much! But surprisingly I'm okay leaving Emir at the babysitter's, takde la blues sangat, maybe sebab Zahra ada. So in a way macam lega, at least they can accompany each other.

Anyway MrComot was very funny last few days. MrComot ni kan.. BM dia takde la buruk..tapi takde la bagus. Haha keji tak? What I mean by not that good is, normal BM-KL ni ok la..tapi kalau perkataan yg jarang pakai, dia macam terbabas sebutan sikit. Last few days, 3 kali dia sebut perkataan salah in a day.

#1 - during the night, we are packing the kids bag

Me: Kita kena tanda la towel Zahra ni. Towel Emir tak beli lagi. Me nak tulis nama dengan marker nanti
MrComot: Me thought sayang nak ULAM (he's trying to tease me with my craft thing actually)
Me: SULAM!!!!
MrComot: Lebih kurang sama la tu
Me: Mana sama, sulam tu jahitan, ulam tu makanan haha
MrComot: Alaaaaaa...tapi u faham kan apa me nak cakap *geram*

Kann....nak cerca wifey la konon, tapi lepas tu kena cerca balik hahaha

#2 - The next morning on the way to work

MrComot: Sayang nak anything for breakfast tak?
Me: Hmm..nak beli apa eh?
MrComot: Karipap PULAS nak?
Me: Haaa?? PUSING!!!!
MrComot: Pulas dengan pusing sama la funny ok, because karipap pusing is his fav kuih, and yet...

#3 - Right after karipap pulas incident

MrComot: You know.. that day me dengar gotcha dekat hitz tau, they gotcha this one college student. Tak suka betul me dengan budak tu, dia BANGKAK sangat
MrComot: Haa? Apa-apa la..sama la tu! Dah nak sama bunyi dia

Hahaha..lawak ok kalau MrComot kantoi. Mesti cover gila-gila. But the best part is, I can guess exactly what he's trying to say, in a snap. Ya la...nama pun hubby wifey, mesti tahu kan. But he's so adorable in that way *loves*

Monday, December 19, 2011

Choc of the Day: Ritter Sport ala Mousse au Chocolat

...with fine cocoa.

Another ritter sport in my fridge. Expiry date: Oct 2011 :p

Anyway I love this one! Surprisingly sedap and suit my tastebud. Not too sweet but not bitter either. And yes, the chocolate tastes sooo fine that it stands out on itself without any other accessories like nuts or filling like caramel.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Movie of the Night: The Last Airbender

Dah lama x tengok movie together, hardly have the time and I think we missed almost all movies since 2009. Managed to watch this one sebab first time the kids sleep a bit earlier. Itupun because Zahra didn't have her nap tgh hari tadi. And only watch on laptop. Jadilah...

But boringnya cerita ni. Biasala cerita m.night shyamalam..

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Emir King

Guess what I did today?

Went to The Curve with Emir! *lap peluh fuh fuh fuh*

This is my first time doing it, going out with my kids without MrComot. Yeah, I've becoming dependent on him since Zahra is born. Tak berani betul nak keluar sendiri. Well, technically I'm not alone, my sister is on leave, so we went out together, but still! MrComot kan lelaki, gagah perkasa, tukang bawak stroller, keluar dari kereta, lipat masuk kereta balik, naik turun escalator with the stroller... So without him..I'm a bit scared. Hehe..

Anyway we were doing well and Emir was sleeping in the car. But the moment he is in the stroller, terbeliak mata asyik tengok environment. The Christmas deco already up so he must be fascinated with the lights.

Throughout the outing, he refused to sleep even though I can see he's so sleepy. Nevertheless Emir is a very good boy, takde menanges ke apa, provided, the stroller has to be on the move! Hahaha. Kalau berhenti lama sikit je, start la ekk ekk ekkk.

Emir and mommy in front of the deco

Had this yummilicious grilled hotate at Sushi King, Ikano.

Again at Sushi King, Emir refused to sleep in the stroller because tak bergerak kan, dah la I ni bijak pandai tak bawak bantal ke lapik ke apa..kalau tak boleh letak on the bench. Nursed him twice and managed to eat peacefully. Nasib baik bawak nursing cover, so that I don't have to stop eating and find nursing room.

Emir going to taste the hotate later ok, in your milk ;)

I love going out during weekdays, less crowd, faster lunch (no queue, server pun laju), and parking is a breeeeeze! We managed to park right in front of the lift.

Anyway, I'm going to start working next Monday, so welcome back reality!

Have a good weekend everyone! :*

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My 23months Darling

Dah lama tak update pasal Zahra.. I have so many stories to share but susah betul nak ambil gamba dia, so keep on tangguh..

My little princess is now 23 months! One more month to become 2yo toddler.

Now dah cerdik and banyak akal. Knows empathy, will console us when we make sad face, and laugh when we laugh. Knows when I merajuk and will pujuk me. Tapi boleh tahan ego and degil. Not degil, strong will :) Kalau she upset and cry, and if I don't pujuk her, she will keep on crying until somebody call her up and pujuk, barulah berhenti. Sejam pun sejam la..sampai tersedak-sedak. She won't go to you asking for a pujukan.

Her favourite food is mushroom soup, not the creamy one, but the clear one. I just roughly mince the grey oyster mushroom, sauteed some garlic and onion, add water, add mushroom, sprinkle some salt and coarse black pepper, that's it! Suka betul.

Her medicine also going to finished by next week. She's on 1/2 a tab of prednisone. Doakan no more relapse for her yer..thanks.. *sniffles*

With the tapered steroid, her mood also getting better nowadays. Loves to play and less cranky.

Sleep at 1230-1 AM every night..this one I don't know how to do it dah.. She can sleep a bit earlier if I bagi my bak and peluk dia sampai tertido. The thing is, Emir pun nak susu time tu, so memang susah sikit la. So she will watch the iPad until I'm available for her or by 1AM memang tak boleh tahan mata, so tertidur sendiri. Poor baby :(

On the speech, still babytalk a lot.. can string two words already. Ni lambat sikit, I tengok orang lain relax je cakap full sentence kan. She just want to sebut the last if 'mamam ubat' she will say 'bat', 'Zahra berak' will say 'yek' only. Now ada a few things dia dah string it like 'mana mummy?', 'Emir bangun' and 'cat geget'.

Current obsession is upin ipin, no more boboiboy hehe. And barney! Woww..barney tu lama betul dia suka, until now! Loves to play masak-masak..I have to spare real pots and utensils for her and her most fav ingredient is bawang haha.

Current teeth, dah a pair of gigi taring upper and lower.

Oh ya, obsession on upin ipin and barney tu for video je. But for cloth, dah start being choosy and so obsessed with Minnie Mouse! Sikit sikit nak Minnie, sikit sikit Minnie. Kalau nak pujuk keluar from bathroom, kena bribe with baju Minnie. Baju siang Minnie, malam pun Minnie! Haishh.. I don't have the time to buy and nak cari lagi..but my MIL la beli banyak betul baju Minnie, thank you ma! And let say baju tu dah habis kotor, have to tell her and show to her baju Minnie in laundry bag and she will said 'Minnie..syuk! Ewww' sambil pinching her nose. Haha so cute. Then she will stop asking for Minnie. Also obsessed with Angry Birds, but not as bad as Minnie.

Another obsession is wearing hat! Ok, not exactly hat, tapi apa tu topi yg baby pakai. I bought for her masa dia baby dulu from pumpkin patch tapi sekali pun tak pernah pakai because it's hot ok. Motip sangat beli topi bulu2 tapi duduk tempat panas kan. Well, I was naive and excited to get a baby and it's freaking cute hehe. Anyway berbaloi jugak, now she wants to wear it. Of course it doesn't fit her, but it's stretchable so pakai main-main boleh la.

Yes you make your daddy smile! So happy ok pulling that thing.

Suka blame cat. Kalau tangan sakit ' geget..', padahal dia garu sendiri. Bila masa cat gigit ntahh.

Loves dancing. She will move her hips and henjut2 badan while watching any dancing video on the youtube.

Oh ya, she can jump already! About a few inches from the ground. Excited betul budak tu when she discovers it.

Talking about youtube, Zahra is an explorer. Kan when we watch any youtube clip there will be another recommended/related link by the side. She always tap tap tap the iPad and sometimes I saw her watching weird2 clips, like boroi man tiup balloon? It's a challenge series, the big man is topless and will tiup belon every day, different2 shape. Like apakahh..mana dia jumpa ni. Then pasal dentist, then budak2 swim in the pool, ok that's not weird, but I never put it in search engine, dia cari and jumpa sendiri.

Dah pandai skype with my parents. Dulu2 dia macam tak kisah when I ON the skype, I have to hold her in front of the camera, now dia dah understand, she will tersengih2 depan tu and do some sort of actions like flying kiss.

I still breastfeeding her and haven't potty train yet.

That's all that I can remember. Stay well my princess. Be strong and grow up healthily.. Nanti kita pegi jalan-jalan ok? Mummy loves you soooo much!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Feeling Blue..

I'm busy sorting out my craft thing, especially my felt stash and found that..

I have blue felt in 5 shades!!!

Ok, boleh tak, tak ingat pun ada menda ni? *pitam*

Already finished cutting some felts to sell, but unfortunately not in all shades. Biru ni small cut je, so going to keep it for myself *loves!*

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Toady Tuesday

I'm on leave again today! I think nak cuti terus la habis this week. Next week baru start kerja. Emir is getting better, only some cough and just now he vomited out a batch of phlegm. Bagus baby! Kasi keluar itu semua.

Anyway, Emir Qalef is 2 months old! Well, 2mo 1w by today ;)

So let's see what he's up to.

Still pretty much a baby - sleeping! He sleeps through the day..and will wake in the evening and stay awake until 11PM or so. This time penat sikit because Zahra pun tidur lambat kan. I have to entertain both babies. Then he will sleep through the night until 5 or 6 AM in the morning, good boy!

Feeding pattern pun easy..maybe because I still direct feeding him, so just give whenever he wants it. I already introduce him to bottle and he's ok with it...SOMETIMES! Ok now that's a problem. A few days ago dia nak bottle, and today tanak pulak. You have to take sayang!! Nanti babysitter marah ok. my milk went into the sink, 2 oz pulak tu. Confident sangat dia nak minum. I'll try smaller amount this evening.

Very happy baby! He smiles a lot, like a lot! Nak tidur pun senyum. I have a lot of his smiling pic compared to Zahra, I have one only I think. Zahra susah betul nak senyum...

He loves to chat and response to every sound I make. He coos, goos, gaas, laugh (seriously, I think I heard he laughs that day) and loves affection especially when I put him on my lap, support his head with both hands and look into his eyes, he will smile and start talking. Such a talkative sweetheart.

Doesn't mind if I don't carry him. Ok this one I don't know true or not but it works for both my babies, my mom said jangan ajar carry dia sangat, nanti asyik nak kita carry. So I leave them on the comforter or lembek since day 1. Jarang sangat dukung, I think I dukung dia time dia batuk je kut..just to comfort him, then lepas batuk terus letak balik. Well, it works! So I can do my own work and nak tidurkan pun no need to riba.

I managed to cut his nails, ummm twice! Not bad hehe. Last time punyala takut, my mom had to do it.

Poos twice a day. Pees a lot. Oh ya talking about this, that day dia sunat kan. Haa lalink Khairiah, penjagaan dia senang je. Just wash it like usual with warm water, no soap. Then letak the eye ointment (I think work as antiseptic) everytime you change the diaper. Awal2 tu sometimes I let him diaperless for awhile, sebab tanak kepam je dalam diaper kan, kalau mcm ni kena stand by la takut dia kencing or berak, lapik with pelapik getah tu siap2.. hmm that's it I think. And seriously baby senang lega, by day 5, the ring fall off by itself! It's a bit swollen after that, I just put ubat gamat for 1 day, then the next day totally healed, like magic. Seriously cepat sangat, u can see the transformation in a day. Macam hari ke-5 tu, the ring tercabut quarter..tgh hari dah half..and by eh tercabut semua!

So let see how smiley he is!

Don't you think the romper is the cutest? I bought it from FOS. The moment I found it, terus rummaged for another day but managed to find Wednesday and Sunday only. Nanti Emir pakai I show off ok.

Btw I love love love rompers from FOS (they carry babygap, carters, okiedokie, old navy brand, reject or tak ori I don't know but the material is superb) as they have the softest knit cotton ever! I ada beli jugak baju Emir from Baby Kiko, Pureen, etc..but still no match. Knit cotton jugak but not as soft and stretchable. If you found this Monday-Sunday romper, share it with me! :D

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dr Firdaus yg handsome

Ok this entry is so not me, but couldn't help it so have to write about it.

Emir's cough and flu is quite bad on Saturday and he barely can sleep, woke up every 4 hours with blocked nose and can hear the phlegm. I know they normally don't give any medicine for 2 months baby, but maybe ada something for the blocked nose? We wait for a while but see no improvement on Sunday, so I decided to go to our regular clinic. (I stop using iliadin and nasal spray because it looks scary to me even though designed for infants).

So we went there and Dr Chua is unavailable, ada dr ganti. Terus kitaorg keluar from the clinic, tanak lah the dr ganti, had a bad experience with him. Last time about 2 weeks ago, Zahra got big nanah kat kepala and pecah, so bleeding quite bad, habis all the wet wipe soaked in blood, so pergi clinic and he don't even touch the head to check, just suluh with torchlight from far and suruh the nurse, clean here, clean there..hmm besar wound ni? kena warded..IV drip. Like wth.. I know he is a dr, tapi I dah lap the wound before so I know it's not that bad, cuma blood tanak stop. And my friend dah kena 2x with him, demam sikit je anak dia and suruh warded. So weird. Anyway we didn't admit Zahra to any hospital (I think it's ridiculous) and I just put ubat gamat, the dr don't even give us any antiseptic cream. Esok tengok ok je kepala Zahra.

Ok, so that's why we walked out the moment we heard dr ganti tu on duty that day so we just gamble went to other klinik.

We were the 1st patient and the dr is not there yet, have to wait for a while. Masa tu I was..haishhhh apa ni dr lambat. And then ada a young guy clad in tracksuit and jersey came in and bagi salam. I was like, ok..this is the dr ke? Baru balik jogging ke apa haha.

So yeah, when our name called, that's the dr. So I told him so and Emir's nose blocked, every 4 hours bla bla..I gave him iliadin, nasal spray bla bla bla..

And the conversation gets interesting!

He explained to me a lot of thing that I feel like we are having some medical discussion for exams! Hahaha. And the best thing is, the way he talks, sooo sesuaiiii dengan I (ewwww apakah iniii? haha) I mean, he's so sweet, soft spoken, tak kelam kabut, good structure, easy to understand for a layman person like me, and very informative. He treat me like I'm a well educated person (you know..walaupun I bukan doctor, dia takde la anggap macam I dont understand what he's saying) and took the effort to elaborate even though it's simple matter, like how should I keep my room airy and reduce the usage of the aircond. Pandai betul dia cakap, I don't feel like dia anggap I stupid ke, and make me feel glad that he pointing it out.

He asked a lot and the most important thing, he listens a lot too! I cakap macam makcik ke, cakap ayat tak tersusun ke, he listen and respond well to my query. Ohhh I suka ok orang yg bijak macam ni. What a refined man.

And the plus bonus, he is quite handsome *cough* *cough*

Dah la dia tak suka bagi ubat suka-suka. U know what I mean? Even though I keep on saying kesian Emir I takut ada infection etc, he said it's ok. What his concern is, even though the medicine can help, tapi he more worry the sedative effect in the medicine. So kalau 2 months better not giving anything, unless he's irritable and very bad. Emir pee and poo like usual, doesn't reject feeding, so it should be ok. The phlegm also only at the throat, not in the lung. And he refused to give me antibiotic. REFUSED ok hahaha. He said, he can give, but he doesn't see why Emir needs it. Sbb it's more to viral, not bacteria since Emir tak demam. Just high temp when he is stress. Ohhhh I love this doctor. So detail and concern. Yeah..concern is the word! Btw, he gave Bisolvon (1ml dose) to break the phlegm, only if it's so bad. He even taught us how to break the phlegm naturally. He asked if I know how to, I said I know..tepuk2 kat belakang tu, but maybe my face mcm tak sure or he likes me *puke*, that he said, let me show you.

Awwwwwwwww so sweet lah youuuuu! Haha..

Then I told him, I'm worried Emir can't sleep because he spent most of the time coughing and nak termuntah, but tak muntah, you know lah baby they don't know how to spit it out yet. And Emir = not sleeping, seriously worrying me.

He just give the sweetest smile and said 'Don't worry, he will catch up'

Awwwwww..he knows what to say to erase my worry without bagi ubat to Emir.

Other than that, he's quite young you know..maybe around 30 top. And ingat tak he gave us salam first, masa dia masuk the clinic. Double awwwwww. I know it's common, but is it really common? Honestly nowadays dah jarang jumpa orang bagi salam..normally will say, 'pagi!' or 'morning!'.. Ni lembut je dia cakap, 'Assalamualaikum..'

Alahai..cairnya hati I haha..

And you know how melted I was? The moment I am out from the clinic, the first thing that came across of my head is..Is this dr has a girlfriend? If not I want to introduce him to my girlfriends! Punyala high prospect ni :P

Btw, I didn't know his name until we are at the counter to take medicine and the pharmacist answering a call, apparently somebody asking who is the dr in charge that day and she said, Dr Firdaus. that's his name!

Anyway back to Emir, the phlegm still so bad that I decided to give 1 dose of the medicine (on the evening). Last night he vomit out a big batch of phlegm (thank God!) and I decided to take EL today. Kesian pulak Emir nak terus hantar ke babysitter. Lagipun nanti budak lain jangkit, I will feel very bad. But Alhamdulillah so far so good, he managed to sleep through the night, no more blocked nose and cough sikit je, and still sleeping until now! Wow..that's really a catch up!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Unwell Prince

Emir is unwell. Fever, cold, and cough, all in one package. Kesian dia nak tidur pun tak boleh. I tried to suck out the hingus but still sangkut and resort to iliadin drop (just bought and read the pamphlet inside, scary ok the side effects of OD or for sensitive people, which include vomiting, nausea, cardiac arrest --> wth!) Anyway after a drop of iliadin, he coughs so bad and vomit out all the milk, siap keluar through hidung lagi. First time macam tu, kesian dia. But I don't know was it because of his cough or iliadin.

Anyway the blocked nose clear and he finally fell asleep now.

Zahra first time demam masa she was 3months old and Emir masa 25 days dah kena, and now is the 2nd time, about 2 months. Takpe lah, in a way it will help him to build up the antibody. Only that I'm a tad worry because we are going to send him to babysitter next Monday. Hopefully he is well by that time. And I can't afford to take any leave because have to finish some work *sigh*

Get well soon my little prince!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Prince Story

Cepatnya masa berlalu, my confinement period is over and going back to work next week *sigh*. How I wish I can stay at home longer.

Before I bury myself in the workload, I better write about Emir's birth story.

I had a very tiring pregnancy with Emir. Maybe because the age factor, and a toddler in hands. The EDD was 6th Oct and MrComot already anxious since a week before. He keep on saying I have to take leave because I'm not that fit anymore and he has this hunch that my delivery will be very fast and he's afraid that he couldn't send me to the hospital on time if we are working.

I said no laaaa...sebab during Zahra I got signs, like bloody show, a week before! And then I started rasa sakit sikit2 since morning, tengah malam baru deliver, so it's like 12 hours sign, should be enough for us to rush to TMC.

I had checkup with Dr Fidak on 4th Oct where we did the CTG monitor, there is some contractions but irregular, so kitaorg macam, ok la...lambat lagi ni and next appointment will be on the next Saturday (8th Oct).

I went to work like usual on 5th Oct..bla bla bla..normal stuff. Pick up Zahra after work, went to my PIL for dinner, had some yummy Sari Ratu's gulai tunjang, seriously sedapnya.. my MIL tapau-ed the food. Finished the dinner and lepak2 at my PIL when around 930PM I started to feel some pain. I feel so uncomfortable and excused ourselves back to home.

At home, the pain is stronger but I'm afraid it's false alarm, so I keep on tawaf satu rumah because I read, kalau nak tahu betul ke tak, try to walk when the contraction comes, if still sakit, means betul lah. I tawaf tawaf tawaf but still sakit giler that I had to bend down and cringed in pain everytime the contraction hit me. My face must be look so sakit that Zahra came to me and said, 'Mummy..dah dah..' while patting my body, macam nak console me. I cried because terkejut, tak pernah Zahra buat mcm tu. Sooo sweet... And Zahra pun macam terkejut tengok my condition.

The most shocking part is, I time my contraction while tawaf dalam rumah and it's 3 minutes apart, like seriously? That time around 1030PM macam tu, and I think that's it la, it's real! So I said nak pegi hospital, took my time to had hot shower while MrComot prepared the half boiled egg. I tried to eat the egg tapi half je, sakit sangat sampai nak termuntah.

My PIL came to the house to take care of Zahra (thank God they are around) and we rushed to the hospital. Dr Fidak request me to SMS her if I'm about to deliver, but I still degil tanak SMS that day because masa Zahra I admit 830PM, deliver 1140PM, so banyak gap kan..I want to do the vagina check dulu, takut tak buka lagi, sakit je beriya, malu lah I. Hahaha boleh lagi fikir mcm tu. I planned sampai sana they check and then baru call or whatever la depends on the situation.

Sampai dekat ER, the nurse was shocked tengok my face during contraction that she said, 'she's in high contraction!' and quickly shove me into the wheelchair and run to the delivery room. RUN ok! I was like, betul ke minah ni? Teruk sangat ke my face.

Sampai je delivery room, the midwives check me and said I'm almost ready, it's 6cm! Masa tu semua dah panic. They call Dr Fidak and I already feel like to push, the midwives ask me to hold on because my waterbag still intact, so takut the womb bengkak. She also told me sorry no painkiller because already 6cm, it's too late, no point giving me, or I'll muntah afterwards. So I said ok lah..I want the laughing gas. But it was so painful, nak sedut laughing gas pun tak larat. I think sedut less than 10 times kut. After contraction je I terkulai layu. Then rest kejap contraction balik, must be 1 mins apart I guess.

Oh ya, I cried ok masa dia cakap 6cm tu, sebab..I feel too rushed! Rasa macam tak ready sangat nak deliver.

Then around 11 something I guess, the doctor came and guess what? I tak kenal okkk siapa haha. Apparently Dr Fidak is somewhere a bit further than Kota Damansara that time and they don't think she can make it, looking at my condition, so they replace with standby doctor. The dr gave salam and introduce herself (thank God for lady doctor! I segan sket with dr lelaki) and after checking me dia cakap I dah ready. She puts on her glove and break the water-bag and the baby already crowning! The doctor tak sempat pakai apron pun, eh what we call it, baju surgery tu.

I already feel the urge to push so she just sit in front of my leg and I push so hard and Emir came out, and Dr Arifah sambut the baby, in her t-shirt and jeans haha. And no episiotamy, sebab seriously tak sempat nak potong ke apa.

As simple as that!

Anyway talking about the delivery, it's totally different than Zahra. This time I can feel every single moves during the delivery process. I can feel the head come out from my V, and the the shoulder, and I can even feel the placenta going out also! Subhanallah, it was so surreal, such a miracle moment. Masa Zahra tak rasa sangat semua tu, maybe sebab high on laughing gas..

Then the nurse put Emir on my chest and again I cried, he feels soooooo warmmmmm...memang a bun from the oven. Dr Arifah proceed with withdrawing the cord blood, we finally opted to do the stem cells, with StemTech, a sister company to TMC.

Everything else also was so quick, Dr Arifah and the nurses cleaned me up and that's it! She congratulate me and said no stitch required. Even natural tear pun tak ada. I was so surprised.. but Alhamdulillah..

Cara deliver this time memang funny. Dulu masa Zahra siap ada letak kaki on the tempat kaki to hold my feet during pushing, letak CTG kat perut to see the contraction, kira proper la, semua lengkap. Time Emir, so basic, I just hold my legs with my hands, CTG pun ntah ke mana, local painkiller tak ada, Dr Arifah pun duduk bersimpuh elok je depan my kaki, and sambut baby. And done. Lepas tu boleh borak2 with MrComot and I keep on telling him that I can feel Emir keluar from down there. Macam tak percaya. And the first thing I ask after that is a cup of hot milo. So hungry! Haha..

Oh ya, I also tak sempat ambil the ubat berak. Forgot what is the medical term for it, kan before u deliver nurse will give so you'll clean ur bowel, takde la terberak during delivery ke apa. It was too rushed but I remember about it so I siap tanya 'Ok ke saya tak makan ubat berak tu lagi, nobody give me'. Hahaha the nurse marah gelak2 ok..she said it's ok, u dah nak beranak dah ni, u berak atas ni pun it's ok, don't worry about it'. Darn funny.. too sober, too conscious.

So Emir is born at 11.40PM, same time with Zahra, and on 5th Oct, a day ealier than the EDD, also same like Zahra! (Zahra's EDD is 11th Jan, delivered on 10th Jan). So cute la derang ni..

Below are few pics during the event:

My maternity room - Ostrich!

And next to Zahra dulu, Owl room :D

Emir on 7th Oct

Emir on 6th Oct

Zahra on 6th, came to visit me and the first thing she cari is bak. Adoi.. macam dia pulak baby, sleeping with me on the bed.

My first meal in the morning, bihun goreng kosong with fish porridge. I finished all and still feel so hungry!

My mom and dad came down the next day but I stayed at the hospital for another 2 nights because my mom is not so well, so macam tanak susah kan siapa2 to cook my lunch and dinner. Makan kat hospital la senang. Lagipun Zahra a bit cranky, I wrote about that in past entries.

MrComot suka lah.. he said his hunch is always right and this time, that I'm going to deliver that soon, and fast, betul2 jadi. He said the next time could be less than an hour. He keep on saying, 'tu laa.. taknak dengar cakap hubby, nasib baik beranak malam, kalau siang kat ofis, memang tak sempat dah sampai tropicana. Next time kena ambil cuti bila dah dekat2 ni'.

Ya la..ya la..I'll listen to you ok? And what's this next time? Pengsan..tunggu la 2-3 tahun lagi, insyAllah.. :)

Oh ya, teringat pasal bagi ubat. The next day (6th Oct) is medicine day for Zahra. Nobody can give her, including the nurse. Sebab Zahra datang hospital kan, so the nurse try bagi, siap wrap her with blanket, still she can struggle out. Lagipun I think the nurse takut kut, Zahra nanges giler and takut tercekik. In the end MrComot and I jugak yg bagi, and if only we can amik video how we force her to eat the medicine. Awal2 dulu I nanges, now not anymore. But kesian kat dia, dah almost 6 months, still degil tanak get used to it, so nak buat macam mana, terpaksa la 'kejam' sikit.. Sampai skrg still MrComot akan peluk ikat dia and I picit hidung dia and tekan her cheeks and she will ketap2 gigi and menjerit2, and I have to paksa jugak dia buka mulut and shot sikit2. The skill is, not to make her muntah. Sigh..Zahra...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


..will always be girls. No matter how tough and independent you are. At least in my case.

Tengah pump susu tadi and suddenly the lightning strike twice. And everything is off, fan, internet, fridge, etc. I was like..aaahhh sudahhhhh. I don't like it.

Well, I know I can do it, tap the power back, like I can change bulb, only IF I HAVE TO. Other than that, I'll gladly leave it to gentlemen.

So first thing first, whatsapp MrComot, playing damsel in distress. Hopeless and scared which lead to question

'sayang know how to do it tak?'

Then, action!

Of course la I know, tapi lengkap ngan glove ok, as resistant. Dalam hati debar je padahal the safety switch enough for you to push it back with your bare hands hehehe.

We don't have torch light btw, hmmm we do, but I don't know where is it, so I used Zahra's torchlight hehe. So comel!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I'm so busy these few days. Emir punya bird is healing. Cepat betul, but I was cautious so takleh fikir nak tulis apa. Asyik risau tengok bird dia hehe. And Zahra pulak got flu bug since Friday and last night complete with cough and occasional high temp. Kitaorg kalau Zahra demam ke batuk ke apa ke, stress sangat sebab takut Nephrotic dia naik. And smalam gigih tunggu her to pee and after dip stick, the result naik sikit +1. Rasa nak nanges pun ada. Semua orang jadi tension giler. And this morning check, it's back to trace, Alhamdulillahhhhhhh...

Not to mention we had to make her cry to go to sleep because she simply refused to sleep walaupun dah yawn berkali2 and mata dah bengkak2! Tak faham betul. We thot because of the iPad, macam kita la..dah mengantuk tapi ada movie best, so gigih tengok ni. So kitaorg siap jerkah marah (uhh sorry baby, so tired already) and sembunyi the iPad..menanges giler2 nak jugak. Last2 she slept at 1.30AM *sigh*

We were so tensed last night with the combo, flu cough dont want to sleep and Emir pun can't sleep if Zahra tak sleep. Derang ni macam kembar ok. The moment Zahra full volume, automatic Emir pun cries his lung out. Kalau Emir nanges, Zahra pun sibuk menangis. Sometimes nak tergelak, but kalau time penat, mmg geram sangat.

Before sleep, MrComot whatsapp me

'We try to sabar k, me love u, always'

Awww...thanks for keeping my sanity. Even though he is tired as well, he always remember about me.

Well that's family right. Macam-macam ragam. And kids..they are our sunshine, sometimes the shine is too strong that it burns your skin, sometimes the shine is so soft that lull your soul. Mommy always love you guys :*

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Anak Bujang

Emir officially anak bujang now!! The procedure done yesterday, Friday morning with Dr Hamid Arshad and Alhamdulillah everything went well.

Anyway I thot it would be simple and easy. is simple and easy actually, they use plastibell, only that I don't expect it turn out to be a bit disturbing to me haha. Especially masa trim tepi2 plastibell tu, the kulit kan tebal..mcm trim kain pulak. Halfway I rasa nak pitam ok, like seriously! I had to sit on a chair to calm myself. I'm not afraid of blood or surgery or whatever..tapi sebab tak expect mcm tu kut, so dizzy haha.

Anyway the doc gave eye ointment to put around the cut as antiseptic. They also gave local anesthestic. Emir tak meragam langsung malam tu thank God. Only siang tu, after 3-4 hours dia merengek2 sikit, I think the bius dah wear off.

No pic although I brought the camera, tapi bila nak ON je, battery flat! camera pun dah old..battery pun tak tahan padahal baru charge. Then my phone pun flat! Terlupa nak charge. And my hubby's phone can't take pic sbb email byk incoming, memory full. Macam2 ok.

So I leave this entry with happy picture instead.

Zahra singing twinkle twinkle little star to Emir. Tengok jari dia tu, siap ada action

Oh ya, they gave us back the skin in a jar for us to tanam, just like u tanam uri kan. I don't have the heart to snap a pic of it, as it is disturbing! Haha...

Enjoy ur weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just another rant

Sedar tak sedar, dah almost 2 months I in confinement and am supposed to go back to work next Monday! Pitam. Plan to take unpaid leave tapi kelam kabut tak buat. And am using my annual leave now.

Well, nak hantar Emir to the babysitter pun dah ok now, he seems so big and tough. And he's fine with bottle feed, so settle satu masalah. But ada masalah2 lain pulak, like I haven't urut with k.Ain (for the last time before masuk kerja), Emir takde baju!!!!, Emir tak sunat lagi, etc etc.. sigh

We plan to sunat Emir mmg since baby, but dekat Tropicana takde dr laki muslim, so balik rumah ting tong ting tong tangguh until now. So now or never! Haha takde la or tunggu nanti dah besar. I prefer now sebab I dont want to deal with drama nak menanges apa ke menda nanti besar nanti. And it's easily healed pun kalau time baby. So Emir baru 2 bulan, ok la..dia tak meniarap lagi, still can do.

And now kelam kabut call this hosp that hosp to check the availability. My gynea recommend Pantai (Dr Zain) and his charge is RM850!!! I never know it can be that expensive. Then I asked around, call again, at clinic around 250-300 je. So decided to do at clinic je, with dr Hamid Arshad. Dr Zain tu general surgeon, that's why mahal kut.

So settle satu hal, then urut nanti la..and beli baju..nanti la. Emir ada 4 helai sleepsuit je, and baju siang pakai je apa yg ada mismatch naju Zahra. Most of them dah tak muat, panjang jugak budak ni. So have to buy for babysitter. Skrg ni ok lagi as I can wash during the weekdays.

Oh ya, I use my annual leave balance for another week. So maybe hantar Emir to babysitter middle of Dec. Hopefully by then all settled. Anyway babysitter pun satu hal. She has to take care 7 kids now. Banyak kan.. MrComot cakap nak buat trial 2 months tengok Emir ok ke tak..sebab ada another baby there. And then lagi 2 bulan ada another baby. And next 2 bulan another baby!!!! Kebetulan semua yg hantar kat situ mengandung. So nanti ada 11 budak include 4 babies!! I dengar pun macam nak pitam. Tengoklah mcm mana. Kalau tak ok or kitaorg mcm tak sedap hati sgt, kena find solution lain :(


Zahra got new house slipper! And it's freaking cuteeeeeeee!!!

I bought mine long time ago and Zahra lovesss to wear my slipper. It's too big for her so I bought her the smallest size I could find.

I couldn't find the same bunnies btw, so Zahra punya comot sikit hahaha. But anything in smaller size is way cuter!

Anyway the smallest size still a tad big for her that she keep on slipping it off. So I sew a black 3/8" elastic at the back. Ala...macam getah pinggang tu. I've seen my mom using it dulu but for what, I dah lupa. Bought for a pack from Daiso at RM5.

And it's ready! Snugly and fit her nicely. When she's bigger, I can cut the elastic off.

Cute oversize bunnies on my feet!

Zahra in action! Hehe sneaky betul, can't take a proper pic of her that day. Lari sana sini.

Btw, she still prefers my bunny instead of hers! Nak jugakkk pakai yg mummy isk isk isk...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And the Routine Begins..

After a few months on pumping vacation (I stopped pumping around April 2011), now the routine begins. In fact this is a bit late compared during Zahra. I started to pump when she was 3 days old! Talking about semangat. And I managed to stock up a, A LOT! I was thinking that if I die, the milk can last Zahra for a year (my freezer freeze at -20, so macam deep freezer), that's how a lot. But most of them went to waste because she started to reject my EBM when she was about 13months.

So afraid sejarah mungkin berulang, I decided not to overdo it. I plan to just stock up a bit for emergencies and give Emir freshly pumped everyday. Kalau cukup. No no no. Can't say kalau cukup untuk breastfeed, MESTI CUKUP! I have to motivate myself, my body and brain that the milk is gonna be enough for daily supply. InsyaAllah..semuanya dengan izin Tuhan jugak..

Anyway talking about breastfeeding and pumping, honestly I feel a bit tired of it *sigh*. It is just a small feeling that linger in the air when I'm worn out. You know..something like this 'haishh...kena pam/susu again :('. Maybe it's part of the postpartum blues. Hopefully I can get it over soon. Breastmilk is the best and purest source to nourish them.. I'm keeping that in mind as my motivation and hopefully I can BF Emir at least for a year. Then we'll move to another a year *positive! positive!*

This morning session. So sleepy and have this strong urgency to go back to sleep after say bye-bye to MrComot and Zahra, but Emir is still sleeping, so I have to pump out, else susu kurang nanti, rugi.. Semangat! Come come to me!

And my sweetpea's latest pic! He is one smiley baby!

Ahh I forgot to write about Zahra and Emir punya progress. Later later..

Anyway, salam Muharram to everyone! What's ur resolution? Mesti Islamic punya sebab bulan Islam kan hehe. Mine as usual la, want to do more in ibadah, be a better person, a better wife, bla bla bla..same old story :( Must try harder to achieve it! And I was intrigued by one of my friend's status in FB, he says that Muharram means we have 9 months to Ramadhan! How fast time flies! Hope dipanjangkan umur for this Ramadhan, amin..

Friday, November 25, 2011

Buttons Overload

Remember when I created paypal account to buy craft supplies? Well..the parcel is already here... and it's an overload!

Well, I know I ordered quite a sum..because that's the minimum buy *see see see fell for their trick* but I don't expect it's gonna be, too much? Hahaha. Now scratching my head what I'm going to do with it.

Actually I'm ok with the amount because..well, I like it so much. Even though I couldn't finish it. I like to have the stocks and simpan like forever haha. I know I'm weird like that.. But the moment MrComot saw this package, he exclaimed,

'Sayang nak buka kilang ke apa?'

Haha dia xdela marah, surprised kut, ok I know I went overboard *sigh*. And now I'm thinking of selling some of these. Only that, I'm too lazy to sort it out and snap pic and pack and sell.. and the hardest, to calculate how much each button cost me and how much should I sell. Susah okkkk.... haha. I'm not a businessman by nature.

But but..kena let go jugak kut..not to mention my felt and ribbon stock lagi. Sigh sigh sigh.

So watch out this space crafters. I'm gonna sell some.. only that I don't know when! Ok..maybe before end of this year, since I'm in 'holiday' kan. And before MrComot menyampah tengok my craft supplies. Haha. Seriously, I'm so takut nowwwwwww!!

Morning Sunshines

Zahra...zahra...pagi2 dah mintak Emir to sleep on her stomach.

'mummyyy..babyyyy..bum!' while pointing to her stomach.

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Another busy days

Am not complaining..cuma kebetulan rasa penat sangat. That day the bbsitter's brother passed away, so seminggu me with Zahra. And this morning got a call, her niece pulak passed away. And kebetulan I did't send Zahra to bbsitter yesterday because MrComot had important work in CBJ so tak sempat nak send dia. And I dah berangan2 dlm otak smalam, bestnya Zahra pegi bbsitter today, as I need to clear up some work. Hmm seems kena tangguh la. So this means thursday - monday, another 5 days with her. I don't mind really, it's just am a bit worn out. Tenaga, mariiiiiiiiiiiii cepat. Ok gotta wallop big breakfast, long day to go.

Oh ya..everyday ada update, including today at 10, semua tu scheduled ok. Byk sgt cerita bertangguh nak tulis dlm ni.

Salam hari jumaat everyone. Semoga hari kita diberkati Allah SWT. Selamat bekerja ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baby Junk Food

Dah lama tak update about Zahra's food. Well, we still make her soups everyday. But lately the babysitter said she doesn't want her soups anymore. I guess because she sees everybody else eating different meal? Sebab kat rumah ok je dia makan. Last week when she is with me the whole week, pun ok je. So we still cook it.

We still don't give her any junk food, bukan la sebab strict sangat but I saw her eating some junks at babysitter even though I dah bagitau tak boleh salt/junk food to Zahra..but sometimes we caught her in action, so takpelah..I am thinking, since dia dah 'termakan' kat sana je, kat rumah no-no. Anyway, we gave her sumi jelly when she was on 4 tabs prednisone to pujuk her after the medication and she keep on asking for the sumi jelly after that. It's not that bad because dia makan pun 1-2 je but somehow macam tak best so I decided to make our own junk food.

This kristal jeli tastes exactly like sumijelly! But not as sweet... and less chemical (I guess, haven't studied on it).

And the best thing is, for one packet we can get approximately 8 x 50ml cube. So everytime Zahra asking for sumi, we'll give only 1 cube.

But I don't give this to her everyday. Normally on medicine day, depends on her situation. There are days when she keep on asking for sumi and I don't think she really wants it, so I just said 'sumi dah habis..nanti daddy beli kat Giant ok?' and she'll reply, 'Jaaaayeeenn, yeayy!' sambil angkat tangan macam shout hooray, tanda excited.. haha so comel.

This is my 3rd packet and I can see that Zahra not that excited with this 'sumi' anymore, like the first time. Maybe because one flavour jer, Mango. Ada lagi satu flavour strawberry, but tak berani bagi because dah 3 incident she has allergy with strawberry flavoured food. Real strawberry ok pulak.

So maybe I should start thinking other junk food that is..less junk?

Ohh agar-agar dia tak suka! But maybe I can try do it again with different flavour/approach.. Hmmm... So what's ur kid punya junk food?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Remember when I told that MrComot has this pain at his fingertips and tapak kaki, and some red spots? Well, he's all fine and thank God it wasn't measles. But at the same time, it remains a mystery to us!

The doctor said it could be allergy, and the pain is because water retention at those area, causing the skin to swell. He was prescribed with antihistamine but it doesn't work. Normally if you have allergy reaction and you take the antihistamine, the allergy will off like, almost immediately. MrComot punya last more than a week. Mula2 the red dots at fingertips and tepi2 tapak kaki, then it climbing tapak tangan, etc. So weird...

And after the red dots gone, the skin peeling off. The picture below taken 3 days ago, only at fingertips, and now the peeling is moving to the fingers and under the feet.

And another weird thing is, MrComot only consume normal food, so we are wondering what causing the allergy. MrComot punya theory lagi dahsyat, he said he think blood poisoning. He cleaned some fish that day, and got cut and the fish blood seep into the cut. could be, but don't you think it's a bit exaggerate?

Not to mention this is our first time to witness such allergy. Normally ada rashes or hard to breath, but pain at fingertips and feet + red dots + water retention? Sooo weird and it remains mystery to us!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blistering Blue Barnacles!

Tintin the movie is here! Well, that's old news I guess, and I don't think I will have a chance to watch it at cinema so I'm not pretty excited about it but when Wahdi wrote about his trip in Brussels where Tintin is originated, uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa jelesnya!! I want to watch Tintin! Well, I want to go to Brussels too, but that is far impossible hehe.

If you read my blog since early days, I've wrote about Tintin and I think I wrote more in blogdrive (but the account was deleted by admin because I was inactive for so long :( ). I started collecting Tintin since I was in uni days..that is like 6-8 years ago! And tell you what, I have all the series!! Mwahahahahahaha

My mom used to say, 'apa ni beli buku kartun mahal-mahal'. Ya lahhh..I am like 20 plus already and maybe she thinks Tintin is kartun budak2? And it is expensive! At least to me. Those days, it was priced at RM29.90 or so, and I went high and low looking for the best bargain and found my love snuggled in Chowrasta bookstore! It's a secondhand bookstore, not really a store, more like a shabby place filled with books and magazines from floor to the roof. But they also selling new books, and my Tintin all is only RM20!!

Oh my..I miss that place so much. This is one of the entry about it. I used to spend hours and hours on every outing and the uncle siap kenal I ok. But now I'm not sure if he still remember me, as it was years ago. Funny thing is, I kinda miss him too. He's so knowledgeable and good with books. If I looking for some titles, he knows exactly where to dig it and if he doesn't have it, he will recommend me another title/author but more or less is sooo my taste. Terer uncle tu! Last time I saw him when I went there with MrComot, he's so old already, and gained some weight. I hope he's doing well now... Oh ya, this is also the place I bought all my Sidney Sheldon's! Those were the days..

Anyway, after reading Wahdi's entry, I quickly went to upstairs to find my Tintin and could only find 4 of them!!! Dangg! I forgot that the rest is in Terengganu. I'm gonna bring all of them here! ASAP! Haha.

The only 4. Still in mint condition and crisp like new! I handle and flip it like holding a baby, so precious and carefully :P

You can see all the titles behind. I have them all except the last one, Tintin the Alph-Art. That one is special, not the comic itself, I think more like the sketches collection of Tintin. Anyway I couldn't find it anywhere, even in MPH/Kino/Borders/etc..

This comic also translated to dozens of language worldwide!

Oh ya, blistering blue barnacles is Captain Haddock's famous expressions :D

Monday, November 21, 2011

Weaning Zahra

As promised before, this is the story how we managed to wean Zahra! Yeayyyy!

Err...but but..we decided not to wean her. Boleh? So complicated. Nevermind, cerita satu2 dulu hehe.

As I wrote before, weaning a toddler (2yo) is hard because breastfeeding has become an emotional attachment to them, not as the drinking source. Kalau orang Melayu cakap, macam ketagih ganja! It's true..the moment Zahra latch on me, berpeluh-peluh dia macam syok giler sampai I pun saiko tengok ok. Are u ok? Are u ok? Haha. And now that she latches on me after come back from babysitter, normally the milk is gone already, I susukan Emir siap-siap, dia tak kisahh..bukan nak susu, saja je nak melekap. The first thing she asks when she steps into the house is 'bak' not mommy. Grrr....

I already can adapt 'two' babies and pretty much okay with Zahra bf-ing but during sleep time, it is very hard..because Emir will wakes up and I have to BF Emir and Zahra pun sibuk nak. I BF Emir with mengiring position and Zahra sanggup climb over to latch on the other boob. Gigih ni. Kalau kejap-kejap I won't mind, sometimes she's so sleepy so she is not that sober and doesn't feel 'kelenguhan' tonggeng nak melekap, so it will take sometimes, but I feel it, sakit pinggang ok. So I said, that's it, kena wean jugak.

I've put a lot of thing at my bak before, even ubat gamat, dia tak kisah ok. And this is the only thing that works for her...

Asam jawa!!!

It works on the first try, and until now! The moment she latch, she was stunned with the taste and stare at me and said;

'bak...yekkk!' (mommy's boobs got poop)

Apparently she thought that's how poop tastes like ahaha. Then I quickly said:

'hah? Ada yek? Suruh daddy wash'

And she rushed out from the room to her daddy while crying asking MrComot to carry her and wash her mouth. Hahaha.. for the first time I managed to sleep peacefully. Then when she woke up in the middle of the night, she asking for a latch, I will say, tak boleh, ada yek. Then she will say..'yekk..' with a very sad tone and went back to sleep. I'm so sedih too...see...I told ya, it's emotional attachment. Even myself not ready to let her go :(

Anyway she keep on asking for BF the next day, but then she will stop and told me my bak got yek and ask me to wash! Wahhh budak kecik ni dah improvised! Because she knows she can wash her mouth kan. So I just said, 'mommy dah wash, tapi ada yek jugak'. Then she will look pitifully at me and said 'bak..yek..washhh..eeeeeeee' and forget about bak after that. Haha that part tak sedih, dia cakap with cheeky tone.

By the way, I didn't do everytime because she never stop asking, and I have to go to the kitchen and open fridge and sapu and then basuh again when Emir pulak nak susu, so a bit hassle. So whenever she asks and my boob is empty, I just give it. So I think it gives her a wrong message that sometimes the yek is there, sometimes not. Whatever it is, the trick still works. I only do it during the weekend because she'll be with me the whole day kan..sikit2 mintak, susah la. During weekdays, I just layan her, only that I have to be smart, like BF Emir siap-siap before she comes back or pump some milk out for Emir later.

Talking about why I didn't wean her totally yet..well to be honest, I'm not ready. And I can feel she is not ready too.

And she has become a very good girl and sister. Sometimes, she just come and asking for bak, latch for a while, less than a minute and back continue her play. She doesn't get angry or upset anymore whenever I feed Emir and she understands that Emir need to drink.

Paling sedih after dia makan ubat in the morning, the medicine is so bitter that she'll ask for BF immediately. It's the only comfort source for her, for now... I have no heart to stop it yet. She's gonna finished the medication next I'll see where it will take us from there. For now, I'm not gonna wean her totally.

So yeah, that's my story. If you are about to wean your kids, you can try this method! It's natural and harmless :D