Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gulping the YeeSang

I know that CNY already over but I haaaveee to write about Yee Sang, because we had it THREE times in this year!!! Hahaha

My first time having Yee Sang was last year with MrComot's family. That time we just dating out casually so I was a bit nervous and uncomfortable and 'segan'. And this year we having it with our status changed to married (yeay!!) so finally I can eat yee sang in peace hehehe.

We had 3 Yee Sang celebration this year. The first one on the eve of CNY at this one Chinese Muslim restaurant in Summit USJ called Dong Yi Shun. The place is kinda nice and very Chinese with tanglung hanging and all.

We had salmon Yee Sang, roasted duck (I only had one piece of it because I think duck is smelly generally hehehe), sharks fin soup, steamed beef dumpling, Zi Ran lamb meat, braised bok choy with shitake mushroom, and deep fried garoupa. The food is so-so only so I am not really recommending this place.

The salmon yee sang. The salmon is not that fresh and crackers not tasty :(

The ambience feels like we are not in KL and it's cool

Since the first Yee Sang is a bit unsatisfying, my MIL arrange another Yee Sang session after we came back from Perak and it took place at last year Yee Sang as all of us like the food there, Southeast Seafood at Terminal 3, Subang.

Finally! The real Yee Sang - Jellyfish version.

The condiments are sooo right with each other and the sauce is perfect too! Not too tangy not too sweet nyum nyum.

Since everybody is in a good mood (I think because the food is right) we toss it really high and wish everybody best luck in their life. In Dong Yi Shun nobody toss it high. Just gaul2 with the chopstick.

We had very much the same like last year's menu (remember the garlic and chili padi cockles? Yummmmmmmyyy!) and I was introduced to one new dish that night - Yam Basket!

Lightly stir fried mixed vege in yam basket.

OMG! This is sooooo delectable! The yam is soo soft and full of yam taste (of course is yam what) but, sangattt sedapppp. I think I can gobble the whole 'basket' by myself. But let be civilised here ya everybody. Keep your portion right, generally hehehe.

So here I am announcing to the world, my new favourite dish here will be Garlic & Chilli Padi Cockles and Yam Basket. Sekian terima kasih.

We had our last Yee Sang on the 15 Chinese Lunar (it's Chap Goh Meh right?), last Sunday at Sri Ayutthaya.

The Thai Fusion Yee Sang

We had salmon Yee Sang and it's okay. Both MIL and I were a bit on dissapointed side because the initial plan was to have fruits yee sang with Thai fusion. There was a promotion in paper saying they have fruits yee sang but then we arrived, they say only one standard type of yee sang is available.

The Yee Sang is given Thai twist by the way, because I did pick some pamelo and there is garlic pickle but the sauce is too tangy to my liking and hurt my throat, so I can't take much ;(

The food is nice but as the link says

"Its got a reputation for being REAL good, but pricey …. I found the meal to be quite pricey, but it wasn’t fantastic."

It was good but wasn't fantastic. And pricey too! It costs my MIL a freaking RM300++ for 5 person but I already expecting it for a place like that, kinda posh-y hehe, but..again, nothing fantastic.

On another note, we were given this CUTE wet tissue at SouthSea (the 2nd Yee Sang)!

Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

And coincidently, my tissue was printed with my zodiac year! Woof woof!

It says that my life, wealth and love is very good but my health is not really :(

Hahaha..ok folks, don't believe in such thing ok? All you have to do is live your life to the fullest and let God handle the rest ;)

So, this entry will wrap my stories about CNY this year. Hope you enjoy your CNY as I did and see you next year!

Hahaha kidding. I'll tell you what, I haveee sooo many stories to share, but later ya. Mwah!!


  1. demm dis year tak dapek makan yee sang.
    dah kerja opis arab kedekut, padan muka!

    bosannyaaaa.... mcm syok jer kawin dgn bangsa lain... eh mr comot ada bang tak? bleh ngora...


  2. hayoo aan sgt lazat kelihatan

    kita sangat suka ngan makanan2 cina neh..hiks

  3. hayoo aan sgt lazat kelihatan

    kita sangat suka ngan makanan2 cina neh..hiks

  4. hayoo aan sgt lazat kelihatan

    kita sangat suka ngan makanan2 cina neh..hiks

  5. teringin nak makan yee sang

    next time ajak me ea. sangat jakun :D

  6. sy suka that tisu..dulu waktu kecik2 sll ikut abah mkn ngn geng2 dptla tisu ni..suka wat letupan ngn that tisu..=)

  7. Tatty, DEMMM kalau Azwan baca ni hehe. Anyway u guys can always pegi YeeSang berdua. Tapi kurang meriah la :P

    Cool, rasa dia ok la..mcm kerabu2 tapi masam gitu hehe. Nnt kita gi makan2 eh (teringat nasi goreng udang uncle apa tu yg kita makan hari tu, siap ada wantan soup lagi hehe)

    Lalink, next time kita buat celebration kawan2 pulak, yee sang together, insyaAllah

    Maria, tisu tu best kan...and derang pandai sbb they can charge us for that tissue. Kalau tissue kering biasa tu kena bagi free