Friday, December 30, 2011

Missing my Pwincess

It's almost new year and I was looking back my life 2011, wanted to recap about it but couldn't.. when I found Zahra's pic during her peak with Nephrotic Syndrome. It's too saddening and heartbreaking. I'll write about it..but later, not today.

And looking at the pictures also make me miss my princess so much. I miss Emir too, but I miss Zahra more, at this moment.

Zahra playing masak-masak

Wearing mummy's house-slipper at the porch

Zahra-daddy-iPad time

Happy Friday everyone, and happy new year in advanced! What's ur resolution? It doesn't matter if it's recycled from many past years, mine too! At least we have one right? ;)


  1. Aan bt sy pun rinduuuuuuuuuuuu sgt dgn Zahra (eh, tak de kene mengene kan?)

  2. Mommy Fara,
    Kannnnn...Zahra send hugs n kissess xoxo