Friday, February 13, 2009

Flu, again!

Hi all,

I'm down with flu and slight fever, again *sigh*

This year alone I already having 2 fever and it's only February! tsk tsk tsk

To Cool, sorry tak jadi swim today ;(
Next week insyaAllah jadi ;)

Oh ya, on another note, if anyone of you would like to purchase water filter for the office or home, please tell me eh. One of my friend bought 10 filters from this one MLM and unfortunately for her, she didn't manage to sell all the filters, and now she is buried under bad financial. Very bad.

I don't know how can I help her, but I hope this would help. She's selling the filter at original price she got.

A piece of advice, don't fall for MLM ok. They cheat.

Ok darling, tah-tah and see you later. Mwah!


  1. Andes mot mot, makan buah oren bagi Vitamin C lebih sikit.

    You resting at home ke ni? (because u should, cuaca di ofis tu terlalu sejuk beku untuk orang sakit tau)

    p/s: how much is the filter?

  2. mg cpt sembuh....
    aih..okie aa ni dalama february dua kali tambah cuti umum...hehehe

    letih kot...tu yg senang sakit

  3. Shani, MrComot pun nak bagi me telan ACE tu. But me think me demam sbb makan oren mandarin tu byk laaa :P

    The filter is 1.8k kalau tak salah me, but u can haggle la. I think she's willing to sell lower biar rugi sikit asalkan at least jual. Btw, u know her la ;)

    Pakcik Zul, lama tak nampak hehe. Yeah, I think penat kut..but this is soo not me. Dulu jarang sakit, maybe dah tua kut ni hehe