Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hi babes!!!

Finally! We are going somewhere for honeymoon!!!

And guess where?



Hmmmm... (sorry, I am too excited hehehe)

We are going to JAPAN!!!!!!!


And...we are going there for sakura season!!!!


Finally! :D

Actually we've planned this before the wedding lagi because normally newly wed straight away will go for honeymooning kan. But we said to ourselves, sabaaar...we will go this March, God's willing. And thank God, for granting this wish.

OMG...I still can't believe this. Even though we've been planning this for ages, but finally buying the tickets make both of us shiver with excitement.

Before I continue this rambling, I would like to share one tips. Buying ticket online is wayyy cheaper than at the counter itself.

We tried to buy online (since MAS is having promotion) but the online booking only allowed one airport for fly in and fly out either Narita (Tokyo) OR Kansai (Osaka). We wanted to fly in through Kansai AND fly out from Narita. If we want to do that, we are not entitled to the current promotion.

So we went to Reliance to get the ticket and they wanted to charge us additional RM50 for each ticket, which is fair enough la kan. When we are about to pay, they told us that we have to add 3% additional charge of total tickets for credit card. I was like, what?

I know this is a common practice but it is a BIG TURN OFF. So we decided to buy ourselves from MAS. We went to KL Sentral to get the ticket and much to our surprises, they charge RM60 additional each for admission fee! I was like, "how come walking in is more expensive than online?"

Haiyoh..luckily, they don't charge on credit card, so it still cheaper than Reliance.

So people, if you want to fly in and out via the same airport, buy your air ticket ONLINE else you'll be charged a freaking RM60 (international) or RM30 (local)! And save up some money too for fuel and parking!!

Ok back to our plan.

We will spend 3 days in Osaka, 4 days in Kyoto, then use the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo and be there for 9 days!

Which means, we are going to be in Japan for 16 freaking days!! Yeay!

By the time we be in Osaka and Kyoto, the parks will be filled with cherry blossoms and everything will turn out romantic hehehe. Hoping sakura will still blooming in Tokyo by the time we reached there as they only last for 10 days!

The temp will be 15 celcius average and that's pretty cold! So I have to start buying appropriate apparel. I will borrow some from MIL though (we are about the same size!).

Actually, I planned to borrow everything from MIL and buy none because I think it's a bit membazir as I won't wear it again here. But all MIL's coat are in beidge and quite plain (sorry MIL hehe) and MrComot said don't worry about that as we might travel again later so it won't be membazir. Yeayy!! I am sooo getting this chilli red trench coat from Forever21. Hmmm nevermind, I'll share about it IF I bought it okay? For now tak beli apa2 lagi :P

We also bought a camcorder (FULL HD!) purposely for this vacation. Lalalala.

Oh my..I really can't wait.

We are now in the middle of finding and booking places to stay and planning what to do each day. Oh ya, we also have to apply for VISA and hopefully everything goes well.

Talking about it, I just made my passport yesterday!

My passport done yesterday!

Hehehe..I knoww...I sangat kesian ok. Tak pernah out of Malaysia, even to Singapore! So, lucky you guys who have been to Bali la, Bandung la, etc etc.

Oh ya..did I tell you guys we are going on ourselves?

Which means, EVERYTHING will be done by both of us - places to stay, places to visit, things to do, JR pass, transportation, etc etc. We decided not to follow any travel agencies as we believe (read: perasan) we can do it sendiri. So it's going to be very adventerous and exciting!!!

So if anyone of you had been to Japan or know anything about it, please share your findings and recommendations. And also, if you guys nak order apa2 specific from Japan, let me know, jgn malu2 ok. Or anything from duti free shop ke. You have about a month to think about it! :D

Ok babes, gotta start speaking Japanese already. Ja ne!


  1. omygoodnesssssssss sangat2 besnya.

    and if you plan yourselves the trip, lagi double bess.
    sebab masa tu la terasa susahnya, terasa excitednya and most importantly, tak ikut org lainnyer schedule.
    hiks bes bes bessssssss.

  2. u shud go to kobe then!! sana lagi banyakkkkk cherry blossom so double triple lomantikkkk okkkkkkkk.

    anyways, byk la plan nk gedikk2 pakai bikini segala tu terjun lombong la kan. dont forget to buy me ole2, and me dowan mcm what YB gave earlier yg patung dlm tube tu (hahaha demand bleh) me nak magnet from all different places u go!! ngeeeee

  3. I can literally imagine and feel the excitement just by reading your entry ;)

    Keep on writing, babe. And happy preparing for honeymoon-ing!

  4. babe, im excited too :)

    mesti x sbr kan..
    hv a romantic vac then..
    sonoknyeeeeeeeeeeee....yea yea!

    babe, i want FM at least.. :p
    nnt kita kirim (berbayar ok)

  5. dream place is japan..hope that i can go there but no money so kuburkan jelah ia d situ..huhuhu...anyway me pun tak pernah kuar malaysia even sabah n sarawak..naik flight lg tak pernah..sian kan..anyway jgn lupa hadiah utk kami d sini..for sure hadiah adelah gamba2 u d sane..tak sabar nak jamu mata ni..

  6. pergi pergi nanti balik citer ya..mana tau nanti ada rezeki kita leh pergi plak sana...wahh best nyerr

  7. Bestnyer.. wah wah.. how lomantik!

    Aan, aku cuma nak bunga sakura jer. Hari tu ada member gi tapi dia kata sakura lom mekarrr..

    Aduh.. moh cool.. gi sesama nak? heheheh

  8. bestnyer pi Japan!!!! I have always wanted to go to Japan.

    Anyhoo,i'm not sure if they have it in Japan tapi tryla Bleh sleep for free at a native's house (save bajet). Tapi korang nak honeymoon kan?? that might not be a good advice for you. hihi.

    have fun planning!!

  9. perghhhh!!!!!giler bessshhh!!

    lalink..nak itut!!!

    eh, me nak kirim VR lens 200mm Nikon.ngeeee~

  10. waaaaa. besnyer...
    ok.. nak order lense kamera nikon bleh kaa.. hahhaha... kidding...

    nanti bawak balik la bunga parapara sakura tu... leh laminate simpan... eee... beshhhnyerrr...

  11. Yan, tu la..It's sooo exciting sbb semua buat sendiri. Aku mmg berterima kasih la ngan pakcik google hehe

    Bee, Kobe is on the way to Tokyo, maybe we can drop by hehe. Me definitely will get FM for u. Hey, patung2 tu berguna la..immediately ppl can tell it's from Taiwan.
    Ps: You can auction it in eBay hehehe

    Miss Anonymous, you bet!! Memang excited sangat. After all this is our first trip together. It will be very meaningful. Thanks for reading dear ;)

  12. Aleeya, me will buy a nice one. I can't really say it will be all romantic, but for sure it will be super duper adventurous! :D

    Maria, don't worry about that, kita muda lagi..duit boleh di cari. Nanti you get to go everywhere you want with your hubby :D

    Cool, dengar citer GBS pun byk plan ni hehehe. Definitely will share the experience here ;)

  13. Shani, orang yang baru balik dari vacation mana boleh ikut :P

    Xarz, tu lah..hopefully our timing perfect sebab bunga tu bloom kejap je tsk tsk

    Miss Interpreted, thanks for the info! Actually kitaorg ada dengar jugak pasal living with the locals, skrg ni still tgh try to book japanese hotel, kalau tak dpt memang duduk ngan derang la :P

  14. Umyra lalink!! Me memang nak pegi tempat2 gadget tu. Why don't you give me the price you can get here, nnt sampai sana, me check harga, kalau lagi murah me sms u dulu tanya u nak ke tak :D

    Chics, I knowwww. lah..I mean, I pun mcm tak sangkat dapat pergi. Still like this 'OMG I can't believe it'

    Azleena, boleh order! Haha mcm real je, but seriously babe, will usha2 for you if you want. But you have to tell me the price here first la sbb aku bukan dictionary hafal semua harga hehe

  15. sangat excited for both of u dears!!

    camni ah best, even tho im amazed how u two will always find a way to get the best things at a very cheap price, you know what i mean.

    keep on sharing, dear.

    and so so so happy 4 u.

  16. bestttt sangatttt!!!

    me kene tunggu a year lagi baru bole ikut naek kapal gi jepun..nak jimat punye psal kan, naek kapal petronas die keje, seminggu baru sampai japan,seminggu pun seminggu lah, janji FOC! skate rawks! =p

    btw, hope both of u will have funnnnnn there!

    p/s: japan xde bed bugs kot eyh? me risau nnti u kene lagi, sian lak...pray pray, sume okeh,insyallah!

  17. aan,
    wahh..bestnye awak nk pegi jepun.
    syoknyer..!jelesnye dpt pg honeymoon kt ovorsea tu.

    saya doakan awk selamat pegi nd balik.hav a great vacation tau!

    awk amik gambor bnyk2 tau..

  18. Uh, can you bring back heated toilet seats for me? :P

  19. Along yg comel, thanks!! Hehe I got you..I'll keep on sharing >:D<

    Elya, so jeles with you okkk. You boleh pegi naik kapal! Tak semua org can get the same chances. Boleh tgk laut lama2 :D. pun hope no bed bugs or whatever yg akan spoilkan the trip, aminn..

    Sara, thanks a lot. Hey you mesti excited lagi berapa hari nak kawen ni hehehe. Lepas kawen, everyday is honeymoon kannn :D

    Asroll, in any specific color and texture?