Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Prince Story

Cepatnya masa berlalu, my confinement period is over and going back to work next week *sigh*. How I wish I can stay at home longer.

Before I bury myself in the workload, I better write about Emir's birth story.

I had a very tiring pregnancy with Emir. Maybe because the age factor, and a toddler in hands. The EDD was 6th Oct and MrComot already anxious since a week before. He keep on saying I have to take leave because I'm not that fit anymore and he has this hunch that my delivery will be very fast and he's afraid that he couldn't send me to the hospital on time if we are working.

I said no laaaa...sebab during Zahra I got signs, like bloody show, a week before! And then I started rasa sakit sikit2 since morning, tengah malam baru deliver, so it's like 12 hours sign, should be enough for us to rush to TMC.

I had checkup with Dr Fidak on 4th Oct where we did the CTG monitor, there is some contractions but irregular, so kitaorg macam, ok la...lambat lagi ni and next appointment will be on the next Saturday (8th Oct).

I went to work like usual on 5th Oct..bla bla bla..normal stuff. Pick up Zahra after work, went to my PIL for dinner, had some yummy Sari Ratu's gulai tunjang, seriously sedapnya.. my MIL tapau-ed the food. Finished the dinner and lepak2 at my PIL when around 930PM I started to feel some pain. I feel so uncomfortable and excused ourselves back to home.

At home, the pain is stronger but I'm afraid it's false alarm, so I keep on tawaf satu rumah because I read, kalau nak tahu betul ke tak, try to walk when the contraction comes, if still sakit, means betul lah. I tawaf tawaf tawaf but still sakit giler that I had to bend down and cringed in pain everytime the contraction hit me. My face must be look so sakit that Zahra came to me and said, 'Mummy..dah dah..' while patting my body, macam nak console me. I cried because terkejut, tak pernah Zahra buat mcm tu. Sooo sweet... And Zahra pun macam terkejut tengok my condition.

The most shocking part is, I time my contraction while tawaf dalam rumah and it's 3 minutes apart, like seriously? That time around 1030PM macam tu, and I think that's it la, it's real! So I said nak pegi hospital, took my time to had hot shower while MrComot prepared the half boiled egg. I tried to eat the egg tapi half je, sakit sangat sampai nak termuntah.

My PIL came to the house to take care of Zahra (thank God they are around) and we rushed to the hospital. Dr Fidak request me to SMS her if I'm about to deliver, but I still degil tanak SMS that day because masa Zahra I admit 830PM, deliver 1140PM, so banyak gap kan..I want to do the vagina check dulu, takut tak buka lagi, sakit je beriya, malu lah I. Hahaha boleh lagi fikir mcm tu. I planned sampai sana they check and then baru call or whatever la depends on the situation.

Sampai dekat ER, the nurse was shocked tengok my face during contraction that she said, 'she's in high contraction!' and quickly shove me into the wheelchair and run to the delivery room. RUN ok! I was like, betul ke minah ni? Teruk sangat ke my face.

Sampai je delivery room, the midwives check me and said I'm almost ready, it's 6cm! Masa tu semua dah panic. They call Dr Fidak and I already feel like to push, the midwives ask me to hold on because my waterbag still intact, so takut the womb bengkak. She also told me sorry no painkiller because already 6cm, it's too late, no point giving me, or I'll muntah afterwards. So I said ok lah..I want the laughing gas. But it was so painful, nak sedut laughing gas pun tak larat. I think sedut less than 10 times kut. After contraction je I terkulai layu. Then rest kejap contraction balik, must be 1 mins apart I guess.

Oh ya, I cried ok masa dia cakap 6cm tu, sebab..I feel too rushed! Rasa macam tak ready sangat nak deliver.

Then around 11 something I guess, the doctor came and guess what? I tak kenal okkk siapa haha. Apparently Dr Fidak is somewhere a bit further than Kota Damansara that time and they don't think she can make it, looking at my condition, so they replace with standby doctor. The dr gave salam and introduce herself (thank God for lady doctor! I segan sket with dr lelaki) and after checking me dia cakap I dah ready. She puts on her glove and break the water-bag and the baby already crowning! The doctor tak sempat pakai apron pun, eh what we call it, baju surgery tu.

I already feel the urge to push so she just sit in front of my leg and I push so hard and Emir came out, and Dr Arifah sambut the baby, in her t-shirt and jeans haha. And no episiotamy, sebab seriously tak sempat nak potong ke apa.

As simple as that!

Anyway talking about the delivery, it's totally different than Zahra. This time I can feel every single moves during the delivery process. I can feel the head come out from my V, and the the shoulder, and I can even feel the placenta going out also! Subhanallah, it was so surreal, such a miracle moment. Masa Zahra tak rasa sangat semua tu, maybe sebab high on laughing gas..

Then the nurse put Emir on my chest and again I cried, he feels soooooo warmmmmm...memang a bun from the oven. Dr Arifah proceed with withdrawing the cord blood, we finally opted to do the stem cells, with StemTech, a sister company to TMC.

Everything else also was so quick, Dr Arifah and the nurses cleaned me up and that's it! She congratulate me and said no stitch required. Even natural tear pun tak ada. I was so surprised.. but Alhamdulillah..

Cara deliver this time memang funny. Dulu masa Zahra siap ada letak kaki on the tempat kaki to hold my feet during pushing, letak CTG kat perut to see the contraction, kira proper la, semua lengkap. Time Emir, so basic, I just hold my legs with my hands, CTG pun ntah ke mana, local painkiller tak ada, Dr Arifah pun duduk bersimpuh elok je depan my kaki, and sambut baby. And done. Lepas tu boleh borak2 with MrComot and I keep on telling him that I can feel Emir keluar from down there. Macam tak percaya. And the first thing I ask after that is a cup of hot milo. So hungry! Haha..

Oh ya, I also tak sempat ambil the ubat berak. Forgot what is the medical term for it, kan before u deliver nurse will give so you'll clean ur bowel, takde la terberak during delivery ke apa. It was too rushed but I remember about it so I siap tanya 'Ok ke saya tak makan ubat berak tu lagi, nobody give me'. Hahaha the nurse marah gelak2 ok..she said it's ok, u dah nak beranak dah ni, u berak atas ni pun it's ok, don't worry about it'. Darn funny.. too sober, too conscious.

So Emir is born at 11.40PM, same time with Zahra, and on 5th Oct, a day ealier than the EDD, also same like Zahra! (Zahra's EDD is 11th Jan, delivered on 10th Jan). So cute la derang ni..

Below are few pics during the event:

My maternity room - Ostrich!

And next to Zahra dulu, Owl room :D

Emir on 7th Oct

Emir on 6th Oct

Zahra on 6th, came to visit me and the first thing she cari is bak. Adoi.. macam dia pulak baby, sleeping with me on the bed.

My first meal in the morning, bihun goreng kosong with fish porridge. I finished all and still feel so hungry!

My mom and dad came down the next day but I stayed at the hospital for another 2 nights because my mom is not so well, so macam tanak susah kan siapa2 to cook my lunch and dinner. Makan kat hospital la senang. Lagipun Zahra a bit cranky, I wrote about that in past entries.

MrComot suka lah.. he said his hunch is always right and this time, that I'm going to deliver that soon, and fast, betul2 jadi. He said the next time could be less than an hour. He keep on saying, 'tu laa.. taknak dengar cakap hubby, nasib baik beranak malam, kalau siang kat ofis, memang tak sempat dah sampai tropicana. Next time kena ambil cuti bila dah dekat2 ni'.

Ya la..ya la..I'll listen to you ok? And what's this next time? Pengsan..tunggu la 2-3 tahun lagi, insyAllah.. :)

Oh ya, teringat pasal bagi ubat. The next day (6th Oct) is medicine day for Zahra. Nobody can give her, including the nurse. Sebab Zahra datang hospital kan, so the nurse try bagi, siap wrap her with blanket, still she can struggle out. Lagipun I think the nurse takut kut, Zahra nanges giler and takut tercekik. In the end MrComot and I jugak yg bagi, and if only we can amik video how we force her to eat the medicine. Awal2 dulu I nanges, now not anymore. But kesian kat dia, dah almost 6 months, still degil tanak get used to it, so nak buat macam mana, terpaksa la 'kejam' sikit.. Sampai skrg still MrComot akan peluk ikat dia and I picit hidung dia and tekan her cheeks and she will ketap2 gigi and menjerit2, and I have to paksa jugak dia buka mulut and shot sikit2. The skill is, not to make her muntah. Sigh..Zahra...


  1. hihihih.. cute n funny. Tu la, every delivery different story. Kakak i pun 3 kali, 3 kali punya crita lain - lain.. hehe.
    part u terharu zahra pujuk u time contraction tu ... sob sob... buat i rindu kt ainaa. she slalu kalu i demam ke apa ke, dia yg concern lebih, bawakkan i air la, kdg2 tepuk2 konon nk bg tido :)) haih... now dat she's back with her mom in kl, rindu seme tu :(((

    btw.... selamat kembali berkerjaya :D

  2. experience bersalin mcm2 kan.. tapi alhamdulilah sis u bersalin sgt mudah siap xde koyak2...

  3. salam,

    your story macam all mother dreams... i mean MY dream la. SENANG!

    the first 1 will always be panjang cerita dari the next one...

    my 3rd time ni tatau la camner. we pilih operate lagi sbb dr. kamal bg syarat yang byk la plak...

    anyway, SYABAS MUMMY!

  4. Azleena,
    Thanks..hehe mesti rindu Ainaa giler, u two so close.. I pun rindu dia can? hehe

    Ain Nazri,
    Tu la..Alhamdulillah. Ada hikmahnya, sbb I nak kena jaga Zahra lagi, and kebetulan pantang sorang, Allah dah atur siap the journey for me :)

    Thanks! Operate pun xpe, janji baby and mummy selamat and sihat. Itu yang penting kan