Monday, February 9, 2009

Mexican wave to streamyx~~~

Helooooooo world!!!

Now I'm officially online from my crib!!! Finally after months battling with TM (FOUR freaking months to be exact) we get our streamyx *tadah tangan kat langit, syukur alhamdulillah*. Of course on best case scenario you can get connected within 3 days after submission, but our case is because they just ran out the port, boleh?

I mean, come onnnnnnnn laaaaaaaaa.This is new area with massive houses, of course la you can expect a lot of people want streamyx kan? Why don't you patch the extra port siap-siap kan? Ish ish ish... But I am not in the position to complain now because I'm using the connection with hassle-free hihihi

We can already connect to the streamyx since last week but since we only have one CAT5, I feel it is uncool to use something wired and have to berebut the usage with MrComot some more. So now, both of us can online with our own laptop anywhere we want.

We just bought the wireless router from Lowyat this evening and it's the cheapest, costing us RM117, and it can do wireless bridging!!!

The white Buffalo WHR-G125

Seriously this is a steal, first as I said before it can do wireless bridging/WDS which other wireless router in that range of price can't do. Good for future investment, where maybe you want to extend the coverage to your neighbour and charge them (ok, don't follow this). It also has AOSS where you can get connected without have to setup anything in the PC/laptop, all you have to do is install the software one time only, compatible with XBOX and Nintendo DS, etc.

It also comes with firewall/IDS which I think other wireless routers also have but the logging is pretty comprehensive. It will tell you details of attempt like the MAC address, time, discarded sessions etc etc. Then it can do simple load balancing where it can connects to 5 lines of connection at a time. So laptop A can use streamyx 1 and laptob B can use streamyx 2 and so on which will suit somebody who wants to bolot all the bandwidth to himself. But, it won't do any good pun sbb we only use one line of streamyx kan? It's just the capabilities amuse me hehehe.

However this is only G-generation as I don't think we need N-generation (my laptop is a very ooooold lady, so she won't be able to use N type) so G is enough. And that saves up some money too (Most N-generation router is quite pricey, around RM260 the cheapest, Aztech brand)

Ok ok tooo much nerd info here. I think I'm gonna sleep now. MrComot already bising that I'm hooked with the laptop hahahaha. So hear me now my hubby, I've got a new boyfriend!!
Mexican wave again~~~~~~

This is how I online now, on the bed with MrWeebek and connected without the wire!! Sila abaikan kaki MrComot tu.

So I might be updating regularly, but still depending on my mood hehehe.

Ok hunnies, let's go to sleep yaaaaaa. Mwahhhhh nite nite nite schlopp schloppp schlopppppppp


  1. me too...baru dpt online a few weeks a go..padahal dah daftar dgn streamyx ni akhir bulan kami bayar free je kat streamyx selama sebulan...tensen je..alasan die bg alamat lmbat bgla apelah..padahal..after 10days bg alamat n push them..u know what they said?..they want my jiran number boleh wat tensen..tu kerja diorg n i end up kena buat kerja diorg lak..tensen2..anyway skrg dah ade mari kita berstreamyx..hug hug..

  2. Alas~ can online always eh?

    Itu kaki Mr. Comot ke?

  3. ur mr.weebek kembar ngn my efaroji la lalink :D

    boleh tak komen tu je :P

  4. Maria, mmg keji okkkk derang ni! Actually boleh mintak waive tapi kena buat bising la and knowing us normally malas la nak kecoh2 kan. Ish ish ish baaaad streamyx.

    Shani, online always..sampai smalam kansel iron baju huhuhu. Nasib baik ada baju spare. A'ah kaki MrComot yg kurus tu hehe

    Bee, I knooowwwww and they are classic okkkk hahaha. No more in lovely lace or anywhere else! At least I didn't see any la :P

  5. ha sama laaa..berzamannnn nak nunggu streamyx..hmmmm

  6. lalink.. pun online ala-ala buaya atas katil.
    me tak cuma ada mr.patrick yang muncit.

    me sewa umah ni siap dengan pakej broadband dah. astro je masih me tak pasang. me nak pasang astro secepat mungkinnn!!

  7. Cool, malas la nak komen (faham2 kan hehe) tapi memang LEMBBBSSSS haiihhhh

    Khairiah, wahhh best la u siap ada pakej mcm tu. Ala...nnt u pasang astro abes la u, duduk umah je..dgn nak online lagi, tgk tv lagi hehe

    Ps: Nnt MrPatrick ganti dengan apa? MrL? yaaa pandai murid2 :D