Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

It's the last day on 2013 and I wanted to write a lenghty entry about my wish and whatnot, but kinda busy today. Will write it later. But for now, can't wait for tomorrow because it's public holiday and I miss my kiddos real bad! Been browsing their pics in my phone and goshhhh... they grow up real fast *sniffles*

So happy new year everyone!!! What's ur wish?

In the mean time, here's the video my kids goofing around when we went to visit nai-nai, few months ago.

Monday, December 30, 2013

No-Sew Tutu

This is a very longggggg due post! And it's not that exciting to write about it anymore but I promised myself that I HAVE to write about this, about everything that I made, so one day when I flip my blog I will sniffles in proud like, woaaaaa I made this! Or maybe I'll chuckle at my silliness "elehhh macam ni pun nak tayang kat blog". LOL. Whatever it is, it's just a small promise that I made and I remember, so I have to write this ;-) 

*and I have loads of pending entries, that also go into my promise entry..sigh*

It's a no-sew tutu I made for Zahra looooonnnngg time ago. The pictures dated 15th Nov 2012. Ehem..it's more than a year ago. How fast time flies haha.. ok not funny. Just laughing at my 'procrastination'.

Ok back to the no-sew tutu, it's a very very very easy stuff to make and if your kids love it, go ahead make one or two because two main thing:

1) It's freaking cheap than the store bought
2) Your daughter will go woahhhhh my mom can make this?! I thought it grows on tree! 


What you need, any color of tulle fabric you like. I picked turquoise and sea green because that's the best color combo that I found that day. Bought it at Kamdar Midvalley. 

Make some loop and knot it. For details explanation, try to google "no sew tutu tutorial". I couldn't take a proper picture that day because as you can see, my hensem boy is busy helping me.

And after couple of hours and bucket of sweat (and mainly is because I'm doing it with a very helpful assistant) ta-daaaah!!! She's loving it!

So much that she refused to take it off
And wear it while having lunch and watching the iPad

And while helping me in the kitchen. She was at this "I want to whisk egg" stage. 

One of best hand-made stuff I've made! I wanted to make more in another colors, like pink and purple but couldn't find the time to find the fabric and let alone to do the time consuming knot. Now I understand why people just succumbed to storebought tutus...because I've turned into one! Hahaha. Bought a few tutu's dress and they cost me triple the price, but oh well..I'm paying for my time I guess.

But seriously, if you have some spare time, make this! It'll be worth it when you see your daughter twirling around, feeling all princessy ;-)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Say NO to strawberry-flavor!

Just to share something interesting that I just learnt.

A couple of weeks ago, Zahra had another allergy attack. Quite bad since it stirred up her breathing that she had to do the nebulizer thingy. 

still manage to pose a smile for me. she looks absolutely healthy minus the wheezing sound.

It happened on Saturday when I noticed she has this wheezing sound which is so not her. But she looks normal though, running here and there, and chatty as usual. So I just brushed it off but night came by and the wheezing didn't go away. I felt a little uneasy about it, so I bought her to a clinic. 

Turn out that she IS having a wheezing which means her airways is tighten and she needs to take the Ventolin inhaler *thank God for mother's instinct*. So she had a neb and a few meds, went back, closely monitor her condition and by morning, the wheezing slightly still there, so we went to second clinic for another opinion and another round of nebulizer.

Alhamdulillah she's all better after that with no further medication.

Ok, so lets talk about what causing this allergy. According to the doctor, it could not be not an allergy at all. It could be that her body is stress out (due to trying to adjust to new environment at the new school) and she is exposed to new kind of germs that she's not used to like at the babysitters. Well, it does make sense, with new school and what not, stress is the word.

At the same time, I asked her did she take anything strawberry flavored at school and she said, YES! She had strawberry buns! I texted the teacher and asked about it and yes it's true. My bad that I didn't remind her about Zahra's allergy.

Anyway, this is her third allergy attack linked with strawberry flavor, I've blogged about it before here and here. And yes now we came to a conclusion that she is allergic to strawberry flavored, not the yogurt. She can take any kind of yogurt as long as nothing to do with strawberry. 

The thing is, Zahra doesn't has any problem with strawberry, which look like this.

She can has a whole pack of strawberries if she wants to, and has no problem at all. Problem came when she had anything strawberry flavored. Which is mind-boggling, but funny thing is I NEVER googled about it, because.. I don't know, it just slipped from my mind I guess.

Until one of MrComot's friends googled it and let me tell you that....

........ It's NOTHING strawberry about strawberry-flavored. 

In fact, it contains 50 different chemicals to make it "strawberry" which include: 

Amyl acetate, amyl butyrate, amyl valerate, anethol, anisyl formate, benzyl acetate, benzyl isobutyrate, butyric acid, cinnamyl isobutyrate, cinnamyl valerate, cognac essential oil, diacetyl, dipropyl ketone, ethyl acetate, ethyl amyl ketone, ethyl butyrate, ethyl cinnamate, ethyl heptanoate, ethyl heptylate, ethyl lactate, ethyl methylphenylglycidate, ethyl nitrate, ethyl propionate, ethyl valerate, heliotropin, hydroxyphenyl-2-butanone (10 percent solution in alcohol), a-ionone, isobutyl anthranilate, isobutyl butyrate, lemon essential oil, maltol, 4-methylacetophenone, methyl anthranilate, methyl benzoate, methyl cinnamate, methyl heptine carbonate, methyl naphthyl ketone, methyl salicylate, mint essential oil, neroli essential oil, nerolin, neryl isobutyrate, orris butter, phenethyl alcohol, rose, rum ether, g-undecalactone, vanillin, and solvent.

And it is listed as No #1 as fake food that you wish you won't have it in the kitchen.

click for details

Ok, now that answers what has been going on and don't you thing this stuff is shit-scary?

So strawberry flavored is definitely a no-no in the pantry after this. No matter how delicious they might be.

You want a strawberry milkshake? Just dump a handful of fresh strawberries in milk and blend it. You love strawberry cake? Bake it yourselves if you can, but stay away from the obvious flavored one if store-bought. Other than that, maybe you can eat something-else rather than this 50-chemicals mix.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kiddos and School

Salam everyone! I guess most of us dah start cuti, but not for me! I still have a lot of of unfinished business, work lah apa lagi. Haishh.. work is an never ending affair.

As I wrote before, we decided to send the kids to playschool and wish that all the stresses begone, like *poof* but apparently NOT! Haishhh what was I thinking lah! Not everything is rosy like I wished for, like:

1) The kids are NOT HAPPY, yet! Well, they are happy when they are at school. But they are not happy when we have to wake them up early, getting ready, yada yada. And things become worsen when it's Monday, because of the weekend break.

It's not TTH's fault. It's that they still don't overcome their anxiety. To be fair, we will have this anxiety as well if we change our job right? New place, new face..no friends, etc. But I was wishing the anxiety will be gone in a week.. well, it's almost a month now, the kids been adapting and better at it, but still not up to 100%.

The first week was the hardest. I woke the kiddos up around 7AM and tried to persuade them to bathe and whatnot..and they will be all grumpy and Zahra being the cleverest will say "Tanak pegi school!". Then I'll ask her few simple question (trying to dig what is inside her head) "Zahra nak pegi rumah mak (the babysitter) ke?" and she will said, no, she just wants to be at our own home - "Zahra nak duduk rumah sendiri!"  

Then of course la I will tell her nicely that mommy has to go to work, petang mommy ambil etc etc..then drama air mata pun start lah. Ishhhh stress ok! Then she improvised a few days after that when I asked the same thing again, she will said "Zahra nak pegi rumah mak!" Ahhh sudah. So I had to change the story that the babysitter is on holiday and no one at home. The key point is, she just doesn't want to wake up early. My kids mmg not early person la.

So we change the tactic on second week, we send them in pyjama, the TTH aunties will bathe them there. Well, we can do that, provided we sent them before 815AM. So they will sleep in the car until we carry them up and our house to TTH is just about 10mins, and the 10mins pun my kids bantai tidur. So can you imagine how much they love their sleep? Sampai TTH je they refused to sleep (they let the kids sleep if they want to) and Zahra starts to cry and refused to stay at school. The funny thing is, I was expecting Emir to become like this, but it turns out Zahra yg berdrama, Emir ok je pegi school.

But to say they are not happy with TTH environment...NOT! When we  picked them, ok je happy lompat sana sini and siap cakap esok nak pegi school again. It's just, they hate the morning good bye. Sigh..kids.

2) We have to rush back home. Well this is kinda good and bad stuff together. We have to rush out because to avoid being late. They still can take care of the kids kalau kitaorg lambat, but tak best la..kesian the kids kat school lama-lama so we try our best to be there. Kalau dulu the babysitter's place is in KL kan, so we pick them first and stuck in jam together. Now dalam pukul 7 baru jumpa the kids. So the bad thing is, if MrComot has meeting outside of KL ke, susah sikit nak cepat since we are sharing one car. Ada few days ago, we used two cars (borrowed from MIL) because he had meetings in KLJ and CBJ. The good thing is, we reach home around 7PM since we don't have to detour to babysitter's house.

Hmm what else? Only that kot yg tak best. Well, it has been a month and we are still adjusting. All in all, there have been positive changes with the kids behavior. Zahra talks more and her pronunciation is getting better. Not that I train her to talk or what, but macam bila dia nyanyi simple song like twinkle-twinkle, she has more confidence and the words slip out clearly, not mumbling like before. 

She starts to ask about Allah, such as why Allah kuat, where is Him, why can't we see Him, what He looks like, etc.. Well, I find that are VERY HARD questions. I don't really know how to answer that because..hmm I never ask that when I was small I guess. Anyway, I just answered it as general as it can be, nothing really complicated, like He is the creator, He is everywhere, you can't see Him because he is powerful, but He's watching you. I don't know if it's enough for her. Hmmm writing this reminds me that I need to google up on the tips how to answer such questions.

The kids bedtime also changed. Bila pukul 8PM je, mata Zahra dah kelip-kelip, mengantuk lah tu. They sleep early nowadays, I think because of the activities at school, using up all the energy. Kalau dulu, pukul 1AM pun susah nak tido ok. Now pukul 10PM dah out. Which is very gooood as kids need to sleep early, but mommy and daddy pun out jugak! I was thinking if they sleep at 10, maybe I can have some extra hours to watch TV or do some craft, but macam tak je...haha.

Anyway, below are few pics of them on their first and second day of schooling. The aunties snap the pictures for me. Oh ya, they don't use the word "teacher", they use aunties instead. Lagi mesra kot?

Being independent. Kids are trained to take the bowl, fork and spoon, cup, place-mate and eat by themselves 

Emir's first time makan sendiri. Selalunya bersuap by babysitter. Such a big boy! *sniffles*

Ok, next pictures no caption because I don't really know what are they doing, well obviously playing around ;)

Craft of the day!

Looks like they are having so so so much fun!!!

Other than a couple of glitches, they are fine with the new school. We hope that they will overcome the anxiety as soon as possible. And hope that we can reach home as fast as we can. I miss those two munchkins!!

Oh ya, last not least the best part is, I don't have to struggle with both of them strangling each other when we stuck for 2 hours anymore! Phewwww!! That will be so much relief, even though I kinda miss them on our journey back home! Haha. Such indecisive mommy! I hope we made a good decision in sending them to school. It wont be as homey and motherly love like at the babysitter's but hope it will help to mold them into a strong little caliphs, insyaAllah! ;)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


When did you last has this fluttering sensation in your stomach? Mine was like ages ago, that I can't even remember when was it. And today, the sensation kicks in.. because I'm going to send the kiddos to playschool tomorrow!

I know I know...just sending them to school, what is the big deal?

Currently, both of them is on full-time babysitter environment which is a total homey and laid-back and the babysitter cares for them. So this is a big decision for us, and the kids. I wonder how they going to take it, but I hope they will be fine.

It all started when I had the breakdown moment and we decided to change our routine, by taking maids of course! We've been seeking high and low, online and offline, getting contacts of the maids, but somehow.. we didn't dare to make that commitment. All of us know that having maid is not all rainbows and butterflies so I am a bit scaredy cat there.

After a while, the idea of having maid cool off and I was thinking, why don't we send Zahra and Emir to school! The key is to find the right one for us. That will make the kids happy and maybe we can cut some KL traffic as we don't have to detour to the babysitter's anymore.

So that's how it started. We took a couple days of leave..visited each schools in KD and KL that suit our route, observed their environment, talked to the teachers and that narrow us to two places. One is Brainy Bunch KD and another one is The Treehouse Playschool.

Honestly..I will choose BB anytime, because it is so so so convenient. Very near with our house, and don't have to go through the traffic at all. And I like their place, it's a bungalow lot with land and spacious space for the kids. Not to mention they are trained teachers and run Islamic Montessari Syllabus.

As for TTH, the drawback is that it's a shop-lot place. But, after I talked to the teachers, I fell in love immediately, MasyaAllah.. From my first impression, they are committed and very passionate with children. So that matters. To be fair, I didn't talk to BB's teachers personally (because we couldn't find the right time to meet them), so I can't judge them. But I was in rush as well. I want to send Zahra to playschool in December because she will be 4 next year. It's like junior playschool and I don't want extreme change for her, so if I start this year (she's considered as 3yo this year) she will be in baby playschool (TTH calls it baby caliph). And with time constraint and whatnot, I decided to choose TTH.

I'm not very worried with Zahra as she kinda understands when I said she's going to school, but as for Emir, he is very very very fond and manja with her babysitter. I hope both of them can adapt the new change and pray that this will be a good decision that we made.

Opss...sorry for this drastic ending, gotta go pick my kids up! Write later!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Balloon-blower Spirit

Zahra loves balloon. Who doesn't right? There's something with that air-filled rubber that incites fun.

She's been trying to blow her own balloon since couple of weeks ago, but she will never get it right because she still don't get the 'pinch the opening after you blew, and blow again after u catch up the breath' concept. I showed her once but she couldn't do it, so I just let it go, no big deal.

But a few nights ago, she did it right!!! I was sooo surprised because she's been doing it all alone in the toys room.  My first reaction was, screaming with excitement:

"Wahhhhh clevernya Zahra!!!!"

I consider it as a big achievement and am so proud of her. Well, typical mom isn't it. Hahaha. 

Her first blowing balloon right!!

Look at her face, so excited as the balloon getting bigger.

And she couldn't get enough! She blows balloon every night after.

And coincidentally somebody gave us a bag of balloons last week, so here she goes.

Of course it won't go to waste, those precious carbon dioxide - having fun with them.

She has been swimming with the balloon every single night now, and of course hensem boy loving it too! Too bad I didn't get to snap his pic with the balloon, he moves too fast /:)

The house looks like we are having a party as balloons are everywhere. But it's kinda cute, so I can live with it ;)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fun @ KL Bird Park

*This entry was in my draft since last week..so the actual event happens last two weekend hehe*

Hiyaaa everyone!! How was your last weekend? We had loooong holiday due to deepavali and the maal hijrah on Tuesday, so my company set the replacement day on Monday, so we have 4 days weekend! Sweet!

Anyway I planned to have short gateway to PD and stay in Thistle, but it is fully booked! Hmmppphhh! I guess all the KLians need the same break. So since we don't feel like going anywhere else, we decided to go to KL bird park. We've been in town like forever but never set foot there. 

The entry fee is RM25 for adults (with MyKad) and RM12 for kids of 3yo and above. So Emir got in for free.

The moment you get in at the entrance, you'll be welcomed with free-roaming few species of birds. I'm not sure what their name is, but I do spot a big stork! The funny thing is, they look so friendly but somehow untouchable. We tried to chase and pat a few and they run in jiffy. Very nimble and quick!

You can feed them food but have to buy it from the feeder machine. It's 50cents if I'm not mistaken. We didn't get any because was busy with the two kiddos and thought it will be too tedious for us to handle. Oh well...now come to think about it, it will be more fun if we get the food =(

Couples of pics for you:

Emir with some species of bird that freely roaming around. I didn't get the chance to learn their names because our hands are quite full. Emir loves to walk hence I have to really take care of him, whilst Zahra on the other hand, nak dukungggggg je. She said her feet is hurt. Such a princess. So MrComot had to carry her most of the time.

The bird show. Quite entertaining....for kids haha. Because we adult knows all the trick right? Luckily we sat right at the back so Zahra can stand without blocking others and she's so excited with the show, give a big clap to the birds and said "Good job!". I was like..woaaa...dah pandai praise org haha...must be from the youtube shows she watched.

Another random shot


And that's it! No more birdies picture because both of them need mommy's full attention and I was sweating like craaaazy! Well...it's Malaysia, what do I expect? Hahaha..

Anyway we had sooo much fun! Minus the hot weather of course. We spent about solid 3 hours and I was freaking exhausted. I think I am old already and unfit, but hey, it is world's largest free-flight walk-in aviary, so I'm here not to be blamed right? =D

On the other notes, if you go to any attraction places like this, don't skimp on the family photo because you won't know how it will turn out. As for us, it is pretty funny:

Emir was happily stretching his hand

 And trying to touch the hornbill

And that's when the bird bites his finger! He screamed and wailed to MrComot, telling him that the bird ate his hand hahaha. But it was a short scream and he didn't cry after that. Tough boy!

We had lunch at Hornbill restaurant and not too shabby. It has the variety and the food quite nice.

My chicken chop. More like grilled chicken to me but it's ok as it's yummy!

Mrcomot and hensem boy had char keowteow. Mind his long hair, I already chopped it off hehe.

Zahra as usual the fussy eater, I brought from home her prawn aglio olio but she had few bites only and just drink her lychee and ribena.

Overall I will say it was a good trip! But seriously, both of us was exhausted and the moment we reached home, we fell asleep on the floor, because the kids refused to sleep, so I takut la nak tido betul2. I was too sleepy that I couldn't wait for them. About an hour later when I woke up, the kiddos still playing with their toys. I was like...heyyy where the energy came from? Kids. Wish I have the same energy. Maybe I should start exercising, seriously.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Domestic Goddess Wannabe

I wanted to blog about this since last weekend, the day of this incident itself, because I was so so so happy. But work caught up hence this late update. 

Anyway the excitement still there...so here I presenting what I've been up to last weekend.

I found a shop selling fresh wet groceries, in 10mins away from my house!!

Ok.. well, maybe it's nothing to you guys, but I was like a happy kid when I get there! First and foremost, we rarely get to buy fresh stuff because of time contraint. Weekend is the only time we at home, and we didn't cook during weekdays. So most of the time we had to succumb with Giant and Tesco online. I used to think Giant's fish is good enough, but when I look at this shop, blehhhh no more Giant after this..err..unless no choice la.

And I haven't been to any market or pasar malam/pasar tani beli barang basah in 5 years of marriage. So this is my first time trying to be..ahem..a real domestic goddess...ahem!

My MIL told us about this shop long time ago but we didn't have the chance to check it out. It's just normal kedai runcit dekat seksyen 4 KD. MrComot went there first, with Zahra and brought home fresh squid  and complaint that he couldn't really shop because Zahra said the shop is icky and stink so she doesn't want to walk. Typical Zahra /:)

So last weekend, I went there all by myself around 1030AM. Quite late already. Tapi gigih okk. Normally we will go everywhere together, but MrComot said it is impossible to shop there with the kiddos. So MrComot took care of Zahra (he brought her to Giant to buy some dry groceries) and I left Emir with my sister at home, and pinjam kereta my sister, drive sorang2 pegi kedai. I rarely drive alone after kahwin..so tell me about it. And my kegigihan is sooo worth it haha. The fish is super super fresh and I feel like buying all!

Some of the stock.

Bought 1 big siakap (barramundi), about 1 kilo pelatling (mackerel), a bag of lala (clams), cili padi, limau kasturi, daun kesum, tomatoes, ginger, taugeh, hard tofu, and coriander leaves for only RM33!! It's cheap!

Talk about that fresh coriander leaves..this is my first time buying such stuff, so I keep on sniffing that leaves ok. Sooo sooo sooo nice!  :D

Reached hole around 1115 and I didn't plan to cook for lunch at first because I know myself, I am a bit lembap in kitchen..I have to start cooking at 1030 not going out shopping the stuff haha.

But because the ingredient is so fresh, I was super excited and rolled up my sleeves and start sweating in the kitchen.

See the siakap? "Masih bersinar" as my mom would say to fresh fish. And yeah, it is sparkling!
Rub some fish sauce, chopped garlic, onion, ginger, tomatoes, cili padi, lime juice, pinch of salt and coriander leaves.

Turn to siakap stim limau cili padi. YUMS!

Taugeh with tofu , fried with ikan masin style

I soak the clams in saltwater to remove the sand and it was 12 something already. Told you I'm slow in the kitchen haha. So decided to cook the clam later and proceed to eat lunch.

After lunch, I didn't take a nap but start process the mackerel and turn it into


Ok tell me now, super effective or not? LOL

I don't know what's gotten into me but I was so excited to cook that day. Which is so not me! I would prefer take out anytime ok? Maybe I'm bored with outside food but my ultimate catalyzer is the fresh fishes!

When everything is fresh, the food will be extra delicious too, bundled with love and my sweat of course! Lol!

Anyway, I don't really know how to cook laksa kedah but I love it very much. The recipe is simple too, so I just belasah buat and keep on asking MrComot how is it?

"Sedaaaappp!! Tengok me sampai hirup semua kuah"

Good boy!!! Tak sedap pun takpe, janji you give me RIGHT answer hahaha.

Oh ya, the laksa is kids friendly - just mackerel + cili giling + daun kesum + asam keping + salt. That's all!! Didn't put bunga kantan (ginger torch) because it's quite windy for my stomach and no belacan..just because MrComot prefers without it. And yet, it still tastes delicious!

So no more fish from Giant after this. Kedai runcit seksyen 4, see you soon!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

We are 5!!

*image googled*

Just something random, our marriage turns 5 last 10th Oct!!! Thank you Allah..for all the happiness and blessings that you shower us. 5 years is definitely a long time but not long enough for you to  master your marriage. There are so many things I need to learn about. However, marriage definitely made me a better person. It's where I learn to be selfless. Life is not about me, me, me anymore right. Well, most of the time is all about me (thank you Mr Husband!) but yeah..marriage is a hardwork. The is no such thing you fall in love and happy ever after. You need to nurture it all the time. Then you'll be happy. InsyaAllah..trying my best here =D

We didn't make any celebration during last year's anniversary because both of us were extremely busy and I sharply remember that we  made a pact in the car that we going to take annual leave and make something special for this year's anniversary. But oh well...this year pun busy jugak. In fact MrComot wasn't in town on our anniversary as he has meeting in another state. So there goes our pact *sobs* *sobs*. And after he came back pun takde celebrate mana-mana sebab both dah start busy that time. But it doesn't matter really..maybe next year! ;)

Anyway, I ordered this shoes from ebay UK about 3 weeks before and been checking the mailbox a week before the anniversary date and was 'ready' to accept the fact that my parcel is missing, because international parcel is not traceable when it reaches Malaysia. But Mr Postman decided to hand me the parcel on my anniversary day!! How sweeeeeet is that? So I considered this is my anniversary gift untuk mengubat hati yg lara haha.

 All the way from Great Britain ;)

Freckle Face in Navy Nubuck ;) ;) ;)

I've been looking up and low for Freckle Face (it's an old design from Clarks so it's not in market anymore) and most the sites don't have my size. Then one day jumpa this one, it's like a miracle!

By the way, since MrComot is not around, I made a crazy thing that day. Skipped my lunch and went to SSM to register my own company....

Which is crazy because.... I don't have any product to sell!!! LOL.

Well, I have something in mind, of course related to crafts and handmade stuff. I have a lot of buttons ribbons fabrics that I keep on buying and mounting in the craft room, and was thinking to let it go. Well, I can just sell it without register a company right? I mean, takat jual 10 butang je, perlu ke nak company bagai hahaha... but 1010 means a lot to me. So if I want a registered company, I want it to have that date as the registration date! Ini semua POYO! Hahaha

Nevermind that.

Since I already have a company, I HAVE to sell something right. InsyaAllah..when I'm less busy and get to upload the pics, I'll announce my shop site ;)

I announced this move to my husband and he gave me a short and sharp reminder:

 "multimillion, but we won't rob from the people"

Yeah, I won't rob from the people! InsyaAllah. Semoga Allah pelihara my heart from all this thing. Business is not easy..you tend to be blinded by the money right. Cewahhh cakap banyak, barang pun takde nak jual haha.

Anyway, my shop is going to be a place where I share my passion in crafts. Sharing is caring. Robbing is not allowed!! =P

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beach Bums

Ok last entry about balik kampung during last raya. Bercinta betul nak finish this entry..

Anyway what is balik to east coast kalau tak pegi pantai kan? Yes we went there but only on the last day we were in Terengganu and too bad that we only get to spend less than 1/2 hour as it started to rain after that. Sigh. Kesian the kids as derang baru nak warm up main pasir. 

This is one of my favourite public beach in Besut - Pantai Air Tawar. It is a long beach with fine white sand. It has one small fresh water lake that connected to the salt water beach. Somehow the water doesn't mix but I didn't dare to taste as the lake doesn't look that clean haha. But the beach is pretty clean for a public beach and do recommend this place as it has a long stretch which spread the crowd and you'll have ample space to claim it 'your space'. One of my pet peeves is when I go to a beach where I get to see others bum like a few centimeter away. Bukan menenang kan otak..but lagi serabut ada la =D

Anyway, below are some pictures before the heavy rain.

Found a stick and drawing something

Look at his hair. It was verrryyy windy 

Zahra is happy as she gets to touch the sand

Enjoying the ambiance. Can you see the dark cloud is racing towards her? 

Ok before I close this balik kampung/raya entry, few pics form our last raya!!

A little drama on baju raya though. It is last year's baju raya because I don't really have the time to think about it. My baju lagi la..it's my normal baju kurung that I wear to office, but since it matches the others, belasah je la. But last year was our first time spending Raya with 4 of us, so gigih ok last minit cari baju. Siap ambil annual leave, went to Jalan TAR naik LRT (wisma yakin) and sebab dah last minit susah nak cari 4 pairs of us. Kalau Zahra ada, Emir pulak takde. Last skali jumpa for 3 of them only at BAK so belasah je ambil and went to BAK Kota Damansara to find mine, only to know that they have different colors in each branch ^@&#@&%^#@. So end up I wear my normal attire la. Last year wore my normal brown dress from poplook, and this year we were extremely busy so just recycle last year's. Is still fits them well so why not and for a change, I wore baju kurung instead of the same dress. Well, I'm not really particular with new cloth but bila Raya dah dekat tu, mula la sentap takde matching satu family hehehe..

My hensem boy. Look at the haircut! He looks like a girl! Well, it's because mommy cuts it *cough* *cough*

Four of us! 

Penyapu dan Emir tak boleh dipisahkan. During raya pun sibuk nak menyapu and that's when other  people is around! 

And doze off kepenatan haha. This is a rare sight because he can't really sleep without latching on me. He must be very tired that day.

Ok this will be a closure to  my Raya aka balik kampung entries! We had so much much much fun!!! It's definitely a fresh change of air, because my kampung is very kampung one! With all the trees, cows, chicken and duck. Maybe I should write about my kampung next time..before it becomes town :(

Ohh crap! I miss my hometown so much! And my mom and dad! Sigh..

Have a good day everyone!