Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekend Wonders #2 : Late Morning

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Friday, June 15, 2012

New Phone

If you know me well, you'll know that how much I love my Nokia XpressMusic 5800 and been using it for 3 years plus. That's a very long time considering a smartphone's lifetime. I wrote so many thing about what my phone able to do (labeled under Entertainment) and feel very sad that I have to part off with it now. It has served me wonderfully but the time has come. 

The screen went off last month and I repaired it for RM120. Then I think the repairmen didn't assemble it correctly so the phone keep on shutting off by itself. I was tempted to repair it again but then MrComot said, it's about time we change the phone too. Symbians are slowly dying, the hardware is old and there are so many things to explore with the Android.

So yeah..I decided to buy new phone. Then comes the dilemma, what phone to buy. I was very very tempted to by iPhone 4S, siap cari the casing lagi and found my love here (owl's anicase). I even emailed them if they ship to Malaysia, that's how close I am to buy iPhone 4S. Then there is a rumour that Samsung SIII is coming out, so 4S competitor, Samsung S11's price will go down. So I wait for a while and BAM! SIII comes out and SII went down from same price with 4S to around RM1500. That's a huge marked down!

So I was thinking again again again to get SII or 4S because of the price different but I love 4S so much (what a indecisive!), then one day when we were walking in Giant KD, passed by Maxis centre and saw the SIII, touch a bit, slide here and there, I am sold! It's decided, not SII or 4S, it's going to be SIII!

And the best part is, we got both ourself the same phone! Haha... I think it's about time pun. Both of us are heavy internet user, so we need something fast and powerful to deliver all the browsing and access. 

My SIII. It's too new that no cute casing available. Yg ada pun the boring leather case and skin-jelly case. So I put it in passport sleeve that I bought from Tote Boutique eons ago.

Both of us bought the pebble blue. The blue color is so nice and mesmerizing under different lights. Bye-bye XpressMusic. I'm gonna miss you so much! I've blogged from the phone quite a sum.

Ok lets talk about the phone. I think no need to elaborate much because it's already spreaded all over the internet. However, from my point of view as 'bimbo' user who is not a nerd and don't care much about the OS, I'll write down what I love most:
  • It's super fast - It's quad core processor, 1G memory. So the apps can multitask.
  • Browsing is very fast and entertaining - This is combo of Celcom unlimited data plan + unified wifi + bigger screen. The screen is bigger than SII/4S and slightly smaller than Samsung Notes.
  • Camera is super fast! - This it the perk of the apps! Imagine you saw something nice and you want to take picture of it, then you keluarkan your phone and eh eh..lag la pulak. With SIII, it's almost an instant. Like seriously. Tab camera, tab snap! Tak sempat fikir pun dah snap. Love love love this capability so much! Especially when I want to take pictures of my kids. You know how kids are, they move a lot and fast. So finally I have something that can capture all the moment I want. I even cancel my plan to buy new compact camera because I don't think I'll need it anymore.
  • Gorilla Screen - This one memang sesuai untuk org yg cemerkap macam I hehe. The phone is protected by Corning's Gorilla glass which is super hard and unbreakable. just a few points coming from me because I'm no fussy user. Yang penting I can use it hassle-free.

But for MrComot, he is pretty excited about it. The first thing he wants to do it rooted it. I don't know what gives but it is something like you being a root in the Android and you can do anything with it. Like, anything. Ok, I can't really imagine because I don't know what else I want to do with it haha. So just let the nerds enjoy it their way ;)

There is another story about my passport sleeve. I bought this before I conceived Emir, I planned to go somewhere else..then I was pregnant, and Emir was delivered. So it has been more than a year baru I pakai passport sleeve ni, as my SIII sleeve. Berguna jugak menda ni akhirnya hehe.. Don't you think it's cute? It's soooo me!

It's been two weeks and I'm enjoying the phone very much. The only drawback is I don't really have time to 'belek' it because I have to belek 2 kids at home, so I just use it for browsing, emails, FB, and camera. Haven't have the chance to explore all the apps. MrComot already installed a few apss for me, but tak sempat tengok betul2.

To XpressMusic 5800, thank you so much for all the wonderful jobs delivered and the relationship built between us. You've done so much in the past years and you didn't deserve to be sold as secondhand. So am gonna keep you in my drawer, even though you'll just sleep doing nothing. 

Ps: Oh ya, anyway, if you are trying to transfer all the contacts from your Symbians phone to Android phone, all you need to do is export business card, and done, all will be transferred. That's done by MrComot. Tell me if it's not successful.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A date at beanieplex

Finally after so longggg stuck with 4..we took a day leave to enjoy each other company. We decided to try out the new cinema in Sunway Pyramid, The Beaniplex. They replace the normal seat with a plush bean bags. Ok, it's not that plush but it's sooo big! You have to purchase a whole seat (RM38) and can bring in 2 adults + 2 kids maximum. So it will be nice for family time but I think mcm sempit sikit kut for 4 people. 2 adults will be just nice :)

However, the movie shown in Beanieplex is limited. We had options of Dark Shadow n MIB III so obviously I chose DS because of *ahem* Johny Depp. We wanted to watch The Avengers (I knowww it is sooo yesterday) but tak ada for beaniplex, so kena download la..bila la nak tengok *sigh*

Me on the seat. I thought it's gonna be like plushie high seat, but it's seated right on the floor. Macam futon..bukan mcm katil on divan. It snugs your body right away but still tak best for MrComot because his leg is quite long, so he can't stretch it like I do.

Shoes, popcorn, handbag. 

Overall it's a nice cinema for dating-dating. Better than premier seat. But I think the best place to watch movie is in your room, cuddled and order in-lunch. You can watch any kind of movies to infinite. In our case, it will be up to 5PM only, then we have to pick up the kids :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Parents Room @ Chitta Mall

Still about Chitta Mall :)

We found this parents room when we were wandering around. It's located at the first floor, well you'll find it easily because Chitta Mall tak besar sgt, just follow the directory. We drop by before Maghrib to let Zahra play there and to BF Emir.

Small playground in the parents room. Zahra happily conquering the area as there are not many kids there. In fact, ada sorang je that time.

 The toilet, below 6 years only.

For parents with kids. Looks clean, most probably because it's still new. You know la the condition of most public toilet, I really don't get it how the seat can have footprints? Kalau nak cangkung, masuk tandas cangkung la kan..jangan la cangkung at toilet duduk *sigh*

Wash your hands! Bagus..we have to teach them about hygiene from the young age. 

Nursing Room

 It's shared though. Can fit 3 mommies/babies at the same time. I find it too crowded and not privacy enough. I prefer nursing room in OU and The Curve. They have 3 nursing rooms, so 3x3 can fit 9, that's a lot of hungry babies at one time hehe.

The diaper changing area

It looks nice on overall but maybe because it's new. Hopefully they can maintain the condition in the future. The best parents room I've been so far will be the one in OU. Siap ada TV area for the kids ok! Not that we will love lounging there to watch TV but it will help to kill the boredom for the daddy while waiting for mommy to breastfeed the baby. And the nursing room siap ada buaian. That one I wonder who's going to use it. Like, for real? I've tried it once on Zahra, just for the sake of trying, but it was very weird haha. I mean, buaian in a mall? 

Oh ya, they got bigger playground for kids somewhere else but we didn't look out for it because it was a brief stop only and already time for dinner. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Meatworks @ Chitta Mall

My MIL invited us for dinner to celebrate my birthday and I have to decide where we want to eat. Naturally I have no idea what to eat or where to eat because with two kids in hands, rasa malassss sangat nak keluar. Nak pegi The Curve or Sunway Damansara, aduhh boring jugak. That's our playground now because it's the nearest. And when my MIL said Chitta Mall, I was thinking, finally! least we get to eat somewhere new. This is my first time checking out the new mall.

Anyway, nothing to shout about the mall, it's not that big but cozy enough for parents with kids to wander off. Eatineries pun OK, got chillis, chawan, wondermilk (the delicious cupcake), san fran coffee, subang seafood (we discovered this later, they have big aquariums of live seafood just like other big seafood restaurant, but in a mall!), etc. 

Since we don't know where to eat, we just walk around until we found Meatworks and ha! I haven't tried Meatworks, so Meatworks it is!

They provide varies of cuts where u can buy it freshly from their butchery kitchen or order the cooked one from the menu.

The entrance

First thing first, suap the kids first. Rule of thumb to have a peaceful eating out dinner, make sure your kids are full. Hungry man is angry man, right.

I made garlic pasta with eggs for Zahra. I still find her too young to eat outside food, with all the MSG and whatnot so we always bring homemade food whenever we are out. Sometimes I bagi jugak outside food, depends on what we are eating.

 Rice + chicken + pumpkin puree for the handsome boy.

Which he lovessssssssss it so much!

We brought the frozen puree, I already defrost it before we were out. Then normally I just ask for hot water for me to reheat the food but Meatworks nampak mcm proper so I ask them to microwave it for 30seconds. Haha.. When you are a mom, anything pun boleh. Anyway I am thinking to buy the proper Thermos for his outing food so we can heat it at home and keep it warm all the way.

Had french onion soup with Gruyere cheese for starter.

 And shared Waldorf salad with everyone. They use bluecheese dressing which I find it a tad sour.

 MrComot's lambshank

 My BIL's ribs.

 My MIL's milk fed lamb

 My sirloin on a bed of vegetables and potato puree (or mashed potato) but I find it too fine like a puree - macam Emir's food!

 The vege underneath

 Bestfriend sangat dengan daddy! I notice that Zahra is very manja with MrComot lately. She's having my MIL's corn on the cob.

 While Zahra 'gang' with daddy, Emir chose mommy! Mummy's new man!

Overall, we had a good time there. Nice ambiance, spacious enough for us with kids (now that's what matter) and clean. However, the food is so-so to me. I had better lamb cutlets in Ayer's Rock and my sirloin pun ok je la..

My MIL bought a cute cake full of fruits from Hokkaido's Bakery (new bakery shop in Dataran Sunway, KD) but we cancel the blow-candle event because Zahra fell asleep!!! OMG, this is event of the life because she will never never never sleep outside in the stroller. She didn't have her usual nap on the afternoon and by 6PM she requesting for 'bak', a sign that she is sleepy but we already nak keluar time tu. I dah agak she will fall asleep earlier (instead of at 1AM) but I don't expect it to be that soon and in the stroller?

And the way dia tertido pun funny. She was eating the corn with half-closed eyes and tersengguk-sengguk on the baby chair! Ha ha ha.. knowing her, this is very funny.

I asked "Zahra..Zahra sleepy yer? Tidur dalam stroller ok?"

And she nods!


Selalunya dia akan mengamuk or menangis tanak sleep in the stroller.

So I cleaned her up, MrComot carries her for a while and then put her in the stroller and ZAM! She snores to Disneyland.

Since she is sleeping and Emir behaves well, we took a slow walk in Chitta Mall, tried Stickhouse Icecream (will write about this later), visited the bazaar and out from there around 10PM.

Overall it is a nice place..but I don't find it appealing enough. Maybe because my favourite shops are not there. What favourite shop pun I don't know hehe. But seriously, I think I am getting older and slower. I prefer to be at home and cuddling with my munchkins than wandering in the mall. Or maybe I'm just too tired.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Charming 8-months Boy

I knowww...I've been neglecting to update about Emir and he's 8-months old already! 

Ok, lets see what he's up to at 8-months. 

  1. Very very very manja! Seriously..I thought Zahra is manja, but he's more manja than Zahra! He loves to be cuddled and carried by me and will cry whenever he sees me walking away from him. There is a time when I was feeding him, then I had to go to the toilet so MrComot took over the job and he cries, refused to eat from MrComot's hand, boleh? Ketap2 mulut and menangis until I came back and when I feed him, he continue eating like usual.
  2. Love pumpkin very much! His diet pretty much varied nowadays. He had tried rice, barley, pumpkin, broccoli, baby peas, carrots, apple, apricot, pear and avocado. Oh ya, he hates avocado.
  3. Eat a lot, like a lot! Maybe sebab boy kut. But drink milk very little at the babysitter. He prefers direct feeding and can you imagine he just drink average 3oz during the day at babysitter's. On a good day, he will drink up to 6oz. Sigh...
  4. Has 2 teeth lower teeth now. Ok pasal gigi I find it funny. Only 1 tooth come out, about a month ago, then last night, I just discovered he got another teeth! Macam Zahra, terus keluar sepasang. So can you imagine him with ONE tooth for a month. Such a funny sight.
  5. Can sit steadily, crawl and standing with support. Orang tua cakap bertatih. He loves to pull himself up by himself. So I don't have to hold his hand to entertain him. He will try to stand anywhere he could sendiri-sendiri. I just have to watch him in any case dia nak jatuh.
  6. Dah 'eksyen' now. Bila berdiri je lepas-lepas tangan,. Ewaahhhhh macam la boleh kan. Then berdebukk jatuh. But he can control it already, so he will fall on the bums, not flat to the front or backwards.
  7. Adore the big sister very much! He will 'try to join' Zahra whatever and whenever. Zahra tengah main iPad, Zahra tengah main masak-masak, Zahra tengah main puzzle, Zahra tengah main doll, Zahra tengah baca buku with mommy, etc. I think it's normal kut, for the little brother to adore the bigger sibling. I think he just want to join in. When Zahra stop playing and give the toys to Emir, Emir won't bother about it anymore. Another thing, Emir will laugh tergedik-gedik when Zahra jump, or making actions for him. Gelak gila-gila that I have to hold him time, kalau tak, boleh jatuh. This really amuse me - the sibling relationship.
  8. A very easy baby to handle. If I used to say Zahra is an easy baby, Emir is easier. Maybe because he is more manja, so all I have to do is cuddle and be next to him.
  9. Loves to smile. Has a total different character than Zahra. He's the type yg charming and happy go lucky. While Zahra macam sombong-sombong sikit hehehe.
  10. Still co-sleeping with mommy. My plan to sleep separately macam tak jadi je hehe. In fact BOTH babies still co-sleeping with me. And we still sleep in the confinement room, can you believe it? Because it's easier to access and by night, I don't have the energy to climb upstairs and all I want to do is hit the sack.

Well, that's all that I can remember. Gotta update again. Love this lad so much!