Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

I am on straight week holiday this week, because we got hari wilayah n chinese new year, yeay!

Had two yee sang session which I'm gonna update later and we'll celebrate cny in style as Zahra Elena got her first ever cheongsam! My MIL bought for her and it's adorable!

MrComot requested me to make a hairclip to match the cheongsam, so here it is, a simple one as I'm too 'idle' to crack up a grand design. Wanted to make another clip with rabbit theme but too lazy to cut the felt n stitch it, tengok lah how nnt. Will post her pic with complete outfit later :D

Roads are pretty quite compared to last year. I think it's because of the long holiday, a lot of people use this chance to go back to their hometown.

Happy CNY to everybody! Hope you have a good one!

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  1. Hi, kong zi fa chai to you too. Your blog being mentioned in The Malaysian Insider. Classic!

  2. Anonymous,
    Thankx for the info. Wow, this is big. And I am so surprised coming from Dina Zaman. And the fact that it's not common in Malaysia. WOW. Betul ke fact tu? Maybe not common for non-muslim. Anywy, it's obligatary for Mazhab Shafie, just stating the fact.

  3. dimanakah gambar zahra memakai cheongsam? ouh, mst sgt comel!!!