Friday, June 8, 2012

My Charming 8-months Boy

I knowww...I've been neglecting to update about Emir and he's 8-months old already! 

Ok, lets see what he's up to at 8-months. 

  1. Very very very manja! Seriously..I thought Zahra is manja, but he's more manja than Zahra! He loves to be cuddled and carried by me and will cry whenever he sees me walking away from him. There is a time when I was feeding him, then I had to go to the toilet so MrComot took over the job and he cries, refused to eat from MrComot's hand, boleh? Ketap2 mulut and menangis until I came back and when I feed him, he continue eating like usual.
  2. Love pumpkin very much! His diet pretty much varied nowadays. He had tried rice, barley, pumpkin, broccoli, baby peas, carrots, apple, apricot, pear and avocado. Oh ya, he hates avocado.
  3. Eat a lot, like a lot! Maybe sebab boy kut. But drink milk very little at the babysitter. He prefers direct feeding and can you imagine he just drink average 3oz during the day at babysitter's. On a good day, he will drink up to 6oz. Sigh...
  4. Has 2 teeth lower teeth now. Ok pasal gigi I find it funny. Only 1 tooth come out, about a month ago, then last night, I just discovered he got another teeth! Macam Zahra, terus keluar sepasang. So can you imagine him with ONE tooth for a month. Such a funny sight.
  5. Can sit steadily, crawl and standing with support. Orang tua cakap bertatih. He loves to pull himself up by himself. So I don't have to hold his hand to entertain him. He will try to stand anywhere he could sendiri-sendiri. I just have to watch him in any case dia nak jatuh.
  6. Dah 'eksyen' now. Bila berdiri je lepas-lepas tangan,. Ewaahhhhh macam la boleh kan. Then berdebukk jatuh. But he can control it already, so he will fall on the bums, not flat to the front or backwards.
  7. Adore the big sister very much! He will 'try to join' Zahra whatever and whenever. Zahra tengah main iPad, Zahra tengah main masak-masak, Zahra tengah main puzzle, Zahra tengah main doll, Zahra tengah baca buku with mommy, etc. I think it's normal kut, for the little brother to adore the bigger sibling. I think he just want to join in. When Zahra stop playing and give the toys to Emir, Emir won't bother about it anymore. Another thing, Emir will laugh tergedik-gedik when Zahra jump, or making actions for him. Gelak gila-gila that I have to hold him time, kalau tak, boleh jatuh. This really amuse me - the sibling relationship.
  8. A very easy baby to handle. If I used to say Zahra is an easy baby, Emir is easier. Maybe because he is more manja, so all I have to do is cuddle and be next to him.
  9. Loves to smile. Has a total different character than Zahra. He's the type yg charming and happy go lucky. While Zahra macam sombong-sombong sikit hehehe.
  10. Still co-sleeping with mommy. My plan to sleep separately macam tak jadi je hehe. In fact BOTH babies still co-sleeping with me. And we still sleep in the confinement room, can you believe it? Because it's easier to access and by night, I don't have the energy to climb upstairs and all I want to do is hit the sack.

Well, that's all that I can remember. Gotta update again. Love this lad so much!


  1. Hi handsome~ aunty pun tak suka avocado ok ;)

  2. Hi auntie, kita boleh geng *hi five!*