Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Of coats and all

Hi all,

I've been quite busy lately. Hmm been very busy actually. A lot of things happen (work related) and need to sort out. And the boss keep on saying, 'andes, you lead this thing ok'. It's scary because he keep on saying it, as if I don't act like I'm leading it *sob sob*

Yah, I think so. But this is totally neeeeewwwww and I have no ideaaaa how it works! Sigh. Nevermind boss, I'm trying my best here! Gambattene!

And at the same time I am soooo over the moon about Japan trip. As I said before, I soooo want this red trench coat from forever21 and gigih pergi OU to find it but unlucky me, they don't have that specific trench coat and I even asked if they can buy it online for me but the SA said no, they can't.

After that I decided to browse online and guess what? They don't ship to Malaysia! OMG, I didn't know ok, even though it is sooo yesterday news.

This is the jacket that I wanted soooo much - Jeanie Swing Coat

Dah la nama pun soooo me - MrComot like to call me JeanieMot (as in Jeanie from 'I Dreamt of Jeanie' and Mot as in comot :P)

I even emailed them asking if they can make an exception to me and ship to Malaysia, but as expected they replied with a NO ;(

So I keep on looking for trench coat and I found a nice one in RED with big black button from Jaspal and it will costs me around RM200++ after 50% discount, it is a steal! But unfortunately I am soo TOT, so the coat look too long for me, as if I'm wearing someone else's. So rejected.

I also found another coat from Jaspal (in purple) and quite nice but it is too thin for summer and being me, I don't think it will keep me warm enough. Also around RM200++.

In Curve, I found a verrrryyy nice trench coat in black and grey from NafNaf and fit me nicely. It even has this big ruffle at the chest and soooo me too but it's too expensive, around RM400++. If it's in red, I definitely will close my eyes and buy it but it's in black. The color is a bit bland and I think it's not worth it because I know that I can get a nice one only around RM200.

I never know shopping will be this complicated *sigh*

Anyway, I just found out that we can still buy things that isn't being shipped to Malaysia with vPost. It is something like this, you register with vPost, buy things online and they will give us virtual IP is US (which is vPost office there) then they will post the stuff to vPost Asia and post it to us!

So this means, I still can get my Jeanie coat! And it'll be around RM200 with shipping!

But the thing is, I don't know if it can fit me nicely. Their S maybe M to us and the length, etc etc. I just don't know!

Hmm..what should I do?

Worse come to worse, if I still can't find the coat, I will just buy the purple Jaspal *sigh*

If you have any recommendation where to get nice and pretty coats, tell me eh. Mwahhhhh ;-*


  1. last minute shopping can be very troublesome sometimes. been there. anyways, y dont u look at the winter clothes shop. kat mdvalley & GE Mall ada that shop but me forgot the name (try google). they have quite nice trench coat designs at reasonable price.

    and i think i saw some nice trench coats at Zara too tp tatau ada lagi ke dak sbb now dah off winter season. tp try la tgk. good luck lalink!

    but nice one terus la. u wont know when u might need it lagi later in the future :)

  2. Best nya shopping for a trip :)

    Me pun selalu shopping before trip dan masa trip, lepas trip nganga tunggu gaji...ahahaha...

    Good luck hunting!

  3. Thanks lalink! U know lahh me dah jarang pegi mall now. And GE?!! U nak me gigih sgt ke cari area2 sana haha. Anyway thanks for the recommendation and yup better find the nice one terus :D

    Cik Kopi, thanks! U always travel ok, harus lah pokai hehe