Thursday, December 15, 2011

My 23months Darling

Dah lama tak update pasal Zahra.. I have so many stories to share but susah betul nak ambil gamba dia, so keep on tangguh..

My little princess is now 23 months! One more month to become 2yo toddler.

Now dah cerdik and banyak akal. Knows empathy, will console us when we make sad face, and laugh when we laugh. Knows when I merajuk and will pujuk me. Tapi boleh tahan ego and degil. Not degil, strong will :) Kalau she upset and cry, and if I don't pujuk her, she will keep on crying until somebody call her up and pujuk, barulah berhenti. Sejam pun sejam la..sampai tersedak-sedak. She won't go to you asking for a pujukan.

Her favourite food is mushroom soup, not the creamy one, but the clear one. I just roughly mince the grey oyster mushroom, sauteed some garlic and onion, add water, add mushroom, sprinkle some salt and coarse black pepper, that's it! Suka betul.

Her medicine also going to finished by next week. She's on 1/2 a tab of prednisone. Doakan no more relapse for her yer..thanks.. *sniffles*

With the tapered steroid, her mood also getting better nowadays. Loves to play and less cranky.

Sleep at 1230-1 AM every night..this one I don't know how to do it dah.. She can sleep a bit earlier if I bagi my bak and peluk dia sampai tertido. The thing is, Emir pun nak susu time tu, so memang susah sikit la. So she will watch the iPad until I'm available for her or by 1AM memang tak boleh tahan mata, so tertidur sendiri. Poor baby :(

On the speech, still babytalk a lot.. can string two words already. Ni lambat sikit, I tengok orang lain relax je cakap full sentence kan. She just want to sebut the last if 'mamam ubat' she will say 'bat', 'Zahra berak' will say 'yek' only. Now ada a few things dia dah string it like 'mana mummy?', 'Emir bangun' and 'cat geget'.

Current obsession is upin ipin, no more boboiboy hehe. And barney! Woww..barney tu lama betul dia suka, until now! Loves to play masak-masak..I have to spare real pots and utensils for her and her most fav ingredient is bawang haha.

Current teeth, dah a pair of gigi taring upper and lower.

Oh ya, obsession on upin ipin and barney tu for video je. But for cloth, dah start being choosy and so obsessed with Minnie Mouse! Sikit sikit nak Minnie, sikit sikit Minnie. Kalau nak pujuk keluar from bathroom, kena bribe with baju Minnie. Baju siang Minnie, malam pun Minnie! Haishh.. I don't have the time to buy and nak cari lagi..but my MIL la beli banyak betul baju Minnie, thank you ma! And let say baju tu dah habis kotor, have to tell her and show to her baju Minnie in laundry bag and she will said 'Minnie..syuk! Ewww' sambil pinching her nose. Haha so cute. Then she will stop asking for Minnie. Also obsessed with Angry Birds, but not as bad as Minnie.

Another obsession is wearing hat! Ok, not exactly hat, tapi apa tu topi yg baby pakai. I bought for her masa dia baby dulu from pumpkin patch tapi sekali pun tak pernah pakai because it's hot ok. Motip sangat beli topi bulu2 tapi duduk tempat panas kan. Well, I was naive and excited to get a baby and it's freaking cute hehe. Anyway berbaloi jugak, now she wants to wear it. Of course it doesn't fit her, but it's stretchable so pakai main-main boleh la.

Yes you make your daddy smile! So happy ok pulling that thing.

Suka blame cat. Kalau tangan sakit ' geget..', padahal dia garu sendiri. Bila masa cat gigit ntahh.

Loves dancing. She will move her hips and henjut2 badan while watching any dancing video on the youtube.

Oh ya, she can jump already! About a few inches from the ground. Excited betul budak tu when she discovers it.

Talking about youtube, Zahra is an explorer. Kan when we watch any youtube clip there will be another recommended/related link by the side. She always tap tap tap the iPad and sometimes I saw her watching weird2 clips, like boroi man tiup balloon? It's a challenge series, the big man is topless and will tiup belon every day, different2 shape. Like apakahh..mana dia jumpa ni. Then pasal dentist, then budak2 swim in the pool, ok that's not weird, but I never put it in search engine, dia cari and jumpa sendiri.

Dah pandai skype with my parents. Dulu2 dia macam tak kisah when I ON the skype, I have to hold her in front of the camera, now dia dah understand, she will tersengih2 depan tu and do some sort of actions like flying kiss.

I still breastfeeding her and haven't potty train yet.

That's all that I can remember. Stay well my princess. Be strong and grow up healthily.. Nanti kita pegi jalan-jalan ok? Mummy loves you soooo much!


  1. salam,

    OK la, dia tetap bercakap. chumil anak dara ni.
    cepat sembuh ye Zahra, like sembuh betul-betul!

    cayang dia!

  2. Zahra yg comel. Dia adalah fav sy dr newborn smpi la nie. Tatau nape. Suka sgt. Hahahaha! Bila Aan cite, terase kenakalan die, terase kesakitan die, terase kegembiraan die...serius, Zahra mmg sumting.


    Anyway, semoga Zahra sembuh sepenuhnya! Mommy Fara doakan!

  3. pun tak potty rain azryl lagi tho i think dah kena start as size papampers dah nak menginjak ke xxl.(pengsan).

    Insyaallah aan, zara lepas ni tak perlu makan ubat doakan ya darl?muah.

  4. bila aan rajin update pasal anak2, terasa anak2 aan macam besar depan mata kitorg plak, hehe~

    semoga cheecky sokmo.

    emir's story? nexttt.. haha~

  5. Tatty,
    Me kagum Eiman dah boleh cakap proper. Takpe, different kids different development kan

    Thanks! Zahra strong girl ;)

    Thanks. Wahh Azryl dah XXL. Semangat boy! Zahra boleh muat lagi L, tapi dah ketat2. Hari tu plan nak train waktu confinement tapi tak larat..takpelah..nanti easier kut, dia lagi faham :)

    Alis, tulis sbb fascinate sangat tgk derang membesar, setiap bulan tukar2..and how they discover thing, so interesting. Hehe.. Emir pulak..sabar2 :P