Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Toady Tuesday

I'm on leave again today! I think nak cuti terus la habis this week. Next week baru start kerja. Emir is getting better, only some cough and just now he vomited out a batch of phlegm. Bagus baby! Kasi keluar itu semua.

Anyway, Emir Qalef is 2 months old! Well, 2mo 1w by today ;)

So let's see what he's up to.

Still pretty much a baby - sleeping! He sleeps through the day..and will wake in the evening and stay awake until 11PM or so. This time penat sikit because Zahra pun tidur lambat kan. I have to entertain both babies. Then he will sleep through the night until 5 or 6 AM in the morning, good boy!

Feeding pattern pun easy..maybe because I still direct feeding him, so just give whenever he wants it. I already introduce him to bottle and he's ok with it...SOMETIMES! Ok now that's a problem. A few days ago dia nak bottle, and today tanak pulak. You have to take sayang!! Nanti babysitter marah ok. Hmmm..so my milk went into the sink, 2 oz pulak tu. Confident sangat dia nak minum. I'll try smaller amount this evening.

Very happy baby! He smiles a lot, like a lot! Nak tidur pun senyum. I have a lot of his smiling pic compared to Zahra, I have one only I think. Zahra susah betul nak senyum...

He loves to chat and response to every sound I make. He coos, goos, gaas, laugh (seriously, I think I heard he laughs that day) and loves affection especially when I put him on my lap, support his head with both hands and look into his eyes, he will smile and start talking. Such a talkative sweetheart.

Doesn't mind if I don't carry him. Ok this one I don't know true or not but it works for both my babies, my mom said jangan ajar carry dia sangat, nanti asyik nak kita carry. So I leave them on the comforter or lembek since day 1. Jarang sangat dukung, I think I dukung dia time dia batuk je kut..just to comfort him, then lepas batuk terus letak balik. Well, it works! So I can do my own work and nak tidurkan pun no need to riba.

I managed to cut his nails, ummm twice! Not bad hehe. Last time punyala takut, my mom had to do it.

Poos twice a day. Pees a lot. Oh ya talking about this, that day dia sunat kan. Haa lalink Khairiah, penjagaan dia senang je. Just wash it like usual with warm water, no soap. Then letak the eye ointment (I think work as antiseptic) everytime you change the diaper. Awal2 tu sometimes I let him diaperless for awhile, sebab tanak kepam je dalam diaper kan, kalau mcm ni kena stand by la takut dia kencing or berak, lapik with pelapik getah tu siap2.. hmm that's it I think. And seriously baby senang lega, by day 5, the ring fall off by itself! It's a bit swollen after that, I just put ubat gamat for 1 day, then the next day totally healed, like magic. Seriously cepat sangat, u can see the transformation in a day. Macam hari ke-5 tu, the ring tercabut quarter..tgh hari dah half..and by night..eh eh tercabut semua!

So let see how smiley he is!

Don't you think the romper is the cutest? I bought it from FOS. The moment I found it, terus rummaged for another day but managed to find Wednesday and Sunday only. Nanti Emir pakai I show off ok.

Btw I love love love rompers from FOS (they carry babygap, carters, okiedokie, old navy brand, reject or tak ori I don't know but the material is superb) as they have the softest knit cotton ever! I ada beli jugak baju Emir from Baby Kiko, Pureen, etc..but still no match. Knit cotton jugak but not as soft and stretchable. If you found this Monday-Sunday romper, share it with me! :D


  1. Brand Outlet pun ade gak jual tp FOS lagi murah.


  2. emir yg handsome..aunty ada anak pompuan..tua skit je dr kamu..nnt aunty kenalkan yek..mana tau emir bekenan..leh la aunty bermenantukan kamu yg handsome ini..hehe..

  3. Emir so comel
    n pandai pula dia ambil hati dgn senyum mcm tu
    btw i selalu jumpa Monday-Sunday romper tu dekat jualan bawah office ni
    they sell brand Carter if i'm not mistaken

  4. Fara,
    Me know BO satu je kat Ikano, a'ah mahal sikit tapi choices prettier :D Nak pakai basahan me pegi FOS je, berbaloi.

    Hehe harap2 perangai pun hensem nanti, aminnn.
    Ps: Bila maria nak update blog ni...

    Ye ke..tak sangka banyak. Masa me jumpa tu excited giler sbb tak pernah nampak. Me tak sure brand apa sbb dia dah koyakkan the label :P

  5. waaa makin mirip ngan Zahra la :)