Saturday, December 3, 2011

Anak Bujang

Emir officially anak bujang now!! The procedure done yesterday, Friday morning with Dr Hamid Arshad and Alhamdulillah everything went well.

Anyway I thot it would be simple and easy. is simple and easy actually, they use plastibell, only that I don't expect it turn out to be a bit disturbing to me haha. Especially masa trim tepi2 plastibell tu, the kulit kan tebal..mcm trim kain pulak. Halfway I rasa nak pitam ok, like seriously! I had to sit on a chair to calm myself. I'm not afraid of blood or surgery or whatever..tapi sebab tak expect mcm tu kut, so dizzy haha.

Anyway the doc gave eye ointment to put around the cut as antiseptic. They also gave local anesthestic. Emir tak meragam langsung malam tu thank God. Only siang tu, after 3-4 hours dia merengek2 sikit, I think the bius dah wear off.

No pic although I brought the camera, tapi bila nak ON je, battery flat! camera pun dah old..battery pun tak tahan padahal baru charge. Then my phone pun flat! Terlupa nak charge. And my hubby's phone can't take pic sbb email byk incoming, memory full. Macam2 ok.

So I leave this entry with happy picture instead.

Zahra singing twinkle twinkle little star to Emir. Tengok jari dia tu, siap ada action

Oh ya, they gave us back the skin in a jar for us to tanam, just like u tanam uri kan. I don't have the heart to snap a pic of it, as it is disturbing! Haha...

Enjoy ur weekend everyone!


  1. Emir dh sunat aan???? Bagusnya bagusnya :) ni raif dh besar susah la dah. Tggu besar lagi sket

  2. salam,

    giler ah Emir dah sunat. me jugak masih dgn pegangan biar dia besaq baru sunat so dia tau erti SAKIT. muahahhahahhahaha....

  3. I pon cam tatty, nk Danish rasa sakit sunat, hehehe. Btw, Danish pon baru reti buat twinkle2, heheh. So cute zahra entertain her little bro

  4. wow.. Emir dah sunat? i dah terbiasa dengan dah besar 6-10 year old baru first time i dgr baby 2 months dah sunat..

  5. Fitri,
    Kalau dah terlepas time baby, mmg kena tunggu besar terus. Kesian dia kalau time budak2 ni :D

    Tatty & Fiena,
    Oooooooooo.. hahaha. My friend pun prefers his son sunat masa besar, dia cakap ada event yg the son will remember. But me malas nak deal with the emotional drama later :p

    Yup, it's not common in our culture I guess, but actually bagus sunat baby..In fact they recommend masa 7 hari dah buat. Senang to heal and senang nak cuci. Masa sunat hari tu dah nampak ada smegma (the putih2 dlm bird) padahal baru 2 months.

  6. Salam,

    for me, hanto kan saja Eiman to my father. kejap jer siap! FREE lagi.
    lagi me ingat, time sunat tu, tombang sekor kambing lagi. kiranya qeqah + sunat gitu. muahhahha.. mak kedekut!