Monday, February 16, 2009

Ops, nevermind the sugar

I had some stale Gardenia bread in the fridge which already expired since last week! It's a bit heartbreaking to throw food away, I mean, the other side of the world is starving and here you are, 'Ok tak habis let's buang'. It's unfair don't you think so?

But I think it's a bit unsafe to eat something expired unless you cook it --> Hahaha theory mana lah ni belajar. Anyway the bread still looks good. A tip here, keep your bread in fridge, the spores or fungus or whatever green greyish thing won't come out right after the expiry date. I guess the fridge helps to prolong the bread's lifetime. Maybe :P

Btw, I strongly believe it still can be eaten so I decided to make bengkang roti / bingka roti. It's something like bread pudding but it's not, it's more to Malay sweet delicacies. You know binka ubi? Yes, it is that type of kueh, only you use bread instead of tapioca.

The thing is, I never make it even once in my life. I have a picture of it can be done and the ingredient, but I wasn't very sure. After all, apa lah yang andes pernah masak pun kan? ;)

So I rang up my mom all the way for that simple ingredients, tsk tsk tsk

Me: Ma! Ada roti expired, nak buat bengkang, mcm mana eh?
Mom: Ala..letak tepung gandum, pastu santan, boleh ganti ngan susu, telur sebiji, jgn lupa gula, agak2 lah
Me: Hmm..tepung gandum byk mana?
Mom: Ada banyak ke roti?
Me: Ada la dlm 4-5 keping
Mom: Letak setengah cawan cukup la
Me: Susu letak susu apa2 pun boleh?
Mom: Letak susu apa pun boleh.. Mama kadang2 letak je susu pekat manis tu. Jgn lupa tambah gula. Pastu tau kan macam mana mama buat, pernah tengok kan.
Me: OK! Tau. Nnt along try.

So dengan bersemangatnya I took out the bread from fridge and gave it a close look for any suspiscious faces. Tear it into pieces, and whip out the sauce.

The expired yeast. I made this last Saturday (14 feb) so it means already 6 dayyyysss expired. Don't follow this if you aren't sure. In my case, I am very sure it is safe hehehe

I whisked the flour with milk (I use HL low fat milk, smallest pack) and 1 big organic egg until it reaches into some consistency.

Pour the sauce into the torn bread, press it and leave it for a while untill the sauce is fully absorbed (about 10 minutes or so)

Scrap some butter to make a buttery crust (yummy!) and bake it at 180 celcius for 25 mins.

After 10 minutes in the oven, me head get knocked-off by something invisible that I yelled "OMG! LUPA LETAK GULA!!!"


OMG. Seriously, how come I missed the sugaaarrr. Obviously this is a sweeeeeet kueh. How to be sweet then? And it is almost cooked already, too late for a little sprinkle of sugar.

MrComot: Ish ish sayang ni, baru tadi me cakap you jadi Rachel Ray, kalau Rachel Ray tengok ni, mesti dia kecewa

Uwaaaaaaa... my mission to impress him is failed *sob sob*

Nevermind I calm myself, we'll see the outcome. Right after the oven "ringgggggggg" I quickly took it out (and I burned my finger sob sob) and slice it and tiup-tiup (because it is freaking hot, of course la *sigh*) and pop it into my mouth.

After another 15mins, OK, it looks delicious.

And YES, it spells DEL.ICI.OUS! Only it is a bit on 'tawar' taste.'s not that tawar actually because the bread already has its own taste and so the milk. So ada macam distinctive taste of sweetness gitu. Buuuuut, still failed as a real bingka roti la T_T

Also of course failed to be eaten just as it is. It will be like pancake without the sauce. Why whining, we need to improvise right?

So here I am, having the binka-tak-jadi-but-yet-delicious with honey and it is DOUBLE DELICIOUS!

Hehehe.. Ok Ok I'm just so surprised how well it turned out. MrComot like it very much though. Even one of my colleague also said SEDAPNYA! without being asked ok ;)

(of course I didn't give the failed expriment to him, malu lah kan but he took it from my tupperware ok - I brought to the office as bekal :P)

I planned to do this accident-recipe again (and of course without the sugar!) but will throw in some raisins for sweet version and chunk sausages with pepperoni for savoury version.

Hmmmmmm Y-U-M-M-Y !! And it is E-A-S-Y P-E-A-S-Y !!


  1. hmm.. mula2 tgk gmbar me ingt u buat puding roti. hmm..

    xper2, janji perut selamat dari sebarang bencana ancaman spora dan fungus. yeay!!!

  2. pakar mengatakan..tukang masak yang suer power bole menjadikan masakan yang x menjadi menjadi aku rasa kau salah sorang daripadanya..hehehe....camnelah bole terpuji kau ni...dahlah selalu tak dapat makan korang2 ni bergath!!hahaha

  3. hehe kalu ada roti expire lagik buat lah lagi..kali ni kukus plak..hiks..

    air panas,telur, susu, gula dan secubit garam sahaja diperlukan

    campur seme dan kukus..tedappp

  4. Aku tak pandai masak.. tapi nampak sedap.. wah aan blehlah dtg umah ko makan hehehe :p

    _aku yg tabley tido_

  5. OMG! u'r a different person now lalink!! i barely know u anymore!!!! u cook, u bake, u dont throw food, u improvise..OMG OMG!!!

    but on top of all, i'm so proud of u lah *hugs*

  6. Rena, fungus semua dah abes terbakar dlm oven hehe..insyAllah selamaaaaat

    Zul, motif sangat puji2 ni kan. Takpe..aku faham, nnt kau dtg umah aku jamu special punya. Anytime, tak sempat masak takpe, kita pegi kedai :D

    Cool, me rasa kukus pun sedappppp. Boleh try nnt. Thanks!

  7. Xarz, kau ni..mme sesuai ngan kaler blog tu, ala2 mistik and tak tido malam gitu haha.. datanglah rumah.. tapi kena bitau awal2, kalau tak minum air je hehe

    Bee, different la sangat (me feel so too :P). Anyway mana ada me pernah throw food. Me didn't cook je, AT ALL ekekeke. Thanks lalink.. Hey, bila kita nak gi paktoh kopi ni?

  8. lalink...ahaks..u dah acting like mak-mak orang ok. my mum pun selalu recycle segala bagai stok makanan dalam fridge to something delicious. like lauk pauk yang tinggal sikit2 tu..mcm ikan masin, sayur kangkung, sambal...campak bersama-sama dalam kuali..campur nasi sejuk..goreng2 jdi nasi goreng yg sangat seddapp.

    agaknya ni memang aura org dah kawen la kan.. selalu ada feeling jangan bazir, mari jadi kreatif, elok lagi ni, pun tak sabar nak feeling like mak-mak orang *lariiik*

  9. Lalink, me knoww...mmg mak-mak org sangat ekekke. But ok jugak practice sbb lepas ni nak ajar anak2 pulak cewahhhhh

    Ps: Me KNOWWW you pun dah tergedik2 tak sabar ekeke