Monday, July 21, 2008

Warisan Rasa, Keramat AU2

Hye peeps!! How are you semua? Ewahhh.. baik tak intro? Hahaha.

Btw, to clear my head out, I better write something not-related with wedding :P

After living in Setiawangsa for about 4 years, I finally found my new favourite nearby spot for lunch!!! So, no more fast-food or mall food for me during the weekend!

Ahhh..while writing about this I remember, I used to go to KLCC like, everyweek (up to a point I can name all the shops in there and what's going on, what's new or not, and my friends 'chop' KLCC is my second home :D). So my lunch back then will be fast food or from the food court in KLCC. Most of the time it will be the beef porridge from Soup corner, Asean foodcourt, level 4. I wonder if they still there.

Ok, back to the topic, hehe.. literally, I didn't found this place, my housemate brought me here once, I think about 2 months ago or so. My heart was jumping with ecstasy seeing the lauk soooo meriahhh! Then I brought MrComot and he likes here too! So it becomes our routine to have lunch here every Saturday (if he comes to my place that week). It closes on Sunday.

This place is famous for its ikan bakar and the varieties.

Marinated kembong, pari, terubuk, keli, ayam, sotong, grilled to perfection. You can choose any piece you like and reheat or if you are not that hungry u can wait up for a new one to be grilled.

All type of gulai (curry/gravy). From salted fish with pineapple to gulai telur itik. Yum!

Another side full of choices. My all-time favourite will be sweet and sour clam. Seriously sedappp!!!

And what make me fall in love with this place is the salad bar!! I am a sucker for ulam-ulaman, daun-daun, whatever u name it. MrComot always call me kambing because he said only goat eat grass. And yes, he called the ulam2 rumput, boleh?

The ulams! As freshest as it can be. Fresh daun selom (my fav!), ulam raja, daun betik, pucuk ubi kayu, four angle beans, salad, blanched kangkung, banana's heart (jantung pisang), etc etc.

The other side of ulams! Can u imagine how a lot? Got petai, cucumber, broccoli, tomato, mango, etc, etc.

The condiment to pair with. I will only take normal sambal belacan. No tempoyak for me as I don't eat durian :P

And below is our meal that day. It's a bit gloomy as the hot sun is glaring under the transparent roof. But fret not, you won't be sweating while eating as the roof is quite high and the whole place is covered, with lot of fans. To me, it's pretty comfortable.

Clockwise: MrComot's with 2 types of vegetables dish, grilled squid (the squid is about 5" long), mine with sweet and sour clam, my fav ulam (I had it all for myself hehe) and a bit burnt grilled stingray. All for this is for RM14. It's soo reasonably priced, right? The drinks are okay too, teh o ais limau is RM1 only and warm water is free.

This is the shop. Warisan Rasa.

I don't know what is the exact address but it is next to balai polis Keramat (I think AU2) right opposite of Sapura (dekat2 area Texas tu).

This the pic taken opposite of the place.

You have to walk a bit inside the shoplot (mcm pasar gitu) and you will find various of food stalls. But this is the only one with grilling food. You can spot it right away.

For that price and with the taste, this place definitely will be your favorites too =D


  1. i think i've been there few times..
    mmg sedap giler makan, puas hati, siap tambah..

    we went there all the way from putrajaya. opismates bawak..

  2. lapar ler plak..aan nanti bawak kita plak.hikss

    teruja okkk tgk "rumput2" tu semua! boleh tak :P

  4. Aleeya, jauh okk frm putrajaya to ampang hehe. Sanggup tu :P

    Cool, ntah2 u masak lagi sedappp ahaha. Btw jom jom nnt kita pegi

    Bee, seriously. Merembes tgk rumput tu je, and knowing u kan hahaha. Bila nak buat healthy pasta for me?

  5. but lalink, it's not advisable to take too much of the rumput. research has it too much kalium is bad for health *read today's HM*

    teringat my late neighbour selalu amazed tgk me makan fresh coriander

  6. Eh is it? Aiyohhh.. me thot mcm bagus and awet muda bagai la kan. Hmmm..everything has to be moderate