Friday, February 6, 2009

First CNY in KL

I wanted to update about my first celebration of Chinese New Year since the day itself (we already got our streamyx, yeay!) but I was too occupied lazying around.

This is my first time to celebrate CNY, as MrComot's mom is a Chinese. This year is quite special as they invite lion dance group to come and do the dancing thingy at their grandma's house.

I've seen many lion dances before and last time was in Cineleisure (ahhh sangat pathetic tgk lion dance kat mall). But having them inside of your house is something new and intriguing.

My best memory of lion dance when I was in Alor Star almost twenty years ago (gosh, suddenly I feel soooo old). Those days, lion dance is free and all you have to do is wait inside of your house, listen to the drumroll and quickly run after them, following them from house to house and if you are lucky, you get to catch the lion's tail haha! They are moving really fast I tell you. And all the money they got is only charity money, belas ihsan from the houses. Some gives and some just watch it for free. Us the Malay of course la won't give. I always wonder why we never give angpow to the dancers but now I know that it isn't part of our culture and I doubt the adult enjoy the show as much as we kids, did.

And now, we have to PAY for the show! No more free lion dance, except in malls and public shows. If you want them to come to your house, you have to book and it will cost you a bomb. Oklah..not really a bomb, but still ratus-ratus jugak.

The good old days. When everybody living happily with little money. Nowadays tak boleh like that, everybody is not happy and need a lot of money to buy LV la, couch la (curik from Piah) and etc. Ahhh whatever, this is out of topic already.

Anyway, this current show in MIL's house is very entertaining. 2 big lions (red and yellow) jumping here and there, batting their big, heavy eyelashes accompanied by loud drumroll and other intruments. They are very adorable I tell ya!
Baru lah rasa macam Chinese New Year!! Kong Hi Kong Hi everybody!! (while clasping both hands and doing the shakes)

The lion inside the house, bending over while munching the oranges.

MIL side is a very typical Chinese family. They speak little English and very little BM, it is a kind of obstacle for me to get in as I likeeee to talk a lot but then I don't know how to talk other than in BM and English (mind you my english also berterabur, so how's that for now?).

But they are very friendly and kind, so I guess only that matters now :P

The lion sitting queitly in front of the altar. I told you this is a very typical Chinese family.

At first I thought the lion are praying, but actually they are peeling off the oranges skin (or maybe they are also praying, I really don't know). I was busy snapping pictures that suddenly the lions jump up and throw the orange peel towards me and I shrieeeeked okkkk!! Everybody laughs...ughh now I'm putting up a show! Sorry lion, I didn't mean to steal the limelight from you hehe.

The show lasts for about half an hour to 45 mins. After it finished, everything back to normal position - the chairs, the tables, kids goofing around, women chatting, men watching TV etc etc.

One of the kid (err..I think he is my cousin or nephew hehehe and I already forget his name!) playing with the replica head.

The other twin join him up in a while. They are cheeeeekkkyyyy!

And do you know that we have to give angpow now!! Hahaha but it's very little. I was a bit on uncomfortable side because you is too little -RM2! but MrComot's mom said it is only as a gesture, and everybody is giving around the same amount. So I think it is cool then. We have to give 2 angpow, as in one from me and one from MrComot. Maybe after we are older and richer I will set bigger angpow for them. And raya too! Don't worry hahaha

They even line up for the angpow ok! ugh ugh I feel like an old auntie giving away money. And I have NO IDEA why I made faces like that, or was it my face like that all the time? Ha ha ha. Ok stop it, it's lame ish ish

According to MIL, they used to do the tea ceremony, where the young will pour tea and serve the one sitting on the chair, and then baru dapat angpow. But since the grandparents already passed away, the tradition is ceased.

MrComot and I also got angpows!!!! I wasn't expecting any as I already aware that married couple normally tak diberi angpow, so I was really estatic, sengih tak habis2 okkkk.

See my happy face?
I have to sit next to the altar during giving angpows ceremony but luckily the incense burning smell wasn't that strong.

And I learned new word that day

Umm khoy kau foo, Gong Xi Fa Cai!
(thanks uncle, happy new year)

For aunties, you have to switch it like this

Umm khoy kau mo, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Hahaha senang kan? And that's the only word that I dare to speak loudly that day :D

I guess it's not too late to wish all my reader, happy new year and have an oxpilicious year ahead!


  1. waaahhh! dapat angpow, BEST okay?

    mesti rase nk sengeh2 je kan dpt angpow, ye lah, since dah besar kan, rase seronok abes dpt angpow! mcm time raya dat day, i still got angpow from my parents, tersengeh2 ngalah budak2 =p

    happy new year both of u!

  2. ya kat alor setar free kan..dulu selalu join depa ni buat lion dance tu..skrg tak tau la since jiran takdek yg cina dah..dulu dok kuala kedah adela jiran cina..huhu..

  3. ahaha.. buat drama plak ngan tarian singa.. nasib baik tak ter menari bersama singa itu. Besnyer... celebrate. Kdg2 teringin jer, dok imagine2 jupe balik femili mak aku... tp sampai skang tak terjejak kasih lagik.. huhu...

    btw... heppi chinese new yerrr :D

  4. Exactly Elya! Sebab tak expect kannn.. rasa mcm budak2 sgt hehehe. Thankss..Happy new year to u too! :D

    Maria, skrg free lagi tak? Rindunya zaman budak2 kat kedah dulu hehehe

    Azleena, maybe you can put up some jejak kasih act. But it will be hard I guess, kena mintak permission ur family and it's up to ur mom too kan.. Btw, hoping the best for u and happy chinese new year to you!:D