Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Grapefruit Baby

I had my monthly checkup yesterday and Alhamdulillah, baby is fine. My uterus already as big as grapefruit! And baby is at 4cm long. I'm at 11 weeks (by machine's calculation, 10 weeks by manual) and since it's consistent, Doc decided to stick with machine's prediction :P

The cyst is still there at 2cm x 2 cm - no changes, so it is a benign (thank God) and oh MsNurse, the cyst is in ovari not uterus. I pun tak sure how la sebab the latest scanning tunjuk macam lain pulak.

Since I still have occasional spotting (about 4 times in 3 weeks), Doc still put me on Duphaston for another month *sigh*. But I decided to stop taking it if no spotting at all in 2 weeks, OK tak? If you have opinion, share it with me ok. Sebab from online reading, most of the mommies tak recommend to take Duphaston, but Doc said ok. So me so pening here.

On my body side, the waistline start to dissapear and I can't fit in my pants anymore. I gained 1 kilo every month and at 52 now. Always feel fatigue and short of breath, and still no appetite. The nausea is quite bad as for few days as I started to throw up every evening. Doc said I am at the highest peak of my hormon and all the symptom will be worse.

MrComot always softly pat my belly whenever I throw up and said "Baby...jangan buli mommy ok. Bagi mommy rehat ok..."

Hehehe it soothes me somehow :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Blue Room

Our last two weekends filled with painting. I like white room actually, but the guest room was not in good condition. The roof is leaking (the zinc dividing us and neighbour ran out the shape and causing the water to drip in) and is eating the 2nd guestroom. We weren't in rush to fix it but my parents is coming up on the next weekend (which is last Saturday) so we have to fix it, by hook or crook.

It's not that my parents care about the roof pun, as long as hujan tak jatuh atas derang time tido kan, but malu lahhhhhh... The leakage isn't new, dah berbulan-bulan okkk. The thing is, we are waiting for our favourite house-repair man to come, Ah Kam. Because he is neat and CHEAP. Itu yang penting. But kalau cheap service ni, banyak problem lain la pulak kan. He's so busy and keep on giving false hope with this line "I'll come next week". Next weeeekkkk laaaa. Berapa banyak next week dah dia janji, tapi tak muncul-muncul ok.

So that's it, we decided to call up some random numbers we got from roof repair pamphlets. We called 2 guys and ask for the price first. They came and check the roof and gave us ridiculous quotation!

The first guy said "It's RM1000, after discount RM900". MrComot said, OK I don't want, it's too expensive.

The second guy said "It's RM1800, after discount RM1700". MrComot said, I don't want, too expensive.

MOTIFFF RIBU-RIBU? Seriously we were like, what? Mahal sgt ke repair roof ni. But we knowwww mesti boleh dpt murah punya. So we decided to wait for Ah Kam. Tiba-tiba the 1.8K guy called up and said can give cheaper. MrComot said don't want, he doesn't have money and he's only willing to pay 500. Guess what? He said, OK I can do 500. Kannnnnnnnnnnnn. Motiff sangat ok. How come u can reduce from 1.8K to 500?

Menyesal tak sebut 300 ok. Hiks.

Since Ah Kam still not available, we decided to pull in the guy and settled for 500. I thinks it's not cheap and not expensive either. But I know his cost is less than 100. Whatever lah. Dah sebut kan, janji settle.

The leaked roof. Quite bad kan?

MrComot decided to paint the room. I was reluctant at first. I mean, the original color is still ok, only comot at the top la (malas actually) and the most important thing is, I can't join the excitement! I love love love painting tapi tak berani lah with my current condition. Takut kalau penat lebih-lebih will cause miscarriage kan. Since he insisted, I have to let him have all the fun by himself.

We chose blue based color. It's a warm pastel blue from Nippon (#blue breeze).

MrComot in action.

And the outcome. Not bad eh? We use white paint for the ceiling.

Actually I imagined the blue will be paler/lighter. It's a bit too thick for me. But ok lah...dah cat pun. The current curtain is in gold, it's an eyesore. Need to change the curtain pulak.

Oh ya, MrComot took 2 days and 3 extra night (after balik keja) to finish a whole room. Pretty tiring. If you can find a good painter at reasonable price, upah je la. Butttt, we had bad experience with Bangla painter (no offense), it's cheap, about RM100 per long wall, but but but the outcome sangat lah sakit hati ok. We asked him to paint the feature wall in red and comot ok. There is splash kiri kanan dekat wall yg color putih. And then keep on blaming the paint is no good one. Heloooooooo...we use the same paint to paint our master bedroom okkkkk je. And he finished the whole 5 litre paint for ONE wall only whilst we use the 5 litre for a whole room, siap ada balance lagi. So how?

If you have time, just do it yourself. Satisfaction is the key to happiness :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Touch Me Not

I got new handphone! Yeayyy!!!

Not that I need it as I already have a handphone, but it's zaman kitab taurat punya okkkk (inside joke with MakJanDa). Not that I care pun. I've been living with the old handphone like for years (since my SE dropped in the sea) and it is pretty normal to me. Only that I can't MMS or whatever lah.

Everytime my phone rings, the TV in the room will keep on blinking and MrComot come out with a theory that my phone have high radiation, so he bought me this!

My old nokia vs. Tube 5800

(Anyway, the old phone given my pet bro, Abg Namiri and thanks to you bro!!! I know u r reading this. Not that I don't like it, but I think dah lama pun pakai, the battery keep on habis hehehe. Thanks! Appreciate it a lot!)

It's my first ever touch screen phone and I'm having a hard time clicking on the virtual keyboard, but it's fun! I'm still exploring this phone though and already use the video call! Haha..mind my jakunness ok. MrComot was away last night for technical work at the office and he called me up when I was watching the TV, so I simply angkat and tiba2 nampak muka! It was very funny. And then it took me about a minute to figure out how to turn ON my video, and giggle-giggle can't believe we are video-calling. Sangat ketinggalan zaman ok :P

My TUBE still in basic mode now, no fancy theme, no songs (oh ya, I got free 1000 songs to download voucher!), no caller picture, etc etc but the best part is, my GPS is loaded with Garmin map!! So I don't have to use default NokiaMaps which means, no broadband usage. It's going to be unlimited and FREE!

The map

I know there is a lot of TUBE's fan out there and I have few tips I learnt:

1) If the phone ringing and u can't touch it to silent it or reject the call (especially in the meeting) just turn it down (telangkup kan dia), it will be in silent mode automatically. Cute isn't it?

2) Use Opera Mini for your browser, can be downloaded from It is way way faster and very light than using the default Nokia browser.

3) There is finger print resistent screen protector instead of normal one at RM45 (mine is normal btw and full of finger prints!)

So babes, lets MMS-ing and video-calling!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Little Visitor

The last checkup surprised us with two things. First; the baby's flickering hearbeat, second; there is a little visitor appeared along with the baby.

My gynea detected a small cyst on my left just below the baby.

The blue one is andes jr. and the red one is the cyst

I'm not sure if the cyst suddenly appear or already there for a long time, as I never know I have a cyst. I mean, I never go for any checkup previously. But I had one ultrasound for my colon thing last year and see no cyst. So I have a strong feeling that the cyst is new.

According to my gynea, some people do have cyst during early pregnancy as it helps to support the pregnancy itself. It would somehow dissappear during week 12 as by that time, placenta fully formed and connected to baby. It is something like benign. But if it doesn't go away, hmm I don't know what will happen, but will be bad I guess.

My gynea took the measurement and it's about 2mm x 2mm.

You can't remove the cyst by the way (at this phase). So I hope the next check up will show something positive - no cyst and a healthy baby :)

My bento set

One thing good about being pregnant is you can eat everything! You won't feel guilty because you know you are eating for the sake of baby and the best part is, you don't have to worry about the extra fats. It's all about being pregnant right? Even though the fats is 'invalid'.

But the bad thing is, you won't have the appetite!!! Arghhhhhhh!!!!

On the first month, I happily munching on everything I wanted but when my second month kick-in, I started to feel nausea and have this metal-taste in my mouth, ALL THE TIME! It's a torture you know! Because I am very hungry but tak lalu nak makan *nanges*

So I have to try eat anything I can in small portion within short interval period.

MrComot is a real darling because he prepares breakfast for me everyday, without fail. He let me sleep until he's ready in the working shirt and wake me up, to get ready while he's preparing the breakfast.

But it's not like he cooks or whatever. He just cut some fruits and prepare what I need to bring.

Every morning, this bag is ready

And the inside. Gigih ok keluarkan balik everything to snap. This is the 1st time he prepares it so I kinda excited and want to write about this.

Anyway, paper bag is not practical ok as it tends to tear so now I'm using this hand-made canvas bag by Dzaliqa. It's soo kawai!! I purchased this long time ago (before married lagi I think) but now it's my official bento bag :D

Fabric limited from Ikea

My breakfast (whole day tid-bit actually as I can't finish the whole thing in the morning) varies each day but generally will include two types of fruits (and I'm having mango everyyyydaayyyy), one flavoured milk (I don't like plain milk, ewwwwwww) and some crackers. Crackers is for evening as I start to feel very hungry at 5PM.

I hope this 'no appetite' phase will fastly swift with 'mengidam' phase. I am hungryyyyyyyy.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Andes junior in the making

Hi all,

Sorry for the long hiatus. I'm not feeling very well and believe it or not, I feel sick with Internet!! (hopefully this will be temporary, it's a bit handicapped without Internet) I still blog hopping to my daily doses but not as much as I used to. Anyway seems like entries on Japan will be delayed *again* as I have another story to share :)

I am pregnant!!! :D

Hahaha so plastic ok, I mean the way I announce it. Anyway this is the reason why I didn't update my blog, because I am not in a good shape, physically and mentally. It's still too early by the way, I mean the pregnancy. I am at 8 weeks or 7 weeks not sure! Ok the manual calculation by doctor is 7 weeks, but the calculation based on scanning is 8 weeks. So whatever lah, around that time :)

I took the hcg test at home when I was 1 week delay. Actually I wanted to surprise MrComot, tapi dia yang sibuk2 calculate my period circulation okkkk, so how to surprise haihhh. So this pregnancy is actually kinda expected.

Anyway, my pregnancy is not easy like the normal pregnancy. Remember when I made an entry about my stress? I know already I am pregnant that time (around 4 weeks I guess) but I was having spotting everyday. EVERYDAY! for about 3 weeks. I was on Duphaston that time and supposed to help me stop the spotting. After 3 days taking Duphaston, I had heavy bleeding and I was freaking out! That was when I wrote the entry. I quickly called my gynea and she gave me an injection at the butt to strengthen the womb.

Oh ya, spotting and bleeding is a sign of threatened pregnancy. It could lead to miscarriage but some are just fine. So if you are experiencing this, quickly see your gynea. It could be nothing though but it is not normal.

Since I was only 4 weeks, gynea can't tell much from the scan result as we still can see the sac secured in the womb. Doc asked me to wait for another 3 weeks before we can see anything and rush to the nearest hospital if I bleed with jelly thing, as miscarriage might happen.

After that, I chilled down and just redha, if God want to give, He will give, if he doesn't he will take back right?

Thrice a day for another month *sigh*

Last Wednesday, we went for another ultrasound and my baby's heart is flickering!!!! I was sooo stunned and excited! Alhamdulillah is all I can say. However, it's still tooo early. I am only 2 months and in 1st trimester. Anything still could happen. Doc still request me to take Duphaston till week 12. My next check-up will be end of this month and we'll see how ok? Hopefully baby stay strong and membesar bagai johan.

Oh ya, actually I'm quite reluctant to share this thing as I heard a lot saying wait till you confirmed first (when baby is stable) but I think it's better for me to write this so maybe there are moms-to-be having the same symptom and can make this as referal. Not all pregnancy is beautiful ok?

Ehhhhh..before I forget, to all bride and grooms to be, I might not going to all the weddings ok. I don't think my health position allow me to. As for now I need a lot of rest (bedrest to be exact but I don't want to) and take really-really good care of me and baby. No jalan jauh for me, no bumpy ride, no crowd or whatever. So, selamat pengantin baru to all my friends, especially Khairiah, Fiena, Henzman, Ain Alida, Atiem, etc. Sorry I won't go to your wedding (Oh ya, henzman maybe I'll go to yours as your wedding dekat je kan, but can't promise, tengok how I feel that time ok?)

So soorryyyy I can't make it. Hope you guys have a wonderful wedding and everything berjalan lancar. Thanks for inviting me, really appreaciate it.

Oklah, gotta go..have a good day darlings and happy making babies! :D