Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm s s s sorry

Taking a break from doing my work (yes darlings, I'm still at the office even though it's Friday *nanges*)


I have this habit suddenly to YM MrComot over nothing. You know, borak-borak bodoh like,

sayang busukkkk, me loooove!!!

and he'll reply with, me loooveee tooo!! or Nooooooo me tak busuk.

Haha whatever..

Anyway, I am sooo in love with Heartbreaker - now. It's kinda catchy and cute. I'm turning my player into this will-i-am song repeatedly and YM-ed MrComot

andes (2/27/2009 5:30:10 PM): im so s s s sorry
andes (2/27/2009 5:30:11 PM): im so s s s sorry
MrComot (2/27/2009 5:30:32 PM): its otay sayang
MrComot (2/27/2009 5:30:36 PM): me forgive u for being smelly

.................. (please imagine my round face with a BIG water drop at the head)


He knows I'm singing the song btw. It's just, he likes to talk that way. Somehow, I like it hehehe

Ahh I don't know why I'm being mushy2 today. Can't wait to get home and have a nice cuddling while watching movies. I plan to watch Serendipity today. I've watched this movie twice and MrComot haven't. Not that it is a very good movie, but it's ROMANTIC and I kinda love the story.

Ok back to work *sigh*

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Of coats and all

Hi all,

I've been quite busy lately. Hmm been very busy actually. A lot of things happen (work related) and need to sort out. And the boss keep on saying, 'andes, you lead this thing ok'. It's scary because he keep on saying it, as if I don't act like I'm leading it *sob sob*

Yah, I think so. But this is totally neeeeewwwww and I have no ideaaaa how it works! Sigh. Nevermind boss, I'm trying my best here! Gambattene!

And at the same time I am soooo over the moon about Japan trip. As I said before, I soooo want this red trench coat from forever21 and gigih pergi OU to find it but unlucky me, they don't have that specific trench coat and I even asked if they can buy it online for me but the SA said no, they can't.

After that I decided to browse online and guess what? They don't ship to Malaysia! OMG, I didn't know ok, even though it is sooo yesterday news.

This is the jacket that I wanted soooo much - Jeanie Swing Coat

Dah la nama pun soooo me - MrComot like to call me JeanieMot (as in Jeanie from 'I Dreamt of Jeanie' and Mot as in comot :P)

I even emailed them asking if they can make an exception to me and ship to Malaysia, but as expected they replied with a NO ;(

So I keep on looking for trench coat and I found a nice one in RED with big black button from Jaspal and it will costs me around RM200++ after 50% discount, it is a steal! But unfortunately I am soo TOT, so the coat look too long for me, as if I'm wearing someone else's. So rejected.

I also found another coat from Jaspal (in purple) and quite nice but it is too thin for summer and being me, I don't think it will keep me warm enough. Also around RM200++.

In Curve, I found a verrrryyy nice trench coat in black and grey from NafNaf and fit me nicely. It even has this big ruffle at the chest and soooo me too but it's too expensive, around RM400++. If it's in red, I definitely will close my eyes and buy it but it's in black. The color is a bit bland and I think it's not worth it because I know that I can get a nice one only around RM200.

I never know shopping will be this complicated *sigh*

Anyway, I just found out that we can still buy things that isn't being shipped to Malaysia with vPost. It is something like this, you register with vPost, buy things online and they will give us virtual IP is US (which is vPost office there) then they will post the stuff to vPost Asia and post it to us!

So this means, I still can get my Jeanie coat! And it'll be around RM200 with shipping!

But the thing is, I don't know if it can fit me nicely. Their S maybe M to us and the length, etc etc. I just don't know!

Hmm..what should I do?

Worse come to worse, if I still can't find the coat, I will just buy the purple Jaspal *sigh*

If you have any recommendation where to get nice and pretty coats, tell me eh. Mwahhhhh ;-*

Friday, February 20, 2009

Agusti Putri and her Tuah

As in my previous entry, we went to watch PGL in Istana Budaya last night and I can't really say it's splendid. It's okay I guess. It isn't bad, it's just that I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Aladdin.

But Aladdin and PGL is two different genre!! See.. I can't really judge hehe.

Anyway, by the time we arrived, the place is packed and swarmed with cars and we can see lots press and police traffic! I was thinking, 'mesti ada orang besarrrr coming tonight' and guess who came?

Pak Lah okkkk!!!!

Hahaha..ok, I am no fan of our PM but sitting with him in a room (a BIG hall actually, macam la dekat sangat pun) is like yeayyy! Dalam banyak2 malam, malam ni jugak Pak Lah datang. Padahal mcm la ada effect pun kan? Hahaha

Press and police

I did snap few Pak Lah's pics in the hall but it's tooo blurry and can't even tell the face pun :(

Overall, we enjoyed the show, only a few scenes is a bit boring (MrComot siap menguap lagi ok!) and my mind get distracted. Few points I would like to add,

1) Suara Tiara sangat sedappppp okkkk!! Ok lah, not that sedap like Siti, but it is sweeeeeeeettt. It is super sweeeeet! I was so surprised that I find it sedap as to tell you the truth, I never really like her in 'Asmaradana'. I think Asmarada is very flat and bland. But in PGL, Gusti Putri suits her well.

2) I don't like Stephen Rahman what ever his name as Hang Tuah. He is...not Hang Tuah! I mean, I can't feel his sparks as a warrior. I expect HT to be someone yg macho, cool and berkredibiliti. You know what I mean? To me, he is more like a playboy hero like in the Bollywood movie. And also I don't feel him when he say sweet things to Tiara. There is no charmingness, more likely reading scripts.

3) I really like the part that Bayan hide Tiara in her batik and *POOF* suddenly Tiara gone. OMG! I was like, 'mana Tiara pegi? How they do it?'. I know that she crawls under the curtain but the movement was very smooth because I didn't notice it at all! They repeat the same trick when the 'hantu' moving kira kanan and tiba2 *POOF* it dissapeared! Ok, this one seriously I don't freaking know how they do it as I can't see any hideout or something like that. They are doing magic, man! And it's good.

4) AC Mizal is reaaaaaal good as Adipati. His voice is clear and strong and you have yet to see his face. MrComot siap takut lagi bila Adipati marah.

5) The backdrop and moving2 is nice but I think they can do better for Majapahit

6) I like the part Tiara stating her wishes for the hantaran, it's like mantera and it's spooky. I like spooky things hehehehe

Overall it is nice and pretty good for an epic piece.

The casts come out after the show

Tiara giving speeches

I was hoping she add some extra show like from her Asmaradana video clip ke, sebab Pak Lah is here kan, but ilekkkkkk. Kecewa noks.

People swarming with their cameras and handphones up when the casts going out. O-M-G!

We bought the original CD (live recording as pe say) at RM30 and I think it's a crap! No no no, not the songs, but the recording! It's not sharp and feel like a bit distinctive. I don't know if live recording should be like that but it sucks! I have to turn my volume to the highest and still, it sounds faded.

Talking about this, do you know where to get Aladdin's CD (the kids musical by Erma Fatima)? I've emailed Istana Budaya but they say they don't keep it. As far as I remember, most of the songs arranged by Pak Ngah.

If you know how to get it, give me a beep ya! Thanks!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

PGL here I come

This picture sangat lah sucks due to insufficient lighting, but who cares.

We bought 4 PGL tickets on 6th Feb and gigih amik gamba mcm ni sebab nak show off okkkk! Hahaha kidding.

To tell the truth, watching PGL is not in my list this year as I already have no heart for other entertainment due to our Japan trip plan. Seriously. However, one of my good friends Shani asked us to join her and the boyfie. I know I can say NO but macam not so nice as they already teman us watching Sinbad before (but Sinbad punya ticket only RM30 okkkk, haha Shani no offence).

So dengan gigih berusaha I asked (ASKED okkkk, not DO) Shani to get FOUR student cards in order to be entitled of the 30 freaking percent discount! It's a lot!!!! So we get to save up around RM60 per each ticket! Tell me siapa cakap tak banyak? Babbbbbb kang...

Some nice words from my circles help to lift up my spirit to watch it. One of my officemate said PGL is breathtaking and very nice. And it is the final season! Tiara won't be in anymore for the next PGL (if there is any). So it's better be good Shani! :P

Ohh..somehow I know we will enjoy it.

Hope you guys have a good night too. Mwah!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hi babes!!!

Finally! We are going somewhere for honeymoon!!!

And guess where?



Hmmmm... (sorry, I am too excited hehehe)

We are going to JAPAN!!!!!!!


And...we are going there for sakura season!!!!


Finally! :D

Actually we've planned this before the wedding lagi because normally newly wed straight away will go for honeymooning kan. But we said to ourselves, sabaaar...we will go this March, God's willing. And thank God, for granting this wish.

OMG...I still can't believe this. Even though we've been planning this for ages, but finally buying the tickets make both of us shiver with excitement.

Before I continue this rambling, I would like to share one tips. Buying ticket online is wayyy cheaper than at the counter itself.

We tried to buy online (since MAS is having promotion) but the online booking only allowed one airport for fly in and fly out either Narita (Tokyo) OR Kansai (Osaka). We wanted to fly in through Kansai AND fly out from Narita. If we want to do that, we are not entitled to the current promotion.

So we went to Reliance to get the ticket and they wanted to charge us additional RM50 for each ticket, which is fair enough la kan. When we are about to pay, they told us that we have to add 3% additional charge of total tickets for credit card. I was like, what?

I know this is a common practice but it is a BIG TURN OFF. So we decided to buy ourselves from MAS. We went to KL Sentral to get the ticket and much to our surprises, they charge RM60 additional each for admission fee! I was like, "how come walking in is more expensive than online?"

Haiyoh..luckily, they don't charge on credit card, so it still cheaper than Reliance.

So people, if you want to fly in and out via the same airport, buy your air ticket ONLINE else you'll be charged a freaking RM60 (international) or RM30 (local)! And save up some money too for fuel and parking!!

Ok back to our plan.

We will spend 3 days in Osaka, 4 days in Kyoto, then use the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo and be there for 9 days!

Which means, we are going to be in Japan for 16 freaking days!! Yeay!

By the time we be in Osaka and Kyoto, the parks will be filled with cherry blossoms and everything will turn out romantic hehehe. Hoping sakura will still blooming in Tokyo by the time we reached there as they only last for 10 days!

The temp will be 15 celcius average and that's pretty cold! So I have to start buying appropriate apparel. I will borrow some from MIL though (we are about the same size!).

Actually, I planned to borrow everything from MIL and buy none because I think it's a bit membazir as I won't wear it again here. But all MIL's coat are in beidge and quite plain (sorry MIL hehe) and MrComot said don't worry about that as we might travel again later so it won't be membazir. Yeayy!! I am sooo getting this chilli red trench coat from Forever21. Hmmm nevermind, I'll share about it IF I bought it okay? For now tak beli apa2 lagi :P

We also bought a camcorder (FULL HD!) purposely for this vacation. Lalalala.

Oh my..I really can't wait.

We are now in the middle of finding and booking places to stay and planning what to do each day. Oh ya, we also have to apply for VISA and hopefully everything goes well.

Talking about it, I just made my passport yesterday!

My passport done yesterday!

Hehehe..I knoww...I sangat kesian ok. Tak pernah out of Malaysia, even to Singapore! So, lucky you guys who have been to Bali la, Bandung la, etc etc.

Oh ya..did I tell you guys we are going on ourselves?

Which means, EVERYTHING will be done by both of us - places to stay, places to visit, things to do, JR pass, transportation, etc etc. We decided not to follow any travel agencies as we believe (read: perasan) we can do it sendiri. So it's going to be very adventerous and exciting!!!

So if anyone of you had been to Japan or know anything about it, please share your findings and recommendations. And also, if you guys nak order apa2 specific from Japan, let me know, jgn malu2 ok. Or anything from duti free shop ke. You have about a month to think about it! :D

Ok babes, gotta start speaking Japanese already. Ja ne!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why him?

Funny things happened yesterday.

#1 story

We had our lunch at Pusat Islam (the makcik punya lauk sedap and murah!) and sat on the same table with this 2 young army in uniform. Their lunch was towards the end already and having their good time chit-chatting, but that's not my point.

I heard them giggling over something that I don't know and I'm not bothered. We just having our lunch macam biasa while borak-borak when suddenly one of the army call MrComot and asked:

Army 1: Abang, abang dah kawen ke belum
MrComot: Ha? (paused a while) Dah
Army 2: Hahahaha
Army 1: Aku takde duit la..nanti la aku bagi


Ok I am over-reacting. My point is, MOTIF UOLS BET LAKI IOLS DAH KAWEN KE BELUM?


Eh..did I say they are MALES!!! Males as in MrDicky is hanging right inside their pants!

If they ask me, I would understand la. But MrComot? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?????

#2 story

MrComot received a call from one of his vendor after lunch. When he told me the conversation I was like, WHYYYY?

John: What do you do on your weekend?
MrComot: Nothing really, at home resting
John: Do you know there is a nice park in section 9?
MrComot: I dunno..where is it?
John: Bla bla bla (telling the direction).. I'll give you a call when I'm about to go there and we can jog together

And again, I was like, MOTIFFF?? Motif kau ajak laki orang pegi jogging sama2 kat nice park?

Hahaha, John if you are ever reading this in the future, no offence ok, your call wasn't at the right time ;)

I know I am over-reacting. I found it funny at the same time though. But still I can't believe it. How come they chose him over me???!?! Korang tak rasa motif sangat ke? Hmmm...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ops, nevermind the sugar

I had some stale Gardenia bread in the fridge which already expired since last week! It's a bit heartbreaking to throw food away, I mean, the other side of the world is starving and here you are, 'Ok tak habis let's buang'. It's unfair don't you think so?

But I think it's a bit unsafe to eat something expired unless you cook it --> Hahaha theory mana lah ni belajar. Anyway the bread still looks good. A tip here, keep your bread in fridge, the spores or fungus or whatever green greyish thing won't come out right after the expiry date. I guess the fridge helps to prolong the bread's lifetime. Maybe :P

Btw, I strongly believe it still can be eaten so I decided to make bengkang roti / bingka roti. It's something like bread pudding but it's not, it's more to Malay sweet delicacies. You know binka ubi? Yes, it is that type of kueh, only you use bread instead of tapioca.

The thing is, I never make it even once in my life. I have a picture of it can be done and the ingredient, but I wasn't very sure. After all, apa lah yang andes pernah masak pun kan? ;)

So I rang up my mom all the way for that simple ingredients, tsk tsk tsk

Me: Ma! Ada roti expired, nak buat bengkang, mcm mana eh?
Mom: Ala..letak tepung gandum, pastu santan, boleh ganti ngan susu, telur sebiji, jgn lupa gula, agak2 lah
Me: Hmm..tepung gandum byk mana?
Mom: Ada banyak ke roti?
Me: Ada la dlm 4-5 keping
Mom: Letak setengah cawan cukup la
Me: Susu letak susu apa2 pun boleh?
Mom: Letak susu apa pun boleh.. Mama kadang2 letak je susu pekat manis tu. Jgn lupa tambah gula. Pastu tau kan macam mana mama buat, pernah tengok kan.
Me: OK! Tau. Nnt along try.

So dengan bersemangatnya I took out the bread from fridge and gave it a close look for any suspiscious faces. Tear it into pieces, and whip out the sauce.

The expired yeast. I made this last Saturday (14 feb) so it means already 6 dayyyysss expired. Don't follow this if you aren't sure. In my case, I am very sure it is safe hehehe

I whisked the flour with milk (I use HL low fat milk, smallest pack) and 1 big organic egg until it reaches into some consistency.

Pour the sauce into the torn bread, press it and leave it for a while untill the sauce is fully absorbed (about 10 minutes or so)

Scrap some butter to make a buttery crust (yummy!) and bake it at 180 celcius for 25 mins.

After 10 minutes in the oven, me head get knocked-off by something invisible that I yelled "OMG! LUPA LETAK GULA!!!"


OMG. Seriously, how come I missed the sugaaarrr. Obviously this is a sweeeeeet kueh. How to be sweet then? And it is almost cooked already, too late for a little sprinkle of sugar.

MrComot: Ish ish sayang ni, baru tadi me cakap you jadi Rachel Ray, kalau Rachel Ray tengok ni, mesti dia kecewa

Uwaaaaaaa... my mission to impress him is failed *sob sob*

Nevermind I calm myself, we'll see the outcome. Right after the oven "ringgggggggg" I quickly took it out (and I burned my finger sob sob) and slice it and tiup-tiup (because it is freaking hot, of course la *sigh*) and pop it into my mouth.

After another 15mins, OK, it looks delicious.

And YES, it spells DEL.ICI.OUS! Only it is a bit on 'tawar' taste.'s not that tawar actually because the bread already has its own taste and so the milk. So ada macam distinctive taste of sweetness gitu. Buuuuut, still failed as a real bingka roti la T_T

Also of course failed to be eaten just as it is. It will be like pancake without the sauce. Why whining, we need to improvise right?

So here I am, having the binka-tak-jadi-but-yet-delicious with honey and it is DOUBLE DELICIOUS!

Hehehe.. Ok Ok I'm just so surprised how well it turned out. MrComot like it very much though. Even one of my colleague also said SEDAPNYA! without being asked ok ;)

(of course I didn't give the failed expriment to him, malu lah kan but he took it from my tupperware ok - I brought to the office as bekal :P)

I planned to do this accident-recipe again (and of course without the sugar!) but will throw in some raisins for sweet version and chunk sausages with pepperoni for savoury version.

Hmmmmmm Y-U-M-M-Y !! And it is E-A-S-Y P-E-A-S-Y !!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Clingy Day

I know I know that I should be resting by now, not updating blog but I can't help it la. MrComot is away for meetings in Cyberjaya, for the whole day which means I won't see him from morning until 6PM today. I kinda miss him and this fever made me crankier and clingier ;(

Betul tak girls? U guys ever feel mcm ni tak? Certain people like to close themselves up when they are sick, but I like to be pampered and being paid attention like, all the time. I think it's normal with girls hehehe

Anyway, we only contacting and updating each other via SMS and YM. My MIL invited us for dinner last night but we coudn't make it because I was too feverish. I don't want to spread it around, so to make it up we planned to have dinner together tonight. This noon, I SMS MrComot to remind him about that.

Me: Sayang, dun 4get to tell ur mom kita dinner together
MrComot: Baik mom --> I know I sound bossy, but mom? Haipphh. I was so geram, so the sms went on.
Me: Buka suar, mom suruh
MrComot: Tak boleh, poji ada sini, nanti dia nak
Me: Syurga bwh tapak kaki mom lalalala
MrComot: And syurga bawah tapak kaki hubby too, kan? :P Yeay! Backrub tonight!

I was like, hmmmmpppphhhhhh!!

Flu, again!

Hi all,

I'm down with flu and slight fever, again *sigh*

This year alone I already having 2 fever and it's only February! tsk tsk tsk

To Cool, sorry tak jadi swim today ;(
Next week insyaAllah jadi ;)

Oh ya, on another note, if anyone of you would like to purchase water filter for the office or home, please tell me eh. One of my friend bought 10 filters from this one MLM and unfortunately for her, she didn't manage to sell all the filters, and now she is buried under bad financial. Very bad.

I don't know how can I help her, but I hope this would help. She's selling the filter at original price she got.

A piece of advice, don't fall for MLM ok. They cheat.

Ok darling, tah-tah and see you later. Mwah!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gulping the YeeSang

I know that CNY already over but I haaaveee to write about Yee Sang, because we had it THREE times in this year!!! Hahaha

My first time having Yee Sang was last year with MrComot's family. That time we just dating out casually so I was a bit nervous and uncomfortable and 'segan'. And this year we having it with our status changed to married (yeay!!) so finally I can eat yee sang in peace hehehe.

We had 3 Yee Sang celebration this year. The first one on the eve of CNY at this one Chinese Muslim restaurant in Summit USJ called Dong Yi Shun. The place is kinda nice and very Chinese with tanglung hanging and all.

We had salmon Yee Sang, roasted duck (I only had one piece of it because I think duck is smelly generally hehehe), sharks fin soup, steamed beef dumpling, Zi Ran lamb meat, braised bok choy with shitake mushroom, and deep fried garoupa. The food is so-so only so I am not really recommending this place.

The salmon yee sang. The salmon is not that fresh and crackers not tasty :(

The ambience feels like we are not in KL and it's cool

Since the first Yee Sang is a bit unsatisfying, my MIL arrange another Yee Sang session after we came back from Perak and it took place at last year Yee Sang as all of us like the food there, Southeast Seafood at Terminal 3, Subang.

Finally! The real Yee Sang - Jellyfish version.

The condiments are sooo right with each other and the sauce is perfect too! Not too tangy not too sweet nyum nyum.

Since everybody is in a good mood (I think because the food is right) we toss it really high and wish everybody best luck in their life. In Dong Yi Shun nobody toss it high. Just gaul2 with the chopstick.

We had very much the same like last year's menu (remember the garlic and chili padi cockles? Yummmmmmmyyy!) and I was introduced to one new dish that night - Yam Basket!

Lightly stir fried mixed vege in yam basket.

OMG! This is sooooo delectable! The yam is soo soft and full of yam taste (of course is yam what) but, sangattt sedapppp. I think I can gobble the whole 'basket' by myself. But let be civilised here ya everybody. Keep your portion right, generally hehehe.

So here I am announcing to the world, my new favourite dish here will be Garlic & Chilli Padi Cockles and Yam Basket. Sekian terima kasih.

We had our last Yee Sang on the 15 Chinese Lunar (it's Chap Goh Meh right?), last Sunday at Sri Ayutthaya.

The Thai Fusion Yee Sang

We had salmon Yee Sang and it's okay. Both MIL and I were a bit on dissapointed side because the initial plan was to have fruits yee sang with Thai fusion. There was a promotion in paper saying they have fruits yee sang but then we arrived, they say only one standard type of yee sang is available.

The Yee Sang is given Thai twist by the way, because I did pick some pamelo and there is garlic pickle but the sauce is too tangy to my liking and hurt my throat, so I can't take much ;(

The food is nice but as the link says

"Its got a reputation for being REAL good, but pricey …. I found the meal to be quite pricey, but it wasn’t fantastic."

It was good but wasn't fantastic. And pricey too! It costs my MIL a freaking RM300++ for 5 person but I already expecting it for a place like that, kinda posh-y hehe, but..again, nothing fantastic.

On another note, we were given this CUTE wet tissue at SouthSea (the 2nd Yee Sang)!

Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

And coincidently, my tissue was printed with my zodiac year! Woof woof!

It says that my life, wealth and love is very good but my health is not really :(

Hahaha..ok folks, don't believe in such thing ok? All you have to do is live your life to the fullest and let God handle the rest ;)

So, this entry will wrap my stories about CNY this year. Hope you enjoy your CNY as I did and see you next year!

Hahaha kidding. I'll tell you what, I haveee sooo many stories to share, but later ya. Mwah!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've been tagged!

Haha excited pulak kena tag. This is the tag I've talking about!!! Somebody else have tagged me before but I totally forgot who is it :(

And now, Cool is tagging me with the same tag, I amm happpyyy. I know we can always tag ourselves tapi mcm tak best la gitu hehehe.

Ok here we go

The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people.

I am a

I really want to go to

Okla..get real. It is Brazil, but I think I wanna go here first before

My favourite place is

My favourite thing is

My favourite drink

My favourite food
My favourite colors are definitely
I live in
I was born inI attended

My favourite stories are
My hobbies are
I definitely wish for

I am going to tag..


Monday, February 9, 2009

Mexican wave to streamyx~~~

Helooooooo world!!!

Now I'm officially online from my crib!!! Finally after months battling with TM (FOUR freaking months to be exact) we get our streamyx *tadah tangan kat langit, syukur alhamdulillah*. Of course on best case scenario you can get connected within 3 days after submission, but our case is because they just ran out the port, boleh?

I mean, come onnnnnnnn laaaaaaaaa.This is new area with massive houses, of course la you can expect a lot of people want streamyx kan? Why don't you patch the extra port siap-siap kan? Ish ish ish... But I am not in the position to complain now because I'm using the connection with hassle-free hihihi

We can already connect to the streamyx since last week but since we only have one CAT5, I feel it is uncool to use something wired and have to berebut the usage with MrComot some more. So now, both of us can online with our own laptop anywhere we want.

We just bought the wireless router from Lowyat this evening and it's the cheapest, costing us RM117, and it can do wireless bridging!!!

The white Buffalo WHR-G125

Seriously this is a steal, first as I said before it can do wireless bridging/WDS which other wireless router in that range of price can't do. Good for future investment, where maybe you want to extend the coverage to your neighbour and charge them (ok, don't follow this). It also has AOSS where you can get connected without have to setup anything in the PC/laptop, all you have to do is install the software one time only, compatible with XBOX and Nintendo DS, etc.

It also comes with firewall/IDS which I think other wireless routers also have but the logging is pretty comprehensive. It will tell you details of attempt like the MAC address, time, discarded sessions etc etc. Then it can do simple load balancing where it can connects to 5 lines of connection at a time. So laptop A can use streamyx 1 and laptob B can use streamyx 2 and so on which will suit somebody who wants to bolot all the bandwidth to himself. But, it won't do any good pun sbb we only use one line of streamyx kan? It's just the capabilities amuse me hehehe.

However this is only G-generation as I don't think we need N-generation (my laptop is a very ooooold lady, so she won't be able to use N type) so G is enough. And that saves up some money too (Most N-generation router is quite pricey, around RM260 the cheapest, Aztech brand)

Ok ok tooo much nerd info here. I think I'm gonna sleep now. MrComot already bising that I'm hooked with the laptop hahahaha. So hear me now my hubby, I've got a new boyfriend!!
Mexican wave again~~~~~~

This is how I online now, on the bed with MrWeebek and connected without the wire!! Sila abaikan kaki MrComot tu.

So I might be updating regularly, but still depending on my mood hehehe.

Ok hunnies, let's go to sleep yaaaaaa. Mwahhhhh nite nite nite schlopp schloppp schlopppppppp

Friday, February 6, 2009

First CNY in KL

I wanted to update about my first celebration of Chinese New Year since the day itself (we already got our streamyx, yeay!) but I was too occupied lazying around.

This is my first time to celebrate CNY, as MrComot's mom is a Chinese. This year is quite special as they invite lion dance group to come and do the dancing thingy at their grandma's house.

I've seen many lion dances before and last time was in Cineleisure (ahhh sangat pathetic tgk lion dance kat mall). But having them inside of your house is something new and intriguing.

My best memory of lion dance when I was in Alor Star almost twenty years ago (gosh, suddenly I feel soooo old). Those days, lion dance is free and all you have to do is wait inside of your house, listen to the drumroll and quickly run after them, following them from house to house and if you are lucky, you get to catch the lion's tail haha! They are moving really fast I tell you. And all the money they got is only charity money, belas ihsan from the houses. Some gives and some just watch it for free. Us the Malay of course la won't give. I always wonder why we never give angpow to the dancers but now I know that it isn't part of our culture and I doubt the adult enjoy the show as much as we kids, did.

And now, we have to PAY for the show! No more free lion dance, except in malls and public shows. If you want them to come to your house, you have to book and it will cost you a bomb. Oklah..not really a bomb, but still ratus-ratus jugak.

The good old days. When everybody living happily with little money. Nowadays tak boleh like that, everybody is not happy and need a lot of money to buy LV la, couch la (curik from Piah) and etc. Ahhh whatever, this is out of topic already.

Anyway, this current show in MIL's house is very entertaining. 2 big lions (red and yellow) jumping here and there, batting their big, heavy eyelashes accompanied by loud drumroll and other intruments. They are very adorable I tell ya!
Baru lah rasa macam Chinese New Year!! Kong Hi Kong Hi everybody!! (while clasping both hands and doing the shakes)

The lion inside the house, bending over while munching the oranges.

MIL side is a very typical Chinese family. They speak little English and very little BM, it is a kind of obstacle for me to get in as I likeeee to talk a lot but then I don't know how to talk other than in BM and English (mind you my english also berterabur, so how's that for now?).

But they are very friendly and kind, so I guess only that matters now :P

The lion sitting queitly in front of the altar. I told you this is a very typical Chinese family.

At first I thought the lion are praying, but actually they are peeling off the oranges skin (or maybe they are also praying, I really don't know). I was busy snapping pictures that suddenly the lions jump up and throw the orange peel towards me and I shrieeeeked okkkk!! Everybody laughs...ughh now I'm putting up a show! Sorry lion, I didn't mean to steal the limelight from you hehe.

The show lasts for about half an hour to 45 mins. After it finished, everything back to normal position - the chairs, the tables, kids goofing around, women chatting, men watching TV etc etc.

One of the kid (err..I think he is my cousin or nephew hehehe and I already forget his name!) playing with the replica head.

The other twin join him up in a while. They are cheeeeekkkyyyy!

And do you know that we have to give angpow now!! Hahaha but it's very little. I was a bit on uncomfortable side because you is too little -RM2! but MrComot's mom said it is only as a gesture, and everybody is giving around the same amount. So I think it is cool then. We have to give 2 angpow, as in one from me and one from MrComot. Maybe after we are older and richer I will set bigger angpow for them. And raya too! Don't worry hahaha

They even line up for the angpow ok! ugh ugh I feel like an old auntie giving away money. And I have NO IDEA why I made faces like that, or was it my face like that all the time? Ha ha ha. Ok stop it, it's lame ish ish

According to MIL, they used to do the tea ceremony, where the young will pour tea and serve the one sitting on the chair, and then baru dapat angpow. But since the grandparents already passed away, the tradition is ceased.

MrComot and I also got angpows!!!! I wasn't expecting any as I already aware that married couple normally tak diberi angpow, so I was really estatic, sengih tak habis2 okkkk.

See my happy face?
I have to sit next to the altar during giving angpows ceremony but luckily the incense burning smell wasn't that strong.

And I learned new word that day

Umm khoy kau foo, Gong Xi Fa Cai!
(thanks uncle, happy new year)

For aunties, you have to switch it like this

Umm khoy kau mo, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Hahaha senang kan? And that's the only word that I dare to speak loudly that day :D

I guess it's not too late to wish all my reader, happy new year and have an oxpilicious year ahead!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Recipes

Hi all, as promised below is the recipes for the dinner. Mind you that they are very simple, but maybe it can be an idea or inspiration for you to cook for the special one ;)

Lemon & pepper steak

I use 2 pieces of Australian cut, seasoned sea salt and lemmon&pepper seasoning. You also can squeeze fresh lemon and grind some coarse pepper but this one easier hehehe. Normal salt is enough too but seasoned sea-salt has a subtle hint of paprika and other seasoning. It will prevent your meat from getting too salty.

I just pan fry the meat and it is absolutely easy peasy! You just have to control the fire and flip it over and over. Oh ya, don't forget to rub some butter before that :P

Anyway I learnt one lesson after it is cooked. I have to cover it with lid so that the meat will cooked through without making it hard at the outside. Thank God that I didn't buy the Rib Eye cut else it will be a total disaster. I was so tempted to pick it as it looks so nice with all the fat in between but being realistic, I pick the cheaper cut.

So another advise is, use cheap cut first and experiment with your fire/the way you cook, then once you confident enough, then you can use the prime cut ;)

It's lemony and peppery and tasty, but dry ;(

This recipe is inspired by ThePioneerWoman ;)

Creamy Mashed Potato

I mixed some American potatoes (and they are expensive! It costs me a whopping of RM7++ for only 4 bulk pieces) with local baby potatoes (leftover from last BBQ), some milk (a few spoons only), butter and cream cheese (I use half block).

Seriously, don't skip the cream cheese. It is the ultimate reason why the mashed potato is creamy and sinful!

Peel, wash and cut the big potato. Since the baby potatoes is, I decided not to burden myself peeling them. So I just dump everything in big pot and let them boiled till soft.

Mash them under low fire to banish the excessive water so that your mashed potato won't be mealy. I continue mashing in a big porcelain bowl because the masher is scraching my brand new Maxim pot!! Hmmpphhhh there will always be a first time right?

So my other advise is, use the right utensil :D

Then I dump everything in my precious casserole (Lalink Khairiah, I use the same bekas to cook rice, sangat berguna ok hehe), spread some butter and bake in the oven for about 20 mins at 180 celcius.

The mashed potato come out very creamy with a little crust on top and piping hot! And smells good too! It feels like I can dig the whole tub by myself. It was thaaattt gooood. Seriously!

This recipe also inspired by ThePioneerWoman hehehe

Sago Gula Melaka

This is my first time doing it and I have no idea how I should cook it. Sago is not really my thing but MrComot like sago very much. That's why I decided to whip it out.

What we need is pearl sago, coconut milk (fresh one is better, I just use the instant one), some pandan leaves and gula melaka (if you can get the nipah one it'll taste nicer!)

Wash the sago throughly and boil it in a big pot.

And don't forget to stir it. Else you have to use 3 different pots just because you forget and this will make you angry because the kitchen get messier and you have to wash lots of pots after that. So don't forget ok?

This what happened when I just left the sago (thinking it can be boiled like the potato) and it burnt!

Thanks to my nose for picking up the burnt smell. I quickly turn off the gas, dump the sago in drainer, wash it until no burnt smell linger and put into another pot, add gallon of water, turn on the fire and watch it closely.

My target for the sago is to make it individual as possible. I want it to be a single pearl of sago, not the lumpy type where they stick together and we have to scoop out using a spoon. I really have no idea how to achieve that but I believe stirring will help. My sago still a bit lumpy though (because of the previous incident where I carelessly left it) but washing it under the cold water also help to part the pearl.

A few minutes after stirring it, I have to changed to another pot! Because the pot I'm using is too small. I forget that sago can grow thousands times bigger! *sigh*

So my advice is, use a very big pot and don't forget to stir ;)

Then dissolve some brown sugar in water thickened according to your likeness

Cook the coconut milk with pandan leaves and a pinch of salt. I add some water (about half of the pack)

This is the instant coconut milk and my first time using it. I never knew they come in creamy and thick version. It's a bit weird though and smell differently.

Scoop some portion into a small cup, add the coconut milk, then top on some of the gula melaka.

And chill it!

It is soooo refreshing and yummy!!

I'm sooo gonna do this again, but this time I will try to make it pearly 100%. But MrComot seems like doesn't care about it ;(

Me: Suka tak sago ni?
MrComot: Suuukkaaaaaaa
Me: But dia tak jadi bijik2. Dia macam lumpy kan? *frowning*
MrComot: Owhh..I don't mind pun. Lumpy pun ok, just scoop it out lah
Me: Whattt? So sia-sia la me gigih buat sebijik2 mcm pearl? *mad already*
MrComot: It doesn't make any different pun kan? The taste sama je..
Me: Hmmmppphhhhh I still don't like it lumpy!

Oklah..enough whining.

So guys, don't you think it is super easy? Try them out and don't forget all my tips ok? :D

Happy messing with the kitchen! ;D