Thursday, February 19, 2009

PGL here I come

This picture sangat lah sucks due to insufficient lighting, but who cares.

We bought 4 PGL tickets on 6th Feb and gigih amik gamba mcm ni sebab nak show off okkkk! Hahaha kidding.

To tell the truth, watching PGL is not in my list this year as I already have no heart for other entertainment due to our Japan trip plan. Seriously. However, one of my good friends Shani asked us to join her and the boyfie. I know I can say NO but macam not so nice as they already teman us watching Sinbad before (but Sinbad punya ticket only RM30 okkkk, haha Shani no offence).

So dengan gigih berusaha I asked (ASKED okkkk, not DO) Shani to get FOUR student cards in order to be entitled of the 30 freaking percent discount! It's a lot!!!! So we get to save up around RM60 per each ticket! Tell me siapa cakap tak banyak? Babbbbbb kang...

Some nice words from my circles help to lift up my spirit to watch it. One of my officemate said PGL is breathtaking and very nice. And it is the final season! Tiara won't be in anymore for the next PGL (if there is any). So it's better be good Shani! :P

Ohh..somehow I know we will enjoy it.

Hope you guys have a good night too. Mwah!


  1. hahah comel lah aan neh...muahhhh

  2. wah..nnt jgn lupa citer2 best tak teater ni..nk sgt tgk tp mahal terpaksa d kuburkan..huhuh..

  3. Hehe Cool pun comel jugak. Mwahhhh

    Azleena, kitaorg tgk smalam, 20hb hehe

    Maria, tu la..ticket mmg mahal. Nasib baik dpt diskaun student tu, kalau tak mmg tak beli la