Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ring Hunt

Hunting the right ring with limited budget is not an easy task. You know how thick your pocket, but of course you want the best out of it. Senang cakap, you nak benda mahal tapi bayar murah kan? Haha..

So I want to share with you guys some info.

First of all, make sure you know up to how much you willing to spend for the ring. So, it will be easier for you to compare deals with the jeweller. It doesn't matter little or lots, few hundreds or few thousands. As long as you have the rough idea on the maximum price you will go.

Then you have to know what do you want. A diamond ring or a gold band, or both? Or platinum? etc etc.

Visit all the shops your eyes laid on. Don't be afraid or 'segan' as you are hunting right. And ask as many question as you can, any doubt you have. The answers somehow will help you making the decision. But I admit that most of the kedai always bragging their stuff is the best. Ahaha of course la kan.

And, don't forget to do your own research. Read from internet. There are lots intellectual and unbiased forum regarding the products. However, if you buying gold, should be no problem. But if want to buy diamond, research is very important. Unless you dah biasa with that thing. As for me, I am a first timer so it will be hard for me to know what I want and what is the best for me.

Ahhh..dah mcm boring pulak :P

Btw, we've covered almost all the shops (I could say 90%) and it is really irritating. For the first few weeks, of course la I am all excited, masuk kedai ni masuk kedai tu but after that PENING okkkkk. At some point, I was almost give it up and said to MrComot "you beli lahhh apa pun, tak kisah". It was so exhausting and tiring, physically and mentally.

Some of the shops that we keep the cards.

From my experience, all shops will say their diamond is brilliant cut or ideal cut (the best proportions of cut). Mana ada org nak cakap dia punya tak bagus kan? And some of them nicely offered to look the diamond under the special microscope. Don't reject! Even if you are not buying. Bila lagi you nak tgk diamond up close kan? Take the offer and learn how to study the stone. The price for certified diamond is about the same as it is controlled. I mean, I didn't find big price gap between one to another. So, it's kinda hard to get discount on diamond. You have to press them harder on the band.

And Wah Chan punya loose stone (the diamond only) is FREAKING cheap. I wonder why? Kalau siapa2 yg pernah pegi tgk, please share me your thought eh?

There are normal ideal cut diamond, hearts and arrow (H&A under the microscope, you can see 8 equal heart-shaped and arrow-shaped, so nice!), Lazare, brilliant rose (under the that scope, you can see 16 equal arrow-shaped forming a rose), etc etc.

H&A (back and front)

BR 'rosace'

So, finally after searching up and low, we settled for Brilliant Rose! I'm so relieved as I don't have to think about my ring anymore.

Btw, I got spa complimentary from Brilliant Rose. Not 1 or 2, but seven!! Hahahahaha. Unfortunately, each person entitled for one time only. Kalau tak, harus I use all the coupons alone kan hahahaha. So I'm gladly distributed the coupons among my girlfriends. Since the expiry date is end of July and we have to make appointment (the place kinda busy and always full), so I just quickly give to mana2 friends yg I jumpa dulu. So, kira rezeki korang lah ye ;)

I wish I have more coupons so I can give to all of you ;(

Complimentary spa

Strictly for first timer. Siap amik copy IC okkk.

And it is worth RM390 each!!! Woooohoooo!! A 90mins session with massage, steam bath and scrubbing. Heaven~~~~

My session will be tomorrow morning with Shani and Rena. We have to take annual leave okkk as weekend is fully book. Gigih bersemangat waja. Wahhhh girls, can't wait to be pampered =D

Ahhh talking about spa, I still not getting my birthday present okkk! Hmmmm..later lah I think. Ntah2 lepas kawen *nanges*.

Btw, I will write a review for this spa, as some of my friends say they sensed some hostility while doing the booking. Maybe because it's just free thing. But I will make sure we are getting the best! Don't worry ok friends, kalau derang buat cincai2, kita announce dalam blog.

The power of bloggers! Mwahahahaha


  1. mesti chantek cincin u tu aan.. :)

    wah dpt gi spa!..
    enjoy eh..

    mcm salah satu dr my wishlist je..

  3. Aleeya, cincin tu biasa2 je ;) Spa mmg one of gf's bestfren kan :P

    Khairiah, u dah dpt wishlist paling besar kannnnnn hahaha. Me so haapppyyy for u *mwahhhh*