Friday, February 13, 2009

Clingy Day

I know I know that I should be resting by now, not updating blog but I can't help it la. MrComot is away for meetings in Cyberjaya, for the whole day which means I won't see him from morning until 6PM today. I kinda miss him and this fever made me crankier and clingier ;(

Betul tak girls? U guys ever feel mcm ni tak? Certain people like to close themselves up when they are sick, but I like to be pampered and being paid attention like, all the time. I think it's normal with girls hehehe

Anyway, we only contacting and updating each other via SMS and YM. My MIL invited us for dinner last night but we coudn't make it because I was too feverish. I don't want to spread it around, so to make it up we planned to have dinner together tonight. This noon, I SMS MrComot to remind him about that.

Me: Sayang, dun 4get to tell ur mom kita dinner together
MrComot: Baik mom --> I know I sound bossy, but mom? Haipphh. I was so geram, so the sms went on.
Me: Buka suar, mom suruh
MrComot: Tak boleh, poji ada sini, nanti dia nak
Me: Syurga bwh tapak kaki mom lalalala
MrComot: And syurga bawah tapak kaki hubby too, kan? :P Yeay! Backrub tonight!

I was like, hmmmmpppphhhhhh!!


  1. ahahahahahaa
    mental la u ni...tapi sweet :P

  2. TMD! TMD!

    TMD = too much details. lalalalala!

  3. lalink..
    boleh tak me nak suspect u preggy :P *lariiiik*

  4. tak sangka Aan macam ni.
    but again... this kind of joke mmg meningkatkan kemesraan antara suami dan isteri...

    god, i can't stop smiling la...
    aan hamsap! hahhahahaah

  5. Lalink, dah lama me tak mental kan..lately mood me baik je hehe. Anyway me tak preggy lalalala

    Bee, semua tu cakap je, tak pernah pun backrub or whatever haha

    Maria, me pun rasa funny..terus tak jadi marah

    Tatty, hahaha u lagi nottti okkk. And I bet ur jokes lagi kelakar and tak boleh blah :P