Thursday, July 31, 2008

Warna Warni Duniaku

Yeayyyyy!! Finally I got my LUNA!!!

Lepas ni harus la kena rajin melukis tak? Kalau tak membazir je haha.

And I got 48 instead of 36!!

I know LUNA is soo old school. Faber Castell has nicer and modern looks. But I am sooo attached to LUNA. Don't know why. Like I'm attached to BUNCHO for poster color.

Hmmm time to sharpen the rusty talent. If any pun lah :P

Btw, I wonder how should I fill in this?


Have you cuppa at Chawan

Last few days, we tried this one new kopitiam at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. Kopitiam is everywhere nowadays, and my favourite will always be Old Town White Coffee. One because of the kaya butter toast (the best ever!) and another factor is because it is everywhere!

Btw, I read once about Chawan in some blogs (couldn't recall which blog, one of the foodies). It is famous for its array of coffee. Kluang, Ipoh, Melaka, etc etc. I dun remember all the names or the origin as I'm not a die-hard-fan of coffee.

Since we were in Bangsar area, we decided to give it a try.

I like the neon logo. It looks cute and inviting.


I had nasi lemak with chicken rendang. It came with blanched kang-kung, slices of cucumber, half hard boiled egg, peanuts and anchovies. The sambal is superb! Seriously sedappp! But the chicken is a bit on tough side. They use small-est achovies. MrComot likes it so much. I prefer the bigger one. (but the smaller it is the more expensive kan? hehe).

MrComot had this

The keow teow soup was ok too. Came with prawns, fish ball, and fried beancurd skin. Topped with spring onion and taugeh. Waahhh explanation mcm sesi memasak pulak kann. The soup base is more flavourful than Ipoh Keowteow Soup from Old Town.

And the prom king of the night will be, my drink!!

My hot ginger honey lemon tea.

I ordered this on instinct. I can't take coffee for a few months (due to the heartburn) and decided to opt for tea when my eyes crossed this menu. The ginger and lemon not overpowering each other. Just nice with a hint of honey and tea. It is served in a tall glass, worth every penny. I think around RM5 or RM5.80 mcm tu. Will definitely come again for this one.

And MrComot had this - Kopi Kapal Api. Haha..seriously I can't differentiate a good or bad coffee. But it's not bad for my taste bud.


Another good point is, the waiter was so friendly (siap buat lawak bodoh pasal kopi kapal api okk) and the service was very fast. We waited for about 5 or 10mins mcm tu je. On the minus side, the food option is very little. If you want coffee variations, it is a good place for you to hang up.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fashion Victims or Fashion Statement?

As usual, the first thing I do whenever I reach the office is to turn on my YM and greet MrComot. It is because I always come later than him ahahaha. So tak patut ok.

Btw, the first thing I received after the greeting yesterday was:

Him running to my place (with kangaroo style) - seriously sometimes tak faham okkkk, siapa lagi budak2, me or him.

MrComot: Sayangggggggggggg, me wear wronggggg shoessss todayy
Me: Apa yg silap? (looking at the feet)
MrComot: Me wear brown shoessss. Me nak pakai kasut hitam tapi me nak cepat2, pastu tersilap (while frowning)

I was like ---- ahahahaha. Terus gelak besar ok. Seriously, it is soooo wronggg and well, comot! :D

Me: Sayang ni..mana ada org pakai mcm ni. Ingat so fashionable la tu
MrComot: Hey, mestilah! This is my fashion statement. ---> giler defensive :P
Me: Helooooo siapa nak ikut!
MrComot: Cepat google, boleh pakai brown with black tak ---> tak puas hati jugak haha

Goggling~~~ seriously, semua result kutuk gila the combination of colors :))

Me: Hahaha semua org cakap tak boleh
MrComot: Semua dengki ngan me (making faces)

Time ni I dah gelak gila.

Brown will never go with black, right? :D

Then terus dia buat muka merajuk and went back to his place. After awhile, I went there to take another good look at the incident and notice something else:

Me: Sayang, ni apa menda ni, kenapa terkeluar2?
MrComot: Aaaaaaa masa me nak cepat tadi, me terstep on it and koyakkk.
Me: Omaigodddd! Sayang niiiiiiiiiiiii!! Haiyohhhh

And then gelak gila again

Tear at the sleeves.

Later he ym-ed me, asking for selotep, bolehhhh?

Covering the tear when one of the colleague came to the place for little chit-chat. Selambe je amik gamba hehe.

And he been running here and there that day, with brown shoes and tore pant.

Somehow, that's what I love about him ;)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Spa

I think I owe you guys with the spa story right?

The session was.. hmm.. okay. Just okay.

We were welcomed by Anna - a nice lady and were served herbal tea while waiting for them to prepare the room.

The interior - waiting seats.


Herbal tea served before and after session.

The 'massage' place. It was ok. I prefer something cozier (with dim light) ala Bali style.

The hallway.

After the massage and scrub, we went for 20 mins steam bath and then hot shower.

Then, biasalah, sesi jual-menjual. I expected it already, I mean, of course they want to promote their service. But none of us take it. The thing is, I don't like their concept. And to me, it's better I try all the spas than sign up for 1 place only, betul tak?

One thing that I don't like about this place is, I received bad review from one of my friends that using the coupon - they just gave her massage. No scrub and steam bath! I was like, lu apa hal kan? I mean, doesn't matter la it is free or not, it is a promotion and you stated there what are you going to give for FREE, so why cut it?

Maybe the spa pissed off as we got too many coupons and not any of us sign up for their package, but it is ethic right?

To Cool, I am so sorryyyyy for the incident ok (even tho it is not my fault) but I still feel guilty a bit.

Pakcik, I'm sooo sorry ;(

I was rushing to the office this morning when BAMMMMMM! I knocked down a motorcyclist while doing a turning to the left (he's coming right from behind).

There were lots cars and I didn't notice him. Obviously it was my fault :(

So, right after the accident, I switched on my hazard light and winded down the window. I wanted to step out but the pakcik already by my door side, so we just talked like that

Pakcik: Tak nampak ke tadi?
Me: A'ah tak perasan. Sorry.. Teruk ke?
Pakcik: Ada la sikit ni.. (looking at his hand)

I saw the hand darah2, peeled skin. And I noticed the left side mirror missing.

Me: Hmmm....
Pakcik: Takpela.. Lain kali kalau nak keluar, tengok dulu.

And he shoot off.

I was like...OMG, why I was so numbed and MEAN! I mean, I could have offer him to go to the clinic, or I could have hand him some money. Or maybe I could ask for his phone number. I even didn't note his plate number. Mcm mana nak cari dia lepas ni? I feel sooooooo BADDDDDDD ;(

When I arrived at the office, I saw this dent.

The impact is quite big. So I can imagine how bad it was. Kesian pakcik tu :((

I wish I could do more.


I don't know what left can I do, so here goes my prayer,

Dear God, please take good care of that pakcik, murah kan rezeki dia, jauhkan dia dari segala kemungkaran dan bencana. Please, please, please make him happy dunia akhirat.

And to the pakcik, I am sooo sorryyy. I wish I can help you in another time.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ring Hunt

Hunting the right ring with limited budget is not an easy task. You know how thick your pocket, but of course you want the best out of it. Senang cakap, you nak benda mahal tapi bayar murah kan? Haha..

So I want to share with you guys some info.

First of all, make sure you know up to how much you willing to spend for the ring. So, it will be easier for you to compare deals with the jeweller. It doesn't matter little or lots, few hundreds or few thousands. As long as you have the rough idea on the maximum price you will go.

Then you have to know what do you want. A diamond ring or a gold band, or both? Or platinum? etc etc.

Visit all the shops your eyes laid on. Don't be afraid or 'segan' as you are hunting right. And ask as many question as you can, any doubt you have. The answers somehow will help you making the decision. But I admit that most of the kedai always bragging their stuff is the best. Ahaha of course la kan.

And, don't forget to do your own research. Read from internet. There are lots intellectual and unbiased forum regarding the products. However, if you buying gold, should be no problem. But if want to buy diamond, research is very important. Unless you dah biasa with that thing. As for me, I am a first timer so it will be hard for me to know what I want and what is the best for me.

Ahhh..dah mcm boring pulak :P

Btw, we've covered almost all the shops (I could say 90%) and it is really irritating. For the first few weeks, of course la I am all excited, masuk kedai ni masuk kedai tu but after that PENING okkkkk. At some point, I was almost give it up and said to MrComot "you beli lahhh apa pun, tak kisah". It was so exhausting and tiring, physically and mentally.

Some of the shops that we keep the cards.

From my experience, all shops will say their diamond is brilliant cut or ideal cut (the best proportions of cut). Mana ada org nak cakap dia punya tak bagus kan? And some of them nicely offered to look the diamond under the special microscope. Don't reject! Even if you are not buying. Bila lagi you nak tgk diamond up close kan? Take the offer and learn how to study the stone. The price for certified diamond is about the same as it is controlled. I mean, I didn't find big price gap between one to another. So, it's kinda hard to get discount on diamond. You have to press them harder on the band.

And Wah Chan punya loose stone (the diamond only) is FREAKING cheap. I wonder why? Kalau siapa2 yg pernah pegi tgk, please share me your thought eh?

There are normal ideal cut diamond, hearts and arrow (H&A under the microscope, you can see 8 equal heart-shaped and arrow-shaped, so nice!), Lazare, brilliant rose (under the that scope, you can see 16 equal arrow-shaped forming a rose), etc etc.

H&A (back and front)

BR 'rosace'

So, finally after searching up and low, we settled for Brilliant Rose! I'm so relieved as I don't have to think about my ring anymore.

Btw, I got spa complimentary from Brilliant Rose. Not 1 or 2, but seven!! Hahahahaha. Unfortunately, each person entitled for one time only. Kalau tak, harus I use all the coupons alone kan hahahaha. So I'm gladly distributed the coupons among my girlfriends. Since the expiry date is end of July and we have to make appointment (the place kinda busy and always full), so I just quickly give to mana2 friends yg I jumpa dulu. So, kira rezeki korang lah ye ;)

I wish I have more coupons so I can give to all of you ;(

Complimentary spa

Strictly for first timer. Siap amik copy IC okkk.

And it is worth RM390 each!!! Woooohoooo!! A 90mins session with massage, steam bath and scrubbing. Heaven~~~~

My session will be tomorrow morning with Shani and Rena. We have to take annual leave okkk as weekend is fully book. Gigih bersemangat waja. Wahhhh girls, can't wait to be pampered =D

Ahhh talking about spa, I still not getting my birthday present okkk! Hmmmm..later lah I think. Ntah2 lepas kawen *nanges*.

Btw, I will write a review for this spa, as some of my friends say they sensed some hostility while doing the booking. Maybe because it's just free thing. But I will make sure we are getting the best! Don't worry ok friends, kalau derang buat cincai2, kita announce dalam blog.

The power of bloggers! Mwahahahaha

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

HIV shivers

Hye peeps!!

Finally! A big heavy stone in my head lifted! I did my HIV test today!


You have no idea on how this simple thing giving shivers down to my spine. It's not like I am involved in seks-secara-rambang or sharing the drug needles, but.. what IF. What IF tiba2 doctor cakap,

"miss, I have bad news for you, you are HIV positive"

Tak kah pengsan mak???

And being me, I always have this mental image with unpleasant possibilities and already came up with the scenarios ok. I imagined kalau doctor cakap mcm tu, 1st thing I will ask is

since when I am infected? ---> ni boleh ke diketahui? Ahaha

Then I siap imagine, I have to break the news to the family members, me and him. Not the HIV news, but 'the wedding is off' one. Then have to make announcement in my blog. Then everybody will start asking and we will simply said "dah takde jodoh" and why the wedding-tak-jadi remained mysterious till death. Hahaha mental takkk???

One of my officemate just finished the test last week in Keramat, and the nurse asked him few Qs like do you know what HIV, how you can get it, is it fatal, etc etc. And I read in some bride-to-be blogs they were being interviewed too, as in general knowledge. So I've been ready with lot's of possible smart-ass line like "HIV is a virus that can turn into AIDS and lead to death". Ewaahhh bersemangat okkk.

Btw, we did the test at Poliklinik Kelana Jaya and it was totally different from what I've been imagining. The procedure completed just through a small window! Not even seated ok.

Tempat kejadian

I slipped my hand through here. It's like the way you print your thumb for money withdrawal at banks. So old skol and sempoi.

The nurse just asked for my right hand, and said 'sakit sket ye' then punch my finger with the needle, pinch it to drop blood, then we have to wait for a bout 20mins and voila! The result came out.

So my line gone wasted hahahaha.

Of course HIV negative! What have you been thinking =D

Whatever it is, I'm glad this one settled, and my head is light as a feather now.

Oh ya, if you are about to do this procedure too, get the form from JAIS (or ur negeri punya la) because it will only cost you RM10. Otherwise, you can get it from the clinic, but it will cost you RM30! I forgot to snap the notice. Gommenne~

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

PS I Love You

I just finished watching PS I Love You and it is very, very, very GOOD! A mind blowing romantic + life movie.

Our taste may differs, but just give it a try. If you can't download it, I am more than happy to burn it for you. Just let me know ok? ;)

Pic courtesy of this site

The song selection is nice too. Now, my player keep on repeating Love You 'Till the End (The Pogues) and Same Mistake (James Blunt). You can listen to the whole sample of the soundtracks here.

Quote from user comment in IMDB

"You will not be disappointed with the film. It is not an academy award winning film, but it is a tearjerker and definitely makes you go home home and hug your significant other and be happy to have them in your life"

Ps: This review somehow not because of the 'wedding hormone'. It's worth the time watching. Trust me :D

Gone mental for a while

I went to MidV just now (during lunch) with Cool to buy her new swimsuit.

And I was very sexcited to see all the cute swimwear hanging around. And already imagining wearing few of them during our honeymoon, boleh?

From schwarzenbach. 2 pieces with flowing short skirt.

From Triumph. This one got bright red inline okkk!! And the dots a bit glowing actually. Tantekkk sangat.

From Ogival. I like the hot pant in hot pink. Ahahaha.

(all the pics not properly taken as I curik2 snapping it - put camera close to me, not looking at the viewer, stand back few steps, and gotcha! But remember to off the flash. Since there were lots salesgirl, I didn't have the gut to snap repeats)

But thinking back, I got bulky stomach, and uneven skin tone.


Since there will be no swimming today (I forgot to bring the swimsuit, uwaaa Cool, kecewanyaaaa =,( ) gotta do yoga tonight!.

Must do! Must do! Must do!

And apply lotion before go to bed.

Must do!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Warisan Rasa, Keramat AU2

Hye peeps!! How are you semua? Ewahhh.. baik tak intro? Hahaha.

Btw, to clear my head out, I better write something not-related with wedding :P

After living in Setiawangsa for about 4 years, I finally found my new favourite nearby spot for lunch!!! So, no more fast-food or mall food for me during the weekend!

Ahhh..while writing about this I remember, I used to go to KLCC like, everyweek (up to a point I can name all the shops in there and what's going on, what's new or not, and my friends 'chop' KLCC is my second home :D). So my lunch back then will be fast food or from the food court in KLCC. Most of the time it will be the beef porridge from Soup corner, Asean foodcourt, level 4. I wonder if they still there.

Ok, back to the topic, hehe.. literally, I didn't found this place, my housemate brought me here once, I think about 2 months ago or so. My heart was jumping with ecstasy seeing the lauk soooo meriahhh! Then I brought MrComot and he likes here too! So it becomes our routine to have lunch here every Saturday (if he comes to my place that week). It closes on Sunday.

This place is famous for its ikan bakar and the varieties.

Marinated kembong, pari, terubuk, keli, ayam, sotong, grilled to perfection. You can choose any piece you like and reheat or if you are not that hungry u can wait up for a new one to be grilled.

All type of gulai (curry/gravy). From salted fish with pineapple to gulai telur itik. Yum!

Another side full of choices. My all-time favourite will be sweet and sour clam. Seriously sedappp!!!

And what make me fall in love with this place is the salad bar!! I am a sucker for ulam-ulaman, daun-daun, whatever u name it. MrComot always call me kambing because he said only goat eat grass. And yes, he called the ulam2 rumput, boleh?

The ulams! As freshest as it can be. Fresh daun selom (my fav!), ulam raja, daun betik, pucuk ubi kayu, four angle beans, salad, blanched kangkung, banana's heart (jantung pisang), etc etc.

The other side of ulams! Can u imagine how a lot? Got petai, cucumber, broccoli, tomato, mango, etc, etc.

The condiment to pair with. I will only take normal sambal belacan. No tempoyak for me as I don't eat durian :P

And below is our meal that day. It's a bit gloomy as the hot sun is glaring under the transparent roof. But fret not, you won't be sweating while eating as the roof is quite high and the whole place is covered, with lot of fans. To me, it's pretty comfortable.

Clockwise: MrComot's with 2 types of vegetables dish, grilled squid (the squid is about 5" long), mine with sweet and sour clam, my fav ulam (I had it all for myself hehe) and a bit burnt grilled stingray. All for this is for RM14. It's soo reasonably priced, right? The drinks are okay too, teh o ais limau is RM1 only and warm water is free.

This is the shop. Warisan Rasa.

I don't know what is the exact address but it is next to balai polis Keramat (I think AU2) right opposite of Sapura (dekat2 area Texas tu).

This the pic taken opposite of the place.

You have to walk a bit inside the shoplot (mcm pasar gitu) and you will find various of food stalls. But this is the only one with grilling food. You can spot it right away.

For that price and with the taste, this place definitely will be your favorites too =D

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Announcement =D

Hye guyssss!! lah the second announcement!

Wahhhhhhhhhhhh surprised takk? (semua orang geleng kepala tsk tsk tsk)

The date will be 10/10/2008 for the akad nikah. Wedding ceremony will be later somewhere in November, we cant decide yet!

Since it's just in the corner, I *might* be getting too excited and starting to write lovey-dovey-stuff-you-wanna-puke or all messiness with the wedding preparation. Hope you darlings will bear with me, till it's over =D

On the other hand, the poor pic above drawn using CorelDraw4 and a mouse!! I don't have the drawing pad set :(.

Aha! Talking about that, can you give that (the PC drawing set) as my wedding gift? It's only RM170 or so. Pweeeeeeeeaseeeeeee :P

And it took me 2 days for that simple drawing! It is my first time using CorelDraw and with mouse in the hand, not really helping.

Btw, anyone familiar with CD, can you please enlighten me why it is so fard to fill/color the freehand object?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hiiiiii guysssss.

I have 2 announcements here.

1) I dah berjaya swim across the pool!!!!

Wahhh excited ok. Siap dapat 3 laps lagi hehehe. Crossing the pool is crucial gila okkk. Because I was very terrified with the depth at the centre of the pool. Normally I will swim kat tepi2 je which is around 1.2m, so still I am 'taller' than the water. So whenever I failed to grasp new breath, I just berdiri je la kan.

The centre of the pool is about 1.8m, definitely 'taller' than me! So what if tiba2 I penat to swim time tengah2. Tak pasal2 okkk kena diselamatkan oleh lifeguard.

On the first attempt I had to STOP at tengah2 which caused me takut-nak-mati. I was so stressed to pass the pool that I pushing my limits and losing the balance and breath. Luckily I swim next to plastic rope yg kat tengah2 kolam tu so I grabbed it and bersangkut kat situ until I fully regained my strength. And another important matter, I swam with a pro - cool. She followed me from behind to monitor me in case I'm drowned half way ke apa ke kan. In fact, time nak swim balik, I siap tolak her body okkkkk, sbb takde tempat nak pegang ahahaha. Gila keji. Btw, thanks babe! I can cross it! You must be so proud of me hihihi

After that she encouraged me to do another 2 laps. OMG penat okkk. But I berjaya crossing it without stopping!! Yeayy!!

So guys, aren't you happy with me :D

2) Hmmm I ada another thing nak bitau. But will include some simple drawing. And I still takde masa nak buat. So..maybe I will update you guys later about this one? Hmmm..maybe tomorrow? Hehehe :D

Till nowwwww


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hyeeee guyyysss!!

You know whatttt?! Pagi tadi kannn... hmm mcm mana nak citer? jap..


Ok mcm ni. MrComot is out of town, ada kursus apa la for 2 days. Today is the last day. Since I'm not going to meet him (and I've been missing him so bad), tiba2 rasa gedik want to take my own pics, to show him what I'm wearing to the office today.

So I get in the car, dab some lip gloss, pose here and there, cam-whoring. Lama jugak la..of course la.. after that I view balik the cam, tgk ok ke tak, comel ke tak kannnn. So vainnnnnnn.

Then baru I move my car. And you knoww whhhhaattttt? Tiba2 I noticed ada sorg mamat ni standing about 2 mtrs frm my car and looking towards me. So I was thinking la, apsal la mamat ni, nak tanya something ke.

Time I reverse tu baru I perasan ada VAN tengah tunggu nak takeover my parkingggg okkkkkkkk. And that guy yg standing tu maybe nak dtg ketuk tingkap I suh cepat2 or he simply standing there hehehe.


I paling tak suka la kalau org nak park, I lambat2 kuar. But tak sengaja okkkkkk. Hmppphhhhh

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Femes Andes =D

I am no a great cook, in fact I can't really cook. But I can make scrumptious-to-die-for cookies!!! Ahahaha.. ada unsur2 PERASAN di situ. But it is true! My colleague, friends of a friend, strangers said I bought the cookies from Famous Amos!

And MrComot called it Femes Andes =D

Since it is so easy to make and I am so excited with it, I loveeeeee to share with you guys the recipe!

Original recipe taken from here. Thanks Kak Rossya!!

I changed bit here and there, so this is my altered version.

Femes Andes =P

8ozs butter
5ozs gula halus ---> I kurangkan jadi 100g only
1/2 sudu teh bicarbonate of soda
1 sudu teh cream of tartar
sedikit garam --> I omitted this as I use salted butter
1 cawan serbuk Milo
10 ozs tepung self-raising --> I kurangkan jadi 200g only
6ozs Hershey's semi-sweet mini chocolate -chips --> I used normal choc chips
1 sudu teh vanilla essence
1 biji kuning telur

I add another 20g of dessicated coconut (as I like the hinted of chewy and crunchy taste of coconut)

Leave the butter at room temperature. Combine it with sugar, vanilla, cream of tartar and soda bicarbonate. Then whip it with Milo, egg yolk (sometimes kalau I malas kan, I just dump the whole :P. The outcome still the some), and choc chips. Then masukkan self raising flour.

Preheat oven at 150-180 celcius. Then bake at 150 celcius for 20 mins. Btw, this depends on the oven jugak tau. Ada yg need higher temp and shorter time.



Seriously I tak tipu. Sedappp and rasa macam Famous Amos. I mean, like serious shit okk. Kalau tak percaya can ask my friends and MrComot. Ahahaha... I don't need to convince you guys that hard, if you have the time, just try it out =D

The bottom. See the texture? You can feel the crunchiness okk :D

Btw I would like to share with you guys my experience dealing with choc chips. I tried Hersheys before and it tastes good, like always.

The thing is, I always have this perception - good brand, good taste and quality.

But it wont apply this time for this choc chips! Oddly I found this local-cheap-choc-chips taste as good as the branded one! In fact, I favoured this one a bit as it is creamier and melted nicely in my cookies and muffin. I definitely will buy this local-made again.

Local choc chips from Bake With Yen, Chow Kit. RM5 only for 500g.

Branded one. RM7.95 for 250g.

My advice is, try few types of choc chips and you will find the one that suite you! Then you can name it Femes (your name) . Ahahahaha sama2 lah kita perasan kan.

Ps: If you want to 'rasa' this so called Femes Andes, jemput lah raya tahun ni :P

Happy baking babes!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The weird thing in my eyes

Hye guyssss!!!!

Sorry for the loooonnnggg hiatus. Ahhh mcm la tak biasa kan :P One of the friends sooo worried where I have been, siap sms lagi tanya I am ok ke tak. Thanks darl! I am okkk. Just being me, tiba2 MIA ahaha. Well, this entry for u since I promised about it already.

Btw, I was back in hometown for the last few days and I have lotttttss stories to share, but since my blogging mood is no there yet, maybe I should whip it up with something simple. Sorry yer Khairiah, nnt kita tulis makan2 :P

Below is pisang tanduk. I snapped it back then when I was in Rena's house. The size surprised me. Have you ever seen this enormous bulk? It is so big that the skin cracking. Hmm.. I wonder what we can do with this kind of banana. Do we eat it fried? Or sweetened it for dessert?

Rena, your mom buat apa with pisang ni?

The gigantic ba-na-na

Kenari taxi

And this is my 1st time ever to see a 'Kenari' taxi. Normal will be proton saga, wira, waja, perdana, etc. But Kenari? Practical if you have big luggages.

Have you ever been in one?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The fatty, fatty crabs

This actually going to be a mix entry. The tasty crab and the price that I'm going to complaint :P

I was craving for crabs (Fatty Crab to be exact) since last 3 weeks and finally get to hold my hands on those sea creature last weekend. The crabs was scrumptious as usual.

One of the must-order-dish is the chicken wings! It is well marinated with special spices and deep fried till golden.

Here come the chilli crabs! I had them with 2 slices of toasted bread, wiping out the gravy. Nyum nyum!!

Fat, fat, fat crabs. The flesh is so juicy and sweet!

The 'hammer'. You have to eat them messily, then it is a real way to enjoy the crabs :D

Final product :P

While eating, I saw their pricelist at the whiteboard, and went white. It is freaking RM56 per kilo okkkkkkkkkk!!

OMG. That is a huge rise!

Last time I ate, it was only RM40 (or RM44) per kilo okkk.

I know our situation right now, with the petrol issue, recession, etc etc, but the price is just beyond ridiculous okk!!

Our normal bil is around RM50, but that night, it went up to RM80++.

While walking back to the car, I said to MrComot

"Dah tak mengidam fatty crab pas ni. I will cook my own crabs", yeah right. But well, I'll take it as a challenge ;)