Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Blues

I knowwwww.. my blog has become cheesy mommy blog! *wink to Bee*. But what to do, my life has expand to 3 and all I feel like to write is about them hehehehe.

Just to cure my Monday blues (so that maybe I'll write a lengthy entry after that :P), below is Zahra Elena last weekend, clad in her pajama, rushing out for morning walk :D

This picture is compiled by MrComot which is super shocking (ok, I am exaggerating) because he's super busy and as usual, locked with his laptop last night and I assumed he's doing his work but NOT! He's actually busy compiling tottila's pictures from early days hehe. He uploaded a few in his facebook, and here I'm sharing it with you.

Sebab baru dapat kaki, she loves to walk very much and got her first big scratches on the knee when she fell. She was in her romper that time, lesson learnt, always put long pants for your new-walker toddler.

Haishh anak mommy dah besar :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vege Girl

Zahra's current favourite food - brocolli.

I normally sauteed it with lotsa garlic with very small pinch of salt. But she's ok with or without salt, only the father la..kesiaaannn totti no salt. Like helloooooo? Haha

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Part-time Cinderella

Zahra's current hobby - sweeping the floor with the static sweeper. Taken at her grandma's. On-going rate, RM5 per hour, drool included hehe.

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Choc of the Day: Ritter Sport Dark Whole Hazelnuts

...with crunchy roasted whole hazelnuts.

Old stock, bought from Langkawi :D

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zahra at dinner

Zahra Elena last Friday, at our department dinner. I had to bring her because there is no way I can leave her until 12 midnight and I planned not to go at all, but then, I was allowed to bring her, so.. I pegi lah :P

And she's such a darling, didn't throw any tantrum except few noisy sounds trying to talk to me while the big bosses giving speeches (when everybody listen quietly) which make it awkward because I was like this "Zahraa shhhhhhh", and flushed to the max. It's not a family event, everybody can't bring spouses, so no kids as well but just because we work together so yeah, it was awkward haha.

Anyway happy Tuesday everyone!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Zachary.Art Grand Giveaway!

Sticky Post! (please scroll down for more entry)

"saya nak menang mrs zach's first give away kerana saya tak pernah ada photoshoot bersama hubby dan Zahra Elena yg comel hehe. And saya sangat tertarik dengan hasil kerja Zachary.Art and I know they are honest and kind people. Walaupun giveaway yang percuma, they will do it with full of love and all of their heart to deliver the best work. And mungkin nak buat birthday party Zahra nanti, so please please please pick me! :D"

Come and join this giveaway! For details, click here!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

13 months!

Zahra Elena is 1 year 1 month in February! Can't believe that I managed to take care of a baby whom turned to a toddler now.

She just had her MMRV injection last weekend so we get to measure her weight and height. She is 8.4 kilos and 74 cm that I don't have to bend anymore whenever I want to hold her hand when she's walking. Talking about the MMRV shot, she's one little tough girl. The shot is given right on the buttock and she didn't cry at all, in fact siap nak tepis the needle as she was curious why everybody is touching her bum haha. Even the doctor and nurse were amused with her reaction.

My little one also mark another milestone this month, she's walking, totally! She no more need support from us, can move up from the floor and walk, and will stop if she feels wobbly and about to fall, will fall gracefully, and up again to walk. Anyway she's an expert walker at home with bare feet and much wobbling if with shoes and in mall (maybe sebab tak biasa with the floor) but she's getting better each day.

Before CNY

Her hobby still spring cleaning and this is the utmost favourite place.

Plastic-ware cabinet

She doesn't like her bathtub and love the pail instead because she can literally stuff her whole body inside. She will shriek so loud whenever I tried to lift her up and grip the sides of the pail with her both hands.

Refused to come out

Her current favourite vocal is kla-kla-kla-kla-kla and I don't know what it means but she will say it with bright face and full of enthusiasm.

Oh ya, she's also teething now, another 2 above teeth that is next to the rabbit tooth is peeking out, which causing excessive drool and I have to change her clothes like every 2-3 hours. But normally I just put small handkerchief inside the shirt when it is wet to prevent cold chest :P

She no more eat frozen porridge since 1 year because dia dah pandai jadi choosy hehe. Kalau frozen makan sikit je. So I cook her porridge daily every morning. Nowadays, sometimes porridge, sometimes just soup so the babysitter will mix it with her own fresh-cooked rice. But I still make her fruits puree in batches and freeze it as she seems doesn't mind with it.

I still breastfeed Zahra until now, Alhamdulillah..but it's a challenge nowadays because she likes to bite and with 4 teeth, it's not helping at all! The worst part is, she like to bite towards the end of the drink session, so tak sempat nak say NO or do whatever, she let it go already. But the PAIN!! Urghhhh! So my normal reaction will be screaming, Zahra no!!! and then I will tell her after that, "No, pain pain! Sakit dont bite mommy". Most of the time she seems to understand but I think she couldn't help it when she is in playful mood. If sakit sangat sometimes I smash her hand not-so-lightly with my fiercest face and she'll cebik and cry.

Talking about breastfeeding, Zahra is going to a phase where she doesn't want her bottle AT ALL. This has been going for a month (I think she get attached to direct feeding after Langkawi trip) which means, she's not getting any milk at all during the day. I still pump my milk out and bring it to babysitter everyday but all gone to waste. She will wait for me and drink directly in the car and during night like usual, 3 hours gap while sleeping.

I asked her doctor during the jab and he said just try to encourage her to drink from bottle and I can try for another month before I decide to feed her with formula milk because mana tau, formula nak minum pulak kan? But I tried to give her the DutchLady kid dalam kotak tu, tu pun tanak, minum 3 sips like that and throw it out. She eats well during the day, only that I'm afraid she's not getting enough nutrient without the milk. Mommies, what do you think? Do you have any tricks about this or do you think milk during night is enough for her?

Well, that will sum up my 13months princess. Time sure goes by with few blinks but this is the highest time for me as she's so active and demanding now, I feel so drained and exhausted that I wonder when the trouble 2y comes, how it's gonna be hehe..

MrComot even call her Notti Totti. But of course I'm glad you are active and naughty like this, because I will be worried as hell if you always sleep and sit still right? Mommyhood dilemma :P

Happy 13months sayang! No matter how naughty you are, mommy and daddy will always love you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Homemade Potato Wedges

Zahra's tea time - homemade potato wedges.

Skin and wedge the potato, arrange on parchment paper, sprinkle some salt if u like, drizzle some olive oil, bake in the oven for 20 mins at 200 celcius. Yummy!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Bloom Valentine

Zahra's latest hairclip, done today.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

You Are My Sunshine!

If you read my blog since early days, you know I am a crafter wannabe hehehe. By end of the day, I don't really think I am a crafter, I am a craft shopper actually! I keep on buying fabrics and craft stuff especially FELT and now I am getting sick of it. I-HAVE-TO-MAKE-SOMETHING. They hairclip is another story..itu pun terhegeh-hegeh nak buat hehe.

Anyway this is my first time sewing something (buttons doesn't count :D) and it's a sunshine plushie! I planned to make this for Zahra when she was 6 months old and but only execute it when she's ONE! Haha!


I saw this idea from one of my favourite crafters, Cheezebeeperbebe and it was love at first sight. One because it's too cute to miss, and second because it's easy and possible for an amateur like me.

You can find a complete download-able tutorial and free pattern in PDF file from her site. Go check it out.

It's not really easy though, when I consider time for me to commit. I had to compile the material one night, then keep in a drawer like for a month, then cut it, keep it back, found another suitable time, sew it. And another obstacle is I don't have a sewing machine to stitch the whole round, so I just sew it by hand and it took me a freaking 2 HOURS ok!

Woww. Haha..

The first time, I just lay the layout, pick ribbons that I want to use. Then I keep it in the drawer to continue later, because Zahra busy picking the ribbons and throw it away and cry when I ignore her, trying to focus with my project. If you see closely, there are more ribbons in the 'plan' stage than the result stage, because I am lazy to sew all the ribbons :P

I didn't use the provided pattern because my felt cut is not big enough, so I just a round shape as big as I can from the felt. I stitch the smile and eyes, and clip the ribbon at their place, stitch around like machine-stitch so that it holds, leave and opening, turn the inside out, stuff with filler/fiber and ladder stitch (it's a hidden stitch and you can barely see it. I use star brads for the cheeks. Oh ya, notice that I keep on continuing stitching the smile and eyes together because I am lazy to stitch it asing-asing and guess what, I shows ok! Because the felt is in bright yellow and the embroidery thread is in dark chocolate. If you are fussy, feel free to stitch it one by one. Another tips, I use chopstick to smooth out the roundness of the sunshine after it is being turned.

Story behind this polyfill. I bought this ONE KILO fiber before Zahra pop-out ok! Blame it on pregnancy hormone. Oh one kilo, what am I going to do about it. Haha

This is my first time doing this hidden stitch and I find it hard to the max because I don't know how to keep the polyfill from popping out. I managed to do it excellently for few cm *ahem ahem*, you can see it on the blue circle, doesn't show anything right? And so neat! But I lost the mojo after attaching the last ribbon and the stitch went hay-wire! You can see the white thread here and there, so messy that it doesn't even resemblance whatever stitch exist. Ah well..there's always a first time :)

Finished product. I add a big bell behind the sunshine so it rings with moves. It's a two tone yellow because I don't have matching pair of felt :P

Below is a few pictures of Zahra with her sunshine.

First time, intrigued by the hanging bell, then fascinated by the star brad. She busy picking it out and I had to glue it because it almost comes out.

Shakes it boom boom!

In the car. When she's in the mood of chewing the ribbon ;)

This is definitely not her most favourite toys because she gets bored easily with the same toys these days. And at this age, they prefer to wander around, open the cupboard, playing with the water, instead of stay put with a toy. But it's a nice change for her, something simple and different and the most important, made with love by mommy.

I personally think this plushie suits infants below 1yo. Because that's the time when they are teething, so they will be happy holding something soft and chewing the different shapes and colors of ribbons.

This plushie also reminds me of my favourite song when I was in primary school, You Are My Sunshine. There are a few versions of it but this is the one that I learned in school.

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are gray
You'll never know dear
How much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away


So let the sun shine in
Face it with a grin
Smilers never loose
And Frowners never win
So let the sun shine in
Face it with a grin
Open up your heart and let the sun shine in

My mommy told me something
That little girls should know
It's all about the devil
And I've learned to hate him so
I know he'll be unhappy
â'Cause I'll never wear a frown
Maybe if we keep on smiling
He'll get tired of hangin' round

Have a good sunshiny weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Zahra's First CNY!

This is my 3rd year celebrating Chinese New Year and Zahra's first! My first CNY was when I just got married (and still got angpow! hehe). Anyway I didn't really celebrate it on the 2nd year because I was in confinement and coincidentally they didn't have the lion dance show last year and make it up this year. I was super excited because it will be first experience for Zahra!

I wanted to buy Zahra a cheongsam but my MIL faster than me, got her one in bright red, it's a 2-piece wear actually, I don't know if it's called chengsom too, I think so (edited: It's called samfoo. Thanks Azleena!). Anyway it fits her well and super duper cute!

We reached there around 2.45PM and the lion dance started at 3.30PM, just nice for Zahra to warming up herself. This is her first time in my MIL's family side and as usual, I wasn't in my chatty mode because of communication problem hehehe - they (the older generation) know very little Malay and no English but I've met them quite few times already so the awkwardness is not there anymore.

One of the cousin. This little girl is 1y5m and can walk steadily already. She has matching shoes with her cheongsam, soooo cute!! I didn't know they got such thing! If I know, confirm I belikan for Zahra haha.

Zahra with 4-seasons angpow. Not all for her. Actually, I am getting excited over the nice angpow packets and busy snapping the pic, so one of the aunties went to the room and take out all the design specifically for my camera. Told you they are very nice! Hehe. And look at what she's holding. That's her first boxed drink! Haha.. I am not rigid towards her diet anymore, only that I still cook for her main meals. I practically just give anything in between for snacks including fried crabstick.

Her first time and doesn't want to let it go! Originally I wanted to give her few sips only but the moment she got it, she refused to let me take the drink from her. She grabbed it tightly and shrieked at me everytime I pull it from her ok! Ewaahhhh..dah pandai demand ya! Dah la cold, takut tak elok banyak2.. so I had to let her sips, then pujuk her to let it go, then sips again, until when she's a bit unaware, I quickly grab it and hide it behind the chair. Boleh tahan budak ni minum, almost half of the box.

The crowd started to pouring in. Families only and most of them I don't remember the face anymore. Some I only met in our wedding and some never met LOL. I only know them by places, ok this is PJ gang, this is Rawang gang, this is etc etc. Even so, I don't think I can't recognize them if stumbled on the road. I only knew the newer generation, especially the ones that studying in university/college because that's the only I talked to :D

Lion dance troop getting ready

Zahra touching the lion's head

The dance starts

U purposely bring her as near as we can to the lion. The music was so loud at this time and she shows no sign of fear at all.

The lion praying or paying respect at the alter.

They eat the oranges outside this year because it was packed in the house.

Look how close she is! And never let even one cry. All she does is staring at the lion. I think she is too small to be scared of such thing pun. Or maybe she doesn't even care hehehe.

Lions eating the oranges.

I can't resist not to post this pic. MrComot took this pic and said "Tengok siapa lagi excited ni?" Hahaha! I was actually trying to cheer the lion for tottila! At one time she seems not even interested with it ok. Ish ish ish..

See see.. doesn't scared at all.. Siap macam welcoming the lion lagi

When the lion dance over, it's about 4PM already which means Zahra still doesn't get her nap time. One thing about her, she can't sleep if we are doing outdoor activities, she can't even sleep when I bring her to malls (she refused to sleep in the stroller) and will only sleep in the car. Kuat betul dia tahan mengantuk hmmm...

Playing time. The kids bring out a box of toys and she happily join in, despite of her sleepiness

Playing with her cousins

Takde ciri-ciri mengantuk langsung. She just join the crowd and no merengek-rengek at all even though I didn't give her any lunch! Oh I remember. Kesiannya totti. I just BF her in the car but maybe she's full enough (edited: I did give her lunch! I asked MrComot, he said I bagi lah..but early lunch around 12PM. Ahh lega haha. And OMG I am so forgetful these days..hmm..). Anyway, masuk-masuk kereta je terus pengsan hehe..

Last but not least, her full picture in her attire with the hairclip. I forgot to snap the close up of the hairclip! Just a simple one anyway, grosgrain ribbon with flower-shape button. I will take the pic later ;)

Gong Xi Fa Cai! :D

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I am hooked with this song currently. I find it so cute!

'Cause I'm all about him, him, him, him, him
And he's all about me, me, me, me, me
And we don't give a dang, dang, dang, dang, dang
About nobody-e-e-e

Monday, February 7, 2011

Yee Sang @ Kinnaree

After 9 days of holiday, I have a lot of stories to share, not to mention I still owe you guys the Langkawi update. But am going to put that on hold first, ok :*

We had two Yee Sang session before CNY. One in our normal favourite place, South Sea Seafood in Subang and another one we tried this new place in Jaya One, Kinaree, on eve of CNY. It's a Thai restaurant so Thai fusion Yee Sang it is.

Kinnaree Thai Restaurant

This is my first time Kinnaree, and also my first time in Jaya One! But we reached there quite late so hadn't the time to wander around. It's a small cozy restaurant with cute and posh deco. Just look at the table setting!

The plate is so so so cute that I want one! It's lotus leaf shape, complete with lotus napkin holder.

The Yee Sang is so delectable that I can gobble all by my own. According to the servant, the Yee Sang comes with natural theme as they use all vegetables and fruits only. There are shredded purple cabbage, semi-ripe papaya, pamelo and I forgot another one..I think chestnut. Topped with smoked salmon which is so smoky and divine! Yum! Their specialty will be the plum sauce, I spotted some slices of chili padi and beans. The sauce so so so sedap too! Not the tangy sour type. Not super sweet either. Goes very well the smoky Yee Sang.

Tossing and wishing for everybody's health, wealth and longevity :D

And this what we had that day:
1) Chicken KungPao with Cashew Nut
2) Steamed Snapper with Ginger and Soy Sauce
3) Fried Asparagus
4) Deep Fried Squid
5) Tofu with Oyster Sauce
6) Soft-shell Crab with peppercorn

The best dish will be #6 as I love the peppercorn! As for fried asparagus and tofu, both dishes look and taste the same to me, can? So I really don't know what is the difference.

I had Thai Iced Tea for drinks and we shared 3 desserts!
2) Fried banana with Vanilla Ice Cream
3) Mango Pulut with Vanilla Ice Cream
4) Steamed banana with Durian Ice Cream

If you are a durian lover, you might love the ice cream to bits as it's not like the normal one. Dia rasa macam they pureed the durian flesh and mix it with the icecream. Something like that, or I thought it is like that la, because I am no-durian eater ok ;) but I've tasted normal durian ice-cream and it's not the same.

Overall, it was an okay dinner. My super dish will be the Yee Sang itself (again, so so so tasty) but I won't repeat order for other dishes. Especially the vege and tofu hehe.

And last but not least;

Zahra Elena with mummy! If you can see, she's holding something in her left hand kan? It's the kungpao chicken! And she loves it so so much, because they fry the fillet in batter first, so macam crispy sikit hehe. We keep on giving her the chicken to avoid her throwing tantrums. And she can't sit still in her babychair anymore! Dah pandai berdiri sendiri ok, so dangerous. All she wants to do is walking around and we had to take turn pimpin tangan dia :)

Oh ya, last pic I snapped in the restaurant, the bill holder. So cute! The waiter handed us the bill in this small green elephant. Told you about the deco, so details kan ;)

Will post about Zahra with CNY later! :D

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Blind Mouse

I left my glasses like less than 1 min on the table, went to the room to get something and when I came out, saw Zahra is walking (yeay she can walk for 2 metres straight already) towards me with my glasses in her hand. I quickly ran to her shouting 'Jangan main spec mommy!' and that's when I notice it only has one 'leg'.

My glasses broke!

I feeeel soooooo baaaaaad! It's not Zahra's fault of course. It's my fault because I shouldn't put anything like that within her reach. And I feel bad because it's NEW! MrComot bought it for me in Dec 2010, so I only wear it like for 1 month plus.

And it's more expensive than my previous glasses where the lense is multicoated with whatever I don't remember to curb the rising of my astic (due to my work nature) and the frame comes together with sunglass! Alaa...dia mcm ada magnet, pastu u can letak the sunglass lense on the frame.

This is my first time having an exaggerated glasses and it only lasts me less than 2 months.


MrComot of course didn't get mad, he only said, 'now you learned your lesson right? More important is, nothing happen to Zahra, tercucuk ke apa ke.'

Yeah I do. I'm the type who always take things easy, especially bab barang2. I 'expect' nobody moves/take it but things are different now, we have quick hands in the house. Gotta be more careful after this.

But still! I feel sooooo bad about this. Hmm my new spec going the be very cheap2 one!

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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Black Plate

This is our dinner tonight, whipped by MrComot (thank you sayang!) but it's not about that. After all asyik2 menu sama je, salmon, rosemary chicken, salmon, rosemary chicken, salmon, repeat haha.

It's about the plate!

This is our first time using it, bought from Langkawi and it's pretty deep shiny ebony black. The color is not that nice in this pic as I took it using my phone, but yeah.. It's beautiful black plate!

It's arcopal, lighter than normal porcelain but slightly heavier than corelle. What I love most about it, is the simple sleek design. Plain and curvy square. It's sexy to me. And black making it sexier hehe.

We bought the whole set, including bowls.

I was imagining to host a halloween themed dinner for close friends with this set when I decided to buy it. But that's different story, being the suka-berangan-me haha..

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My Little Organiser

I was doing house chore when I realized that the house is pretty quiet and Zahra Elena is nowhere to be seen.

This is something weird. It's either she's behaving well, playing with her toys which is IMPOSSIBLE or found something new to play with (read: dangerous stuff like coins, ants, etc) so I quickly lookout for her and here she is, fondling with my craft treasure where she found it under the cupboard! Haha.

The two boxes stuffed with ribbons and scissors and she happily rummaging and emptying the box.

Kids at this age, silence means peace only when they are sleeping hehe..

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