Friday, February 20, 2009

Agusti Putri and her Tuah

As in my previous entry, we went to watch PGL in Istana Budaya last night and I can't really say it's splendid. It's okay I guess. It isn't bad, it's just that I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Aladdin.

But Aladdin and PGL is two different genre!! See.. I can't really judge hehe.

Anyway, by the time we arrived, the place is packed and swarmed with cars and we can see lots press and police traffic! I was thinking, 'mesti ada orang besarrrr coming tonight' and guess who came?

Pak Lah okkkk!!!!

Hahaha..ok, I am no fan of our PM but sitting with him in a room (a BIG hall actually, macam la dekat sangat pun) is like yeayyy! Dalam banyak2 malam, malam ni jugak Pak Lah datang. Padahal mcm la ada effect pun kan? Hahaha

Press and police

I did snap few Pak Lah's pics in the hall but it's tooo blurry and can't even tell the face pun :(

Overall, we enjoyed the show, only a few scenes is a bit boring (MrComot siap menguap lagi ok!) and my mind get distracted. Few points I would like to add,

1) Suara Tiara sangat sedappppp okkkk!! Ok lah, not that sedap like Siti, but it is sweeeeeeeettt. It is super sweeeeet! I was so surprised that I find it sedap as to tell you the truth, I never really like her in 'Asmaradana'. I think Asmarada is very flat and bland. But in PGL, Gusti Putri suits her well.

2) I don't like Stephen Rahman what ever his name as Hang Tuah. He is...not Hang Tuah! I mean, I can't feel his sparks as a warrior. I expect HT to be someone yg macho, cool and berkredibiliti. You know what I mean? To me, he is more like a playboy hero like in the Bollywood movie. And also I don't feel him when he say sweet things to Tiara. There is no charmingness, more likely reading scripts.

3) I really like the part that Bayan hide Tiara in her batik and *POOF* suddenly Tiara gone. OMG! I was like, 'mana Tiara pegi? How they do it?'. I know that she crawls under the curtain but the movement was very smooth because I didn't notice it at all! They repeat the same trick when the 'hantu' moving kira kanan and tiba2 *POOF* it dissapeared! Ok, this one seriously I don't freaking know how they do it as I can't see any hideout or something like that. They are doing magic, man! And it's good.

4) AC Mizal is reaaaaaal good as Adipati. His voice is clear and strong and you have yet to see his face. MrComot siap takut lagi bila Adipati marah.

5) The backdrop and moving2 is nice but I think they can do better for Majapahit

6) I like the part Tiara stating her wishes for the hantaran, it's like mantera and it's spooky. I like spooky things hehehehe

Overall it is nice and pretty good for an epic piece.

The casts come out after the show

Tiara giving speeches

I was hoping she add some extra show like from her Asmaradana video clip ke, sebab Pak Lah is here kan, but ilekkkkkk. Kecewa noks.

People swarming with their cameras and handphones up when the casts going out. O-M-G!

We bought the original CD (live recording as pe say) at RM30 and I think it's a crap! No no no, not the songs, but the recording! It's not sharp and feel like a bit distinctive. I don't know if live recording should be like that but it sucks! I have to turn my volume to the highest and still, it sounds faded.

Talking about this, do you know where to get Aladdin's CD (the kids musical by Erma Fatima)? I've emailed Istana Budaya but they say they don't keep it. As far as I remember, most of the songs arranged by Pak Ngah.

If you know how to get it, give me a beep ya! Thanks!


  1. Aandes,
    I agree with you. Walaupun Stephen Rahman is a hottie, tapi me pun rasa slang mat salleh dia menyebabkan hang tuah nampak mcm james bond versi Melaka saja.

    I like Adlin Aman Ramli's performance very much :)

    Dalam PGL the movie, the Gusti Adipati's role, nampak la yg dia ada simpati & kasih sayang towards the Gusti Puteri, althought AC Mizal performance was superb (no doubt the vocal is great) I couldn't see the compassion of a brother towards his sister.

    And who is Bayan eh? She has a good voice kan?

  2. me dah taip panjanggggg gile tadi tp tetiba blackout bleh tak???? :(

    anyway, me nak jugak taip balik *gile semangat ok* that PGL is one of the best musical theater me ever watched *me still think that Fauziah Nawi's Ayu Cendana & Gema Zapin Zafana is super* Suprisingly, Tiara can sing really well dan tak semput, kudos to her altho me tak penah suka dia pun. My fav is BAYAN okkkkk! bulu roma me meremang tanak turun everytime dia nyanyi esp lagu jawa tu.. sangat dramatic okkkkkkk suara dia!!!!! and dan2 lepas tu jugak pegi beli buku PGL and find out who she is and turned out she's quite prominent artist in jazz music scene.

    dan me soooooo suka SULTAN MELAKA and his cheeky dance gatal nak kawen tu.

    all in all, i think this is a really good show despite kelam kabut tuka2 set semua tu. and me so glad me got the chance to see it :)

  3. Shani, I like Adlin too, he's very notti but I like AC more hehehe.

    And you are right, there is no compassion within Adipati towards Gusti Putri, maybe they left the part out? engrossed with Gusti Putri and Tuah's love story.

    I like Bayan too! Her voice sends shiver through my vein ok and the part dia nyanyi2 with Gusti really meremangkan bulu roma.

    Gosh, I should write a better entry la about this, but maybe I was too upset with the CD hehehe

  4. Bee, me didn't watch Fauziah Nawi's (too bad =() and yup, me so surprised to Tiara can sing that well. After all, she is not a singer right?

    And Bayan's voice totally unbelievable! Mmg dramatic, it's like you can almost understand what she's trying to say in the Jawa language (obviously there is translation but hearing is believing!)

    I don't know that she's a singer, maybe kalau ada her show you can alert me? :D

    IMHO I think Adlin can do better. And he looks a bit thin don't you think so? Ahaha that's another story.

    They can do better about the scene/backdrop.

    See, both of you made me feel bad to write such sort and not good enough entry for PGL. They deserve more than this.

  5. i was there... earlier, few hours before u guys... hahah.. njoyed it :D

  6. Azleena!! How come kita tak jumpaa!! Motif u didn't sms me? Hahaha it's ok, next time tell me ok, in case I am at the same place! :D