Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The 1st Birthday Dinner :">

As I mentioned before, I planned to cook something special for my beloved hubby for his birthday. And thank God I managed to do it and surprise him! Hmm not really surprise, but still, it works ;)

I still can feel the excitement and remember the details for the occasion so I'm going to write them, for future remembrance and I can imagine myself chuckling later, over this piece hehe.

Talking about surprise, I can't make it a TOTAL surprise because we always cling together. In case some people don't know, we are in the same office. So we go work together, lunch together, dinner together, shopping groceries together, etc etc. Therefor, can you imagine how hard it is for me to prepare this? *sigh*

So that day, I had to tell him

"I'm going to cook something for your birthday and I need your help. Please send me to Cold Storage and wait outside. I don't want you to see what I'm buying"

Hahaha gila keji ok. The thing is, we always buy groceries together. Both of us share this fetish of jalan-jalan in hypermart, observing the fish, chicken, meat, vege, canned food, hmm everything! We will spent at least 2 hours eyeing the wet and dry stuff and putting him outside of Cold Storage means a torture!

A torture to both of us.

To me as I looooveee to check out things with him "ehh u tgk ayam ni..ada kaler hitam, me know u likkkeeeyyy haha", "Hey..ada frozen Salmon and it's cheaper".

To him as how come he let only my eyes feasting on the varieties?

After all, shopping won't be fun alone right?

We even spent 10 mins in front of Cold Storage to decide wether he will accompany me or not, padahal dah plan awal2 kan I will go buy alone. It's so tempting to buy things together. I know it's crazy, but I guess early of marriage will always be like that ;)

So I made a quick shopping but still took me over 30 minutes as I'm torn between choices *sigh*

After the shopping, we drove back and I quickly put everything in the freezer and said "Kitchen is off limit"

I expect him to lie down and relax, watching TV, but he couldn't help himself waiting in wonder, so he assemble the bedroom lights, and I get the kitchen all for myself :D

Basically this is what I did that night- lemon & pepper steak with chicken Chorizo sausage, creamy mashed potato, blanched baby carrot and broccoli, and sago gula melaka as dessert!

I was like, seriously? Hahaha ok ok.. seriously, I can't believe I made them by myself.

The main course. I didn't whip the gravy as the steak taste good on its own. And the mashed potato is a total success!! It's really creamy and sinful. Ahhhhhhh

After everything is setted nicely on the table-for-two, I quickly drag MrComot, asking him to close his eyes, switched off all the lights and guide him to the kitchen.

And ta-daaaa!!!

A candle lite dinner for us ;)

The sago gula melaka was in the fridge at that time (it was a sruprised too!) I made it as, 'ok, that's it, this is our dinner and nothing more'. Hehehe witty me! Ok, let me perasan will ya ;)

I use 2 pieces of tea-candle with heart-shaped and rose-scented, in opposite color. It's beautiful isn't it?

It was one of the best dinner so far. The food is good but unfortunately, the steak was a bit on hard side, even though it is medium-well ;(

MrComot rates the dishes as below

#1 - Sago Gula Melaka
#2 - Creamy Mashed Potato
#3 - Baby Carrot and Brocolli
#4 - Chicken Chorizo ---> But I think this should be out as it is instant right?
#5 - The steak

Even though the steak is a bit tough, he said the flavour is right and it is tasty! So I can consider it is good right? :D

It's definitely a wonderful and emotional dinner towards the end. MrComot was a bit on teary side after the dinner. Ishhhh tak suka okkkk terharu2 ni...because I don't know how to react.

Anyway, I will post up the recipes on another entry, although they are very simple :P

To MrComot, Happy Birthday and I love ya!


  1. ah kita tak reti nak masak wastern la..teach me pls...jeles maaa..aan reti..sgt terliur...meleleh leleh

  2. oh lufer..

    happy belated besday to mr comot

  3. its what comes from the heart that matters most :)

    Congratulation Aan~!

  4. ala resepinya mn..huhuhu..nak kena wat suprise mcm nila..sbb maria tak reti masak..=(

  5. owh miss aan!

    sgt chomel okeyh!

    i pon terharu gak..hehehe..gile over kannn?


  6. lalink ooo lalink..

    miss u la..
    me like mati-kutu-tak-baca-daily-comic..ahahahaha

    me nak cakap 3 perkataan je..

    kagum ok! wa caya sama lu laa..
    sob..sob..sob..memang ptt terharu la. u mmg pandai mengharukan org kan :P

    btw, hepi besday encik elias! sila jaga puan hanani bebaik. sbb dia sangat comel & baik hati :)

  7. Cool, me dah bagi resepi and trust me, western lagi senang than masak melayu ni. Cool lagi tererrrr..masak nasik lemak bagai. Lagi la jeles. Nnt ajar aan pulak eh :P

    MrComot cakap thanks :D

    Shani, thanks darling. I bet you will do the same to ehem2 ;)

    Maria, samala kita tak reti pun sbb tak biasa. But janji berani hentam je..confirm mcm jadi walaupun ala2 hehe

  8. Elya, buat-buat comel hahaha. Kalau u buat kat MrRed u pun mesti dia terharu nnt :D

    MrComot says thanks!

    Umyra hahaha..miss la sangat. Me pun dah subsribe to ur daily comic :P

    Tak payah kagum2..you pun soo sweeet towards ur MrLampard tapi ops..dah tak boleh citer2 kan. Takpe..lepas bulan 5 ni u boleh la bragging2 tulis apa u buat for him :P