Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Happy Tuesday everyone! I had a great weekend as my parent is in town! Yeay! I missed them soo much and when my parent is around, means everybody will be around too! My brother, my uncles, will come at my place :D

We had few celebrations, first up, my FIL birthday where we celebrated at Ayers Rock and then when my parents came down, we had big dinner at Muhibbah Sg Penchala.

Happy events aside, I have two problems with my babies now

1) Zahra - TANAK MAKAN!!! Eeeeiiii I don't know la she's going through a phase or simply hate eating? She's been busy playing and distracted by a lot of thing and refused to eat whatever I gave her. I even give real adult food, tanak ok!! Dia makan a few spoon then don't want to eat and continue playing. I think dia makan pun just to alas perut because of hunger. And she's basically living on milk now. That day when we went to Muhibbah, I tried to feed her with all our food and in the end tahu dia makan apa je? Peanuts!! All the way through dinner. Sigh.

2) Emir - TANAK MINUM BOTTLE!!! Eeeiii ni lagi sorang pitam! Before going to babysitter dia memang refused, tapi minum la jugak. And after back from there, terus tanak. I think it's just a matter of preference, macam dia tahu, after balik babysitter can direct feed and he prefers that. But during the long holiday, I still tried to give the milk via bottle to avoid a total refusal, and guess what, memang tanak habis2, sampai sanggup tidur without minum susu, boleh???!?! Memang tak cukup minum la Emir last few days..I keep on giving him bottle and he will tolak2 with his tongue and cry his lung out. Then I let him calm a bit, and offer the bottle again, reject jugak and last2..nak tidur. I tried to change the teats, the milk temperature, the environment, I sang to him, etc..but semua tanak. I don't know lah today macam mana with babysitter, hopefully dia minum la :(

Anyway, to treat my Tuesday blues (and maybe yours ;) ), below is Zahra's video taken by my brother, when we were at Muhibbah. I think dia kenyang makan imaginary food dia kut.


  1. Aan : Pahat pon mcm tu dulu rejcting bottle, tapi kena takes time and patient nak bagi dia bottle.. Keep trying sampai dia nak.

  2. Rugi x dpt tgk vid. Opis sy block youtube.


  3. Sis,your baby refusing to be bottle-fed reminded me of mine. She used to hate bottle feeding, sampaikan my MIL hafta spoon-fed/dropper-fed her.hihi.

    It's a love n hate relationship for her. Dah almost 6 months baru she's sorta fine with it, tu pon provided I'm not around. :P

  4. Ilot,
    Kannn..now I remember cerita Pahat. Mengada kan derang2 ni, kecik2 dah suka boobies haha. Keep on trying now, hopefully ok la nanti. Thanks!

    Mommy Fara,
    Hehe..tengok kat rumah k!

    Tu la..me hope my babysitter can sabar with him. It takes a lot of patience and challenge! Wow..6 months..lama lagi tu Emir hehe